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Most Obscure/Pretentious Personalised Weapon Names


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I knew my list of names I've used in-game would come in handy one day.

Calamity (Zaw)
Forthright (Zaw)
Grav-Knight (Moa)
Mound (Zaw)
Myriad (Moa)
Nameless & Aestudium (Dark Split-sword)
Negation (Kitgun)
Non-binary (Moa)
Penetrator (Zaw)
Quirk (Zaw)
Repudiation (Kitgun)
Sincerity (Amp)
Solitude (Amp)
Suture (Amp)
Thrum (Zaw)
Tyrant (Amp)

I like names that are single impactful words -- feels poetic.

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I had a Kronsh machete that I was going to name "Rightly End," but I realized that I'd used the wrong parts, and that I wasn't in high enough standing to guild it, so I sold it off. Yeah I know, dead niche meme is dead niche meme.

My Smeeta Kavat is named "Jellicle," because "Cheshire" was too on-the-nose and she was the wrong sex for "Mister Mistoffelees." Does that really count as obscure, though?

Every Kubrow or Charger I've had has invariably been named after one Cthulhu Mythos entity or another, though, and that's definitely pretentious.

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Karambiya (Balla Dagger Zaw) , because it looked like a cross between a Karambit knife and a Jambiya Dagger on steroids.

the Kronsher (Kronsh Machete Zaw), I tried Kronshtime but it was blocked for some reason.

Vengeance (Mewan Polearm Zaw), went for a Stalker's Polearm theme.

Winter Thorn (Dehtat Rapier Zaw), an obscure referendce to Weiss Schnee of RWBY.

Cetusian Saber (Cyath Machete Zaw), I was drunk and forgot they were called Ostrons, but wanted to name a blade after them.

Bloodrider (Ooltha Sword Zaw) , a reference to the Dothraki of Game of Thrones, and it looks like something they'd use.

Staff of Onkko (Balla Staff Zaw) , made to look like the one Onkko is holding in the picture of him, Konzu and Saya together.

Voidshot Cannon (212 Amp) , because it is a cannon of void energy!

Space Noodle (323 Amp) referring to the almighty power of the Klebrik Scaffold praise the space noodle of death!

Voidsniper (131 amp), since it's the precision one.

Void Pulsar (444 amp), love this full-auto amp, even if it isn't meta.


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If we're talking about pretensious weapon names, I must add my weapons to the list as every one of them are in Latin 😛 I even worry that my next amp couldn't be named properly, because I name my AMP's simply First, Second, Third etc but in Latin. Next one wil lbe sixth AMP which is Sextus

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I've not officially named them, but I like to call my Twin Rogga my 'Trusty Murder Guns' whenever I use them. Because boy can they tear some stuff up. A great sidearm for whenever I'm in need of a burst damage option in my kit.

I also named my Dokrahm 'Cleaving Rift' since I use Limbo a lot and the thing practically cuts through time and space with all that range. I also called my Mewan sword 'Gathering Clouds' after one of the previous names of Kusanagi-No-Tsurugi, the Grass Cutter sword from Japanese Mythology. Lastly, my go-to Kitgun is named 'Lazuli' as kind of in keeping with DMC naming guns after materials. 

Yes, I'm a nerd like that.

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My weapons are all named properly so they do not belong on this thread, but if you care: Kitguns - Kagutsuchi (Rattleguts), Raikou (Gaze), Rinne (Catchmoon, because it makes those enemies undergo samsara) Kusanagi (Tombfinger), Myoujingiri (Katana Zaw), Tatsumaki (Not an OPM reference for those losers who think it is, my dagger zaw) and Shiraikaze (Rapier Zaw)

My MR fodder pets (I just prefer sentinels) are called:

Helminth Charger - Pinkguy

Kubrows - Harambe, Cate, MRfodder, Dank Engine, Deadweight Prime and Akiho Kousaka (if you know the last one props to you)

I cannot remember the name of my Smeeta.

The only Moa I have is XxThiccxX.

You can probably tell I hate animals.

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