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Mother Mask from Nakak

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8 hours ago, Ekzarcun said:

Until we see the mask in game i am willing to say its not in game.

Yep. Although I haven't done so for every single day since update, I've started screenshots of everyday after the hotfix saying it was fixed.

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Since it was announced that the Mother's Mask was going to be in the game i was super hyped for it. I looks really sick but.... i had no idea that it would be this big of a problem to get lol. guess im better of getting the suit prime while it is around.

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Has anyone gotten the 2 new masks yet? It seems they are not put into the game yet eh?

If so, I also suggest to put those 3 floofs into rotation also, they are taking up 3 spaces!!! Please don't troll. Thanks.

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On 2019-09-10 at 6:18 PM, [DE]Helen said:

Hey, just clarifying! The Norg Mask and the Mother's Mask are both part of Nakak's inventory rotation, but they aren't always available. The rotation is random, so we can't say exactly when they'll arrive, but they certainly will! Both were added in-game with Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0

I think what people are actually saying is you took up 3 of the 5 slots in Nakak's shop for the Thumper floofs, and never gave her replacement slots returning it to the 5 RNG slots it was released with, and limiting it to only 2. 

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Inb4, the masks appear but you need some ludicrous amount of rare things to get them (since you can't buy stuff from Nakak without the materials) and in 1 day they're gone for god knows how long. This is so bad, imagine people that are busy that particular day but have been trying to get them losing their chance just because they're daily.


If you want to keep the rarity + RNG wouldn't it be better if the masks, after appearing, stay for 2-3 days? That way, people can figure out what they need to get them and somebody that has a job or is travelling can have a chance at getting them, too. Then, they can be gone for a whole lotta time more but at least people would be more cool with them being so rare.

Like, making this a mini-event of sorts, if you wish.

Now, that I think about it, it'd be cool if for the rares there'd be another character like Nakak's master (the person, I suppose, thought her to craft masks) that would visit her (once in a blue moon) and sell to the tenno masks that are of higher craft. Heck, this could even be treated as an event where the masks' rarity starts decreasing little by little because the new NPC teaches Nakak to create those masks which could be good in case, in the future, more rare masks\fluffs or oddities are added to Nakak's rotation. It'd create this mechanic where, people who get it first ofc get something rare and feel special but as time passes more and more people can get a consistent chance at getting the item in question. Also, this would make it even more apparent for players that in Cetus pass by Nakak that there's something different going on that day or those few days the NPC is around.

Dunno, tho. This is just a personal idea and ofc it'd require a bit of work\resources to be implemented.

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On 2019-09-16 at 8:00 PM, Dark_Lugia said:

I think I´m gonna track all of Nakaks roatation.
Sadly I don´t remember every rotation, but I have done few pics, because we were already joking about the masks and that they don´t show up.
Maybe they are ingame, but not linked/added to the rotations (didn´t this happen to wisp or hildryn helmet?)
So, if some has the other days I´ll add them or just add the next days.

10.9  Volt
12.9. Mag + Trin
13.9. Excal
15.9  Volt + Mag
16.9. Mag
17.9. Volt + Mag
18.9  Mag
19.9  Volt
20.9. Volt + Mag
21.9. Volt + Mag
22.9. Mag
23.9. Trin + Grineer

you the real MVP

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