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Warframe's Next Update: Lua's Prey


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On 2022-11-10 at 7:01 PM, [DE]Danielle said:

Howzit, Glinty! 

It is time again for us to go dark on Hotfixes/Updates as we prepare for the next Warframe Update: Lua’s Prey

With the exception of Nintendo Switch, which has already been on a Hotfix hiatus since Tuesday. Switch will be Hotfixing next week to catch up with the rest of the platforms, and then they too will enter Hotfix/Update dormancy in prep for Lua’s Prey. 

During this time, the team will continue to monitor the public build for fixes/changes to include in Lua’s Prey. 

That said! We are planning and looking forward to connecting with you all in a November Devstream to get you all caught up on Lua’s Prey and more - stay tuned for the official date announcement! In the meantime, here are some of the things coming with Lua’s Prey: 

  • The 51st Wolf-Inspired Warframe: VORUNA 
    • Signature Axe Melee and Sniper Rifle 
    • Voidshell Skin 
    • Alt Helmet 
    • Ephemera 
    • Leverian Installation (lore for Voruna!)
  • 2 new Conjunction Survival Nodes on Lua! 
  • Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 3 
  • Xaku Deluxe and Lotus Skin
  • Grendel Rework 
  • Yareli Changes
  • Grendel, Mag, and Frost Voidshell Skins
  • And more!


Also worth noting is that Lua’s Prey will be a Mainline Update, meaning that everything the team has been working on since the launch of Veilbreaker will be coming in this update (with the obvious exception of content that is not ready to be released), including all Code changes & fixes. It is very likely, as it is with all Mainline updates, that things can slip through the cracks. We will have a dedicated subforum for bug reporting when Lua’s Prey launches, and will be keeping an eye out for those for follow-up Hotfixing. 

Thank you!

Finally a Xaku skin I've been waiting forever thank you so much 😭😭😭!!!!!


Finally a Xaku skin I've been waiting and asking for forever thank you so much 😭😭😭❤️❤️!!!!!!!!!!

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4 hours ago, Circle_of_Psi said:

So I've looked in-between the two viewpoints here between you and this Xbox guy and quite frankly you are both correct in your statements and I suppose everyone is right to to their opinions in such a matter, but allow me to point out the two issues that you both brought up that can sparked this in the first place. 

  This is very subjective opinion, not everyone is gonna find a "Weapon" or "Frame" that is fun and they can be a numerous of reasons why they don't: Maybe the frame doesn't fit their playstyle, maybe the frame is really weak at doing basic content. Or maybe they just hate that said weapon or frame, plain and simple.

 You are in your right to have Fun in the game, just as "Gears" is to his own Fun, if they dislike the frame that you like, then that's their opinion, as example: I love useing Caliban, just cuz I like this theme and playstyle. Does it mean he's super strong or can clear rooms?, Well, that again is up to the player.

Each frame and weapon theoretically do high-end content. I take Titania Prime to Archon Fights & Steel Path (When I feel like doing them). She's strong and Fun for ME, but other players may not think that. What your issue is (that you didn't seem to state clear enough) is that you "Dislike" players hateing on what you like.

And if I'm going to be honest with you here, grow a thicker spine. There will ALWAYS be people who trash on something you like, to watch you squirm or poke a reaction out of you. You claim that you've been here long enough, so you should know by now how quickly someone will not hesitate to put you into the ground, because you like something.

I'm no saint myself either, but you must understand that each and everyone will have their own opinion, no matter what yours is.




As for Gears: I'm going to assume that you didn't "Poke the Bear" towards Aurum to provoke a reaction out of them, as I highly doute that you are that type of person. But I must say saying the lines of "objective fact" when it's always going to be down to a persons opinion on what they think is fun or not, really makes you look like a Snob.

I'm going to be a bit bias here as I fully expected this from a Xbox player (I don't mean this in any offense, PC players are just as bad, but it's super more common in Xbox, atleast what I experienced, useing such in the past) but you viewing your own opinions as fact (atleast what it looks like, even if you didn't intend to) will provide the same "Feedback" as Gears got.  An negative reaction.


For example, I can say something like this: "Ash is the best frame in-game, it's a FACT and everyone who disagrees with me is stupid and can't understand the grasp of how super strong Ash is, My facts are always right!"


You see how silly that sounds?, Each person (and I mean everyone does, Humans are like that) has this strong belief that their opinions matter the most, it's just how we work, like the very old "Pineapple on Pizza". 


But I do agree with both of you, because you both made great arguments but they all boil down to that they are YOUR opinions on the matter and it is MY opinion to agree with such. Yes I do think that "Yareli" needs some touching up, but I also agree that she's in a "Ok" spot, does that mean I like her?, No, I dislike Yareli for reasons of my own. But even then, my reasons are my own opinions on her. (My own feelings, if you will).


I hope that this helped clear the air between you both, if you wish to end the topic here and there, that's up to you, but I just, like everyone else, wanted to express my viewpoint on this.

There’s a difference between liking a frame and the frames actually in game performance.

When it comes to frame performance I make the effort to remove personal opinion from the topic and look solely at how frames stack up against each other and how well they actually do in the game. As I hate the “I like this frame so it’s A tier” mentality.

For example. It’s a fact that Ash is a solid DPS frame with a few hiccups in his kit design that doesn’t make him as good as the best DPS options but he’s not unusable. If his playstyle your cup of tea go ahead and use him. But don’t go claiming he’s the best ever because he’s clearly not.


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54 minutes ago, (XBOX)GearsMatrix301 said:

There’s a difference between liking a frame and the frames actually in game performance.

When it comes to frame performance I make the effort to remove personal opinion from the topic and look solely at how frames stack up against each other and how well they actually do in the game. As I hate the “I like this frame so it’s A tier” mentality.

I can respect that, doing such by how it stacks in-game and how well it plays for certain content is defly a good mind said to have, All things considered as you don't want say low teir weapons or frames in something like a Archon Hunt, where they'll either be doing nothing or dying. being effectively useless to the team.  

I can understand disliking the mentality of “I like this frame so it’s A tier” but the issue is, it can be just spun right back at you. Content Creators (more so one, who I can't mention here) are very well known for such behavior but I'm guessing what "Aurum" feels here is that he is pretty much the polar opposite of your own mentality. ( I can understand how tiresome it can be, when someone trashes on other frames, cuz it can't press 4 to win, so to speak)

With what I can understand, perhaps Aurum mistook what you was trying to stay and just saw it as a personal attack on him (it happens) of the said frame he liked. However I do hope that you don't use your own mentality to push onto others, as it'll only spiral out of control.


I'm not too sure, but I assume (given your mentality) that you play games like Destiny 2?. I do as well and that mentality of yours is pretty much necessary when it comes to Raids (Bring Div or Well) 


But thanks for your insight!

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10 hours ago, Blackdust3r said:

No. It won't ever be brought back. Because of folks killing teammates using it and then said teammates leaving, turning this "Multiplayer" game into a "Single player with option for multiplayer killing yourself" game.

you can't kill yourself with the new proposed self damage

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On 2022-11-10 at 2:14 PM, Irishspongie said:

Christ, no.  I remember when everyone ran with tonkors, before self-damage was first brought in.  It was as little fun as being blinded by someone spamming the ogris is nowadays.

This ^ 150٪. What a player does in solo play is their own perogative. Wanna wear all bright hilighter colors with a neon sign and make your energy on an aoe weapon as bright as the sun, knock yourself out. In a group where even one person has this or two others and you LITERALLY can't see through the explosions, flames, etc and so on, you're pulled out of the immersion and fun. Let's not forget players who have any type of nuerological issues and this crap is a sensory overload. This is why when I used to use aoe, my energy colors were black. Not only for myself, but because how utterly CRINGE players spamming is. 

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On 2022-11-12 at 2:02 PM, AurumApocrypha said:

You see, that is my problem with the Warframe community in a nutshell right here.  If you wanted to say you didn't like Yareli because you found her unfun, or even simply too jank, I would have accepted that and moved on.  Just like the AOE meta, and the almighty tier list, the vast majority of the community seems hellbent on laser focusing in on what is "the best" or "the most powerful", labeling things that can't clear rooms in seconds or one-shot Steel Path enemies as "bad".  And thus, many things get placed on the back burner, with neither players nor DE interacting with them.

And that's all a bit of a shame, if you ask me.  I bring up Yareli often as I feel her to be the quintessential example of this phenomenon.   She's fun.  Really fun.  One of the most enjoyable frames in the game, in fact.  And just like guns like the Plinx or the Ambassador being relegated to nothing but MR fodder because the are "bad", players, new and veteran alike miss out on what is, really, what games are about.  Fun.

And I mean, sure, you're not going to clear whole rooms in seconds, or one-shot Steel Path enemies with them, but you'll more then be able to clear the star chart, the main content of the game, with them with ease.  And I also don't want to discount those who find being godly powerful to be enjoyable.  But it gets stale quick.  I've been playing the game since 2013, I've seen a lot of playstyles come and go.  And I like to play the game.  I like to interact with more then 6 frames and 15 guns.  And yes, I like Yareli.  I love my cute skateboarding magical girl.  She ain't good.

But she is fun.

The thing about Warframe, though, is that, while a game, "progress" ends up being all about efficiency.  That's just the way it is with truly RNG drops.  There's no pity mechanic, and there's no alternate currency to buy a drop you're having crap RNG on.  And eventually everyone experiences a drop or a dozen that their luck is just bad.

So efficiency is really what's important.

And therefore less efficient things get labeled as "bad", because for one of the main focuses of the game (acquiring drops), they are bad.

If acquiring drops was more equitable, people would care less about max efficiency (meaning speed clearing).  But that's not the game DE designed.  I mean, there's a very good reason most players run a fast frame on relic captures and rescues (as well as exterminates).  If those missions were going to take 5 minutes regardless, for starters, people would complain, but after that, you'd see a much greater variety of frames.

I'm sure there's somebody out there who's farmed nearly all their focus solo in ESO as Rhino, but that's not what most people do.  Most go for efficiency, and frames/weapons that are less efficient are (IMO rightfully) labeled as worse than the most efficient items.

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38 minutes ago, Graavarg said:

The reason is simply that there are even more annoying things than self-damage. Like AoE spam...

Yes... Because AoE is so busted... LOL!!! You see how many enemies are after you in this third person horde shooter? AoE is clearly more efficient, but needed nerfed in a different way. Not in a way that single handledly nerfed ALL weapons, and prevented others from, what DE hypocritically states, keeping others playing how they want.... You worried about AoE spam? Stop using it, play solo, or with a group who doesn't.

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10 hours ago, (NSW)Master2873 said:

You see how many enemies are after you in this third person horde shooter? AoE is clearly more efficient, but needed nerfed in a different way. Not in a way that single handledly nerfed ALL weapons, and prevented others from, what DE hypocritically states, keeping others playing how they want.... You worried about AoE spam? Stop using it, play solo, or with a group who doesn't.

Yes, I agree 110% that AoE was nerfed the wrong way. There was no need for damage reduction, no need for the range reduction (mods) and no real need for the ammo nerf. All these nerfs did was reduce what AoE is all about, single shot large explosion damage.

With the spam it is different though, the spamming of AoE is logically, functionally  and game-wise totally idiotic, and shame on DE for allowing it to spread (and even buffing it). It is the SPAM that has to go, partly because players are clearly incapable of voluntarily NOT using it in public squads, partly because it has become a (toxic) meta.

I couldn't give flying f*ck about the "efficiency argument", which is numerically true but logically 100% daft (there will ALWAYS be a meta and a most efficient way to farm, with or without AoE spam removal). I also think the victim-blaming is truly dishonorable, it is not the ones getting their game experience destroyed by AoE spammers that "should play solo" or "find a like-minded squad", it is totally the ones using AoE spam that should honorably NOT bring it to public squads. But it is obviously clear that the number of egoistic and egocentric players is so large that this "don't affect other players negatively"-concept simply doesn't work, so the AoE SPAM has to force-nerfed. And it really has to be, nerfed into the ground.

But DE didn't manage that either, they soft-nerfed AoE and even went for the wrong parts, trying to both eat the cake and have it. And of course it didn't work, the AoE spamming is a bit less but still rampant and many fun AoE weapons (NOT used for spamming) have been unnecessarily nerfed.

It is the SPAM that was, and is, the problem, not AoE as such. It is the SPAMMING of AoE that needs to be nerfed, not AoE as such.

Which is why I think that replacing "self-damage" with "ammo-destruction" or "weapon dysfunction" would be much better ways to go. If you are within your own AoE, you'll get the current stagger (which you can reduce or counter-act in different ways). But you also get all your ammo blown-up and/or your weapon becoming dysfunctional (for 20 seconds). That will counter-act a part of the spamming, without inhibiting play and flow (you can replenish your ammo and/or switch weapon). It is also (a bit) more logical to have an explosion affect your ammo/weapon than for only you being able to damage yourself. The rest of the anti-spam can be handled by adjusting fire-rate, reload speed and in a few extreme cases magazine size.

But the ultimate problem is that the spamming of AoE has to go. While AoE in itself is fine, AoE enhances and enriches the game and even allows for alternate playstyles (even if that doesn't compute for efficiency-focused egoists). 

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On 2022-11-11 at 9:32 PM, (PSN)Frost_Nephilim said:

I think DE's experienced enough to know how to handle this, they remembered past mistakes and know not to rush things out now.

LMFAO.. omg when I read this I nearly spilt my coffee I was laughin so hard.. dude thanks for the laugh it really set my day up to be good.. hahahah .. mate that is so funny i cant stop laughin .. 


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19 hours ago, (XBOX)Shadowdagger147 said:

I keep forgetting time zone difference so sorry for offending some people but I have the right to speak out 

Wait you mean you have made mistake in this:

23 hours ago, (XBOX)Shadowdagger147 said:

It doesn't explain why it got extended for 2 days it was supposed to come out today

Then I'm not sure where you get that info. Switch will get fixes next week and it will too (=all platforms) will not receive updates at least till Devstream.


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18 hours ago, quxier said:


I'm not sure what this person wants to be honest (who you quote here), not sure if he's just not English or just doesn't know how to use the forums correctly or they are underaged.

Either way, with what I tried to understand is that they are asking when the update is out.

Edited by Circle_of_Psi
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