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Deimos: Arcana: Hotfix 29.5.2

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2 minutes ago, skzskormz said:

There seen to be major issues with the Prime Gaming Loot not working... Would you guys have a look at it?

Please relink your Warframe account to your twitch account and you should receive the items.

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Are you doing anything about Xaku second ability  graphics glitch where the stolen guns stay out, but no timer shows. When you try to use the ability again it says its in use?

Also are you going to fix up Chroma's shared ability to cycle on other frames or just his?

Thank you =D

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il y a 10 minutes, [DE]Rebecca a dit :

Fixed the Kuva Nukor Critical hits doing more damage to chained targets than the initial target

Oh boy, brace for a 2nd wave of [insert nerd angry noises].

Thanks for the patch!

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The new glaive mods (specifically Volatile Quick Return was the only one i got to drop and test) Don't function properly, and on some weapons (falcor) doesnt even function at all
On cerata and glaive prime the explosion from volatile quick return does not recieve its own radius bonus, does less damage (it is not counting as a heavy attack, not recieving bonus CC from sacrificial steel) and is not proccing the forced tox/elec/slash the glaives have

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Hey, thanks for the update, the front of the orbiter looks better, nice surprise. I have collected a few thing for you guys to fix/look into:

  • Apply the tear and wear settings to the front walls of the ship, now parts of the wall seems to be ignoring the player prefernces
  • Xaku Kintsu helmet is clipping with its shoulders (at least on the market it does, I didnt buy it because of this, so I dont know if it is a thing during gameplay)
  • There is a mission breaking bug in railjack, that the doors in PulseTurbine are not opening, therefore the mission can not be completed. Apparently its been an issue over a year.
  • In railjack it seems to be impossible to completely fill up flux energy (possibly other resources too): 706/782 I craft 150 and the ammount stays at 706. 
  • I still think the new UI is terrible in most aspect, but seems to be that you are persistent about it so please fix the following:
    • The intrinsics counter does not update at all, not during mission, not after mission, host can check it at console in dojo, but others seems to need to go back to the orbiter and memorise the ammount of intrinsics point before the mission to be able to calculate how many they got
    • During fast lvling equipment, the UI does not respond after a while: only the lvl of the equipment updates, the progress bar seems to be stuck on max fill, indicating that the equipment only needs a couple of affinity to lvl up, but this is not the case.
    • The importance ordering is still not working properply: for example Steel Essence gets behind relics and certain mods, that I have hundres of. I believe only new mods should be placed on top.
  • I think that the new mastery icons are terrible. The old ones symbolised how the Tenno became more whole in the process of recovering their long forgotten skills and arsenal, reaching the circle (which is the symbol of both neverending eternity and the archetype of wholeness) icon only at the end of the process. The icons followed the Tenno's journey on self-recovery, self-exploration and just like the Tenno: they never changed completley, they just became more whole and each of them contained all the previous icons, which was not only practical in the sense that it clearly showed the experience of the Tenno, but a beautyfull  detail symbolising the Tenno's journey. This detail is completely missing from the new ones: they dont have a clear hierarchical structure and has nothing to do with each other whatsoever.
  • The Voidrig necramech seems to be listed both in the warframe and vehicles category in the profile/equipment menu.
  • Khora got an unannounced nerf: most likely because people used it for Steel Essence farming. Well they wont farm it anymore, as you have removed this possibility (lets be honest, NERFED), but why destroy a frame you had no problem with for year? Not to mention that sliding in "fixes" like this without telling us about it is not very straightforward. 
  • I did not think necramechs can get any worse than they were. They are useless, impossible to lvl, has little to no customization options, and now I gotta form them 5 times to master them, not to mention they are ugly af. Why do you insist on the corn design? I can not even think about them as robots, they are just ridiculous. They are a definite hard pass form me until you figure out how to let us take it into ESO (gear needs to be enabled to deploy).
  • Isolation bounties should not be a requirement for the new bounties. We already spent months grinding them.
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2 minutes ago, ItsMeAri said:

@skzskormz try to unlink and link your twitch accounts, worked for me

Didn't work for me, then after unlinking my account I was unable to properly link it back.


Also DE are you really still going to keep that Khora nerf that no one wanted, really?  Far too many better warframes that have world killing abilities yet this one, gotta kill it.

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Thanks for fixing the affinity glitch, hopefully it's COMPLETELY gone now.

Now all we need is to be able to bring our Necramechs into missions AND be allowed to use buffs on them. There is currently no reason to play as a Necramech in higher levels because they are weaker than our Warframes that can use buffs like Wisp's motes, Octavia's jams, Protea's Shield grenades, etc.

Also, it'd be pretty cool to be able to use Subsumed abilities on the Necramech, just a thought.

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