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This year so far...

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Posts like these, even if they don't provide specifics, mean a great deal to me. I was growing restless and even a bit upset with so many delays and not seeing new content (Khora soon please!) but after reading your post and the fact that you took the time to write this to your players, has set me at ease. Thank you for taking a moment to communicate with us; this solidifies my love for this game and everyone at DE. <3

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10 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Maybe you've noticed, maybe you haven't, but this year so far has been a bit different. While Fashion Frame has seen no shortage of content, something is different. We haven't released a single new weapon or Warframe yet this year (Khora soon TM?).
This Dev Workshop (which is more of a diary entry) is just to briefly provide some context to what we've released. You may find yourself asking 'when are we getting new Tenno Reinforcements?', and you might want a more detailed answer than 'soon'.

So far this year, we have revised and iterated on more content than ever before. We've made cuts, changes usability of content, revisions of systems, and adjusted a significant amount of Weapons and Warframes. We've done this because in many ways you've wanted us to. Reviewing all the Update notes since our first 2018 deployment on PC on January 4th, it's a bit mental how much we've changed.

And we plan to continue changing. Kuva in the Kuva Fortress (with a pending Dev Workshop)? Login 2.0? Focus Changes? We're working on continuing our way down the list.

So how long will it take? When we will we add new gear? When will the seemingly endless list of Devstream reveals release?
Well, we don't know. We have gotten out of the habit of sharing dates, but this post serves a different purpose. I've just returned from a vacation and I myself am wondering the progress on all the many things we've talked about, and it's simple to see one thing: we're making great progress this year.

Get ready to enjoy some 5 year anniversary celebrations this month, and we'll see you next Devstream (possibly earlier in this sub-forum with a Kuva Dev Workshop!)!

Wear your sunscreen on the Plains, Tenno!


Can we please  get some work done on the spaghetti code?



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This is exactly what I wanted, DE taking a break from releasing new stuff to refine and fix the old stuff. All the reballances made so many weapons feel new and made more of them worth using in the long run, increasing the variety of the weapons we choose. It's no new mastery but when the Telos Boltor became a crit weapon, it might as well have been a new weapon.

As an added bonus all of these reballances also justified me keeping all the weapons. While everyone moaned and groaned at having sold those weapons when they have and having to craft them again, all I had to do is put some forma in and have fun.

Speaking of forma, I'll likely post this in feedback as well but wouldn't it be nice if we could see how much forma we've aquired and applied? How much is currently in our arsenal as extra polarities and how much is in as crafting components. I had to make do with a spreadsheet on google docs and it works (780 over my whole arsenal and it's not gonna stop any time soon btw) but if it could be seen ingame, it would be very appreciated.

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When you add content on such a fast schedule as it happens in warframe, taking some time to assert that everything still works well with each other is important. And to be fair: Some of the weapons in those big reworks were changed so much, they're basically new. :D 

I love that you're doing this, instead of forcefully growing your game just for the sake of "New Feature!!!!1". Growth without purpose is cancer, literally. You're doing a great job! 

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I was always asked for a better experience, so many thanks :)

I hope you'll now take the time to put the whole lore/story together, putting back into the game the old events in a cohesive storytelling, because the lore is so cool.

(And fix Archwing XD )

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Theres been a lot of work and changes but...

Can you put Zephyr's tailwind back in the oven? It hasn't finished baking. Whether you think of her as a bird or as the personification of wind, I don't think of her standing completely still to launch or being in a locked in a static mid air position as being true to theme. Both those things are janky and take away from Zephyrs Flow. For a frame about movement, nothing offends me more.

And I've had Zephyr since release and her divebomb issues have never even been acknowledged, let alone addressed. But with the update it was simultaneously shoved in the closet like DE is ashamed to even look at it AND made worse with the new face grind due to obscure aiming mechanics. Thanks for that.

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I had a long brake from WarFrame. No I am back and I am quite impressed about the progress You made with a lot of things.In the first hour in-game I was a liitle bit confussed with the changes You made through that time :) Keep up with good work on making content and balancing the game :)

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Thank you for the effort you've been recently putting into polishing the older parts of the game, it means a lot to us, and more than makes up for any lack of new content.

I'm sure you've heard this from a lot of people already, but I want to add my voice to a few things that bother me about existing content:

  • Please remove the terrain based flight ceiling on PoE archwing. There's nothing more soul crushing than soaring across the sky at high speed with cool music playing in your headphones only to get pushed down into the ground because 100m below there's a sharp dip in the terrain. Just make it a universal 500-1000m or something, please.
  • Rivens really need a bit of balancing, the RNG factor is WAY too strong and while they can turn bad weapons into good weapons, they turn great weapons into broken ones, so in the end nothing changes. Would be lovely if you could just delete them, but since that would make a lot of people unhappy, I guess Pandora's box is already open :D
  • Would you please consider changing parts of the PoE economy to integrate it more with the rest of Warframe? I understand what you were going for, but putting PoE in a newbie zone while having it almost completely disassociated from the rest of the game, resource wise, is not a good idea, imo. Even for veterans, going to the area knowing what we get there (again, resource wise, I'm not talking weapons, etc) is only useful there doesn't feel good. INB4 future weapon research will cost fish parts >.< My own suggestion would be a trader where you can trade PoE resources for other WF resources?... idk
  • This is probably a weird one, but I think the Void is very unutilized at the moment. It turned from THE end game area into a barely visited place. I think the Void, the Orokin void towers in general and the Orokin tileset itself are pretty cool, so I'd love it if we had a few more reasons to visit (though not to the extent seen before the Relic rework).

These are just a few issues that stand out to me. I didn't go in depth on them because there are a ton of posts that give suggestions on how to fix these better than I ever could.

Thanks for reading! :)


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In all honesty, a period of time spent only on tweaking and refining the existing content was wildly overdue. I will take rescuing MR fodder and making beam weapons viable over any new gear, any day of the week. I've rebuilt several ranked and banked weapons in the last week alone, and I never usually look back.

I really can't overstate the value of taking weapons with interesting mechanics (atomos for example) and then giving them the brunt to actually be useful across the starchart. I've always had a sense of 'oh this is cool, if I don't go above lv 30' with weapons like the flux rifle, or 'this might be fun, if I put five forma into it', and realistically, 'fun and usable' should NOT be on the other side of that grinding barrier. I think greater effectiveness and efficiency should be the longterm goal with fun and viability as the baseline - the reworks seem to have made that the standard now for a lot of gear, and I love it.

The Amprex and Flux rifle are now minimally viable weapons *without* dumping hours of grind into them, and they didn't feel like that before. Now they're viable enough to get a feel for the mechanics and see how they'll fit into an approach *before* making a heavy investment; case in point, I've rebuilt the flux rifle specifically for my Nekros' desecrate, and the experience was enough fun that I WILL spend time and forma on it. I had a half-levelled Amprex with a goddamn RIVEN on it for the longest time, and it was gathering dust because I still hated trying to use the thing, but I'm actually taking it into missions now and planning forma.

Keep it up!
I now have a complement of weapons I can take into high end content and it's just made that half of the game SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING. Sorties aren't just Tigris o'clock anymore, and IMO you've done it the right way by elevating other gear instead of nerfing the popular crutches.

Personally I'd be fine with an absence of new gear well into the next quarter, if in turn it gave us further content reworks and balance passes. I was pleased to see Kuva, Login 2.0 and Focus explicitly mentioned, but plenty of other areas need some love too.

Setting aside obvious things like 'dear god overhual Ember the way Hydroid and Excalibur were', I'd like to see a pass on decorations and cosmetics.

On similar note to keeping cool stuff THIS side of the grinding barrier, give us more things we can buy in Cetus and Relays that do NOT cost plat. Give newbies and space hobos things we can acquire for credits and resources to get a taste for customisation. It's kind to empty wallets and it's also an easy first step on the road to fashion and ikeaframe, and the lakes of platinum it drinks. 

I will be only too happy to swap standing for decorations and armour, or plains resources for rugs and other decorative items. Hell I'd love to see a stall in Cetus or the next hub for something like warframe warpaint. 
I don't know if the tech is there to support it, but I'm thinking of something like a full body sigil to put patterns over a base skin, for designs or to simulate battle damage.
It's not as drastic as a deluxe skin or tennogen, but it's not as basic as a simple recolour or syndana either. Perhaps put daubed paint patterns in Cetus, and sharp edged patterns in the incoming Corpus hub, that sort of gig... just something interesting, and appropriate to the setting so we can make our 'frames even more individual.

Anyway, I've rambled enough.  TL;DR I'm loving the changes and thoroughly enjoying this new focus on refining our existing stuff, *keep doing it*. :D

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Hmm I think DE need as any change some Prime warframe(superficially and some ability to, too,): Nekros Prime, frost Prime. Take a look at it, the Nekros Prime, almost no external routine Necrocom. Frost Prime and he's only the head is different and the pattern on the body. Please DE will TIME to change them.

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Nice to hear from you. 

I think the general consensus with the changes is happiness.

Except ember mains... they were forced to feel empathy for their victims cause they got BURNED :p

Well, a bit anyway.

A lot of us are looking forward to kuva endless missions... it's a pain to get right now. 

Last but not least, welcome back from holiday, hope it was great, while you were gone I became a father of a baby boy :)

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Hope you had amazing holidays, Space Mom, for it's a pleasure to see you around again!

Thanks a lot for this input, I appreciate it. It's good to know how hard you are all working to improve the game and indeed it shows. Things are so much interesting. I am patient but at the same time really eager for what it's to come! So much excitement!

Don't worry you guys, we support you all. 

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