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Operation: Scarlet Spear: TennoGen 27.3.8 + +


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25 minutes ago, ant99999 said:

So... welcome to Octavia meta, I guess.


Also, what the hell is happening with Liches? I'm greeted by some guy I had never created, and his influence isn't even on Star Chart, but he for some reason steals my resources from Saturn nontheless.

Frost meta

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à l’instant, Duality52 a dit :

Now that the Aerolyst is brought up, can the Aerolyst be changed like the Nox? Remove the invincibility, and give it a high damage resistance. Shattering the canisters will lower that resistance and damage its health. Remove all of the canisters, and there are no resistances followed by a depressingly weakened Aerolyst.

 The canisters hitboxes are not only inconsistent, but the stun animation after all the canisters are destroyed is too short. This makes killing the Aerolyst rather an inconvenience.

the most important : make that when we destroy their protection, it stray destroyed ; it does not regenerate in 1.5 secondes.

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I have just one thing to say: 
The decision to nerf limbo in this specific event will only make people use 2 or 3 limbos in a squad for more....secure....trivialization. It's not fixing a problem, it's just going around one, creating dozens more. How can you not see this?
What I don't get is: You make it slightly harder for small group of players who chose to use limbo to do this event but in the same time you double the rewards for both ground and space and on top of that increase the duration of the event. It makes no sense.
Can we also make Mesa less effective cause she also trivializes this event, or any other combination of gear that makes this easy-peasy?
Bottom line is, every frame and well-built weapon can do this event. It will remain dull and repetitive.

As someone above said: "DE, at this point you are punishing people for actually playing"... I couldn't agree more!


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46 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Apologies as well for the late reply on this topic. We’ll update everyone when we’ve dug deeper and have an action plan.

I'm just gonna say it's extremely disappointing to see you guys nerfing power interactions (Khora and now Limbo) for an event that is already very restrictive by design. Most warframes don't have good tools to deal with Sentients and you've also pushed the levels so high that almost every enemy in this event is a massive bullet sponge.

The wise thing to do here would be to tackle these issues in order to make more warframes viable. That would allow players to try the same missions with various warframes and builds, which helps with the repetitive nature of the event. But you guys start by doing the complete opposite and increase the restrictions even further.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Before: Ground Assault missions started at 5 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 2295 points by round 17.
After: Ground Assault missions now start at 8 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 4104 points by round 17! 

Before: Murex Raids started at 10 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 1875 by Murex 5.
After: Murex Raids now start at 12 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 3888 by Murex 5!


On ground after doing twice 17 rounds... only 3700 points, can you even math?

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8 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Scarlet Spear: TennoGen is now live!

Kuva Lich Fix:
We’ve fixed a code change that resulted in numerous Kuva Lich issues:

  • Fixed Kuva Lich Codex History and current Kuva Lich being incorrect (Names, Weapons, etc). 
  • Fixed missing Kuva Lich UI button.
  • Fixed having no Kuva Lich Influenced Nodes.
  • Fixed inability to birth a new Kuva Lich via Kuva Larvling.

 This Hotfix will put everyone’s Kuva Liches back to the way they were prior to Hotfix 27.3.8.

Scarlet Spear Fixes:

  • Potential fix for both Host and Client players not seeing Kill Code transmissions from other players, only Kill Code transmissions personally sent.
  • Fixed a script error when being attacked by the Aerolyst.


  • Fixed enemies becoming immune to all Status Effects when Titania’s Lantern and Spellbind is cast on them. 

And with a swift post reply and account check muh anxiety is gone 
Thanks for the quick fix guys! on to the other issues players are reporting 

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vor einer Stunde schrieb [DE]Megan:

Before: Murex Raids started at 10 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 1875 by Murex 5.
After: Murex Raids now start at 12 Points per Kill Code, reaching a possible 3888 by Murex 5!

I just did a murex raid after the change and it still showed in the mission end reward and on the display in the relay that i got 2.8k credits for a 5 murex raid and i'm host. Someone from my group also checked he really only got 2820 scarlet credits from a full 5 murex raid.

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il y a 9 minutes, iHeuksal a dit :

Same goes for Limbo.

Limbo's skills deal true void damage. Sentient cannot adapt to VOID DAMAGE, thus there is lore wise no logical sense that they can resist Stasis which is PURELY BASED ON VOID DAMAGE.

you like to play with a limbo ?

i think that having a limbo in my team is one of the most boring things of the game.

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开发组把赋能加入在猩红之茅的奖励内  毫无疑问 这次更新对于刚刚步入这个游戏的萌新来说 这是一件好事

但是对于老玩家来说 我不知道大多数老玩家会怎么想  但是对我来说 这不是一件值得高兴的事情

4000代币的充沛 优雅 三傻付出的时间和收益完全不成正比  就这样把玩家打三傻的兴趣完全的打消掉了 也许是时代不一样了  

也许对于开发组来说 三傻已经不重要了  也可能是老玩家已经不重要了

时代的眼泪吧  再见了三傻  

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