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Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9 +


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2 hours ago, marcovchb said:

It was an exploit anyway. Recently I went from mr18 to all way up to mr24, and I built so much stuff, specially prime weapons and my Orokin cells is still going 600+ strong, just by playing the game.

You missed the reason that I’m upset. I honestly don’t care about the nerf, I care about how they’re trying to pass it off as a harmless bug fix when’s its them actually just deciding on a random Friday “Wel time to nerf this method of farming people have been doing for years”

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6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:




  • Adding sounds to Psychic Bolts deactivate hold and end - you can despell this ability by holding '2' by default! 
  • Improved Psychic Bolts disabled FX.

nyx was my first prime and i've always had a soft spot for her. thanks for making nyx more viable in high-level content. i do wish that we had more control over psychic bolts though.

while the ability to strip armor and auras is really powerful, it only works if there are few enough enemies or the bolts happen to randomly pick the right targets out of potentially huge groups of enemies. if the bolts don't rng the right targets, we have to waste time and attention recasting and recasting the ability. the bolts still have a duration and we still have to spend time and ammo to kill the enemies ourselves. as it is now, it's a very rng-based ability and doesn't reward players for prioritising and actually aiming at targets.

if you're going to keep target selection random, allow us to affect more than 6 enemies through making psychic bolts spammable (so we can choose to debuff more enemies at the cost of energy) or give it some synergy with absorb by letting us cast while in absorb, with the number of bolts scaling up (and energy cost scaling down?) with the amount of damage absorbed (so nyx can become a semi-mobile debuffing auto-turret lol).

better yet, make it so we can choose who we want to debuff e.g. through changing the ability to be a small aoe where we aim, making it a "psychic wave" like frost's ice wave where we can debuff enemies in a line, or letting us pick targets like ash's bladestorm.

there's enough rng in this game with loot drops, rivens and relics. don't make abilities lotteries too!

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vor 7 Stunden schrieb [DE]Megan:


  • Added code for laptops with AMD GPUs to request optimized performance (instead of low-power).

Where is this, because i think the game has put me in low-power mode since this hotfix. Before the hotfix i was able to get 50-70 fps on my settings. After the hotfix im crippling around 22fps on my orbiter. 

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8 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Vox Solaris Changes:

  • The following Profit-Taker Bounty rewards have been added to Vox Solaris Offerings for Standing:
    • Gyromag Systems (1000 Standing)
    • Atmo Systems (2500 Standing)
    • Repeller Systems (5000 Standing)

I got excited for two minutes, then I realized you need to have high standing to be able to buy it. 

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Fixed not being able to do a Melee spin attack with controller unless you wait 0.15 seconds after pressing the slide button.




Reverted the following fix due to breaking ‘Sprint Toggle’ controller functionality (will be revisited):

    Fixed not being able to do a Melee spin attack with controller unless you wait 0.15 seconds after pressing the slide button.


Aw 😞

It's alright, I know you'll get it all sorted.  But that's going to make things feel much better once reimplemented!  Hopefully this timing fix may also fix the extra, unintended, un-inputted quickmelee which tends to be thrown after the spin attack on controller no matter how short your inputs?  If not, I hope that gets looked at, too.

Thanks, DE!

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* Fixed animation issues with non-default Lisets at the end of some missions during The War Within Quest


and introduced a new buggy where non default lisets (as host or client-wise doesnt matter) appear with the wrong skin colours (some sort of opposite of what really should be seen) >> Liset Cydonia Skin


though this bug disappears after a transition phase which may last from 1 up to 4 seconds, what I saw so far... hope this helps a bit to narrow down what is reallly going on

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Your latest "hotfix" has oddly broken the skin on my orbiter.  It shows a completely different skin (that I don't own) for the first 90% of the load time in every transition now.  Not sure how the heck you managed to break this fixing the things you listed above. 

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41 hotfixes since chimera update and still no fix for melee locking your movement and momentum isn't working. melee is literally unplayable at it's current state. (it's getting really annoying)



sword and shield's shields are being holstered too high despite using final harbinger whereas before it lowers the shield towards the hand when you start swinging.

Before chimera update




  • atlas's loincloth is buggy when using weapons like heavy blade swords and single handed pistols.



  • lex conlave skin's magazine sticks out at the sides for lex prime.


  • War's blade energy not displaying while having mara detron equipped




  • perla pistol skin is bugged for arca sisco, stubba,euphona prime, and pandero once again.

arca sisco




euphona prime




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15 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:


K-Drive Race Change:

  • Increased the Standing gains from K-Drive races from 50 to 100 per gate:
    • The amount of Standing rewarded is based on the number of gates * 100 (10 gates * 100 = 1000 Standing) if you successful complete the race.

Thanks for this, grinding for standing on rails for half an hour takes so much fun and excitement out of K-Drives, let us earn a good chunk of standing with races based on our finesse. This is a good step. 

Will we ever see races against other players though? I feel like this is a huge missed opportunity to make K-Drives even more fun.

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Soooo... Atmo systems is at Rank Hand. I need 10 atmo systems to get TO that rank. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I've run bounty 2 OVER 200 TIMES and havent gotten atmo ONCE! I NEED 10 ATMO TO GET 10 ATMO?!?! Welp, guess who's stuck at rank 2 forever! (Cuz I've been doing bounty 2 EVERY DAY SINCE IT CAME OUT AND HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT ONCE!) FIX THE DROPRATE SO WE DONT HAVE TO RELY ON PURCHASING THEM THIS IS REDICULOUS!! I am literally so Furious with this that I'm quitting warframe for now, regardless of the +200$ I've invested in it thinking it a wonderful game. I'm done with this lazy "work-around" Way of doing things and constantly fixing broken fingers by removing arms. Came close when they REFUSED to migrate rivens and make them untradable instead of ruining 80+builds for every vet.

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