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Rising Tide: Hotfix 26.1.1

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Rising Tide: Hotfix 26.1.1



  • Titania now uses the new Archwing flight model. This fixes her current situation of being very janky while in Razorwing.
  • Removed an unnecessary Railjack camera binding that was a text filepath.



  • Fixed a crash when attempting to Decorate your Dojo.
  • Fixed a crash when a Host migration occurred. 
  • Fixed failed Kuva Lich Parazon stabs showing as two fails. This was just a UI bug, and not actually counting towards two fails.
  • Fixed low number of spawns in the Rising Tide Quest Defense mission.
  • Fixed inability to dodge in Archwing.
  • Fixed overly bright Melee FX when attacking with the Astreos Sword and Shield Skin equipped.
  • Fixed flickering UI when viewing the Syndicate detail screen. 
  • Fixed out of memory handler requiring memory to show you the error message.
  • Fixed a script error when pressing ‘L’ in the Dry Dock. 
  • Fixed cases where the Contribution screen in the Dojo would show values past the required amount (ie 600/45 instead of 45/45). This was a rare UI bug that was influenced by the hot server issues experienced shortly after launch.
  • Fixed broken lighting and reflections in the Grineer Settlement tileset. 
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to change the Personal Quarters (Aquarium, Stencil, etc). This was also influenced by the hot server issues attempting to update the database.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if Revenant tried to Enthrall without a target.


Known issues:

  • Arch-Melee target homing mechanic no longer functions correctly on some Arch-Melee weapons.
  • Struggles with triggering universal Blink on a controller unless bindings are manually rebound.
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Thank you for the hotfix.

Any chance the new mining resources could be added to the Exploiter Orb and Tusk Thumper, Tusk Thumper Bull, and Tusk Thumper Doma? Only mentioning due to all other mining resources being here.

Please consider nerfing Blink in a different way such as a higher energy cost or other solution than a cool-down. The cool-down is a poor solution for why Archwing has no diversity and is not played by many outside of Blink for objectives in massive open world maps. Content that focuses on the DPS, Healer, and Buff Archwings would make Itzal less desirable to choose without nerfing it into the ground.

It is also insulting to give Rip Line to Itzal when it has been the most useless ability on Valkyr for nearly 5 years. Rip Line is bad and everyone knows it. It is silly, and highly ineffective for combat.

Also, please look into Slide Attack Critical Chance on Riven Mods. This is plain disappointing:



If you could have ~260% more critical chance on any attack (x2 on Heavy Attack), there is no reason to use ~160% critical chance on slide attacks exclusively. Slide attacks were not overpowered because of Maiming Strike alone, they were overpowered due to a neglected Critical Chance Formula from Blood Rush. This mod is being purposefully overlooked because it is considered a problem when the real problem was never this one mod. Killing this mod does not accomplish much other than making it worthless to have. The effectiveness of a slide attack has little correlation in the current melee update to whether that mod/Riven stat is in a build. Consistency with the other Critical Mod changes would be fantastic as Riven Mods are supposed to scale off the base mods, and Maiming Strike was changed from 90% to 150%.

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