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Thank you, Tenno. Onward to 2022!


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All I can say, Mr Pink Shorts, is 'thank you'.


You and the team made a good addition to the game. It could have been improved, (then again, what can't?) but it did hit us deep in the feels.


I look forward to 2022 and seeing how Warframe evolves next.


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Thank you so much for pouring your heart out in making this quest. I (and my brother) enjoyed every bit of it, cried a few times (I'm very emotional), and breathed a sigh of relief when it was all over. I'm pleased as a result, especially since it was running fairly well on my Nintendo Switch.

Please enjoy your well-deserved break and I can't wait to see what you guys are planning for 2022.

We All Lift Together!

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I really felt in my flesh and heart all the love and hard work everyone at DE has put into the game. Your passion is amazing (as is the art and sound teams) and I'm eager to step into the Tau System to kick some bad guys. Have a great holiday, you all deserve a good rest now before stepping up again!

P.S.: Just curious, might we have some new scenes next year related to TNW quest!?


With some from the Zariman ship maybe?? 😇


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The Team's passion for Warframe really reflects to the players and vice versa. Thank you for a 'Third Dream' as this quest was impactful for me just as The Second Dream was when it came out and I was barely a wee lil tenno still grasping my way around the starchart.

Wishing everyone over there in HQ a great holiday season!

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