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From the bit that I saw during the livestream I have to say that I am very disappointed on Vauban's Minelayer and Bastille. Minelayer had no changes at all the mines are not fun nor good except for the damage amp. Photon Strike did not seem to have a scaling stat showing while they hovered over it with the mouse, hopefully it's just cuz of the dev build but it has me worried. Last of all Bastille, why and I mean WHY does it still have a cap when now it needs to catch enemies to give us a small buff. If a cap is so necessary make it a fixed number so it cant be changed with anything. Also 100 energy cost on Bastille huh? I will hold off on saying anything else till I actually try it but man i'm getting a headache just looking at it, so much feedback, so many people saying that minelayer needs to be switched and nothing was done. k

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25/25/75/100. That’s what his base cast cost looks like.

DE, I’m afraid you’re going to kill most of the playerbase that want to use Vauban by implementing such an expensive cast cost kit. Most of us liberally use Bastille on the field, forcing a 100 cast cost on that ability is literally going to gimp us in using Vauban for what we traditionally use him for.

Minelayer showed no changes as well. We can still see Speed pads are in the build. Speed pads will be the harbinger of trolling players just like Bounce pads did, I assure you.

The only way I could justify a 25/25/75/100 cast cost kit was if Bastille/Vortex was a power 3 and Photon Strike a power 4, but that wasn’t considered either. I feel that, in the end, the prerogative is “rush the finalization out the door first, ask questions later.”

I don’t have questions anymore, DE. Just disappointment that you didn’t even look or read any of the feedbacks generated in this thread and went ahead with your proposed changes from the first page.

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In regard to Vauban - please reconsider some of the proposed changes.  He ought to be an engineer/bombadeer - none of the war frames can throw grenades per say. Just saying.

I'm fairly sure most can agree - no-one, not a sole wanted anything like the speed pads.  Considering giving him some small turret akin to the Xiphus maybe?

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For Ember, Since Fireball is going to be kept, can we have some visual upgrades to how it looks?

I am thinking.... something beautiful. Like this. If you can't see the video or don't want to see it, it's just a larger fireball that looks like Naruto's Rasenshuriken



Or perhaps it can start as as small fire (as shown in dev build) but as the reworked Ember's passive, Immolation skill meter, and Fireball combo counter increase, she starts throwing bigger Fireballs similar to as shown in the video.

Lastly, perhaps high combo counter Fireballs can leave a lingering ring of flame (taken from the current Ember's Fireblast, which I note that the new Ember's Fireblast seems to have lost).

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Even though its an overall improvement for vauban abilities his 2 stills an useless waste of energy, why use the nail shooter and the sticky line when you have the orbital strike and bastille, the speed buff is just the horizontal trampoline, bastille should be the 3 ability and orbital strike the 4, leaving the energy cost 75-100 respectively. Vauban can't be an engineer without a turret so this is my idea for vauban second ability and passive:

Passive: Vauban can equip another secondary gun in the melee slot, he gains a small buff in fire rate
and reload speed when he doesnt use a melee.

Turret (75 energy): works like soldiers turret in borderlands 2 or the engineer in risk of rain 2, has a small bubble like impenetrable shield that can be 
trasspased by enemies so its weak against melee enemies, the shield gets bigger when vauban comes closer to
the turret so he can stay in it, enemies are slowed down inside the shield, when vauban is inside the shield both him and 
the turret get a fire rate and damage buff, so the turret shots slower and deals less damage when vauban is not inside
the shield but stuns for a brief period of time, it only shots when vauban is in a 10 meters radius, 
tesla drones casted inside the turret shield stay there and stun nearby enemies. the damage of the turret can scale
either with the primary weapon mods or have a base damage that scales with enemies percentage of health. 

The energy cost is justified by its overall utility, power and its not an spamable ability. 

PD: Sorry for the grammar mistakes, english is not my native language. 😄

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After watching yesterdays Prime Time i have a suggestion for the Ember rework i really would like to see:


- Immolation, when the meter is full, and i disable the ability by pressing 2 again, i would like to see a radial fire burst which knocks down enemies and deals damage.

- Also, when the Immolation meter is full, Ember should get a smaller version of World on Fire (with the knockback augment) in a 5-10 meter radius since the energy drain seems pretty brutal.

Both of those things would help Ember to survive since you cant always have the damage reduction at 90%.



- I fear Vauban will still be too squishy in high level content since most enemies just oneshot you, so you should give him some kind of damage reduction.

Maybe change his passive to 5/10% damage reduction for every enemy affected by CC


Please consider both ideas.


I will give more feedback when i played both reworks but my suggestions above should fit nonetheless.

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I was playing the Hallowed Flame event today and the lantern mechanic is very close to something I always wanted to see for Embers World on Fire.

Essentially WoF radius and damage will shrink over time unless you are continuously kill enemies with your weapons or other abilities (rampage style gameplay). I think this fits really well into the fast gamplay of warframe and would solve the set and forget issue many people have with the current version.

Alternatively this could be part of the maxed Immolate meter since it does act like a toggle ability when fully charged.

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Here’s an idea, is there anyway to upvote someone’s idea aside from just flooding a forum post with quotes? I know they don’t read through everything but would they be forced to acknowledge feedback if we flood their latest forum with any of the feedback here? I feel like they have no community manager and just people informing you what they are doing and what they glimpsed after having it thrusted in their face time and again after 12+ months.  (Rant from minelayer fallout)

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8 minutes ago, Truearcaneist said:

Here’s an idea, is there anyway to upvote someone’s idea aside from just flooding a forum post with quotes? I know they don’t read through everything but would they be forced to acknowledge feedback if we flood their latest forum with any of the feedback here? I feel like they have no community manager and just people informing you what they are doing and what they glimpsed after having it thrusted in their face time and again after 12+ months.  (Rant from minelayer fallout)

Doubt it would make any difference..Scott just wants to get Vauban's rework of his d*ck....otherwise..he would of put some thought into it after realizing what Vauban needs.

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Alright rant out of the way above, constructive feedback time: 

due to everyone so far pointing it out, minelayer has some short falls that I think can still be salvaged without changing their functions. I would just like some DE feedback to some questions before I can attempt to give some constructive feedback.  

so, no.1: DE, is minelayer suppose to be ‘quantity over quality’? If so, why?

No.2: Speed pad, why? No seriously please let us know your thoughts on this, I’m curious.

No.3: Could you give us an example (link a post) on what you accept as constructive feedback?  

This is the first subject I have every tried reaching out to you on and I feel disheartened to see my idea not only drowned with everyone else’s s, but no clue on if you even saw it.
Also, could someone from the community point me to where I may have a chance to be heard?

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For Vauban speed arrow pad, I think a better alternative would be to replace it with anti-gravity pad. What would it do?

Anti-gravity pad shrouds Vauban and/or allies, as long as they walk on to the pad, in a gravity negating energy field that enhances their jumping strength and speed, increasing airborne duration (aim glide, etc. all increased), for maybe 30 seconds, affected by mods.  It also does some damage reduction,as the anti-gravity shroud distorts and nullifies incoming force. 

On enemies, Anti-gravity pad causes them to suffer a debuff where it will interact with the melee rework, enemies stay in the air longer after being hit by a melee slam attack, and also have prolonged airborne juggling.

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It would be great if we could charge ember's 4th power to consume more energy and release some of the accumulated heat, but also deal more damage similar to the nuke "ignition" would've been.




I'll try the reworks first before I commit to saying anything else otherwise. I appreciate the hard work you guys are putting into the game and into these new reworks. 

Thank you, I'll give you feedback once they're out. 

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This is the last damn time I'm putting up my ideas. After seeing prime time I'm disappointed, scot didn`t listen to one shred of feedback on Vauban especially his minelayer. Here are my ideas and this time pay bloody attention.



·       All abilities will land where you are aiming at instead of an arch throw.



1st ability:

·       Make them have 100% stun proc on a normal cast.

·       Reduce the shock time to 1sec.

·       Make one tesla shock two enemies instead of one.

·       If you throw it near a trap, it will override it which means you or your allies will no longer be affect by the trap but will instead affect enemies. This includes laser/magnetic doors

·       Make the radius of stuns affecting enemies to 12m.

·       Make it able to shock enemies while on the move.

·       Make the drones look like Vauban`s grenades.


2nd ability:

Sticky Ripline:

·       On cast, there is no duration until enemies are affected by it and when trapped, the duration is 20 seconds.

·       Make this seek out enemies until one enemy is trapped.

·       Make the duration affected by duration mods.

·       The radius of enemies triggering the trap is 12m.

·       Each time enemies runs near the trap they will be pulled in up to a max of 7 enemies can be caught.

·       Make the number of enemies caught be affected by strength mods.

·       Enemies killed while caught will give Vauban 5 energy. The amount of energy received can be increased by efficiency mods.

Despite this I think this should be replaced with a different ability, this is just a weaker version of vortex. Here is what I would replace it with;


Nail Grenade:

·    Enemies hit will have their weapons explode dealing damage and making them use their melee weapon. If Vauban can disarm enemies, this make his other abilities more effective.

       There is no limit to how far it can reach.

·       Make it bypass all obstacles or make it bounce od surfaces.

·       This has to hit enemies, if it`s based on rng then this ability won`t be as effective.


Boost Pad:

·       Vauban and allies that run across it should get a speed buff for 10 seconds for whatever you do while running on it. (running, reloading, shooting bullet jumping)

·       When enemies run across it, the will ragdoll in the direction the arrow is facing.

·       Enemies affected will receive 50% reduction to movement speed.

·       Make the duration of enemies’ movement speed reduction affected by duration mods 20 seconds at base.

·       This works for k-drives.

·       Boost pad will have no duration and won`t disappear until over 5 have been cast.

·       When Vauban or ally runs across it, it will not work again for 2 seconds.


Damage Amp:

·       Make damage affected by power strength mods.

·       Make duration affected by duration mods.

·       This also works on companions and npc if you throw it at them.


3rd ability:

·        If enemies are still alive, they receive a fire proc. (or a cold proc)

·       This ability needs to do a significant amount of damage for it to be useful.

·       Holding the ability will leave it behind as a trap, holding the ability again will activate it.

·       You can till case more of them if you have one as a trap.

·       It`s base range it 10m and can be increased by range mods.



4th ability:

·       Make this ability deal blast damage.

·       When ability runs out or deactivated, it will set off a blast proc ragdolling them.

·       Vauban and allies that are inside should receive 50% damage reduction. (this is better than having increased armour since armour doesn’t do much)

·       The damage reduction Vauban and allies receive can be increased by strength mods.

·       Make it deal blast procs instead of magnetic procs.

·       Make vortex`s range the same as bastille`s range. 

·       Instead of it striping armour make it strip enemies’ defences. (this makes it useful for all fraction)

-        Grineer will have no armour

-        Corpus will have no shields

-        Infested will be dealt double damage

-        Sentients can no longer adapt



1st & 4th

·       If you throw your 1st ability in the 4th ability it will shock every enemy sucked in doing more damage.


2nd (bounce pad) & 4th ability

·       If you throw bounce pad into the 4th ability in vortex form, it will move it to the direction the arrow is facing.





I`m not asking for a complete ability change, I`m just asking to change the abilities functions. Seriously scot it`s all you this is why Ash`s 4th ability`s effectiveness is poor (no I'm not talking about damage) so get to it scot.


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27 minutes ago, Bane38 said:


Didn't even open the topic and I already knew you had better ideas for the current Memelayer...my brother who doesn't play the game has better ideas..my retired fireman father has better ideas for it..the cat on the street has better ideas for it....everybody except Scott...  -___-
I can already see the Memelayer Augment:

Turns every mine into a boost pad.

Thanks Scott!

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1 hour ago, Golmihr said:

So are you changing/fixing Vauban having a useless passive ability?

Ummmm are you referring to his old armor bonus for being close to teammates because his passive currently ups his damage against enemies that can't move or are incapacitated by 25%/why change that, that's actually good.  

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6 hours ago, (XB1)COA Altair said:

Ummmm are you referring to his old armor bonus for being close to teammates because his passive currently ups his damage against enemies that can't move or are incapacitated by 25%/why change that, that's actually good.  

Well yes I was but I don't really think the new one is that good either. It's mostly just a flat damage buff to his abilities. With weapons stuff usually die fast when incapacitated.


Honestly this entire Vauban gimmick of being a CC frame is just terrible boring gameplay. I don't think this rework will make him popular. Instead they should give him a full rework and make him a defense/armor based frame like his name implies.

A quick idea for abilities:

#1 Shock spike. Thrown. Stuns 1-4 nearby enemies.No damage. Short duration.

#2 Bunker. Creates wall that turns a small % of damage taken to the wall into healing for allies behind it. Timed duration (Just a barricade focused ability of some sort.)

#3 Minefield. Throws out a number of temporary mines in a cone. Each last until triggered or timer runs out. (Maybe their effects can be random, to add some fun)

#4 Breach Engine. For when defenses have been breached. Vauban turns into a steam punk siege mech with a fist-exalted weapon. Stops when ferrite armor is broken or time runs out. While on cooldown steam will be emiting from Vauban.

His stats should have heavy armor with average health. No idea about passive.

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I'll admit, the fact that Vauban's rework is still the same train as Ingore his 1 and 2 and only spam his 3/4th powers.

Tesla is still :poop: you can polish it all you want, but it wil remain :poop: 

Minelayer is the same story, I feel bad for console users, who have to mess with a bunch of buttons just to switch and cast, but who cares about that, when Memes is the blood-life of your game. 

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Vauban rework suggestion

Tesla-rip line grenade

Throw a grenade with decent range that catches enemies with rip-lines, pulls them to a clump and then stuns them.

This will basically be a Bastille-on-the-go, while moving towards an objective, you can CC groups of enemies while moving on.

Moving under cover / Charging from cover

All teammembers in range gets a buff that negates the next incoming 4 big hits, while the buff is active, the player cant be cc'ed.

A skill with fairly long duration, but limited in amount of charges, good for random big hits and help the whole group for surival


All teammembers in range get a damagebuff for both weapons and abilities as well as a speedbuff

A skill with a shorter duration, but more efftective buff, can both be used when moving to the next objective or fighting lesser enemies.


Same as proposed in the rework

I really like this idea, but the cost is to high for an ability you want to cast fairly often

Orbital strike

press to hit a specific, targeted point for high damage

hold to send it moving from in front of Vauban towards the point you are aiming at. Used for spreading procs and lesser damage but in a bigger area. cant recast until first channel is done.

This needs to scale to enemylevel and hit like a truck for targeted play och less for moving beam, so you can be creative with how you can use it and also use it against weaker enemies.


The playstyle for this is to buff self/party with Moving or Charging, CC groups of enemies and clump them together, either with the grenade or "Bastex", then finish off with the orbital strike or aoe weapons/melee.


My suggestion for this build is a 25/50/50/75 cost in energy, even though im aware you prefer the 25/50/75/100-model.


With this skillset, your 1 and 3 skill can work in tandem where you throw grenades at the edge of the bastille to pull more enemies into the Bastile and then finish off with the Oribtal Strike. 

You can also choose between buffing for a mobile or static gameplay. skill 1,3,4 have great synergies where you can gather enemies up and then blast them. 

I would also like to see a passive that ties into his 2-skill making them more effective the more enemies you CC within a set timeperiod for example.


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To me Ember's world on fire was by far the best thing about her. I've used and loved that ability for a long time now and it's only downside was its dependence on other frames like an EV Trinity to really make that ability shine against high levels. Removing it will most likely cause me to shelf Ember as the new abilities do not seem all that great to me and honestly remind me more of a radial javelin Excalibur but fire damage. Personally I think that replacing fire ball with inferno and keeping world on fire would have been a much better change to her. I'm fine with the changes to her 3rd ability but the new 2nd ability is never going to be turned on by me because an Ember without energy is a dead Ember.

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