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Site & Server Access Issues

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Gerade eben schrieb HyokaChan:

What happens if game is still down by the time tenno live comes? Nobody gets the armor?

looking at past tennocons, they'd probably just send it to *everyone* who logged in within a week or something similar.

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Come and enjoy the hotel room and chat with us. We have greedy milk duds! Join the party.

EDIT: Thread was locked. Hotel staff evicted us for having too many guests in our hotel room.

Edited by LillyRaccune
Thread was locked.
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il y a 3 minutes, [DE]Dudley a dit :

Hello Tenno,

We are experiencing some issues with our website and game servers due to the high volume of traffic during Tennocon. We are working on resolving this issue and will update this thread once we have more information to share.

Thank you and we hope you are enjoying TennoCon 2021!

You shoud try "expecto patronum" that might work 🤞 :🤞

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