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Empyrean: Ivara Prime 27.0.7


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Empyrean: Ivara Prime 27.0.7

Railjack Changes & Fixes:

  • We’ve added improved visuals towards the Forge Stations in Railjack to better illustrate when a Station is busy. The floor ring located at the base of each Station will now appear lit when the Station is ready for Forging, and will appear unlit when the Station is busy. This also fixes missing progress circle UI for the Forge Stations to indicate when a Station is busy.
  • Enemy Crewship UI markers will now always be displayed no matter what the range is to fix tedious scouring to find that poor last victim. We are also working on improving flow overall. 
  • Fixed missing controller key callouts on the Railjack Tactical Menu. You may notice no callout at all, which means the Tactical Menu is not bound to anything and you must bind it first.
  • Fixed max ranked Battle Forge Railjack Avionic trying to subtract 3.4E+38 seconds (more than the age of the universe) from remaining Forge cooldown time.
  • Fixed Railjack Engines and Reactors displaying as equipped on the wrong part of the Railjack (Engines on Wing Turrets, etc).
  • Fixed activating the Omni gear recall twice in succession resulting in breaking the UI timer, not teleporting you, and inability to use it again.
  • Fixed an unhackable console in a Grineer Galleon Railjack base
  • Fixed End of Mission screen popping up and 2nd mission not starting when you fail a mission in Railjack, return to Dry Dock, and then try to start another mission.
  • Fixes towards crashes occurring from Crewships.
  • Fixed a crash related to Railjack encounters activating during a Host migration.
  • Fixed a script error if Client is going from Dry Dock to a session hosted from the Orbiter.
  • Fixed some Railjack interior textures appearing more ‘Wear & Tear’ than others.


  • Fixed Fulmin (only when reduced to below 10 rounds on Semi-Auto firing mode), Flux Rifle, Kitguns with the 'Gaze' Chamber type and Pax Charge Arcane, Imperator/Vandal, Cycron, and Larkspur not recharging correctly.
  • Fixed Aksomati Prime and Baza Prime having the same Riven Disposition as their normal variants despite the UI displaying their correct Disposition of 1.
  • Fixed misplaced meshes in the Corpus Ship Exterminate tileset.
  • Fixed a script error if the Host selects a mission while the Client is still loading into the squad.
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Thanks for the hotfix, it's always nice to see new fixes about railjack.

Aaand Railjack is getting easier already, with the ability of selling Avionics which are the most crucial part when talking about railjack survivability, but what about talking player survivability?

- You guys might have noticed the negative impact of the Blink changes for archwings right? As players, we did. New movements and animations are clearly better and smoother, but not the mobility.
Mobility, why mobility? With our guns not being hitscan in space, we have issues hitting enemies, this comes to a single solution: Increasing archwing's mobility. We do have 2 perks from Intrinsics, one which reduces archwing blink cooldown and one which boosts archwing speed by 20% right; consider players can't even get out of their railjacks without using slingshots or amesha because they would probably die, so "are those buffs enough?" No. They are not. We have Hyperion Thrusters which gives us 27% sprint speed right at the cost of 20 capacity! Insane but nothing that a polarity can fix right? Yeah true, but still, 27% is a ridicolous amount compared to the drain of that mod. What am I asking? Actually boosting the perk bonuses, those bonuses works in openworld maps and where you can use your archwing which is fine, but remember how the players wanted to use their Itzals back before the Itzal changes? Moving faster, quicker and reaching point B from point A quickly through blinking. My suggestion would be increase the blink cooldown reduction from 25% to 50%, and the archwing speed from 20% to 35%, it's not a lot still but players would be able to move at least better than before. I don't want to talk a lot about Eidolons in a railjack feedback, but let's take for example the role of Trinity: She has to get Lures (usually) and keep the squad alive. How are those players supposed to do that if archwings are slower? A little 25% cooldown and a 20% sprint boost it's not going to change much, even amalgam serration gives more.

- RNG in stats. No I'm not asking to remove them, players might like to "take that cryophon mk3 with more fire rate" but I'm asking to add a mechanic which allows the players to convert their own and crafted item for another without crafting it. Resources aren't easy to get (specially when talking about mk3 stuff, that's A TON of resources to build items) and sometimes we might get same items with just some points more in damage or other statistics, why even crafting them from zero? Add a "stat-transfer" item or system, like it is for Kuva Lich weapons. Maybe add a blueprint of it as an uncommon reward for Skirmish missions or even better just allow the players to convert their item (no, not for free, but if you have to ask players resources to convert their item, make it like 1/15 of the resources required to craft it) Just yesterday I got another Vidar Cryophon Mk3 which got +43.4% Weapon damage as a random stat, while mine got +38.7%, this means I have to pay all the resources to craft an entire new item for just a little bit of more damage? 

- Not even the time to get out of your archwing that you're dead. That's how Veil Proxima looks when you don't have an Amesha. Don't you want players to make a meta like Itzal was for Eidolons right? Either balance other archwings, increase their mobility or give a little bit of invulnerability to players when going out of Railjack/Points of Interest/Crewships, since enemies might be there and they will target us while we are going either out or inside.

- Animations. Profit Taker, do you remember the big spooder which drops credits? Why can't we skip the animations with space rather than spamming left click? The same for when going into the Railjack, when your playership adapts to use spacebar two times to skip animations, why even using esc for the animation skip prompt? 

- There are some issues with the railjack actually not even spawning when aborting a mission. I have to get in my ship, board my railjack and get to the drydock to customize it. This happens a lot when you crash during a mission or, like I already said, when you abort it. I haven't paid 6 millions credits to not even seeing my railjack in my dojo~

- A button to mute cephalon cy when?

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Thank you for the hotfix.

Can we please get an updated UI for Riven Mods? The recent Disposition change gives false information if you are looking for a Riven that suits a variant of a weapon.


On 2019-12-18 at 5:54 PM, Senguash said:

Still hoping for critical chance on slide attack to receive a similar treatment to crit chance so it makes sense comparatively.

Sacrificial Steel = 220%
CC on rivens = 180%
Maiming Strike = 150%
Slide CC on rivens = 90%

The first 2 applies on all attacks and gets 2x on heavy attacks.

The latter 2 forces you to slide exclusively.

This makes no sense.

Just because railjack released does not mean it's suddenly not an issue.

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So, since leveling scaling has been added for a few frames, it would be nice to see it added to some more abilities.

Excal's 3 (and maybe even his 1 with the addition of the combo window) would be taken from underwhelming to a useful ability with the addition of leveling scaling a la Vauban and Grendal.

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Hi DE.

I tried out Railjack again today. I had the hope that it will be a bit less buggy after all these Hotfixes, but I was wrong. Glitches everywhere. I just aborted the mission and did some Fissures.

I’m extremely disappointed with Empyrean. You worked for 2 years on the update and now that we finally received it, it’s full of bugs and insane Grind. It’s not even the full release of Empyrean, just a part of it. Also Railjack is totally disconnected from the main part of the game at the moment.

Do you really think that this amount of Grind is Content? Do you personally enjoy Empyrean at it’s current state DE? Founders and people who buy Plat or Prime Accesses actually make Warframe possible and all what they deserve now, is to get a totally messed up Update? The second one after The Old Blood already…That’s extremely sad. I have the feeling that you are totally disconnected from your community at the moment. You hyped Empyrean so much in your Devstream.

How can you hype such a Bug-fest? I don’t get it. You can’t really get players if you just hype everything and then just give them something totally messed up. People will notice that you made false promises and will probably just quit shortly after. You can see the numbers of your players. They are not that impressive at the moment, for valid reasons. If you would just test your game a bit more before a new release, you could probably just avoid some of the negative feedback and make updates better from the start already.

Most of the Feedback never gets addressed. For example: Liches are still not enjoyable. Conclave is still broken. The drop rate of the Blazing Step Ephemera never got buffed. A proper Nyx rework is still missing, but instead you just talked about another possible Saryn rework. All we get are rushed updates, which receive some fixes and then will be forgotten.

It’s sad to see that the game you once loved is going into a direction like this. I really hope that you will do better in 2020. Please start listening more to your player-base again, instead of just doing things nobody really asked for. It’s actually more valuable to listen to people who really point bad things out in the game than to people that just say that your game is perfect. Because if you just listen to the people who love everything in your game, you will never find out what is wrong with certain things.

Wish you the best for the future. 

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- problem with this big orange thing, maybe (*not a driver place)

  Скрыть контент




- I was on the enemy ship trying to revive my cat with operator, the ship blows up at that moment and bug happend

- Invisible space objects:



- Grendel's bug space adventures...



...I think that these "adventures" could be connected in some way with the fact that I swallowed the enemy crew on the transporter and flew with them in my stomach into outer space 😔  

- Strange Sugatra in RJ:



- RJ name text not correctly displayed:



- from the Dojo on the star map I can’t join to party. Always permanent host. From Orbiter to join to party is obtained.

- bug with Parazon: use forge -> use RJ catapult -> in space bug with weapon. Parazon in hand = bug happend.

- some objects in space not disappear after they blows up if you are not a host. For example:

  Скрыть контент


On next image this fire can see only host:

  Скрыть контент


...and, melee Arch weapon usless now? 😕

- Garuda !!! 😞

  Скрыть контент





20 часов назад, GPrime96 сказал:

There's another thing i want DE to fix soon for her Claws:




Sword and Shield Class:

- "Air combos" do not work. You jump, hold the “S” button in the air, push СС button and ... you throw the shield. Conventional air СС single hit - have also been replaced with a shield throw. I explain... In mid-air if you hold "S" button and starts smashing CC button - you see some air combo. It's a new mechanic. But this mechanic doesn't work with S&S class. Try to make "air combo" with another class weapon and you see what wrong with S&S class. That's why i proposed to return the old mechanic to throw the shield (jump x2 and you can throw).

В 19.12.2019 в 06:22, Neuroszima сказал:


this looks exactly like what we had in Lunaro with ball not being able to be thrown in air, and no action being able to be made in air, like simple air check omg.… meh at fixing

- Please, enter again a double jump to be able to throw the shield so that they can be thrown at any vertical angle! ...at this moment it can not be done. DE, please return the old mechanics for shield throwing.

- When throwing, the shield will homing on friendly objects if they are closer than the enemy. For example, he is homing on a capsule on defense missions.

- Damage is very small for those shields that were launched. Damage adjustment required. For example, to increase the damage of the shield being thrown after a certain number of blockings with shield of enemy fire. "Charge the shield for a more powerful throw". Need enter changes to system of absorption of damage to Shields



Glaive Class Problems:

- I can’t do an "Charge Throw Attack" without a single secondary weapon in my hand. And there is no special sight for this. Why?

- I can’t throw a Glaive in the air if I don’t have a single secondary weapon in my hand; instead, my frame makes a blast on the ground with a Glaive even if my frame’s sight  is directed upwards.

- if in one hand of my frame there is a single secondary weapon then the Glaive does completely the wrong combo which depends on the stance mod





I would also like to add from myself a couple of issues:

- Autoblocking CC system should not lead to the hang of players in the air! Its some a flaw in CC.

- I still don’t like the moment when selected wrong firearm after using the synthesis scanner. For example... a secondary weapon was selected before i use the Synthesis Scanner, but after I scanned the target and removed the Synthesis Scanner - the MAIN WEAPON appear in hands of my Frame. Very often it is confusing. Before the introduction of СС innovations, everything was in order with this.

- Invasions Menu bug:



- Why the Parazon is not automatically removed from hand after I using him? This rly interfere.

Problem of choosing a Grendel on a star map. I can choose him but Grendel not displayed and I can't start mission with him. (old problem!)



- Tombfinger and far flying enemies problem. At first it looks funny but it seems to me that this should not be...



- Still very often arbitrary triggered strong attack in CC


Color bug:




"Swiss Cheese Shiels" (!!!):

  Скрыть контент
В 29.11.2019 в 08:47, GPrime96 сказал:

There's a issue i noticed today after i saw it in this Video: 

Her Mirror works like it should at a flat surface but when the enemies be more uneven with the surface, you would be taking damage with her Mirror up.The problem with that is when you are playing in Grineer Tilesets like Galleon or Mars Tileset, you would most likely take damage than soaking up the Damage for her Blood Orb. So as long as you are fighting in a leveled area, watch your back.


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Why does any Forge interaction count towards "failed cipher" for Profile stats? Is it because it interacts via Parazon, and Forge is just a glorified console hacking minigame that somehow dragged a piece of its code as well? I mean i'm really trying to find a good reasoning just for the sake of it, and there's just none.
Is this the new "Eidolon cap simultaneously counting +1/1 to kills/caps"? Is this one even resolved?

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