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Update 18.4.0

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What kind of deluxe skin is that. The legs on the strega skin looks like a pair of match sticks and it looks like 0 effort was put into it. Unless the new skin allows trinity to hover and not use her feet or legs I have no idea what kind of design is that is. Strega looks like a ballerina type skin but still, it bugs the hell out of me.

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New Skins


The Trinity Strega Skin Bundle is now available!


Stand out on the battlefield and embrace the dark side of style with the new Trinity Deluxe Skin Collection.  This collection of skins features a new Deluxe Skin for Trinity, the Bo Staff, and a Trinity-inspired set of armor for your Kubrow companion.


TRINITY STREGA SKIN - Embrace the dark power that swirls through this Trinity skin.

BO VOLU SKIN - Enchant the Bo or Bo Prime with this skin.

BRUJA KUBROW ARMOR - Kubrow armor in the style of the Trinity Strega Skin.



Wicked awesome, they look flippin' glorious!




  • Various improvement have been made to enemy spawning in Exterminate Missions, focusing on keeping a steady flow of enemies from the start of the Mission till reaching Extraction.
  • Sortie Transmissions will stop playing after the player has left the Star Chart menu.

These are nice! Was quite annoyed of checking the Sorties and having to listen to whoever it was ramble on for forever. Exterminate spawning fixes are always welcome.



You have no idea how much that irked me! <3 You guys!


All in all, well worth the delay! Keep kicking tush, DE!

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For people wondering about the "Reduced the power gained from a Power Cell from 50 to 20."

It was apparently noted down in-correctly and has been changed on the patch notes to: 
"Reduced initial power in deployed excavator from 50 to 20"
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I gotta say the helm that comes with the skin is a turn off for me.... before I thought I saw that the helm had like a ponytail in the back and now I see that it's actually an oddly positioned halo.

The body still looks cool though.

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I won't lie but Trinity's lack of feet is a deal breaker for me, sorry. ^^;  (That and her Prime skin is leagues better anyway...)


That said, being able to jump through that gap on the Orokin map is one of the greatest fixes of all time.  You have my thanks!

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Having to remove so many lines from bug_threads.txt is delicious.




Links to bugs in spoiler:

Key-based defense missions have serious logic errors with leaving.

Excavation enemies on Phobos deal 10x normal damage.

Weapons stop working if you catch a ledge and then hop off too quickly.

Prompt-based finisher attacks hit shields first.

Reactor sabotage missioms can be rendered uncompletable by syndicate procs.

Enemy charge/combo damage values are backwards.

Power Drift's knockdown resistence chance isn't triggering.

A Remote Observer timing out during the hacking minigame changes the camera style.

Radiation damage causes the mobile defense objective to become hostile.

Missions can accidentally be force-accepted, the system will think everybody voted yes when they didn't.

Dark Sector missions aren't displaying the weapon category bonus.

Mutalist Moas retain the Equinox Maim visual effect from the cabinet attached.

Old anti-leech systems that punish slow players are still triggering.

Being revived (or exiting sharkwing) changes to your primary weapon regardless of what was selected before.

Sentinels map-respawning on their own cause rapid affinity gain from repeated "use" of regen.

Phorid's scream effect can get stuck on if he's killed with it activating.

Entities without a proper respawn point respawn in the start tile of the map, breaks void sabotage.

Infested ignore Decoy in multiple situations.

The UI does not scale properly for resolutions with an x component less than 1280.

The first Kubrow imprint view can load with a corrupt model.

Vignette effect too strong when HDR and adaptive exposure are on in outside tiles.

Loki's Switch Teleport often doesn't move the target.

Using 5 on an elevator can drop you back to the bottom at the end.

Extractors are gathering unlisted materials.

Basic Gene Masking Kit in the market lies about how many unique colors you get.

Void Mobile Defense terminals have incorrect activation text (using the lockdown string).

Foundry sparks lights on in-progress items render over the chat interface.

And last but not least, the automatic formatting on the forums is horrible.  There's a lot we could do in terms of posting in-depth, fancy threads if we didn't have to deal with it.

(Yes, I've been busy reading and testing.)


Still no fix for Despair's positioning, Daikyu's quiver positioning; Issues with Valkyr being stuck and unable to do anything but move around; Nezha's Noble idle animation holding single pistol weapons incorrectly and various Syandanas positioned wrongly on various warframes.

And what about the threads for those issues with details and screenshots?


Pretty sure I've asked you that already...


Notice how some of those issues fixed in todays' patch have links?  Links to threads made by people like me?  'Cause we post descriptions, details, and screenshots in threads for issues as part of the bug-reporting process.  This helps the devs see exactly what the issue is, and helps reference the issue and get input.

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Considering the delay and unless your into conclave that was a very uninspiring update


I don't believe this is the full update.


Rebecca said something about an event on Prime Time earlier. Possibly needed extra time to polish and test it. Could be out tomorrow or early next week.

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