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Update 29.6.0: Orphix Venom!


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Thank You for the update :D !



I find it mildly ironic, that:
- We have gotten ultra new Decurions,..Thanks so much for that (*) !!

- But Voidrig still does not "properly" dual wield the Decurions. ( I don't own Bonewidow and it may be total diferent aim mode ??)

I hope you can see without red circle what I mean:




...  from November 23th in "Arcana.Hotfix.29.5.3" thread on first page ^^* :



Am 23.11.2020 um 23:26 schrieb nyxtasy:

Thanks for the Hotfix!


-- Edit -- "sorry for reserving" --

Some of the (new?) fish seem not to get highlighted by Oxylus, on Deimos. 

Wouldn't it be stylish if the Voidrig Necramech actually "dual wielded" the Dual Decurions?  Could we have that?
(he kind of is dual wielding, but neither shooting nor aiming with the left gun)

(Or for if that akimbo style won't happen -  because of the Melee Attack, which would be performed by the left hand - still wielding the left decurion.. somehow...
did I observe it correctly: and the firerate of the right gun was improved at some point?)


(*) on a Side Note: It is totally my fault, that I did not read about the missing polarities in Forums earlier and already jumped right into spending 3 Formas on it! *doh* :facepalm: I think I may have polarized the exact slots that YOU, [DE] now polarized via the update, the first two into MADURAI ...I do not have any additional 4th or 5th polarization now, the exact same 3 I already formaed myself.. is there any chance I can get back 2 Formas?

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