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Update 30.5: Sisters of Parvos


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On 2021-07-06 at 5:02 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:
  • Acolytes will now spawn more frequently during Steel Path missions, resulting in more Steel Essence being dropped overall!

Still getting 3 acolytes in 35+ minute missions.

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6 hours ago, Leoninus said:

I dont know if you all know this, but I liked to pet my dog and cats... that was one of my fav things, I have a dog on WF named after a real dog that had passed, and petting him is an everyday thing for me on login/log out, now I cant do it..... I miss him and really want to see "myself" pet him again

I have similar feelings about this change.  You can still interact with a pet once it starts to roam, but it would be much better to be able to interact with pets in the chamber as well.

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Hi, the parazon changes are very welcome! I'd really like to play around parazon mods.
I just read that the impact procs influence the treshold for mercy kills.

Would it be imaginable to have a way to trade a bit of power on a weapon against ways to get the treshold high very quickly? Or maybe on the warframe?
I suppose procing a ton of impact would do the trick but i wonder if this approach can compete with the massive nukes existing in the game already.

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vor einer Stunde schrieb AvatarShine:

Old restored NighWave Tasks block all remaining  tasks by mission "Kill ProfitOrb", because most players dont have acces to it anyway

By itself most players dont have acces to it - cant play at this week.

DE's answer to this is play and unlock it. They won't adjust it (even if its stupid).

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This update feels like work, not fun. Whats the point of making the liches so damned tanky? The fight isnt even fun. I see no improvement on the supposed murmur buffs and the lich going to saturn proxima is an unnecesary change which makes the whole experience more frustrating. Sorry but this update is very lackluster.

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Hello Devs,

I'd like to give you a little feedback on the melee mod nerfs now that I've had a few days to play with them... 


Was it your intention to kill this mod, because I think that's the effect. Do some data mining in a month and see how many melee weapons have Berserker Fury slotted. My guess would be about 1% of the current number of actively used weapons. Because of the new ON KILL requirement, the mod is no longer a viable choice if going up against tough enemies. For example, I went up against some necramechs in Demios Tier 4 bounty and I couldn't get enough hits in with my Galatine Prime to kill it before it killed me. The attack speed boost never kicked in because those are mostly battles against a single enemy and it never died. No way to kill something before I was killed. That relegates the mod to conditions where the player is only fighting against low level minions, and a lot of them. Low level endless missions come to mind as the best place this mod would benefit the player... but in all honesty it's not needed in that situation. I can kill plenty of minions in a Survival mission without needing additional mods such as Beserker Fury. When I mod a weapon, I need mods that will perform against both minions and bosses because I never know what I'll be going up against. If a mod is useless against tough enemies, then... it's basically useless. There was always a bit of a ramp up using Beserker, which was its disadvantage, but the reworked Beserker Fury doesn't really have an advantage. An additional 15% attack speed boost over primed fury isn't an advantage if it never kicks in. It's a disadvantage.

Stacking Beserker with other attack speed mods is an interesting idea, but this should be a design choice, meaning, the mod would need to be re-worked with this in mind as its primary purpose. That might actually be something you'd like to consider to make this mod at least useful (personally, I still wouldn't slot it though if it was still ON KILL).

Instead of the ON KILL requirement, how about changing it to something that can come into play in all situations? I still think crit is a viable choice, especially if you can't stack it with other attack speed mods (I mean, it would only be a tiny 15% boost over primed fury), but if you really, really don't like tying attack speed to critical hits, then how about tying it to combo multipliers? That would be a much longer ramp up period and it would match the mechanics of Blood Rush and other combo counter mods. Tying attack speed to the combo counter might be too much of a disadvantage though. Might take too long for the speed boost to kick in. We'd need to do some testing.

Alternately, a different mechanic you could tie it to could be heavy attacks (although I don't have any idea how useful that would be).

Frankly, I think they only thing that needed to be changed was the ability for the mod to stack with other mods. That would indeed make animation-breaking speeds, but a mere +15% wouldn't do that. 

P.S. I just had another idea that would need testing first, but what about tying Beserker to Orange crits instead of any crit?



The nerf is fine, it's still useful but less so...



There were quite a few people who started using this mod instead of primed pressure point. If you look at the numbers, it didn't surpass primed pressure point until the 3rd status effect (and even then it wasn't a huge difference)... so there was still a bit of a disadvantage there. I'm not sure it was necessary, but it is still useful after the nerf, so I can live with it.


 Well, that's it. nothing Earth-shattering, but I do hope you rework the rework of Beserker. 



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You can now go up to Rank 15, and so much more! When it comes to the level cap increase to Helminth (from 10 to 15), we are introducing Invigorations at the same time, which will give around triple the XP of Subsumes. They should help you rank up as you invigorate your Arsenal over time.

This is similar to other MMOs, you won't retroactively get leveled up for past play when the Helminth level cap increases. 

I usually don't speak up unless something awful is said, and this is by far pretty bad for this update.


We don't play this game to be reminded of other, bad MMOs or things we players wish they didn't do or spend time on. And if this were in a void it wouldn't be such an issue, but this on top of adding more systems in the game that ask for our time and attention. If it's a coding or script issue because certain logs weren't save when a system like Helminth was implimented, or tracking such a large amount of data over a large period of time would be one thing. But yo...no compensation for the work put into the system already is wasteful, and for those not invested this twists the knife.

I know this feels like a long, winding rant, but it's because we all want to see this game excel, rather than become "similar to other MMOs". Many of us have already done that dance and we know what we want. To that end, to quote a much smarter, if angrier person and putting a more polite spin on their words "Please, rethink your time-sink bullS#&$."

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On 2021-07-06 at 10:02 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:
On 2021-07-06 at 10:02 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

In doing this, we’ve also eliminated the randomness of that final showdown. These are guaranteed fights that you can gear up before you go in! Bring your best gear for the job.


This hasn't reduced the randomness of the "final showdown" at all really, it's just added an extra step to reaching it. Before we had to lure our lich out to test our requiem sequence against them, then when we had it right we lured them out one more time and killed them with it right then and there. Now, we still have to do the exact same thing, except instead of killing them then and there they now flee to a freaking railjack mission and we have to go and kill them again! Coupled with their now insane amount of damage resistance because in the process of making it so voidrig can't one shot them, you also made it so every other possible weapon we can throw against them can't do any real damage to them, you have made it more tedious and grindy and just not fun. I get not wanting people to one shot the lich with voidrig or even any weapon at all, but when I see a literal 3 pop up for damage numbers from my rifle, you've messed up. 

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How about this: the weapon type has 50% chance to match the weapon slot I down larva/candidate with. Still rng and makes finding a weapon faster. Also for current sisters melee heavy or mech ult will just roll any weapon. And if it was something else than my direct. Weapon damage like ability,  specter/on call, operator or pet it will not influence anything.

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So everyone got an affinity booster and everyone who could play the content started grabbing the new weapons and such to play around with it. I cannot spawn a Sister of Parvos still and its day 3. I already explained to support about my issue. I've tried everything: I've changed my frame, I streamed to a friend to make sure I was using zenith granum crowns, I got all stages of rewards in granum void. Nothing, nothing worked to cause the sister of parvos larvling thing to spawn at all. I dont care to touch railjack anymore unless its with people I know because I keep queueing into MR 8 and below who payed $20 for the instant railjack pack and dont know how to play the game thus I spend 30 painful minutes explaining how to play just for the mission to take an hour and 13 minutes. What's the point of DE telling me they are fixing something if even on their third patch its still not fixed. To top it all off Yareli is useless beyond belief. She was made just to get put into the grave. Bad concept and DE ignored everything people were saying not to do. Don't do k drive, Don't put k drive into normal missions, and guess what, no one uses that stupid ability because level geometry doesnt accommodate it. 

I just want to play the game and have fun. Just want to use the boosters and stuff they give us. Kinda stupid the content isn't accessible bc of a bug.

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Le 06/07/2021 à 17:02, [DE]Rebecca a dit :

When choosing weapons for a mission, the Tenno have a lot to consider...

  • Which weapons are strong enough for me to fight at this level?
  • Which weapons are best against this faction?
  • Which weapons are the most efficient and easy to use?
  • Which weapons do I have the most fun with?
  • Which Mods make these weapons perform best?

And here i'am, only asking to myself : which weapons look cool with this warframe ? :3

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cant play my favorite frame anymore.



Dear who ever reads this at DE, (if anyone reads it)


I've played a bit with the new melee nerfs, and sadly I'm not a big fan.


I understand why you nerfed the mods.

I've seen that too many people are just using melee and don't actually shoot anything in many missions.

I understand that it is frustrating to you as the developers, and I think it is the right decision.


But at the same time, I loved the fact that you could kill everything with the Nikana Prime or smth. Like that because that meant for a lot of Players that it doesn't matter what Frames they are playing.

On one side, that sounds bad because they have abilities to be different and better in some missions and worse in others.

But on the other side, I'm now at the point where I have to decide whether I play the Frames I actually want to play or the ones I have to play.

For example, I love Frost.  //Frost is love Frost is live. Please release a Frost statue that would be great thx.


It didn't matter what missions I played, most of the time when it's about killing stuff, Frost was there.

I'm not much into "meta Builds" on most of my stuff, but there always was the "E" button.

Didn't matter what level the enemies had, or if it was steel path or 1h arbitration.

The Panic button to activate my favorite weapon in the Game, the Nikana Prime.


But now if I actually want to do missions with higher level enemies I either have to go to YouTube and search for like "best weapon to kill in Warframe evaaa" or I have to switch the Frame.

The moment when you have to decide, do I want to have fun.

Or do I want to progress...

Gone are the days when I could just use what I want, and here are the days when I have to do meta builds again to progress in a game.



Sorry for the grammar, I'm German and bad in writing stuff in general.

And sorry for the rant, I guess I'm just tired and sad, guess I'm gonna take a break for a while.

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damn bruh the build ive loved using for the longest, kronen p w kuva nukor and both are getting nerfed :((((

time to take another 2 year break from this game again xd

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Gotta say, maybe the best update in warframe so far, at least for me. The only problem I have is the holokeys. Not necessarily the amount which is required to buy tenet weapons, not necessarily the drop rate, but the way in which you obtain them.

Void storms aren't fun to play and is overall a buggy and nightmarish experience. I could say this for the entire Railjack gamemode, but the majority of problems for me at least are found in void storms. Constant host migration, disconnection from the server, the mix. Why on earth would you bar holokeys behind this gamemode which has been buggy FROM THE BEGINNING?

My internet is fine, my computer is fine, I'm able to run Warframe pretty well. And the fact of the matter is that I enjoy Railjack when its working. It wouldn't seem so repeitive if it weren't for the bugs. 

So either you fix the gamemode, make void storms bearable, and maybe up the drop rate of the holokeys just a little bit, not too much but a noticeable difference. OR you change the way in which you obtain them.

Other than that, good update, love the Corpus liches. 

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This post was suppose to be a bug report but it turned in to explanation why this update does absolutely nothing to enable primary/secondary weapons to be used as your main damage source in level 4k++ SP I will post it in the main thread and last hot fix to increase the chance for the developers to read it



I reported this issue twice before



“Hunter Munition is bugged right now it has around 10-15% bleed chance, damage of the bleed is much lower and allot of dots expires after 2 seconds. Tested with Kuva Tonkor and Stahlta in multiple Void steel path runs.”



This bug was mostly fixed with: (Sisters of Parvos: Hotfix 30.5.2) even dough it was not listed but now Hotfix 30.5.3 reintroduced this bug again.


I did 4 hour test run with kuva tonkor as only damage source in SP void survival [enemy level over 4k] about 12 hours before the last hotfix and every thing was working like it should as expected new mods and arcanes changed nothing.


As of now quite often in SP corrupted heavy gunner level 120/140 can survive 3 Tonkor projectiles that land at it’s feet and sometimes it needs 5-6 shots to die.


The only reason players cared bout this update is because you guys promised to make primary/secondary weapons viable in armoured steel path level 4k++


The only reason why 4 primary weapons and 6 after this update can be used and are viable in armoured Steel Path levels 1-9k is because of hunter munitions, if this one mod is not working we have no weapons to use and we are back to melee.

Ps. We still do not have a single secondary that can be used as your main damage source in level 4k+.

(viable means high enough KPS to sustain life support not just ability to kill)


So dear DE unless your idea of bringing back primary/secondary weapons to usable state is to turn all weapons in to high AOE high crit and than use one copy paste hunter munition build, than what you need to do is look back before Old blood update.


You know the time when there where 17 both primary and secondary weapons that where used for damage and meaningful and impact-full utility vs enemies that where 100 times harder to kill.


This are the mistakes that resulted in the sad state of weapons and modding in warframe:


(Mistake 1) Changes to corrosive, SP corrupted heavy gunner level 200 has 27k armour so after 10 corrosive and 1 fire this enemy still has 2700 armour that’s 90% of damage reduction this damage reduction is applied to every damage and status prock the only exception is bleed.


But level 200 is very low, it’s a joke for every endurance runner this is how this enemy scales with higher levels:

level 1250= 106k armour

level 4000= 250k

level 9999= 500k armour

Eximus units have much higher armour and health values +40% damage reduction to all elemental damage and +50 to one addition elemental damage type.


Ancient healers aura grants additional 90% damage reduction effectively multiplying the EHP by 10.


Bleed ignores all of that that’s why it still works.


(Mistake 2) Nerf to gas damage. Scailing with toxin mods 5m rage gas prock was the only status effect that was able to compete with bleed up to level 2k and it needed corrosive in order to do that after level 2k bleed was stronger, the longer you played the bigger the gap between gas and bleed was.


(Mistake 3) Introduction of AOE fall-off implemented with Old Bood update, this change was/is so poorly implemented that it instantly killed all AOE weapons effectively reducing their DPS by 90% and this weapons are still useless even dough they should be hunter munition viable just try using old ZARR.


All primary weapons that can be used right now where released after Old Blood and have 6-8m AOE range.

It would be much better if fall-off was removed and all AOE of new weapons was reduced to 4-5m.


(Mistake 4) Nerfs to support weapons (Zenistar/Shotguns). The weapons that where enabling you main damage primary/secondary weapon to do what it needed to do mainly by applying corrosive and crowd controll.


So this weapons where back than what the nukor is today but allowed for much more strategic use with blast for added crowd control and utility(new blast sucks).


(Mistake 5) all immortality/invincibility mechanics (shield gate, rolling gard) and abilities that where added on top of invisibility that was already breaking the game.


Melee did not became the problem magically unexpectedly, you gave us multiple layers of immortality on top of invisibility and abilities that can just switch off enemy AI and than you gave us weapon that require one button press and instantly nullifies all enemy defences.


What did you think was going to happen?!?

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Purchase the Yareli Physalia Helmet in the in-game Market or as part of future Nightwave Cred Offering rotations.


On 2021-07-06 at 11:02 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:


  • An alternate helmet for Harrow, minister of the Void’s veiled verses.

    • Find this Helmet in the in-game Market or as part of future Nightwave Cred Offering rotations.

So first you set the Nightwave cap to lvl60 after having to increase the cap to 180 last season. 
Then you announce 2 new items for the nightwave offerings and a new frame that takes nitain after enough time has passed for people to hit max rank and no longer be able to earn points. 

Please just uncap the level limit already! Set a clear and up front max limit of Orokin Catalyst/Reactor purchases if you have to. 

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Feedback on Tenet Diplos: a great weapon, with only exception - when you aim and lock an enemy, semi-auto mode is horribly bad. Can we please make homing mode alt fire please? It will retain its gimmick, but make it optional, for people who want or need it. Otherwise it makes ADS mode basically unusable.


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On 2021-07-06 at 5:02 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Acolytes will now spawn more frequently during Steel Path missions, resulting in more Steel Essence being dropped overall!

haven't really noticed this at all yet. Defense incursions haven#t spawned any at all while survival still seems to be at once every 5 minutes. Seems to be too subtle of an increase.

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