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  1. Which is far less valuable than it used to be, now that progression has changed so that players are likely to max out their murmurs long before they find the correct requiem sequence. False. Other liches will be able to spawn in once the Lich has been repelled via downing. Considering the damage output of players these days, a time difference of roughly 20 seconds isn't going to make a difference. And as others have already explained, a stab results in a reset to the aggression meter, meaning that you end up needing to run even more missions to get it back up so you get another chance. Which means that the net result is slower progression than stabbing tactically. What? There's no correlation there, since stabbing your own lich doesn't level up anyone else's.
  2. No, but calling people cowards certainly is.
  3. Except that's no longer the case, as has been explained previously. The bottleneck for Lich killing is no longer murmurs, but spawn opportunities, meaning that Always stabbing is more likely to delay the showdown than expedite it. I'd also like to point out that you're making an assertion without providing any data to back it up, which means your opinion can be dismissed trivially.
  4. Wow. This is an entirely new level of toxic.
  5. It's almost like forumgoers are individual people with their own tastes and opinions and not some monolithic hive-mind. I mean, I'd love for the game to be made more challenging, personally. I just don't think gear-checks and sponges are the way to do it. That's good, because with my current tactic of only stabbing when necessary, I don't get level 5 Liches. Funny how that works out. Also, once again assuming that a lack of desire to fight a maxed lich equates to a lack of ability to do so. As previously discussed, this is not the case.
  6. Most of the friends I know in person still log in regularly. Regarding people I met online, it's much more variable.
  7. Once again mistaking a lack of desire to deal with overlevelled Liches with a lack of ability. I can do it just fine, it's just not fun, so if I don't want to deal with that, it's my prerogative. Unless you're coming with me to the showdown, you don't get a say in how it goes down.
  8. Er... are you from an alternate timeline or something? Because this does not describe Warframe's development in the slightest.
  9. Corpus DRM, man. So strong even Cephalons can't crack it. Then again, the fact that we get the blueprint for the Paracesis from what is quite literally an out-of-body experience (with the Chimera instructing us to take "the idea of it") implies that Blueprints may not always be... physical objects, for lack of a better term.
  10. Not really. Mutalist weapons are corrupted versions of other factions' weapons (the Quanta and Cernos, at the moment, as well as the Ogris by technicality), which behave very differently compared to their pure counterparts. They're talking about upgraded variants of purely Infested weapons (Synapse, Embolist, etc).
  11. I still think DE should take some cues from Strike Suit Zero and give archwings a real-time mode switch between fighter-style handling (Constant forward motion with W and S adjusting speed like a throttle, and unrestricted pitch, yaw and roll) and the current Zone of the Enders-like handling (perhaps with a target lock system and defensive buffs while in the mode to compensate for reduced movement speed). Archwings essentially take the role of Fighters in the Tenno arsenal, so we might as well lean into it.
  12. The ship you encounter corresponds to the one seen on the Solar map. Obelisks can be found at Sovereign Grasp (Neptune), Profit Margin and Peregrine Axis (Pluto), as well as Erato, Arc Silver, Lu-Yan and Sabmir Cloud (Veil). Notably, the Obelisk's primary armament is a beam cannon mounted on top of the ship, as opposed to the torpedoes used by Stanchions and Pillars.
  13. Northern or Main Ireland? If the former it's likely due to Brexit mucking up international trade, since IIRC they can't deliver to Britain (the island, that is) either.
  14. For what it's worth, playing solo will use significantly less data, since when the game doesn't need to keep the actions of multiple players synced up it only connects to the server every so often to log your progress (as well as at the end of missions).
  15. Personally, I'll take crafting timers over energy systems any day of the week. Said equipment is disposable by design though, if I'm not mistaken (as in, you're expected to discard it as soon as something better comes along).
  16. They also don't use alt-fire modes.
  17. I gave mine a set of specially built Quellors (for Lore reasons), and they honestly do a pretty good job with them. Pretty sure they can't use Bows.
  18. Regardless of how long approval takes, you won't see your emblem in-game until the next game update.
  19. It was added in 2014. That's not new.
  20. You do realise that the only thing that changed was the first mission, right? Everything else is as it was in the previous iteration of the opening questline, and the contents of said mission weren't actually changed all that much. Also, don't say someone is lying about their opinion. You are not a mind reader, and believe it or not it is entirely possible to have an opinion that is more nuanced than just "It Good" or "It Bad". Saying he likes the gameplay, but dislikes how much of it needs to be completed before major plot elements come into play is not a contradiction.
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