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An Open Letter from [DE]Steve

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noooo steeeve 😭😭😭

I understand tho, thanks for everything and good luck with Soulframe. With a man like you at the helm I have high hopes :)

And when your twitch channel goes live again (hopefully in not too many years) I will know you will have succeeded in your new endeavor!

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I calmed down a bit
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As I get it looks like some senior members of developement team including you Steve are moving to help to create Soulframe.

I can't belive it's happening but also I really excited for the future of both game, knowing that Rebb will direct Warframe and Steve Soulframe makes be really see a bright future in my mind for both games. Thank you Steve for creating alongside everyone else at DE Warframe. It's such a pleasure play this game and I can't wait to see more from you with Soulframe.


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6 minutes ago, [DE]Steve said:


Digital Extremes has been my home for my entire game development career. 20+ years for those counting (I try not to). Over 10 of those years have been on Warframe as you know it today, but in truth the Warframe story started much earlier. Warframe once existed as Dark Sector in my mind in the early 2000’s. Turning that seed of ‘Dark Sector’ into ‘Warframe’ has been a life-defining accomplishment for me and the Digital Extremes team. I feel like I can say: We did it. And in some ways, I thought it’d be the last thing we’d do as a team. But we want to tell another story.

Soulframe development has officially just begun. We hope you follow along. It’s only possible because the community believed in Warframe to allow me 10 beautiful years in the Origin System. Further still, the Warframe team believed in me, but more importantly, I believe in them. I know they can do great things with the story of the Tenno. And now, a group of us have set our sights on the Fantasy genre to tell the story of Soulframe.

I want to have Fantasy & Science Fiction as a part of Digital Extreme’s legacy. I want to spend as much time with Soulframe as I have with Warframe. My beard only has so much black left in it.

Envoys, see you in the future.

We all lift together - and always will.

- [DE]Steve

Please also see [DE]Rebecca's Open Letter:


Thank you

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