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Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.16.0


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Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.16.0

Mainline Disclaimer Redux:

Tenno! It's ANOTHER mainline! While we've omitted a lot of Work-in-progress items like Khora, this Update contains all the changes and fixes we've been working away on this past month. Like all Mainlines so far this year, there may be a few bumps/unintended partial work that has shipped. We've checked it out but there's always something that falls through the cracks. Please let us know if you find something odd or very broken! 


Dojo Remaster
If you're new to Warframe and you've missed our handy Dojo guide here: https://www.warframe.com/news/the-tenno-guide-to-clans, don't worry. The link isn't going anywhere, and we're about to detail out what 'Dojo Remaster' means for you! 

First, it's worth mentioning this is largely rooted in improved functionality across the board. We do plan on releasing even more updates soon with further lighting improvements and the 'Build your Own Obstacle Course', so keep checking back for that. 

And now, the Remaster!
With this Remaster we've aimed to do a few things:

  1. Give you better decorating tools.
  2. Offer you more decorations.
  3. Give you more functionality in the Dojo. 
  • The new and improved Decoration Placement functionality is here for what will probably fill the next few days of your Warframe play time! This new Placement functionality applies to both Dojo and Orbiter decorating. 
    • Placing Decorations now uses a free cam technology, similar to Captura!
    • Decoration Placement now gives the following new options:
      • Ascend/Descend
      • Billboard Facing
      • Push/Pull
      • Placement: Surface Snapping or Free Placement
        • *If you experience issues when attempting to place Decorations, double tap that F to turn off Surface Snapping (working on a fix)
      • Cycle Grid Snapping
    • Decorations in both the Dojo and Orbiter can now be placed mid-air.
    • Decoration Placement bindings can be customized at the bottom of Options > Controls.
  • Revamp your Dojo with the all new Faction themed Dojo Decorations and FX Decorations! Over 60 new Decorations to choose from to give your Dojo a whole new vibe (we ask that you please refrain from setting snowmen on fire with this newly acquired decorating powers):
    • Corpus Barrels, Batteries, BENCHES, and more!
    • Grineer Catwalks, Fuel Tanks, Pipes, and more!
    • Steam, Sparks, Fire, and more!
  • Dojos have received improved lighting! We have more Dojo lighting improvements to come, and yes, I will refrain from using any ‘lit’ puns for the sake of us all.
  • Load straight into any mission from the Dojo by accessing the Star Chart in the Observatory room! 
  • You can now access your Arsenal via the ESC Menu if you have a completed Observatory Room in your Dojo.
  • Increased the Decoration capacity in all Dojo rooms!
    • Clan Hall is now 600
    • Clan Great Hall is now 700
    • Clan Greater Hall is now 800
    • Clan Grand Hall is now 900
    • Clan Grandest Hall is now 1000
    • Connectors are now 200
    • All other room Decoration capacity varies - check the Dojo Architect screen
  • Clan members can contribute their own Orbiter Decorations to the Clan Vault using the Treasury! These Decorations will be listed as "[item name] (Vault)" in the selection menu.
    • Vaulted Decorations can be viewed by going into the ESC Menu > Decorate > Personal Decorations. 
    • Only Architects can place Orbiter decorations in the Dojo.
    • Architects can access Orbiter Decorations via the Treasury menu, selecting “Decorations” > “Personal Decorations” and choosing from the Clan’s donated Decorations. 
      • Since Architects are the only ones that can place Orbiter Decorations in the Dojo, they are the only ones that will see this option in the Treasury. 
    • If an Orbiter Decoration is removed from the Dojo, it will simply go back into the Vault, where it can be placed again if desired. 
    • Orbiter Decorations CANNOT be refunded back to the original Orbiter inventory once they’ve been donated to the Clan Vault. 
      • You will receive a confirmation prompt when donating one of your own Orbiter Decorations to your Clan’s Vault.

*Please note that the following items cannot be contributed to the Clan Vault:

  • All ArticulasDisplays, and unique items (Neewa's Drawings, etc)
  • Ambulas Noggle
  • Stalker Noggle
  • Shadow Debt Noggles (Acolytes)
  • Kuria Statuette
  • Sacred Vessel
  • Oro Ornament
  • Rell’s Donda
  • Prominence Wisp Totem
  • Thousand-Year Fish Statuette
  • Ayatan Sculptures - we know many of you enjoy creating monstrous creatures out of Ayatan, but we want to prevent any Endo tears from accidental non-refundable donations. Once everyone familiarizes themselves with this new 'Decorations in the Vault are permanent' we'll loosen this restriction. 

Discord Rich Presence:
Let your Discord friends see where and what you’re playing on Warframe! If enabled, your Discord account will show the following information in real time while you play:

  • Mission type and difficulty level
  • Planet and node
  • Open spots in your squad

Controller Auto-detection:

A whole new setting called Controller Interface now allows you to have the option of AutoDetect! AutoDetect will try to detect what you're using, when you use it. So if you prefer the drag-n-drop functionality of the Mods screen, you can keep using a mouse to do that and see the regular keyboard and mouse UI, however, when you next pick up a controller and press a button, the UI will detect that and refresh to show you controller button Icons instead.

Within the Controller Interface you can also permanently toggle on/off the controller interface, which forces the UI into either regular (keyboard and mouse) mode, or controller mode (this works separately from auto-detection and Steam Big Picture mode). 

Lastly, you can now choose the UI Icon set under the new setting Controller Icon Set. You can choose between XB1, XB 360, PS4, Steam, and AutoDetect (AutoDetect is essentially XB1). However, using a Steam controller will always result in Steam Icons.

General Additions: 

  • Added a Chat command to enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ (offline mode). Enabling this will prevent any new Private Messages and mission invites from appearing. If you have a private conversation tab active or if you initiate a private conversation, you will still be able to communicate.
    • Enable Do Not Disturb by typing /offline in Chat
    • Disable Do Not Disturb by typing /online in Chat
  • Added new placeable Orbiter Decorations:
    • Equinox Day-Form Noggle
    • Equinox Night-Form Noggle
    • Equinox Combined-Form Noggle
    • Ropaka Planter
    • Daaru Planter
    • Aranya Planter
    • Kukkura Pet Bed
  • You can now customize your Operator and access your Focus Trees while in Cetus! 
  • Added “Mission Time” to the End of Mission screen under STATS. 
  • Added Fishing, Amps, Zaws and Mining categories to the Foundry.
    • If you do not own items that are in these categories, you will not see the respective Foundry tabs.
  • Added FEATURES, BODY, and AMP categories to the Operator customizations options. 
  • Added a description to the Meditate Emote.
    • A pose to focus one’s mind. 
  • Added a slight delay on when accessing the Star Chart so you can still see your Warframe kneel before the planets come into view. 
  • Added confirmation dialogues to most of the options in the Warframe launcher.

Sound Changes

  • Enemy Hit Notifications: If a bullet hits a Grineer in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make it sound? WELL NOW IT WILL! Targeting and damaging enemies with weapons will produce a much more defined contact sound to identify if your shots are dealing damage. You will now also hear whizz-bys and ground surface effect types better as well. This feature is especially useful when shooting at enemies from long distances. We also hear you loud and clear too, which is why this sound enhancement can be toggled on/off in the Audio Options Menu. See and hear Audio Director, George Spanos, display it in action: https://twitter.com/GameSoundDesign/status/973602069809594368 
  • Volume Sliders: The Audio sliders in the Audio Options Menu now calculate their offsets between each other properly. When Audio sliders are set low, they will now properly cull sounds that shouldn't be heard. In summation, Warframe’s audio mix now sounds better.
  • Mix Effect Ducking: How Warframe ducks out sound is now calculated in a more logical way to produce an improved sounding audio mix. 
  • Added a “whoosh” like sound right before landing when jumping from great heights/distances.
  • Added new aiming in/out transition sounds when using Primaries and Secondaries.

Captura Changes:

  • Improved how precisely you can alter the Camera Duration slider (increment by 0.1 when using the arrow buttons next to the slider). This means that the minimum speed for Camera movements is now lower!
  • Improved optimization of Advanced Captura Mode.
  • The playing Camera will now stop if you decide to edit a Camera Position while it's playing.
  • Improvements for adding/removing Camera Positions while camera is playing in Captura.

Eidolon Shrine Changes:

As most Tenno have discovered, Eidolon Shards are necessary to continue your hunt for the Gantulyst and Hydrolyst. These changes are not towards the Shrine mechanic itself, but for the way Shards are consumed if a unfortunate Host migration or loss of connection occurs. 

  • Brilliant/Radiant Shards are not removed from player inventory until the respective Eidolon spawns.
  • Players can now remove their Shard after inserting it into the Shrine (until the Eidolon spawns, at which point it is removed from their inventories and consumed by the Shrine).
  • All Shards are removed from the Shrine and returned to Player inventories if a Host migration occurs before the Eidolon spawns.
  • All Shards are removed from the Shrine and returned to Player inventories if Night ends before the respective Eidolon spawns.
  • All Shards are removed from the Shrine and returned to Player inventories if players extract from that Plains before the Eidolon spawns.
  • Vomvalysts no longer drop Sentient Cores when they are auto-'killed' at sunrise. Unlike vampires, Vomvalysts are not killed by the sun, they just “go back to where they came from”.

Visual Effects improvements.

Based on feedback we are making some changes to the intensity of Visual Effects in Warframe, especially in the context of Eidolon fights! 


  • Reduced some visual noise/lens flares on numerous Warframe abilities.
  • Reduced some visual noise/lens flares on the Operator Amp explosions/melee burst.
  • Greatly toned down lens flare brightness and durations of Teralyst abilities (and variants)to help with visual clutter.

General Changes:

  • Improved handling of rare cases of cache-corruption that would lead to crashes on startup.
  • Improved hitbox sizes on the Eidolon Synovias (weak points) to make them easier to hit/target when moving.
  • Fixed an extra "0" damage number popping up for every instance of damage dealt to a Teralyst Synovia. Shotguns will therefore no longer shower the Teralyst with a confetti of zeroes when hitting a weak-point.
  • Boltor Prime Status Chance increased from 32% to 34%.
  • The Shard selection screen will now show you how many Brilliant or Radiant Shards you have available to convert into Focus (originally this number would only be available to you once you had selected what Shard type you wanted to convert).


  • Opened arbitrarily locked Void doors/walls that held Rare items. It’s been known for awhile now that the classic combination of Punch Through + Vacuum could grab these items for you, but now it’s open season for all!
  • Reduced the requirements for "Kill X Dargyns with a Bow" Riven challenge to bring the intended difficulty and time commitment in line with other Riven challenges.
    • Existing Rivens with this challenge are unaffected
  • Fish Bait descriptions now also indicate what time of day that the respective fish will spawn. 
  • Slightly changed the color of each Fishing Spear to better identify which Spear you’re equipping.
  • Changed the Fishing Spear Icons in Fisher Hai-Luk’s store to focus more on the Spear tip to better identify each Spear. 
  • You can now search for Zaws in your Inventory via their Entitled name.
  • Updated the look of Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead minions to help players better differentiate between them and real enemies.
  • Updated the Verismo Syandana and Boltor Bravura Skin material to appear more metallic (for improved reflections and highlighting) to better match the Octavia Maestra Skin. 
  • A special UI message is now displayed when picking up a Syndicate Medallion or Cetus Wisp (similar to Argon Crystal). 
  • You can now re-open the Ambulas boss doors from the outside if you’re an unlucky Tenno who got locked out of the arena cause your squad initiated the boss fight without you.
  • Improved Archwing camera movements to clean up issues of janky jittering. 
  • Removed the option to Install a Focus Lens on a Gilded Amp since a Rank 30 Amp is required for that action.
  • Changed the Venomous Clip Archwing Mod to reflect the same Cost and Drain of other elemental Mods for Archwing.
  • Removed UI Buff indicators for Focus passives that are active 100% of the time with the exception of Vazarin’s Mending Soul. 
  • Updated LOC for the "Vigilante Fervor" description to better describe what it does. 
  • Ayatans (with the same type and socket layout) placed as Orbiter Decorations can now be placed back to back as per: https://twitter.com/PabloPoon/status/966762954338250752 
  • Infested Ancients will now attempt to attack in more ways than just knockdowns and pulls when you’re within melee range. 
  • Failed Bounty squads will now be locked to prevent players from joining an already failed Bounty.
  • Improved Sky Archwing banking movements to reduce doing so accidentally.
  • You can now shoot while initiating Afterburner in Sky Archwing. 
  • Placing in the top 20 in a weekly Leaderboard with at least 50 entries will now show a notification about your placement!
  • Sentinels and their weapons will now display stats when Chat linked and viewed in the Codex.
  • TennoGen items are now linkable in chat! 
  • Nezha Dracun Skin default tints updated to lighten the dark tint and better match workshop images.
  • Tweaked the Mithra Mirage Skin colors to better reflect the Steam Workshop images.
  • Updated the Sarva Harness textures by request of the creator.
  • Increased the opening speed of doors in the Grineer Sealab tileset. 
  • Removed the ability to purchase multiple of the same Helmet/Syandana from the Market. With the changes to how Arcanes are equipped, buying multiple of the same Helmet/Syandana is not necessary. 
  • Updated the Vignette Bundle description to indicate it includes 2 Warframe Articulas.
  • The Market previews will now display your current equipped Warframe/Sentinel when viewing Armor Bundles. 
  • Operator Amps will now display their modular parts in the Operator Customization screen.
  • Improved AI navigation in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
  • Improved AI navigation in the Grineer Sealab Defense tileset.
  • Improved AI navigation in the Grineer Galleon Survival tileset.
  • Improved AI navigation in the Corpus Ice Planet Defense tileset.
  • Improved AI navigation  in the Corpus Outpost Rescue tileset.
  • Improved AI navigation and cover techniques in the Lua Defense tileset.
  • Updated all lowercase mentions of ‘Grineer’, ‘Corpus’ and ‘Warframe’ to be uniformly uppercase across the entire game in all languages.
  • Updated the Elite Frontier Lancer Codex image model.
  • Tweaked the glow FX on the Verismo Syandana. 
  • Increased the number of items shown on the ‘Most Used’ list under your Profile & added the ability to scroll the list using your mouse. 
  • Made slight edits to the Mastery Rank up description so that it reads better.
  • Increased textbox width for Arcane text in Arcane Manager screen.


  • Fixed crash that would occur if you left Navigation open staring at blinking unfinished nodes on your Star Chart for 7 hours.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality caused by trying to simultaneously take a Companion out of Stasis and Previewing them while using a controller.
  • Fixed a progression stopper in the Raptor boss fight that was caused by the Host picking up the bomb and having it explode.
  • Fixed 'back' button in Advanced Camera Controls not working (ESC key still worked).
  • Fixes towards Eidolon Hunt Bounties insta-failing after transitioning to the Plains from Cetus.
  • Fixed Sentient Cores disappearing after a host migration.
  • Fixed dealing slightly less damage to Eidolon Synovias due to obscured hitboxes. 
  • Fixed replication issue preventing Clients from seeing the explosions from Hydrolyst's bubbles.
  • Fixed being unable to use your Primary weapon when Transferring in-out of the Operator while holding Volt’s Transistor Shield.
  • Fixed broken animations when viewing a Host remove a Cyst as a Client in their Liset. Your Warframe will now also not disappear (out of disgust?) as a Client while this happens. Sorry, Tenno - if you’re going to follow the Host into that room, you’re going to watch and you’re going to like it!
  • Fixed Cold Status Effects (and other slowdown effects) cutting Gara's Shattered Lash Damage sweep short.
  • Fixed the Ceramica Shoulder Armor not attaching on Rhino Prime with the Mastodon Skin equipped. 
  • Fixed enemies getting stuck when navigating in the Lua Defense tilset.
  • Fixed an escapable elevator hole in the Void and Corpus Ship tileset.
  • Fixed a rare case where the Camera speed calculations could get stuck in an infinite loop in Captura.
  • More fixes towards the Cetus gate opening to reveal a black abyss. 
  • More fixes for numerous edge case UI script errors.
  • Fixed the Warframe Arcane in the second slot not triggering if the Excalibur Dex Helmet is equipped.
  • Fixed waypoint marker pathing issues in the Grineer Sealab Tileset.
  • Fixed being able to deploy Sky Archwing in tight corners on the Plains, resulting in clipping into the Landscape. Players now will not be able to deploy their Archwing in these spaces if there’s a possibility of collision with the Plains’ geometry.
  • Fixed an unintended teleport volume in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed a core in the Grineer Forest Tileset that glowed a little too brightly. 
  • Fixed seeing both your Warframe and Operator in the Arsenal when accessing the Arsenal in Cetus in Operator Mode.
  • Fixed the Nosam Cutter having increased recoil when playing at a high framerate. 
  • Fixed excessive bloom in the engine room of the Void during the Second Dream Quest.
  • Fixed Final Boss health bar remaining on the screen if you continue to play the Wyrmius mini game after defeating it.
  • Fixed a script error caused by trying to edit Camera Positions while the Camera is playing in Captura.
  • Fixed inverted logic for dual weapons that alternate their firing hands that resulted in the muzzle flash not matching the animation.
  • Fixed the Aksomati clip not animating while firing.
  • Fixed a potential script error causing UI issues when re-entering the Plains.
  • Fixed a rare crash when entering the Plains as a Client.
  • Fixed Clients jumping while parrying not cancelling the parry pose on the Host or other Clients (before, you would still see the Client parrying and jumping even though jump cancels it).
  • Fixed missing Liset and Landing Craft sounds when extracting from the following tilesets:
    • Lua
    • Corpus Ice Planet
    • Grineer Fortress
    • Grineer Sealab
    • Grineer Settlement
    • Grineer Shipyards
  • Fixed lingering FX after using Zephyr’s Tailwind.
  • Fixed broken wall decals in Grineer Galleon.
  • Fixed a script error when boarding an Orbiter.
  • Fixed a potential script error that occured when being attacked by a Vomvalyst. 
  • Fixed script errors caused by adding/removing Camera Positions while the Camera is Playing in Captura.
  • Fixed Clients killed in a Dargyn losing the ability to move or rotate the camera properly.
  • Fixed difficulties with setting values for the Speed Multiplier when the Camera is playing in Captura.
  • Fixed some non-English text switching between bold and not bold when scrolling in the Market.
  • Fixed black squares that would occur on rare occasions from Weapon trails.
  • Fixed reload sounds not playing when applying the Solstice Skin to the Burston Prime.
  • Fixed missing reflections on metal textures in the Color Key Scene.
  • Fixed an outdated ‘thank you’ prompt appearing when purchasing a Loadout Slot.
  • Fixed Voltage Sequence not applying to Grineer Hellions.
  • Fixed Excalibur’s Radial Blind preventing recastable Abilities from being recast while active.
  • Fixed jerky movement sounds when tapping forwards and backwards in the Dargyn.
  • Fixed Nidus’ Virulence and Larva sometimes appearing completely black when cast.
  • Fixed enemies sometimes not getting back up after being hit by Banshee’s Resonating Quake.
  • Fixed enemies auto-crouching in wrong spots in the Grineer Forest Defense Tileset.
  • Fixed various level holes in the Corpus Outpost tileset.
  • Fixed missing objective waypoint after defeating a Junction Specter.
  • Fixed unfocused zoom positioning when viewing Navigation.
  • Fixed not receiving any UI feedback when successfully sending an invite for another player to board your Orbiter. 
  • Fixed Clients not seeing enemies ragdolled in succession.
  • Fixed being able to jump infinitely after wall clinging and mounting Ivara’s Dashwire.
  • Fixed players getting trapped in the Helminth Infirmary when visiting a player’s Orbiter. 
  • Fixed a script error when being attacked by certain abilities from the Gantulyst or Hydrolyst. 
  • Fixed not being able to extract from the Plains if all other squad members are dead.
  • Fixed Ancient Healer damage reduction Aura negatively affecting the consume rate of Inaros’ Devour.
  • Fixed idle thrusters playing in Sky Archwing when just holding shift without any direction buttons. 
  • Fixed invite from player in the Plains saying “invite to a game” instead of “invite to Plains of Eidolon: Free Roam”. 
  • Fixed super edge case where if you held down on the left mouse button while right clicking on a name in Chat to open the dropdown list, right clicking again on another area outside of Chat would bring up that list again.  
  • Fixed a couple of LOC instances where “Tenno” isn’t capitalized.
  • Fixed cases of losing your Sentinel as the Host in the Plains.
  • Fixed spawning at the beginning of a Corpus Gas City mission if you roll into an elevator before the door closes but after the elevator has already left. 
  • Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control affecting the Stalker and causing him to walk around like he lost something. 
  • Fixed door to extraction not opening in Rescue missions in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • Fixed “you need to enable in settings first” error message in Captura when attempting to turn off Depth of Field with it disabled in your options. 
  • Fixed error message in Captura when attempting to change the Filter from Neutral with Color Correction disabled in Options. 
  • Fixed incorrect icons on Grineer Sealab tileset doors in small dead end rooms.
  • Fixed some cases of enemies continuously rushing to and away from Defense targets.
  • Fixed getting stuck flying in the air when attempting to exit a Dargyn as it is destroyed.
  • Fixed the Grustrag 3 targeting enemies instead of the player when spawned with Beacons in Corpus/Infested missions. 
  • Fixed a level hole in the Plains.
  • Fixed some collision and holes in the Personal Quarters.
  • Fixed the Ceramica Bundle description to match the correct names of the Skins.
  • Fixed the hit boxes on Ambulas' two leg packs to disable when those parts are destroyed, stopping players from hitting it while shooting the empty space where those packs used to be.
  • Fixed shoulders looking droopy on non-Octavia Warframes when using Narta Emotes.
  • Fixed missing objective text in The New Strange quest. 
  • Fixed Cernos Prime’s vertical spread not using equipped arrow Skins. 
  • Fixed UI icons in several locations not appearing with proper shaders.  
  • Fixed selecting existing Decorations immediately changing the placement position. 
  • Fixed input conflict with “push to talk” causing Decoration snap to surface not working for some people. 
  • Fixed being able to select a Decoration placed on a wall in an adjacent Orbiter room.
  • Fixed a potential script error when unlocking Lockers as a Client. 
  • Fixed an invisible blocking volume in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/83f53j/invisible_object_right_where_the_red_square_is_in/ 
  • Fixed rogue teleporting volumes that resulted in players getting stuck in an endless teleporting loop in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset. 
  • Fixed numerous outdated weapon descriptions. 

Conclave Fixes:

  • Fixed ability to teleport/dash forward when performing certain movement combinations in Conclave.
  • Fixed being unable to equip the Excalibur Dex Helmet in Conclave.
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We haven't gotten any new Tenno Reinforcements yet this year and it is March :sad: . I hope we get something after Zephyr Prime next week.

Thank you for the Dojo Remaster and Discord Presence. Hopefully we can see the clan Kingpin system added in the future to compliment these rich changes.

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However - After going in and testing.

A few tenno including my self are noticing the graphics are a bit Janky - It looks like the low res textures are loaded on high settings, Anti-Aliasing does not seem to be working right or something.

Please fix.

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