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Derelict Shift: Hotfix 28.3.3

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Could you take a look at the Maggor leg pieces placement please? From what I've seen so far either the right one or both look really wonky on Oberon, Equinox, Revenant, Atlas, Garuda, Ivara. I'll keep updating as I try them on more frames.

Also it seems like Exodia Contagion is not working as it used to two days ago, can we get any clarification if this is a bug? We've been testing it all night with some others, from the looks of it it seems like it's only taking ungilded zaw stats into account for the projectile's damage.

Thanks for all the hard work.

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3 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed shooting the Akjagara/Akjagara Prime while holding an Excavator Power Cell resulting in swapping the weapon with the Power Cell.

Imagine if Power Cells and Kuva Siphons were treated like Index Points instead. No more forced weapon swap issues...

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2 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed the Static Reactor Prime Sigil removing details (including Prime details) when equipped on a Warframe.

Can we have this made a toggle feature for certain Warframes? Obviously some cases like Frost where he loses his lower body are silly, but it improved the look on a lot of Warframes for me at least. Mesa Prime losing her cloak was a pretty good look.

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3 minutes ago, Tradebanned said:

This is what I think about the new mission screen 
1- Tab in mission 

There is a scroll bar, but can you even access it?

When using tab, you can quickly access to the mission results. There is a problem there already: We dont see the rare loots first.

For exemple, after getting the whole first screen full of ressources, we cant quickly see how many Steel essences we got.
2- The mission results

You really have to think about what is really rare or not, Alloy plate more important than Crisma toroid? unknown.png

We have access to a search bar, but when closing the mission results, we have to search again. Which make this feature useless. 


We should be able to still have the icon after leaving the mission rewards.

you can press p to open the mission progress menu

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Please fix Granum Voids. Unless it's included in this patch we are repeatedly being denied access. The golden hand terminals are inactive and no menu or prompt comes up. Has happened too many times to be a fluke.

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