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Umbra Scarf and Details Toggle

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Bump, I love the Excal proto skin (I'm on of the people who played Dark Sector) but the scarf and Umbra details conflict with the overall look of the skin. Please DE, can we have the toggle umbra details option for the Excalibur Umbra?

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I'm going to bump this as well as I love cosplaying hayden tenno with the proto Excalibur skin ive had for ages, but I can't really justify having both normal and umbra  in my inventory to cosplay one loadout when DE could simply make it a toggle, so ive dumped the normal one since umbra is just statistically better and I really would rather them add the toggles than have to refarm, relevel, reforma, repotato, and eat a warframe slot to be hayden again.

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On 2018-07-13 at 7:16 PM, AlMcFly said:

I'll keep furthering this topic until somebody at DE comments about their stance on the issue. 

Please make Umbra Scarf and Crescents a toggle.  It RUINS other skins.  Some people want them on separate toggles or auxiliary slots, and some don't mind them being toggled all at once.  I leave it up for you to decide.  Many people have paid good money for Excalibur skins but did NOT want to be forced into wearing a scarf and/or Crescents with those skins.  No other Prime is treated this way.  If I want Rhino Prime to look exactly like Rhino, I equip the Rhino skin and NO Prime parts are showing anymore.  Why does Umbra not have the most basic cosmetic features that every other warframe in this game has?  This feature should have been standard right out of the gate, because it is already a standard you have set DE.  You are now breaking your own standards for reasons I cannot even fathom.  

You hold same cosmetic rule for 56 warframes, and now you are singling out one warframe to have different rules?  Why?   

Multiple threads asking for this very same thing below:



































"You will wear this scarf till the end of your life!!!"

It jjst ruins the whole frame they have to give us an option.

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scarf should be an auxillary item like nekros' and valkyrs chains/bonds; the rest of the umbra details should be on the prime details switch.

why is this so hard to do DE? you did this just fine for mesa's prime parts, but umbra is left in the dust and we just get ignored? there's an obvious demand to be able to hide the scarf but we never get a response except for "we'll look into it :)".

mesa prime gets a whole description why there's no prime toggle, and then it gets added later from high demand; umbra gets no reason why there's no prime toggle and there's no signs of one ever being added.

this thread is 6 months old for christs sake and it keeps on getting bumped because people want the choice to be added; much like every other warframe in the game with a prime variant.


just give us a "yeah ok" or "we can't do that because X" response; that's all we want from anyone at DE, simple god damn confirmation. if the umbra parts are welded to the model, then just switch out the model for default excal when using other skins.

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I haven’t posted on this thread for ages but I will again just to keep it active. I personally love the scarf as it is, and I have a fashionframe setup I love with it, meaning I’m unlikely to take it off. That being said, this absolutely needs to be an option. The only reason I keep my regular Excal in my inventory is to hold my old fashionframe, which uses the proto skin and is ruined by the scarf. This option is definitely a necessary one and I don’t see why it wasn’t here from the start

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It's a damn travesty that nobody from DE has acknowledged the existence of this issue.

Umbra needs a toggle, even if it's just a simple "Prime Parts: On/Off" toggle (although the scarf being moved to Auxiliary would be ideal). There is no reason for this to not be in the game.
Even the whole "It's part of his 'identity'!" argument falls to shambles when you remember that you can swap out the helmet that his face is a part of.

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mesa prime - "the model is different so we had to delay her prime toggle! so we've temporarily replaced the tennogen model with the non-prime variant" , fixed within a week of DE getting back from their christmas holiday, along with getting an ass overhaul. demand not as big as what excalibur umbra has received for the same treatment.

excalibur umbra - months of silence, no word other than vague tweets saying "i'll ask the art team", tons of demand from the community, has been requested over 50 times and has been constantly bumped on the forums. no actions taken, not even a response to any of the threads made on the issue. tl;dr - tumbleweeds

even the TEMPORARY treatment mesa got for her tennogen/alt skins would be acceptable for excalibur umbra; swap out the model with regular excalibur when using different skins. better yet, just add the god damn prime toggle feature to umbra like every other warframe variant????? we're not asking for umbra's scarf to become a syandana, we just want the simple ability to hide it, entirely or on tennogen skins.

what makes umbra so special that he doesn't receive fair treatment? why are we being forced to have something that harms the looks of many excalibur skins?? why does mesa prime receive the exact thing we've been asking for after 1 month (counting the winter break)??? why are we being given the silent treatment????


just talk to us DE, explain why you're not going to do it, even a response of "we'll get around to it soon" or "we can't do this because so and so" would be sufficient and far better than the absolute silence we're currently getting. we shouldn't be bumping the same thread monthly in the vain hope of that response.

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I know I'm super late to this but YES, DE PLEASE let us toggle the scarf on umbra it's super restrictive for fashion and it looks really weird with syandanas; not to mention frames like valkyr and nekros have toggle able ornaments, so I don't see why that would be such a bad thing.

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I am not sure if I misremembered this, but I remember in one devstream either Steve or rebecca said that they don't want to make umbra just another skin which is why they have not added the toggle for the scarf. Again take this with all the salt as I can't really confirm if this was true or not. 

In all honesty, other than it being WAY too long, I really like the neck scarf along with the gold details. It's the fabric on his chest and torso lining that really annoys me. I like using the exaltation skin for umbra but the cool chest details get covered up by the fabric. Additionally, the amount of fabric on umbra makes him seem really bulky compared to his normal variant (at least to me that is)

I honestly would like if this could happen to act as a compromise for us and the devs:

-trim back of neck scarf so it goes down to either his knees or behind 

-add a toggle for the fabric on his chest (at least that's what I think that is) and the fabric on his torso lining. 

This way, the scarf and gold details stay to separate him from being just another skin while also allowing for us to have a better time fashion framing. Also it allows us to see the detail on the tennogen skins when equipped on umbra.

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Some players want different things, honestly I do want the same so I can make my umbral stalker cosplay by toggling the gold details and keeping the scarf. I do not play umbra too much so this doesnt affect me much right now but I find it frustrating how someone just told me to use regular excalibur if I dont like umbral details and how they said that does not seem right at all. I do not like how umbra doesnt go well with almost any other flowwy/bulky syandana as the scarf has a little bump on the back and causes issue with the scarf attachement that goes to his back. I do love umbra as he is one good looking frame but sometimes I just want to have a normal excalibur look on him to remind myself when I started as I picked excal as my starter, and investing a lot of forma into the normal excal to fit the same mods I have on my umbra is too much work, even with umbral forma I would need seasons of nightwave which is  weeks(10 weeks per season) and then I can have same build, but there is also that umbra has more armor and base energy which cannot be fixed.

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At the very least I would like them to make Umbra's scarf like Oberon's shoulder armor which disappears when you put something in that slot. I am definitely in favor of allowing us to toggle the details by equipping a different skin on it, though.

EDIT: Also, what's this Prime detail switch I'm hearing about?

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added a question
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