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July 2019 Riven Disposition Updates

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Hail Tenno!

Our next wave of regular Riven disposition changes has arrived to all platforms, along with Wukong Prime access. A full breakdown of changes can be found below:



Boltor: 0.95->1.05
Braton: 1.1->1.2
Cernos: 1.1->1.15
Dread: 1.1->1.2

Glaxion: 1.35->1.25
Gorgon: 1.4->1.3

Hek: 0.85->0.95
Hema: 1.2->1.25

Ignis: 0.6->0.55
Lanka: 0.85->0.8

Nagantaka: 1.05->1.1
Opticor: 1.15->1.05
Paris: 1.2->1.3
Quanta: 1.1->1.25

Rubico: 0.8->0.7
Simulor: 0.85->1
Soma: 0.75->0.85

Stradavar: 1.15->1
Supra: 0.85->0.8

Sybaris: 1->1.05
Tetra: 1.5->1.45
Tiberon: 1.1->0.95

Tigris: 0.5->0.55
Tonkor: 0.95->1.15

Vectis: 0.85->0.8
Veldt: 1.2->1.25



Akjagara: 1.25->1.05
Aklex: 0.85->0.8

Brakk: 1.1->1.2
Catchmoon: 0.8->0.6
Cycron: 1.1->1.15
Embolist: 1.45->1.4
Gammacor: 0.8->0.9
Hikou: 0.95->1.05
Lex: 0.7->0.9
Marelok: 0.8->0.9
Pandero: 0.95->1

Pyrana: 0.8->0.7
Rattleguts: 0.9->0.8
Sicarus: 1.15->1.1

Sonicor: 0.8->0.9
Spira: 1->1.1

Tombfinger: 0.85->0.75
Twin Grakatas: 1->1.05
Twin Gremlins: 1.3->1.2
Twin Rogga: 1.2->1.25
Viper: 1.45->1.35
Zylok: 1.15->1.25

When comparing these adjustments with our last set of changes from April, you’ll notice fewer weapons were affected, and changes are generally less drastic. With our internal power rankings in place, and multiple sets of Disposition changes behind us, this trend should continue in the future!

Work is still in progress on the upcoming Melee 3.0 rework, so melee weapon disposition changes will have to wait until those are complete. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

Thanks everyone - see you next time!

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On 2019-07-05 at 11:55 AM, [DE]Connor said:

Aklex: 0.85->0.8

What?  Yet another nerf to the Aklex's disposition?  Rivens are the only thing that make us want to use the Aklex Prime.

This is the third nerf to its disposition in a row.  This isn't like the Catchmoon, where you never needed a riven for it to be strong.  This is a weapon that literally requires a riven to be good.

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yay (sarcasm)....rubico nerfed again, glad I'm not a sniper fan but it's getting a bit stupid now with the nerfs on snipers, they're supposed to be high power 'single shot' ranged weapons.....

Why is the supra being nerfed, I hardly ever see that weapon...

And a nerf to the twin gremlins and rattleguts.... I can almost understand the rattleguts as that's balancing kit guns but still annoying

So basically four of my 'more used' rivens are getting nerfed even though I hardly ever see those weapons being used by others.... I'd love to see the stats WHY some of these are being nerfed.

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