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Heart of Deimos: Prime Vault: 29.2.0

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Thanks for the update, bile and M4D tweaks. Let's see how that last one performs now.

Still nothing on Contagion though? C'mon guys. I tried contacting you through twitter, youtubers made a video on it recently. Why all the radio silence ever since August 12th? This whole lack of transparency is baffling to me.



Edit: my tweet is wrong about it being changed since Deimos release. It's been working the way it is now ever since Derelict Shift's update.

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Can we get more fast travels? Like. baro ki'teer. palladino at iron wake. arbitrations vendor on relays. maroo at her bazaar. and so on? Like we already have a fast travel to simaris. darvo. and teshin within relays. or syndicate fast travels within relays. we have them from orbiter but not inside relays.

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DE, plz consider taking a look on the following issues:

- Unable to equip 9 mods on mechs even with 9 forma
- Fetch/vacuum/other pet mods not working while in mech
- Balancing Bile materials Done! or is it?
- Balacing Archwing materials for helminth good job!
- Subsequent vault bounties often not being t2 and t3 as expected
- Not being able to use archwing after leaving mechs
- Not being able to pick up stuff/revive tenno while in mech
- Missleading waypoints/loc-pins in HoD
- Amps self knockdown
- A way to check cycles BEFORE entering HoD
- Cant release pet with son if you have max standing (even though it doesnt give any standing)

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The following new Deimos Challenges are not working:

        Kill 5 Juggernauts in Cambion Drift.

    Forbidden Fruit
        Collect 50 Ganglion from Haptic Frond.

    Bug Out Ride
        Ride 20 Velocipods.

    Kill It With Fire
        Burn 100 Infested pods.

Several Juggernauts killed in Cambion Drift, as well as Infested Pods and Velocipod riding, and none of the challenges updated.

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