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What's wrong with pineapple pizza and mayonnaise?


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2 hours ago, 0bsi said:

LOL peas on a pizza being "healthy"   :D   But I can't talk, to get my kid to eat more vegetables early on, I added pureed vegetables (like pumpkin, peas and broccoli) to the tomato sauce :D :D  I know, it's a crime, but hey it worked! .... maybe too well....  kid went on to become vegetarian :P

I totally did this to my kids when they were young. I'd put all kinds of veggies from the garden into sauces. You're right, it does work, My 16 y/o son's favorite food is soup. He'll even cook up pots of soup from what we have laying around.

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3 minutes ago, Tesseract7777 said:

I'm curious are you putting it directly on top of the pizza, using it as sauce, or dipping the crust in it? 

All can work, my first discovery on mayonnaise was dipping the pizza into it directly

Don't ask how I do it, just plain curiosity like my recent salted butter and vanilla ice cream on sliced bread (tastes like white rabbit candy)


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You lost me at pineapple.

Mayo is straight up criminal.

But both? I will personally put you in jail.


Then again,

even molten cheese - the main part of a pizza - is disgusting to me. The way it draws those "cheese strings" when you take a slice? Makes me want to throw up.

The only pizza I'll ever eat is tuna, salami or jalapeno. with the cheese baked to the point it's crusty. Not burned, not molten, somewhere in-bewteen the two. Takes like 30 minutes in the oven at 200°C without pre-heating.

So that, to some, would make me a war criminal.

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Not sure about mayo - but garlic cream sauce or garlic siracha makes for a great sauce on a pineapple pizza instead of the typical tomato sauce. 
If I order from Pizza Pizza it goes like this: 
normal crust, garlic cream sauce, normal mozzarella, pineapple, bacon crumble, banana peppers, drizzled with texas bbq sauce and spinkled with Italian blend seasoning.
Their crust is kind of like cardboard but the combination of sharp flavors of the toppings makes up for it. 

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I personally tried pineapples, bananas, paprika and cranberry jam on pizza. I can imagine there's no stopping ppl from placing anything on pizza even if it was supposed to be lethal.

As far as I don't prefer pineapple (I like other ingredients more), mayo sounds like a legit side for a pizza just like for many other dishes probably. Still it wouldn't make much difference if it was baked with entire pizza, eventually I bet it's not really to be recognized anyway.

I must say though, pizza with cheese, ham and baked banana seasoned with curry absolutely stands out as one of the best things I've ever eaten. The restaurant which serves it still stands after over 10 years and I'm pretty much sure they still serve it. ^^

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