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TYPE: Candidate spawning bug
DESCRIPTION: It is possible for the candidate to not spawn if you get too close to the exit
EXPECTED RESULT: Expected candidate spawn after meeting all previous requirements
OBSERVED RESULT: No Candidate spawn
REPRODUCTION RATE: It seems like the candidate doesn't spawn if you get too close to extraction before its spawn delay

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Update to my bug report

TYPE: In-Game exploit
DESCRIPTION: Exploit allows Steel/Vitus Essence to still be stacked way past 5 minutes for multiple Smeeta Buff
VISUAL: Found 2 videos from the same creator recommended on Youtube teaching how to abuse an exploit to stack steel essences, posted today and 2 days ago (VIDEOS ARE NOT MINE):



REPRODUCTION: Use Limbo to carry the SE while in the Rift (so you don't pick them up) to somewhere far away (250m+ until the icon disappears) so the timer won't expire, allowing to stack a lot of them while you wait for a Smeeta double/triple buff.
EXPECTED RESULT: Steel Essences should despawn after 5 minutes, no matter what.
OBSERVED RESULT: Steel Essences don't despawn after 5 min if there are no players nearby, probably because the gameobject becomes inactive and so the timer script doesn't tick.
REPRODUCTION RATE: From the video, 100% as long as you know what you are doing.

- Make steel essences save the mission time when they were dropped, and when a players goes near them again, calculate the time difference between now and their spawn. If >5min, despawn; else reenable and update the timer to sync with what it should be.
- Make them despawn instantly if there are no players nearby (don't know if being solo and in a dead state still counts as nearby, because that could be an issue when dying to other enemies right after an acolyte is killed)
- Ban people using this method, as it's clearly an exploit that can't be done on accident and clearly bypass a game mechanic using a bug to their own advantage

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Type: in game

Description: Missing Warframe when going to stab a sister or lich.

Visual: N/A - ITs happen every time 

Expected result: My warframe being there readying the parazon to choose to spare or kill

Observed result: Missing warframe but the sound of the animation is still present

Reproduction rate: Every single time

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TYPE: In-Game; Sisters of Parvos Confrontation

DESCRIPTION:  While confronting the Sisters of Parvos with a 3-man Squad, my Sister was the 2nd to be faced. After I stabbed and Vanquished her, I got teleported out of the Corpus Ship and was back outside in Archwing, in front of the entrance. Upon entering again, the only way inside was locked, without a hackable console nearby. I was able to go through that door by using the Override Air Support.

EXPECTED RESULT: Not getting teleported out of the Corpus Ship while facing the Sisters

OBSERVED RESULT: Getting teleported out of the Corpus Ship

REPRODUCTION: Not sure how it happened in the first place, I was running Banshee with Octavias Resonator infused. This is the skillset of the Sister:


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TYPE: In-game

DESCRIPTION: Mirage's Sleight of Hand causing repeated lockdowns of Grineer Ship doors

REPRODUCTION: In a Grineer mission (possibly Fissure required?), using Mirage's Sleight of Hand such that it affects doorways and/or alarm panels.

EXPECTED RESULT: Detrimental effects to enemies who pass doors / use alarm panels, no hindrance to player

OBSERVED RESULT: Intermittently repeated lockdowns requiring players to hack doors back open.


This happened in two back-to-back Fissure runs with a player of Mirage using the ability, it was the only logical explanation for the frequent lockdowns experienced.

After the first mission I guessed that Mirage might have been the cause, and upon telling the (different player) Mirage in the subsequent mission to stop using Sleight of Hand, no other unexpected lockdowns occurred for the remainder of the mission.

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TYPE: In Game
DESCRIPTION: Attempting to kill my Sister of Parvos
REPRODUCTION: Getting the health down to the point where a Parazon attempt can be made.
EXPECTED RESULT: I stab her, find out if the word is right or wrong.
OBSERVED RESULT: The prompt to use the Parazon does not appear. I had to let her heal up and down her a second time. This happened for all 3 sections  of her health. Finally this also happened in the Vanquish Railjack mission, except that because the Sisters don't heal and get up on that mission, the whole mission was soft locked for the squad because it could not progress.
REPRODUCTION RATE: It did not happen for the first two Sisters I killed, it did happen for the third.

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Type: In-game functionality

Description: Yareli's passive does not work in sanctuary onslaught

Visual: (weapon is aklex prime with 76.2% crit chance, with a base crit chance of 25%, this should be over 100%, but is not)1yAv44u.jpg

Reproduction: use Yareli in sanctuary onslaught

Expected result: secondary weapon gains 200% crit chance

Observed Result: Doesn't have any affect on secondary crit chance

Reproduction rate: 100% of the time

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TYPE: In-Game
DESCRIPTION: Sisters and Liches are not always starting on the planet they are supposed to (i.e. Sisters aren't always starting on Venus, and Liches aren't always starting on Earth).
REPRODUCTION: Has happened with 2/3 Sisters (they started on Jupiter instead), and 1/1 Lich (started on Kuva Fortress instead).
Images showing current Sister https://imgur.com/a/XteuKJY and current starting planet https://imgur.com/a/pWq4IwU
EXPECTED RESULT: Sisters are supposed to start on Venus and Liches on Earth, per patch notes.

On 2021-07-06 at 11:02 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Your Sister then begins her reign over the Star Chat by influencing nodes as her own, but she won’t let you walk into her Sector easily. To help with matchmaking, we have made influence nodes consistent across all Lich and Sister levels. Venus is where Sisters of Parvos start at Rank 1!

On 2021-07-06 at 11:02 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

The details of this change are:

1) Rank 1 Kuva Liches appear on Earth
2) Rank 2 Kuva Liches appear on Mars
3) Rank 3 Kuva Liches appear on Ceres
4) Rank 4 Kuva Liches appear on Sedna
5) Rank 5 Kuva Liches appear on the Kuva Fortress

OBSERVED RESULT: Out of the 3 Sisters I've had so far, 2 have started at rank 1 on Jupiter. Of the one Lich I've had since Sisters patch released, it has started on Kuva Fortress at rank 1. This also appears to have affected matchmaking, as most players will be fighting higher ranked Sisters/Liches, and some will abort the mission/leave party once they confirm their sequence.
REPRODUCTION RATE: Fairly common, so far. 2/3 Sisters and 1/1 Lich

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TYPE: In-game

DESCRIPTION:  I was doing a railjack mission on July 16th, Korea time. I was on a corpus exterminate mission at Axi Fissure, and as soon as I boarded the corpus ship, the mission was completed. As soon as the door opened, it was strange that 109 Corpus died, so I posted a bug report.




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TYPE: In-game
DESCRIPTION: Galvanized Scope stacks are added or removed inconsistently
VISUAL: https://youtu.be/fTbqxTHg7Nw  Timestamps in the description.  Ignore potential visual "glitches", Chroma key was on without noticing.
REPRODUCTION: Hitting heatshots at varying Galvanized Scope stacking buff durations
EXPECTED RESULT: Stacks should be added. Stacks should be removed one at a time when timer expires.
OBSERVED RESULT: When timer duration is higher than 10 seconds it tends to work correctly, when between 8 to 10 seconds it tends to increase stacks up to 4 but no more than 4 (HARD TO REPRODUCE), when below 8 seconds it tends to reset timer but does not add stacks, when below 5 seconds it tends to reset the timer but REMOVES a number of stacks often down to 2 stacks. When timer runs out all stacks are removed (unlike other Galvanized modes such as the multishot ones).
REPRODUCTION RATE: Happens very often and very noticeable due to low duration timer.

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TYPE: In-Game
DESCRIPTION:  When Yareli is on Merulina, Secondary Weapon Void buff visuals continue after the buff has expired.  The visuals will go away if Yareli dismounts Merulina.  The buff itself does not persist, only the visual effect.

VISUAL:  Note no Void buff icon in the top right next to health bar, but the weapon still has the visuals.qbDznxr.jpeg

REPRODUCTION: Using Yareli on Merulina get a secondary weapon Void buff from collecting 10 reactant.
EXPECTED RESULT:  When buff expires, Void buff visuals (gold overlay of weapon and lighting effect when firing) should vanish.
OBSERVED RESULT: Visuals persist unless Yareli dismounts from Merulina.
REPRODUCTION RATE: Seems like 100%?  It happened twice in this mission, and I haven't seen it NOT happen since I first noticed it.

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TYPE: In-Game

DESCRIPTION: Khora's Venari doesnt heal in healing mode .



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TYPE: In-game, visual/cosmetics
DESCRIPTION: In arsenal, customizing appearance of Banshee Prime Soprana Skin, the Igaro syandana created a weird black floating texture in front of the warframe. This also occurs with Titania Prime with both the Rakta and Igaro Syandanas, though the Rakta does not seem to have this effect with Banshee Prime.

REPRODUCTION: Equip Banshee Prime or Titania Prime, and equip the Igaro syandana.
EXPECTED RESULT: I expected to equip the syandana with nothing else in addition.
OBSERVED RESULT: In addition to the syandana, a black floating texture was pinned in front of my warframe.
REPRODUCTION RATE: It doesn't go away, and it occurs every time I equip my Banshee with the Igaro syandana on.

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TYPE: In-game/gameplay
DESCRIPTION: During a Sister railjack mission, the Sister's hound disarmed 3 people in a row, within 4 or 5 seconds. This caused the "dropped" weapons to despawn, and not be retrievable. One weapon did show on the ground, but it was not any player's weapon, and none of the 3 players who were disarmed could pick it up.
REPRODUCTION: Only one time so far
EXPECTED RESULT: Disarmed players should have had waypoints for weapons and the ability to retrieve weapons
OBSERVED RESULT: Disarmed players could not retrieve primary weapons for the duration of the entire mission

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TYPE: In-Game / Galvanized Scope
DESCRIPTION: After a few kills in Simulacrum, I noticed that Galvanized Aptitude and Galvanized Chamber will be triggered if the Enemy is killed via DoT-Status Effect e.g. Slash. This does not work for Galvanized Scope, it just activates the initial critical chance 120% on Headshot. However, DoT-Effects from Headshots will not trigger the Galvanized Scope bonus critical chance. Only if the healthbar is depleted via headshot, it will give the additional stackable critical chance bonus. This is inconsistent compared to trigger type of other Galvanized Mods and gives no reason to further equip this mod.

REPRODUCTION: Equip Galvanized Mods on any Primary Rifle Weapon capable of causing DoT-Effects and shoot on head of an enemy until he dies due to DoT-Status.
EXPECTED RESULT: The additional bonus critical chance will be given if the enemy dies due to a DoT-Status Effect as of other Galvanized Mods do so.
OBSERVED RESULT: Galvanized Chamber and Galvanized Aptitude gain their bonuses, Galvanized Scope only gets the 120% critical chance from headshot, but does not trigger the additional "on Kill" conditioned bonus.
REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% when using Galvanized Scope

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TYPE: In-Game / Galvanized Scope
DESCRIPTION: Descriptive Error on Player Buff bar when applied the "On Kill" conditioned Bonus.
REPRODUCTION: Equip any Primary Rifle capable of Headshot-killing an enemy and kill an enemy with a headshot.
EXPECTED RESULT: The On Kill bonus is displayed as "Galvanized Scope" or something similar.
OBSERVED RESULT: The On Kill bonus is displayed as "Argon Scope".

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TYPE: In-game ; Yareli
DESCRIPTION: Knock-down reduction and resistance mods don't properly work while riding Merulina
REPRODUCTION: To replicate, equip yareli, leveled enough to have unlocked Merulina. Add Primed Sure Footed, Sure Footed, Power Drift, or Fortitude, which provide a chance to resist knockdown. Then use any secondary that can potentially self-stagger (such as a throwing weapon with Concealed Explosives, Talons, etc). Go into mission, board Merulina, and use your secondary explosive on a surface near enough to potentially stagger Yareli, making her dismount Merulina. 
EXPECTED RESULT: The expected result would be to have Yareli resist the potential knockdown if Yareli is equipped with the aforementioned mods, especially if the total resistance meets or exceeds a 100% chance to resist knockdown.
OBSERVED RESULT: Observed result is that Yareli gets knocked off Merulina, causing frustration in the player, slowing the game flow, and making most AoE secondary weapons almost unusable while on Merulina.
REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% reproduction rate

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TYPE: In game, Orbiter

DESCRIPTION: My game crashed after failing the second requiem to my Sister of Parvos. Relaunched, and I find out that my first requiem is now rank 2 and before the mission was rank 3 (rank 3 being unused) and my second requiem still at rank 3.

VISUAL: (2 IMGS)https://imgur.com/a/yByDMSj

REPRODUCTION: If you load in and get your lich (prefreably a Sister but I don't know if the Kuva Liches have the same bug) to confront you then have the first rank 3 requiem as the correct, then the second rank 3 requiem incorrect (the third requiem can be anything) and then either abort or purposely crash the mission/game to see if the first requiem is still at rank 3 or otherwise.

EXPECTED RESULT: I think my first requiem shouldv'e stayed at rank 3 because that's how it was when I failed to kill my kuva lich before the update.

OBSERVED RESULT: After getting the first requiem correct, I failed the second requiem and my lich went away, then my game crashed, I relaunched, then I checked if the game saved that missions progress, which it did because it saved the requiem attempts from that mission. Then I went to check on my parazon mods, and I find that my first requiem is now rank 2 instead of rank 3 before the mission, but my second and third requiems are still at rank 3.

REPRODUCTION RATE: No active liches.

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Railjack missions still randomly get flagged as "failing" when you return to the Dojo.

Feels random but you do lose all bonus XP.

Not certain on loot, I closed the game in disgust, I've better things to do with my day than waste time in a long survival run for the game to just delete everything.



TYPE: In-Game
DESCRIPTION:  Incorrectly flagged mission failure when returning to dojo after completing a railjack mission (and getting the rewards, e.g. speciifically observed with endless missions, as host)

Public Game
I was host
3 other played joined
We ran a void storm survival mission and remained in for 20+ minutes, long enough to reach stage 4 for rotation C... because farming for the ambasador is so fun!
All 4 players returned to the railjack from the exit after the 4th relic set was opened.
I clicked to return to the dojo, and one player left.
Myself and the 2 remaining players transitioned to the dojo and were presented with a "mission failure" screen, where we got no loot and all bonus XP removed.

REPRODUCTION: Complete an endless railjack mission, after a few rounds, move to the exist as a group, teleport back to the railjack.  select return to dojo, one of the random people leaves the group early.  everyone else returns to the dojo and gets a mission failure screen.
EXPECTED RESULT:  If the mission didn't fail, you shouldn't get a mission failure screen, complete with lost xp and lost items.
OBSERVED RESULT:  Despite successfully completing a 4 rounds of endless survival in a void storm and opening 4 relics, on returning the the dojo it came up as a mission failure.
REPRODUCTION RATE: It's happened at least twice since the update.


My assumption is that 1 player leaving early sets the failure state for everyone else, because they were too impatient to return to the dojo with us.

However, the mission didn't fail, and those that return to the dojo sucessfully should not be flagged with the failure of the player that dipped out of the group early.


Pastebin of log file:  https://pastebin.com/er5ug5sQ

Log is last few thousand lines from EE.log  Taken from where void storms were still spawning until client close.

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TYPE: Ingame
DESCRIPTION: If you try to spawn a sister of parvos, and the golden hand to granums void only spawns in the last room before extraction, a sister will never spawn.
REPRODUCTION: Try finding a mission where only one hand spawns in said last room and do the void.
EXPECTED RESULT: Should have spawned a sister.
OBSERVED RESULT: Does not spawn a sister.

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TYPE: In-game
DESCRIPTION: When viewing my railjack crew in the drydock the camera is inside the floor beneath them, this makes visual customisation near impossible.
VISUAL: Warframe0047.jpg
REPRODUCTION: This happens whenever I open the crew tab in the drydock
EXPECTED RESULT: Camera far enough away to show all 3 crew members as it did pre U30.5, moving to show one specific one or their weapon upon entering customisation
OBSERVED RESULT: Camera is in the floor and will not move, crew are there but out of view
REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time with no known workarounds

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TYPE: Trello

DESCRIPTION: Feedback about lack of retroactive non-repeatable Subsume progress on Helminth is not placed on Trello for review

REPRODUCTION: Open feedback thread, notice consistent feedback and logical reasoning for this limited resource to be accredited. Open Trello, notice lack of card pending review of this subject.

EXPECTED RESULT: Strong, logical and consistent feedback is represented on Trello board for developer review.

OBSERVED RESULT: Feedback is omitted from review process.

REPRODUCTION RATE: Whenever you feel like not actually listening to feedback provided. This is far from the only instance.

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