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Update 30.5: Sisters of Parvos


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4 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

This is similar to other MMOs, you won't retroactively get leveled up for past play when the Helminth level cap increases. 

Which other MMOs deliberately refuse to account for prior player progress in a system whose biggest progressors are limited? Increasing the Helminth level cap without retroactively giving XP for subsuming warframes punishes players for having subsumed warframes prior to this update, please consider adding a script that would award this XP, which is otherwise currently wasted.

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So.... at least there aren't a bunch of blue screens.


Let's describe the progress of this update, so people can get through the grind ASAP.

  1. Buy the Bo blue print in the market.
  2. Buy the new staff blue print in the market.
  3. Start building the Bo.
  4. Pop down to Deimos, and buy the blue print for the helminth segment.  
  5. Return to orbiter.
  6. Start building the helminth segment.
  7. Go to dojo.
  8. Start building the new lab.
  9. Return to orbiter.
  10. Go to Fortuna.
  11. Got to vent kids.  Purchase blue prints for the new gun....requiring 3 build parts.  
  12. Initiate quest.  Talk to the kids.  Go to Orb Vallis.
  13. Grind out the required 5 items.
  14. Return to Fortuna.
  15. Return to Orbiter.
  16. Start building Yaereli's signature secondary barrel and receiver.
  17. Watch painful motion comic that is blown away by free stuff on youtube.
  18. Go to Orb Vallis.
  19. Complete 5 more challenges that are largely time killers.
  20. Return to Fortuna.
  21. Return to Orbiter.
  22. Bleed slightly as you feel the bile in your body rise....because you now repeat 19-21 three more times to do this.
  23. Visit the kids again, and discover the status quo reset.
  24. Return to orbiter.
  25. Listen to Grandmother from Fortuna talk to you inexplicably...until you read "wave rider #1."
  26. Be frustrated to think there will be more of these.  Three years too late to matter....and know that fully kitting mods made some of these items much easier.
  27. Wait about 24 hours.  This is added because the dojo, weapon, helminth segment, and everything else is linked to build timers.  Hopefully it'll be worth it.


Now that everything is done that you can do, grind out the new stuff.  40 keys*4 items a week means 160 required keys.  That means 27 missions a week on maximum difficulty.  RNG runs from 26-59%...so you'll need to buy at least two of each items with a matching or preferred element.  Remember the random key rewards are at most 6 at a time.  Know you also have Liches.  You then have the Sisters.  You follow that up with an unknown grind for the robot dogs.  None of this even mentions that you'll be grinding the snot out of the granum void again to get the new dust resource.



Wow...and no idea what the Legendary MR 1 is going to give.  I'm almost scared.  Of course, what will keep me warm is the sheer pi** that is now raging through me because the only way to get parts and blue prints to a new weapon is to engage with survival railjack missions...and it's just dandy.  I like spy missions, and even then the grind for the 5 new parazon mods seems punishing.


Can we get this taken away, and put back into the oven for a few hours.  It ain't done.

Most frustratingly I gave you credit for not insulting the helminth system users for being proactive and getting all of the frames subsumed.  Well guess what skippy, it's an open palm slap to this face.  Seriously DE, WTF?




So....  Bug?  I retain 3 blue prints for all weapons.  The intention is that if something goes meta, I can build it.


That said, you seem to have deleted part of my inventory.  That is to say a majority of blue prints from the Energy Lab in the dojo simply no longer exist.  The other 3 labs, and dragon keys, and fine....but I just lost everything from the energy lab.



Maybe somebody else can verify?  I didn't think anything of the update mucking with my inventory.  That said, I was missing the blue print for several items...and had to go to the dojo.  Nothing else was gone, but I had to replicate a bunch of stuff in the dojo for a sizeable chunk of change.  DE...you can't even get your inventory stable?

I know you won't fix this....but cripes.  Now each major update is going to require I check that you haven't simply  evaporated stuff into the ether?

-Edit end-

Edited by master_of_destiny
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4 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


The Sisters of Parvos update will bring three new Modular Hound Companions, each with a unique Melee weapon. While reviewing these Companion Weapons, we noticed the Helios-old problem that there’s a lot of Melee Mods that you can equip, but don’t really function on companion Melee. There’s also some ‘invisible gear hopping’ where if you put Mods on your Deconstructor (or Prime), they carry over to your Melee which is a many-year-old oversight we’ve lived with, but are approaching changes more thoroughly with this Update and as a result we’re patching up this behaviour. 

These are mostly Mods that deal with combos or heavy attacks, since Companions do not have these features as well as other certain outliers. As a result the following Mods will be incompatible with the upcoming three Hound weapons and retroactively will no longer work with the Deconstructor and Deconstructor Prime:

Amalgam Organ Shatter
Corrupt Charge
Enduring Strike
Body Count
Blood Rush
Dispatch Overdrive
Drifting Contact
Energy Channel
Finishing Touch
Focus Energy
Focused Defense
Guardian Derision
Killing Blow
Life Strike
Maiming Strike
Reflex Coil
Relentless Combination
Seismic Wave
True Punishment
Weeping Wounds
Gladiator Might
Gladiator Rush
Gladiator Vice
Carnis Mandible
Jugulus Barbs
Saxum Thorax
Motus Impact
Proton Snap
Tek Gravity
Strain Infection



I smell a Xoris "overwhelming damage" level of outright grox lie here.

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I think no one asked to reduce the damage that much on GLAIVE, I bought 1000 Platinum so I can bought this weapon and use it, Cause it was good. I feel bad on wasting money on this game now. I saw much nerfed weapons in different game but they never increse the attack speed to 0.6 to 1.2 its totally double the time and attack damage is 50% less. This is not nerfed. This is just you dont want us to use this weapon. THIS IS TOO MUCH. I just finished all the quest just to get the mods yesterday and today they nerfed it. I couldnt even try it out. HATE YOU DEVS

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Just now, SpentCasings said:

"ITS RAWWWW!!! ITS $#%&*#@ RAWWW!!!!"


Just do what I did.

1. Log in

2. Grab Wisp, and Highest CC rivened Melle weapon

3. Go to the Simulacrum, Notice that even at max Combo count you barely get orange crits.

4. Log out. Probably never to return.

bout 6k+ hours wasted. was fun while it lasted tho. 

I can feel you there, im pretty much burned out on the game too. And this patch only brings grind. Grind, grind, grind and nerfs.

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5 minutes ago, Andele3025 said:



I smell a Xoris "overwhelming damage" level of outright grox lie here.

All those melle nerfs where complete bs along with thier reasons given. 


I don't care what ANY of you DE apologists say I'll freaking DIE on this hill. They where not needed. I am beyond pissed. Most of my time in this game was spent making dank melle weapons. Im NOT getting any of that time, effort or energy back. Its Goddam Disrespectful how bad it is now. 

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We’ve reduced the Murmur requirements so that getting all 3 Requiems solely by killing Thralls should be about 12-13 missions on average, down from 18-19 average.

Yeah, this is a load of BS, you can get a full  Murmur in a defensive mission, so this changed nothing. 

5-10 Missions on average should've been better, you can get 

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Just now, MistressMoonpaw said:

I can feel you there, im pretty much burned out on the game too. And this patch only brings grind. Grind, grind, grind and nerfs.

I -might- finish nightwave just to get the umbral then just leave. Its clear they dont listen or have a clue...

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Great update! The nerf doesn't seem to be that much after all <3

About the new Sisters Tenet weapons. Example, I plan on getting Tenet Envoy that has innate Cold Damage. So if I use Ember which will add Heat Damage to that weapon, would the Cold Damage and Heat Damage mix? Turning it into Explosive Damage? Or the weapon would have both Heat and Cold Damage? Since Kuva Liches would have Radiation/Explosive/Physical innate damage type, its safe to choose whatever Damage Type we want without worrying them to mix.

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Good job on the modding. The synergy between weapon mods is the best thing for modding, it allows for creative kills and a true sense of balance usage. Might need some tweaks, but its heading in a right direction. We are Tenno, Master of guns and blades! Not one weapons only.

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Il y a 5 heures, [DE]Rebecca a dit :

This is similar to other MMOs, you won't retroactively get leveled up for past play when the Helminth level cap increases. 


"This is similar to bad games, deal with it."

What's next? Ads during loading times?


And just like with the notoriously bad Deimos Arcana update, all the feedback got ignored, amazing...

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WELL THEN... I started the quest. I've read the message from Roky. Objective got stuck on "Read the message from Roky in inbox"... I deleted the message and reactivated the quest. No message no progress.. Yareli plz come to me... ;_;

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5 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

This is similar to other MMOs, you won't retroactively get leveled up for past play when the Helminth level cap increases. 

Similar to other player-unfriendly MMO's. Fixed that for you.

Guild wars 2 works retroactively. FF14 does too. I'm not sure about WoW, but since it's players are currently leaving en masse for ff14, I wouldn't consider it relevant to the argument. I'm sorry, but this is terrible reasoning.

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Why do you guys have to make your players suffer more with the grind?

i really love warframe and do understand this is a PVE game not a PVP and we want fun but i don't understand why fun is not allowed. Whenever there's fun surely there's a nerf hammer following it. Please listen to the players of these community for they are the heart of your game. Respect them please by hearing out their feedbacks and also try to reconsider what they have in mind.

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please put the merulina drone available in the market outside of the riptide pack, or we won't be able to get several of them.

also, making two packs with exclusive cosmetics (glaive boomie and merulina drone in riptide pack, and waverider heart decoration in waverider pack) while having them give identical items (yareli, merulina syandana and kompressa) is kind of a bad idea, as there is no way i'm wasting that much money on duplicates i won't/can't use, so i'm only going to buy one of the two.

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5 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

You can now go up to Rank 15, and so much more! When it comes to the level cap increase to Helminth (from 10 to 15), we are introducing Invigorations at the same time, which will give around triple the XP of Subsumes. They should help you rank up as you invigorate your Arsenal over time.

This is similar to other MMOs, you won't retroactively get leveled up for past play when the Helminth level cap increases. 

Son has been busy developing new bio-technologies for Helminth. Visit SON in the Necralisk on DEIMOS to obtain the New Helminth Invigoration Segment Blueprint required to upgrade your Helminth to perform a new operation: Invigorations! 

Helminth Invigorations are here! Take a seat, Tenno. Helminth has some flavours of the week!
Every week, your Helminth will have an Affinity toward 3 Warframes. You can interact with Helminth with these Warframes to gain select Weekly Buffs (one Offensive and one Utility/Defense)! For example:

Zephyr: 200% Power Strength and Immune To Status
Atlas: 200% Primary Critical Chance and +1000 Armor
Excalibur: 250% Melee Damage and 75% power Efficiency

Once you infuse the Invigoration, it lasts the week before the power of the Helminth wears off. Check back each week to see what options your Helminth has for you! 

The Helminth takes note of your interactions - for every 10 Invigorations you do, you’ll be able to Select what Warframe receives the next buff! 

With the help of our trusty Design Council, the Helminth has been injected with new Helminth Abilities! Each one unlocks at one of the new Helminth Ranks (11,12,13,14,15)! 

    • Sacrifice Shields to reinforce Armor for a period of time.
    • Grant yourself immunity to Status effects.
    • Consume Energy to heal yourself and grant matching Energy to each ally.
    • Emit a pulse that adds stacks to Status Effects already afflicting enemies, except Bleed, Heat, and Toxin effects which are duplicated with fresh timers.
      • Not affected by Power Strength.
    • Send out a short-lived Void Spark that is drawn toward the nearest Medallion, Ayatan Sculpture, rare crate, unscanned Kuria or unscanned Fragment.

Why I've been punished for subsuming all of my warframes before the update? :(

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Why the Ambassador takes so much time to farm? And in boring Survival missions on C rotation btw, which means that you have to spend 20 mins to get a chance to obtain one part of the gun. And there's four of those parts.

I know that there's worse farms in the game but damn. Forcing players to do low-level Survival missions with a reward pool jampacked with worthless couple hundreds of Endo rewards is kinda cruel. And getting really old.

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47 minutes ago, Sylonus said:

After using Oull, my Parazon screen has bugged out, giving me a white screen with partial mods on the screen that locks me up, I can't hit escape or click anything, every time I relog and retry, it locks up again.




Update: Have tried completing the lich but cannot, can't change my parazon mods either due to buck so I'm effectively locked out of liches.

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