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Derelict Shift: Hotfix 28.3.3


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I usually have my Zaw nikana on my back, but the holster style is trying to put it back on my waist, and it clips through my entire body. It seems to only be an issue with the zaw nikana, which has always had visual bugs for as long as I can remember.

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2 hours ago, Tradebanned said:

This is what I think about the new mission screen 
1- Tab in mission 

There is a scroll bar, but can you even access it?

When using tab, you can quickly access to the mission results. There is a problem there already: We dont see the rare loots first.We should get first the rare loots, that we see at the left of the screen exemple: STEEL ESSENCES, argon, kuva

For exemple, after getting the whole first screen full of ressources, we cant quickly see how many Steel essences we got.
2- The mission results

You really have to think about what is really rare or not, Alloy plate more important than Crisma toroid? unknown.png

We have access to a search bar, but when closing the mission results, we have to search again. Which make this feature useless. 


We should be able to still have the icon after leaving the mission rewards.

Revert Wukong.

If you push the P key to bring up the reward screen rather than peeking with tab you can use the scroll bars.

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Thanks for adding the ability to see team loadouts back into the End Of Mission UI screen. Can we pick what music we want to hear (maybe from our unlocked Somachord tracks) because in the new music, the bell toll that traditionally sounds when you FAIL a mission is a jarring thing to hear when you've successfully completed one!

Also, can the EOM UI please remember the selected sorting/Prorgrssion vs Stats tab/Expanded vs closed state so that you don't have to keep re-sorting and re-expanding each time you finish a mission?

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There is an issue with Granum Void missions.  Many of us can't access the console to enter the void.  Sometimes it's lit up but most the time it's not.

Also I feel the new UI is a bit... consolish.  Its very form over function.  I'd rather have all the information displayed easily on one page rather than moving through tabs.  I can see why that UI might appeal to someone on a couch playing on a console.  But as a PC user I don't see the value.  It'd be like me choosing to use Big Mode on Steam while at the desk.

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There is a problem with the spawn of Unairu wisp on the eidolons in the plains, for some reason the unairu wisp disappears after 2 seconds and at other times it stays for longer, I was testing with several groups for 3 nights this same day and this problem is present and annoying.

Also the limit of movement that the eidolon had is broken, now the eidolon goes completely into the water if a limb breaks in the direction of a lake or water outlet, sometimes making it impossible to reach it with amp (in many cases) and also the be able to take an additional wisp, once in the water the eidolon was able to walk even further

Before the update, unairu wisp was in good shape (or not disappearing in the present form) and the eidolon was limited to the stage making the confrontation more fluid and solid.

There is also a problem with the AMP damage, it is too irregular, non-critical damage is ridiculously low and critical damage is ridiculously high, something that does not make sense because the critical damage of AMP, is double the normal damage of the AMP, but normal AMP damage is too low.

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reporting that energy colors for the Trio Orbit ephemera, is definitely bugged. as well as ephemera energy colors for Kavat ephemera. The preview works fine, but the choice doesn't lock in when you apply it. I also  think the Crania Ephemera is busted. Only one of the energy colors sticks to it. the rest is just black. although im not sure if this is intended or is indeed a bug.

Thank you for all your hard work DE.

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Let's talk some realistic review of what has happened thus far.  There seems to be a lot of fixes listed in this mainline...but the amount of bugs and issues are rather depressing.


For the positive:

  1. The ship in the southernmost coolant pool now appears to have collision detection again on orb vallis.
  2. Zephyr's update is...inoffensive.
  3. The derelict relocation doesn't seem to have broken anything.
  4. The new glassmaker was interesting and clear.  It was genuinely good, and I wish the past few would have been that nice to complete.


Now, the negative.

  1. The new starter tile on the corpus ship still breaks access to the granum void.
  2. The condensing of rewards means you can get "identified" items that disappear into your regular rewards pool.  Looking at you credits, endo, and resources.
  3. The position of several animal conservation spots on orb vallis is now below the surface.  I only saw it because Helios can scan it through terrain.  It's pretty difficult to deal with this, and breaks a lot of potential here.
  4. The new ending UI seems to take longer to load, obscures data, and cannot adjust if your're not receiving syndicate standing.  It is therefore less useful than the old one.  It looks like the feedback provided to you was deemed insufficient or irrelevant, and you decided to go with what you mocked up a few months back.  Not appreciated.
  5. Breakages of melee.  Completed the granum void, and was locked out of using melee.  Not a new bug, but was new to the granum void.
  6. Boosters work on the Steel Essence drops.  The rate is still negligible, and double of nothing is nothing.  I'm going to admit I completed Earth and Derelicts, because it's likely to bug out in some fashion.  I decided to break my rule, to prevent whatever bug is bound to happen later.
  7. We are looking down the barrel of a huge content drop.  The patching and mainline prior to it lists a lot of fixes that I've never seen fault, and it broke a lot of things that I actually use.  That's a huge red flag that what is coming is not going to be smooth.  
  8. Corpus ship has broken item spawns months after release, and instead of fixing them you pump out a new start and end tile that breaks other parts of the system.


You're welcome to delete the negativity.  I'll follow this up by saying that I had to grind through missions that I couldn't succeed in about 50% of the time, to get to the missions where I had about an 11% drop chance for the thing I wanted.  That's what is being delivered right now, and it's a joke.  I'm not looking forward to 12 days from now, when everything will hit the fan and there'll need to be balances on both the new open world and a very ambitious and potentially game breaking system of mix-and-match warframe powers.

Please, prove me mistaken.  I thought I was wrong when the bumpy road after PoE was settled for Fortuna.  I thought that the content for Fortuna was going to be done faster than half a year after release.  I thought that the Lich system was going to take the lessons of the Lord of the Rings, and improve upon it.  I thought that Railjack was going to be like the demo.  I've come to the conclusion that I think the best potential thing is going to happen, and thus am an idiot.

With Deimos I'm setting my expectations low.  Low enough that stable in 4 hotfixes will be where I'm putting my money.  That's...I can't even  muster the apathy.  Fallout 76 crossed with Anthem.  Make your statement of disappointment, I just don't have the capacity to care.

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3 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:


  • Fixed the Static Reactor Prime Sigil removing details (including Prime details) when equipped on a Warframe.

Noooo, just saw this earlier today, and didn't even get a chance to try it. 😞 Really wanted to see my Trinity without a lobster tail. Could we perhaps get this as an intended option? Pretty please?

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First of all, I hate UI changes, you are making me relearn where I can find the informations I need. I hate forced UI updates even more: why cant you just let me decide which one I want to use??

I will start with the things I like and should be kept: 

  • warframe being displayed in the background, its nice, they look cool
  • reward search and sort option I realised its useless

The thing I dislike/needs to be worked on/bad design choices:

  • why move the rewards to the right? pointless change, it is not where Im looking
  • the importance order needs to be fixed: why are the resources the first to be displayed? who cares? my sortie drop (anasa) was in the middle of all the stuffs, you'd think the sortie reward is important.
  • mods are now mixed with everything else, it should be kept seperately, like it used to.
  • I can no longer access the information about my squadmates equipment, when I hover the cursor over their name (a white thingie used to appear with detailed information)
  • syndicates should not be displayed on the front page, again, who cares? the stats on the other hand have useful inromations that should not be hidden on the 2nd page
    • also has anyone thought about what it feels like to read the stats now? the numbers should be close to each other and should not be streched out
  • WHY CHANGE THE INBOX???? It used to be a cool hologram coming out of our warframes hands and now its another lame panel. Who thought it was an upgrade???
  • If you are gonna force this UI customization (which you shouldnt) at least give us more options because t theme, background and music(???) isnt gonna cut it, (at least an end mission screen option).
  • also: I prefer knowing with which equipment how many focus I gained

So please, please, please: let us decide what informations we need, want to be displayed, in which order and let us revert back to the previous one. Or fix the problems I wrote.

A bug I noticed: opening profile and euipments have a companion with a PATH name displayed:/Lotus/Language/InfestedMicroplanet/InfestedCritterCommonName.


I crossed out the solved issues from my previous post. This is still a mess, should not be in the game. The original had no flaws, except maybe you should add a WORKING importance order to the reward list. Dont fix if it aint broke!

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3 hours ago, YonYonson said:

Did I miss the notes for the latest lighting changes? With update 28.3.0 the lighting has been really bright, too bright on my system.

The whole color output was downgraded from 8 bit to I assume 6 bit in that hot"fix":

basically from my understanding this fullly reduces the greyscale and color bandwidht. washing out colors by reducing their gradients and doing the same for brightness levels. Basically the engine now clamps bright or dark areas.

Which is maybe not visible on a cheap TV but for PC players who use actual PC monitors this is basically like switching from PC output levels to limited TV levels, or going from HDR to SDR in terms of color and brightness range/steps.

You cannot fix that with any settings. You could maybe try to lower your monitor output levels which will cost you quality and visuals on everything else you do with your pc.

Also now now auto-exposure is forced turned on, and of like 100 hundred games I remember only one of them to get this right and it wasn't wf. So thats a setting I would never have even turned on by default.

DE claims to have improved performance by this which at least for me is not reflected in performance. 

got 8k/max 54 fps

now 8k/max 54 fps

This should really be optional and makes only sense to use on a console that is connected to a TV!


edit: after checking, the time of that update doesn't really adds up as for me it started just some days ago, basically on the same day  helmint (28.3.0 ?) was released iirc. So the issue was caused probably somewhere around 28.3.0-28.3.2


please DE look into this, asap, derelict is totally broken for me now, it's all magically bright blue (which actually is cool) but all the snow maps burn my eyes, even the orbitter equipments place is to bright now. 

And my operator now looks like bleached instead of having a light tan.

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thanks - love the ui changes. now what matters is visible first - the loot. never cared much who did what percentage in damage. i personally prefer it this way alot more then the old end of mission screen. the squad posing in the background is a cool idea and we can use the mouse in the loading screen after the mission - just thank you very much for that. keep up the amazingness.

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hi, can de teams buff zenistar (heavy attack to calls the disc back doesnt use any combo) and fix this bug cause it waste a lot of combo count. Also the disc ended before its duration, like only 100 seconds while I throw at 12x combo and the duration in UI is 120 seconds [perhaps the system counts it 10x combo cause im using 2x combo mod]. thank you


Sometimes attempting to throw the disc will result in the disc not being ejected from the handle. Swapping to a different weapon and then swapping back might fix the issue.


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