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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.2


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7 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Fixed Vault bounties always pulling from Common rewards, and not giving a bonus reward at the final stage.

This was not cool, I spent hours playing the bounties trying to get the new weapon parts. Why are you doing this? I don't mind grinding for stuff, but if it is just a pointless a waste of time it's just not cool.

Also I don't really see why you have to put the players through a grind fest when you are going to reduce the grind at a later point of time. This has been happening time and time again, railjack intrinsics , steel essence drop rates not being affected by boosters, scintillant drop rates in the beginning from bounties, the fissure closing event on orb vallis, and many many other stuff like that.  but at the same time you refuse to reduce the research cost for Hema and universal standing medallions being not useable to get conclave standing (which is at a very slow pace, that is if at all anyone is there playing it in the first place) saying it make the grind done by others initially is being  trivialized. Please treat all thing with a single standard .

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hi , dear DE , thnx for the fixes , but we players all care about that to complete all 6 vaults in a row need between 1h+15m to 1h and half...

personally i think my clan will refuse to play this again , tryed yestarday for the very 1st time , we was all sure taht completing the sequence one time,

next, everyone could start from vault he need/want , instead no!!! , everytime everyone MUST restart from zero!!!

dear DE  , you wisely say that a person will not stay too much time in a run for what he need,,,but in this case you contradict yourself

i'm sure that all will be fixed in some way, otherwise only a little part of players will play this limbo.

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11 hours ago, Dante6th said:

I know it is a bit annoying that I say this but it is planned to fix soon the fishing bug that leaves you immobile? The truth is tremendously disgusting since there Deimos I have not been able to fish.

just wanna point out that the immobile was cause by the explosion of the glass enemy when they die, if you are holding fishing spear within the aoe of it, there's a high chance you would be lock in place.

So to avoid it, stop fishing the moment nora transmission start and do not resume till u see u already get the 150 NW standing in progress screen. 

It is no excuse that this bug even in the game, but at the same time, it's unlikely that this bug could be fixed before this NW end, we just have to live with it, .... and hope similar mechanic wont return in the future

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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: 5 Forma + Reactor Necramech(everything applied before Arcana Update) still has level 30 and 60 capacity. (even after use on every open world)
  • EXPECTED RESULT: 5 Forma + Reactor Necramech(everything applied before Arcana Update) should now have max level 40 and 80 capacity.
  • OBSERVED RESULT: 5 Forma + Reactor Necramech(everything applied before Arcana Update) still has level 30 and 60 capacity.
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Why did you sneak khora nerf under our noses with some pathetic excuse of ,,it wasnt in the game yet", this is trully sad, you are treating us like children or even idiots. Nerf itself is bullS#&$, but sneaking it under our noses is what is trully outrageous. Where is our lovely developer, you were supposed to be better than the rest of these vile mega corporations. 
Anyone who thought of replyign to me ,,dont liek it dont play it" consider growing up, i wont leave this game, im expressing my dislike about their recent doings, and you should too, only applauding their downfall will kill this game.

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