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July 2020 Riven Disposition Updates

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Greetings Tenno!

Inaros Prime Access has blown in from the sandstorm - and with it comes a new set of Riven disposition changes! We’ve recently altered our procedure in response to player feedback, so let’s go over the numbers in a little more detail:

  • We understand that reducing disposition on existing weapons is never popular - that’s why all new weapons since The Deadlock Protocol have been introduced with the minimum disposition of 0.5. This allows us to see how weapons perform on their own, before allowing access to more powerful Rivens. 
  • To support the thinking behind this approach - the 5 guns that have been reduced (in contrast to the 51 guns that have been increased) were all weapons released in the last year, with a higher starting disposition of 1. Starting at a lower disposition should mean we eventually reach a point where disposition reductions are very rare.
  • The biggest changes are happening within Melee Riven dispositions, as this is only our second time altering these numbers. 

If you’re new to the Riven routine, or want a refresher on the procedure changes, here’s a quick recap of our system for determining numbers:

  • With each new Prime Access, all platforms receive adjustments to the “Disposition” (aka power level) of Rivens, based on the weapons they apply to.
  • New numbers are determined by looking at a combination of player usage stats, as well as an internal weapon power ranking we maintain.
  • Every unique weapon has its’ own disposition, even within the same weapon family (like Braton vs. Braton Prime); these rankings are still considered in relation to one another, so players aren’t necessarily motivated to use a weaker weapon variant for a much more powerful Riven.
  • Dispositions range from 0.5 to a little over 1.5. We will never reduce any disposition by more than 0.2 at once, but we are willing to increase some dispositions by larger values.
  • The smallest change we will make is 0.05 - anything less and we’ll leave the disposition as-is.

I think that about covers it, so let’s begin!



Acceltra: 0.7->0.65

Arca Plasmor: 0.55->0.65

Astilla: 1.15->1.2

Basmu: 1->1.1

Catchmoon (primary): 0.5->0.75

Corinth: 0.95->1.05
Corinth Prime: 0.95->0.9

Exergis: 1->1.05

Gaze (primary): 0.5->0.65

Hek: 1.15->1.2
Vaykor Hek: 1.05->1.1

Kuva Bramma: 0.8->0.65

Nagantaka: 1.25->1.3

Rattleguts (primary): 0.5->0.6

Rubico: 0.7->0.8

Shedu: 0.9->0.85

Soma: 1.05->1.1

Stahlta: 0.5->0.7

Tiberon: 0.95->1

Tigris: 0.85->1
Sancti Tigris: 0.75->0.85
Tigris Prime: 0.7->0.8

Tombfinger (primary): 0.5->0.6

Vectis: 1->1.05




Akarius: 1->1.05

Akbolto: 1.05->1.2
Telos Akbolto: 1->1.15
Akbolto Prime: 0.95->1.05

Aklex: 0.95->1.05
Aklex Prime: 0.8->0.85

Akmagnus: 1.28->1.35

Akstilletto: 0.65->0.8
Akstilletto Prime: 0.55->0.6

Cyanex: 0.8->0.85

Euphona Prime: 0.7->0.75

Fusilai: 1.3->1.35

Gammacor: 1.1->1.15
Synoid Gammacor: 1->1.05

Hikou: 1.25->1.3
Hikou Prime: 1.2->1.25

Kuva Kraken: 1->1.05

Lex: 1.2->1.25
Lex Prime: 1.15->1.2

Marelok: 1.1->1.2
Vaykor Marelok: 1.05->1.1

Kuva Nukor: 0.8->0.65

Ocucor: 1.15->1.2

Pandero: 1.05->1.1

Plinx: 1.15->1.2

Pox: 1.05->1.15

Pyrana: 0.7->0.8

Quatz: 1.1->1.15

Sonicor: 1.1->1.15

Spira: 1.25->1.3

Twin Rogga: 1.25->1.3

Velox: 0.5->0.8




Ack & Brunt: 1.1->1.25

Arca Titron: 1.1->1.2

Atterax: 0.7->0.9

Bo Prime: 1.29->1.35

Boltace: 1.15->1.2

Broken Scepter: 1.3->1.35

Broken War: 0.95->1.05

Cassowar: 1.15->1.25

Cobra & Crane: 1.15->1.25

Dark Dagger: 0.7->0.9
Rakta Dark Dagger: 0.6->0.8

Dehtat: 1.1->1.15

Dex Dakra: 1.25->1.3

Dohkram: 0.85->0.75

Dragon Nikana: 1.25->1.2

Prisma Dual Cleaver: 1.05->1.1

Dual Kamas: 1->1.15
Dual Kamas Prime: 0.95->1.05

Dual Keres: 1.35->1.2

Endura: 1.2->1.3

Falcor: 1.15->1.25

Fragor: 1.1->1.15
Fragor Prime: 0.96->1.05

Galatine: 0.7->0.85
Galatine Prime: 0.55->0.65

Galvacord: 1.15->1.25

Gram Prime: 1.25->1.05

Gunsen: 1.15->1.25

Hate: 1.25->1.2

Heliocor: 1.1->1.25
Synoid Heliocor: 1.05->1.2

Hirudo: 0.7->0.95

Jat Kittag: 0.95->1.15

Jat Kusar: 0.95->1.1

Kesheg: 1.3->1.35

Korrudo: 1.15->1.25

Kreska: 1.15->1.25

Krohkur: 1.3->1.35

Kronen Prime: 1.25->1.05

Kronsh: 1.15->1.25

Kuva Shildeg: 0.85->0.75

Ceti Lacera: 1->1.05

Lecta: 0.7->1
Secura Lecta: 0.65->0.9

Lesion: 0.55->0.65

Magistar: 1.25->1.3
Sancti Magistar: 1.15->1.2

Masseter: 1.05->1.15

Mios: 1.1->1.2

Mire: 1.35->1.3

Nami Skyla Prime: 1.1->1

Nikana: 0.7->0.8

Ninkondi Prime: 1.25->1.1

Obex: 1.25->1.3
Prisma Obex: 1.1->1.2

Ohma: 1.1->1.15

Okina: 1.31->1.4

Ooltha: 1.1->1.15

Orthos: 0.7->0.85
Orthos Prime: 0.55->0.6

Orvius: 1.25->1.3

Paracesis: 0.85->0.7

Pathocyst: 1.15->1.25

Pennant: 0.9->0.85

Plague Keewar: 0.85->0.75

Plague Kripath: 0.8->0.65

Pupacyst: 1.15->1.25

Rabvee: 1.15->1.2

Reaper Prime: 1.15->1

Redeemer Prime: 1->0.8

Scindo: 1.2->1.3
Scindo Prime: 1.15->1.25

Sepfahn: 0.9->0.75

Silva & Aegis: 1.1->1.15

Prisma Skana: 1.15->1.2
Skana Prime: 1.15->1.2

Sydon: 1->1.15
Vaykor Sydon: 0.95->1.1

Tekko Prime: 1.35->1.3

Twin Basolk: 1.25->1.3

Twin Krohkur: 1.35->1.25

Venka: 0.7->0.9
Venka Prime: 0.65->0.8

Volnus: 1.3->1.35

War: 0.7->0.9

Wolf Sledge: 1.1->1.2

Zenistar: 0.7->0.95


Thanks everyone!

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Increase the lower dispo cap to 1.0.

edit: Gonna use this post to highlight, to the people streaming in just to point and laugh at people's misery, what exactly the problem with our current system is:

3 hours ago, Reifnir said:

As always, no fun allowed. I hate reading dispo changes. And something tells me, I'm not exactly alone. 

A good riven won't make an inherently bad weapon viable, a  bad riven won't kill the popularity of an excellent weapon, all you're achieving is stomping player investment into the dirt. If anything, this achieves nothing. At worst, it actively reduces the playerbase, making dedicated Riven fans give up. 

Total, from-the-grounds-up Riven system rework when?.. 


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