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Devstream Overview 11/6/2020

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Welcome to another devstream overview




Lavos -wip (close but not ready yet) Viles on sides are moving liquid 


Changes to come to the following frames

Status  chance is 100% and new chaining mechanic on spectral scream

also elemental cycling


 blade storm to have auto overlay to three (1/2/3 stack to be just 3)

 instead of looking around and having to apply one mark each look around , it auto overlays stacks per target whiteout needing to look away from targets

Airburst damage buff per target hit , hp belo 30% open them for pazaron finisher 
tornado changes (two cast abilities) and more stick to hold enemies ( stationary tornado or roaming) 


bulwark shrapnel damage for those who go through it

Soul punch -insta kill enemies below 25% add a shadow or heal depending on shadow count 

If enemies killed in larva stacks gained by enemies killed in larva (team synergy)
Augments (garuda, wisp, revenant, gauss )



Game Development





-cross save & crossplay 
high on list of wants (player &devs) , still looking into it 

-Warframe is coming to next gen consoles

-Steelpath (changes)


  • They will be coming back as mini bosses in steelpath
  • Steelpath dailies -rewards steel essence 
  • Implementing old taxi to node via an alert and on completion node is obtained and unlocked 
  • Teshin will have rotating rare items


-HOD Arcana



New puzzle in HOD


New weapons 
Warfan -new stance


Grenade launcher -entrati




Lich beacons in talks

Corpus (queenpin)-corpus railjack
Briefcase guns

Command intrinsics -wip  

-Glaive workshop

-Neptune Railjack





garas deluxe is to come in the next update



Twitch prime/prime gaming loot ( oct 27-dec 15)


scott made a comment about getting a bonus per nerf (this is a joke..or is it) :Scottnerf:

Hope it helps

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Not looking forward to Railjack at all. It's so barebones compared to what was shown at its Tennocon debut, in addition to being repetitive to an ungodly degree. We don't even have Command yet, so just adding another bland tileset with the exact same issues fixes nothing.

Least they're finally making Soul Punch more useful than just its Augment. Too bad the same cannot be said about Terrify. Not to mention Bulwark could do a lot more than just shrapnel damage. It's so situational it may as well just be you picking up and throwing it instead to at least have some accuracy. Spectral Scream I have no faith in, though being able to switch around elements is long overdue. Nidus' stacks should have been this way since the beginning.

Queenpins, also no faith in. Liches have been a grindy disappointment and their personalities are based on gender. A little voice pitch shift doesn't make them unique when you have to fight so many of them. Especially not looking to the new forma sink they have. Unless they're completely different in terms of how you go about fighting them, ill consider them DOA as a system.

Overall, while it's nice they're adding more "content", ultimately nothing substantial is happening, aside from minor changes but with the exact same flow.

Can't wait to for more Grind of Deimos. Yaaaaay...

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Gara deluxe is all I care about and I'm so happy it's coming with the next update. *my wallet is ready* It's so pretty. ;v; <3
Did they discuss any accessories coming with her deluxe and/or a deluxe bundle? I sadly missed the Devstream today, so I didn't get to watch it to see.

Hopefully with her deluxe coming in the next update, they'll finally drop and release her long awaited noggle. That I found in-game via chat link (made a post about it here).

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2 minutes ago, QueenofYandxre said:

Gara delxue is all I care about and I'm so happy it's coming with the next update. *my wallet is ready* It's so pretty. ;v; <3
Did they discuss any accessories coming with her deluxe and/or a deluxe bundle? I sadly missed the Devstream today, so I didn't get to watch it to see.

"...Syandana and a single sword skin" - Rebecca

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52 minutes ago, (XBOX)Grimsley Clause said:

Not looking forward to Railjack at all. It's so barebones compared to what was shown at its Tennocon debut, in addition to being repetitive to an ungodly degree. We don't even have Command yet, so just adding another bland tileset with the exact same issues fixes nothing.


Overall, while it's nice they're adding more "content", ultimately nothing substantial is happening, aside from minor changes but with the exact same flow.

Can't wait to for more Grind of Deimos. Yaaaaay...

I need lots of titanium but can't bring myself to grind RJ to get it...boring. Agree the movie showed hasn't arrived in game and probably never will...just pure marketing 'garbage' IMO.

"content" isn't something DE has done...ever (?)...

Deimos is as blank for me as most of Fortuna...I would be MR 30 if I was willing to grind all those kit guns, zaws, etc.


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Thanks for the summary!  I'll add my thoughts in groups:



-Chroma...  Yeah sorry it's just not doing it for me.  I'd be more happy if his elemental ward also didn't rely on his armor color anymore.  But even then this doesn't do enough for Chroma.  He's one of the frames that actually needs a proper rework instead of just touching up.  Also hate quiver mechanics and it annoys me endlessly that people keep suggesting it.  It's what gives DE the idea that this "quick fix" is acceptable.  It's not.  I'll mention it here albeit briefly but, I have nothing against making an ability have more than one function.  But it needs to be tap/hold for input method.  And one cannot simply be an upgrade to the other because that invalidates the choice you're supposed to make.

-Ash...  This is a nice QoL change for sure.  Do we know if we hold the reticle on them and it stacks?  Or is it just glancing at them puts 3 stacks?  The former is better for energy management purposes but would slow down gameplay just as much as current does imo.  Latter would probably hurt energy economy too much but I want a quicker method for stacks.  I also feel like DE is allergic to the idea of letting him teleport without targets.  I don't care if I need an augment to do so at this point.  Just let me.  Please.

-Zephyr..  Air burst changes sound underwhelming.  I don't see why the bird frame that lives and dies by gust keeping bullets away would attempt to finisher an enemy.  Tornado change seems nice.  But I don't think i'll ever have a use for using the roaming version.  Even though this is basically making the "choice" a non one i'm just glad they will be functional for a change.  Zephyr still needs more love though.  Maybe not a total overhaul like Chroma.  But she's definitely going to need a bigger touch up.

-Atlas...  Who cares.

-Nekros...  Certainly an interesting choice.  But one that I don't think will see much use.  Pretty easy to just recast to heal shadows and replace any lost.  And instant killing enemies likely won't be doable in any needed scenario.  Personally i'd love a total kit overhaul so he's actually a master of the dead rather than a loot frame with a unique survival tool.  But I know that's never going to happen.  Nor do I think the community would ever accept removal of loot frames.

-Nidus...  I don't understand this choice.  It's already not hard for Nidus to regain stacks.  If Nidus has any kind of problem it's how reliant he is on stacks for his kit to work.  I'd much rather an augment let him start with stacks.  or maybe just let him spawn with stacks to begin with.  I've given suggestions for this before but can't be asked to go track down said augment suggestions.  Either way it's a something change.  But I doubt how impactful it will be.



-Blending talons...If this basically is the same effect as her default 4 but in an AoE instead of a cone then holy heck that's a HUGE buff.  Considering how great her other augments are this makes me favorite frame even more interesting to build.  Good Job DE.  I mean it.

-Critical Surge...Very niche augment that isn't going to see any gameplay outside hunts most likely.  Even then I don't know anyone who'd be taking her on a hunt to begin with.

-Thrall pact...I feel like i'm being pranked by DE.  This is a buff for solo revenant play.  However since his kit is all about killing thralls even if you spread it's effect you're gaining a non consistent buff.  Sorry but this is a pass.  It's a neat idea.  Too bad his thrall gameplay is too lacking to make it actually work.

-Mach crash...A good augment if it's vacuum is actually good and not the same weak force that air burst's currently is.  2 out of 4 augments being good isn't bad I guess.


Everything else:

I'd be much more for the steel essence changes if it didn't read like they were removing the steel essence from eximus units.  If those stay along side these than yes.  A very good change.  Mech seems cool since I love sword and board.  However until we can use these things everywhere outside open worlds i'm hard pressed to care enough to even go after mechs.  Weapon section is nothing but good news imo.  I like grenade launchers.  And brief case weapons are giving me DMC vibes ala DMC4.  So i'm very curious to see if they will play at all with the animations of them or if it's just "these are boxes and we're calling them brief cases."

I like that Corpus Liches will be closer to what they advertized.  If they bring that concept to all Liches and continue to improve the system that would make 1 of 2 systems that I was excited for something to actually enjoy.  But I remain skeptical.  Forgot to mention it above but i'm glad they will touch more on frames besides just big overhauls.  However I can only accept this if they not only recognize some frames still need overhauls but that they commit to the frequency of said touch ups instead of just visiting a frame and then pretending it doesn't exist since they already looked at it.  Finally Gara's deluxe seems to have shaped up nicely.  I just wish we had a toggle to keep the glass look after it's been broken.  I LOVE the idea of being able to alter a frames look through mechanics.  But I do think there should be an option to "force" specific looks so the mechanics can still be used but people are not forced to watch their fashion be irrelevant mid mission.

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