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Heat procs shouldn't reduce armor

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Why Ember sux (except for Eidolon Hunt as DPS and killing low levels), because she is squish and heat sux because armor exist, and even if you get bonus dmg on flesh part, armor will reduce the dmg to nothing either way if the enemy has High base armor and/or High level, that the health bonus is pointless. Some Warframe are good with like two Stats (power str, range, duration, efficiency), ember kind needs ALL of them (you can still do good builds though), survivability mods and maybe, augments.

Step 1 -> giving survivability to ember.

Step 2 -> Making more easy to build a balanced build without needing to max everything.

Step 3 -> Resolve Fire dmg problem (give the option to one of Ember's abilities/augments to reduce armor OR give that to the fire proc status)

- Giving the DR to fire proc means if they have to tune it down later -> RIP Ember Rework again (A little more tank that kill only squishies again with abilities)
- Give DR to Ember, make other changes to Fire status proc (better solution for me).

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18 hours ago, (PS4)Hopper_Orouk said:


Instead of attacking me why don't you ask yourself a question

Is heat stacking tick damage and reducing armor creative?...no

This is what DE wants for fire as the final design...to combine toxin and corrosive into fire 

That's not creative at all 

I don't like fire at it's current state either and i want it to change..but not like this

Fire procs should make enemies more vulnerable to fire damage ...since fire makes everything weaker...not just that it melts armor...fire also spreads so maybe let it spread to any enemy within a 3 meter radius 

I made many suggestions above like this and in the OP...but you'd rather not read it for lazy reasons

I would prefer if armour changed to be honest. Embers rework is hung in the balance on wether she can armour strip. If they add something creative, it’s likely not going to proc on immune enemies, which means she might as well keep the panic proc that fire has now. She needs to not only kill, but be able to squash armour Down to zero and burn everything down if she has any hope of being a true DPS over time warframe. I definately think fire damage should destroy enemy weapons and melt their guns and perhaps even soften projectiles.

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I agree with the OP, I don't see why we need another armor-stripping status effect when a) Corrosive status is a thing, and b) Ember herself is being given an armor shred. I think the desire to add that component to Heat is a bit misguided, as the real problem at hand is that enemy armor scales too hard into higher levels, forcing frames to resort to either armor shredding or Slash proc abuse to deal decent damage then. If enemy armor scaling were toned down, or eliminated outright (I personally don't see why enemy armor should scale when enemy health, which is multiplied by armor, also scales), we wouldn't need all of these workarounds to a metagame that would thus be allowed to shift.

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