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Coming Soon: Devstream #100!

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Any conclave improvements? A server browser would be an actually good addition for the PvP mode of the game since it would help us to find matches easily while also help us to stay away from S#&$ty servers (there's one I personally despise but still have no way to avoid)

Also, when will we start having news from the upcoming sacrifice update? (It's been 2 and a half years waiting for what's coming on it)

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At 700 days in, and likely longer yet, log in rewards are looking closer and closer to perceptibly unattainable for players with a low log in count.

Are there any plans to ease the wait a bit, such as every 100 days players can choose a reward from the 100-day interval table? 

Or is the plan to stop with daily log in rewards after a point?

I can only imagine a newbie logging in and after 100 days learning the value of Primed Streamline which for example happens to be a day 1200 reward.  That seems more damning than encouraging.


Also, when are we improving the gore?  I kind of want lasting bodies, better severed limbs, and lots of blood decals when I finish thrashing a platoon of Grineer.

Especially the Corpus... elite crewman still don't shred when killed with slash.

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The Sigma & Octantis was recently released in Hotfix 22.1.2 as the 14th login milestone. People seem to be split on this topic of having exclusives so far in behind the daily tribute system and alot others are worried they will never get there. Is this trend of exclusives going to continue or is there some other option being taken to solve this approach?

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When will channeling be revised? it can really become quite powerfull with focus and open up new ways to build melee weapons.

Also.. can we please have a new model for the Lanka? <3

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Please add innate vacuum to warframes/tenno, and let us use that companion slot for other things. Plz add a new sentinel and a new infested pet. Plz make hydroid able to travel through water in PoE, and through water archwing missions without using an archwing and able to utilize his powers in a new way under water. Plz make zephyr passive less annoying. Plz pat urselves on the back for creating such a great game! Also, love the exclusivity of the login milestones, Plz continue this as it currently is!  Ty

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Focus changes? Can it not be as grindy since it's how we "mod" our operators?

Also any comments on daily login weapons? Any plans to stop it or make it a  token system? Maybe even just  do cosmetics and account  boosts?

It seems like a silly design to lock some of your more interesting weapons out of the reach of the majority of the playerbase. I switched from ps4 a little over a year ago so it'll take me a year to catch up to now but I'll still be very behind. 

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1. can we have a double RESOURCE weekend to celebrate?

2. Plans to adjust focus 2.0 investment/costs?

3. More primed mods from baro?

4. Any new prisma weapons coming? *cough* Prisma Twin Grakatas Lanka *cough*


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Lanka would be way better
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Bounty Rotations and rewards

  • Are you aware of Bounty rotations being missed/bugged and thus their rewards currently are unobtainable?
  • Will you continue doing economy tweaks? Getting a single Axi relic or 5k Cache (which isn't even affected by Credit Booster) for doing a 20min mission is just insulting given the fact we have the Dark Sectors, The Index and Excavation/Interception mission with a chance to get a relic from every rotation in less time.

Set mods

  • Are you going to look at them? Currently they are worthless because they have no use for veterans due to their stats and they have no use for rookies, because the newcomers can't even get them due to bugged Bounties/Incursions and extremely low drop chances.

Plains of Eidolon

  • Any news about procedurally generated caves/dungeons?
  • Will we see more Eidolons there?
  • Will you improve the drops from the Teralyst to make players' experience less frustrating when they have to search for cores beyond 200 meters?
  • Will we visit the Unum tower?

Continuous weapons

  • When is their state going to be addressed and do you have any plans for continuous weapons overhaul? Do you consider moving back to original Damage 1.0 for continuous weapons aka damage per ammo consumed (it seems like Operator's Void Beam and Arc-traps working the old way), or making their own mods, because sharing the Rifle mods don't help that much. Firearms can deal status per bullet's hit while the continous weapons are limited to dealing both damage and status per second.

Shield Gate (SG)

There wasn't any news, but the Vomvalysts sure got it instead of us.

  • Was it scrapped, or still WIP? If so, how exactly it's going to work: will it trigger when the Shield is depleted, or when it hits, say, 20% of its capacity? And what the effects are: less than a second of invincibility or Damage Reduction for excess damage that hits HP after depleting the Shield? And as a trade-off of not getting one-shotted, will there be a cooldown for SG?

Do you consider adding "Shield Recharge Delay" stat? Shield Gate is good, but it fixes only half of the problems. Fast Deflection could be the best choice for turning it into useful utility mod: +Recharge Rate & -Recharge Delay.

Slash procs ignoring Shield when it's not depleted.

  • Another weakness of the Shield that currently makes them obsolete. The purpose of the Shield is, to absorb, redirect or deflect the shot stopping it from damaging your Health. But if we get hit while the Shield is not depleted, then our Shield doesn't do its job at all, does it? Will this awkward moment be addressed?

Riven Mods

  • Since you've implemented «Combo duration» and «Critical stats on Slide Attack» on melee rivens (which, in my opinion, was a mistake that makes situation around Meme Maiming Strike worse), do you plan to add stats like «Range» (beam weapons), «Corrupted faction damage», «Accuracy», «Firestorm / Fulmination», «Harkonar Scope», maybe even «Thunderbolt / Concealed Explosives»?

I assume if it works this way: Riven [ Bane of Grineer (addresses to 'Bane of Grineer' mod entry)  Fire Rate (addresses to 'Speed Trigger' mod entry)  ], then there's no need to create unique entries since the needed ones already exist.

  • Will you address the lack of sub- types & classes (starter and continuous weapons disposition) for disposition? For example, Aklex Prime: the regular version suffered the dispo change due to its Prime version being superior and too powerful to get stronger disposition. It doesn't make sense. Why not make a "Prisma/Prime/Vandal/Wraith/Mara" sub-types instead with their own disposition?

Damage 3.0 and Resistances

  • If it's still a thing to be implemented, were you thinking of complete damage & resistances overhaul with the Status tied with? What I mean is some kind of local damage system with live dismemberment (thanks to Slash and Status over 100%) where each body part has its own damage multipliers and consequences of being damaged: crippling the legs or losing them would reduce enemy's speed or incapacitate him, crippling the arm would reduce his accuracy etc.

Pure Status mods

I'm talking about 15-30% Status mods (Rifle Aptitude, Shotgun Savvy, Sure Shot, Melee Prowess).

  • Currently, the situation is way too similar to Damage 1.0 with its rainbow builds, the only difference now is, that in order to get high Status chance we have to put up to 4 dual stats mods for +240% Status-% ending up with up to 3 elemental combinations along with physical damage. There's no way it encourages modding, it's just another mandatory situation. And let's be honest the Riven system shouldn't be an excuse since it's been said we can play w/o Rivens just fine.

Turning them into Elemental counterpart (increasing energy cost up to 11 points as well as increasing Status chance up to 90%) would really encourage trying out the non-meta builds.

Arcanes 2.0

  • Are you going to expand the PoE features by separating current arcanes into: warframe/primary/secondary/melee categories with their own slots?

Modular guns

  • Do you have any plans about making modular guns? Zaw seems to fit the Ostron thematically, but will the Corpus settlement specilized on modern and firearms/energy weapons instead?

Individual extraction from Excavation and Survival missions

  • Is it possible to implement it in the end? This is something the players were asking from the first days of Survival mission being added. There are many reasons why you can't just abort the mission or close the game via Alt-F4, or when something happens when you're on the mission. Two recent threads with points:
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Hi Rebecca!

I have a couple questions, I'd be happy if You could answer at least some of them:

1. Will there be more cinematic quests like the Second Dream and the War Within? (Just watched them back on YouTube and the effort put into it still amazes me, the voiced operator interacting with Teshin is the best)

2. Is there any plan to make operators feel more "alive"? Right now it is just "My warframe is strong", "Move and strike we have to win this" and a couple other one liners, while cool to hear, the variety is quite small. It would be awesome to hear my operator react to stuff happening around her.

3. This could be connected to the previous one. More interaction between Ordis and the operator. Ordis talks a lot, it would be neat if the operator reacted to them in some way. I'd also love to have something when You call down Your archwing on the plains, the operator would go "Ordis, deploy archwing", just like in the quest for actually getting the first archwing. So yeah, all in all, more interaction between them.

4. Can't resist. Universal vacuum. Is it out the window, or is it being considered? My cat is so cool looking, but having the resource booster on him is pointless if I can't collect everything cause I miss them in the heat of battle.

5. Sentient cores should be sucked in by vacuum, please?

6. THIS ONE I'D LIKE A RESPONSE TO (not demanding, but please?): This might sound silly and all that, but hey. Sentient Warframe. I don't know if any of the current warframes was meant to be one such thing, I don't see any resemblence and as far as I know the Prime variants are more Orokin design, and again afaik, Orokin does not equal Sentient, right? I don't know how, or why or what the hell, I'd just love some crazy godlike old sentient looking warframe that would make the Teralyst go "HOLY SH..".

7. Deluxe skins? Would love to see a few.

8. Last but not least, this might get touched upon, for it is a celebratory Devstream, but still, how is progress on Umbra? And will it be different in any way, other than visually, compared to the current warframes and their prime variants.

Thanks for reading through my wall of text, would love to get some of these questions answered.



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2 minutes ago, Hieracon said:

The Sigma & Octantis was recently released in Hotfix 22.1.2 as the 14th login milestone. People seem to be split on this topic of having exclusives so far in behind the daily tribute system and alot others are worried they will never get there. Is this trend of exclusives going to continue or is there some other option being taken to solve this approach?

I'll speak for myself here, but I gave up on being a completionist when I realized there's no way to get vertain content locked in the past, way before I started playing despite how long I wait, how much money I throw at my screen, how many days I log in or how skilled I become. I think it's time for other players as well to understand that we're not meant to have everything, let alone have it right now since login weapons and mods are meant to passively reward players for sticking to the game for a long time and giving it at least 2 minutes every day.

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1. Will there ever be a way to reobtain quest weapons and quest frames? (The absence of Ether Daggers still hurts)

2. Due to the success of the open plains, will there ever be a new tileset that is not an open world?

3. Why do Vomvalysts have an invulnerability period when they have 1hp?


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Suppose the biggest question that needs to be asked...

Are there any plans to reexamine the damage system, enemy scaling, and armor/shield mechanics that have been preventing the game from being properly balanced? As it stands, the vast majority of weapons, auras, and even damage types are completely neglected because the necessity of dealing with Grineer armor at higher levels shunts players into relying solely on Slash, Corrosive, Heat, and Radiation, with everything else falling by the wayside. Meanwhile, Corpus shields are almost ignored by high-end weapons, and become nearly impossible to penetrate with some of the more mediocre weapons. And to top all of this off, while your dev streams and playtesting seems to be centered around enemies ranging between levels 10-40, enemy scaling doesn't start to ramp up until level 50 or so, at which point you encounter a hard wall of geometric stat scaling that quickly escalates to absurdity. This disparity is what causes players to say various Frames, abilities, and weapons are "trash." While they playtest well in the range you use them at, they fall off with startling speed at the levels most players stay at during the "end game" part of their Warframe career.

I won't pretend fixing all, or even any of this will be a simple matter. But I'd like to ask if you, the dev team, are willing to set the necessary time aside to postpone new content, forgo your usually amazing schemes, and hash out how to fix up the current imbalance in the damage economy.

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My questions are:

- What is the state / the plans on the procedurally generated mines/caverns/caves // what is planned to be put behind the doors found in the many caves found on the map?

- Any (more) hints as to what comes behind the right orbiter door? iirc it was teased that it will be after (shortly?) after PoE's release but not directly relate / be connected to PoE?

- What is the current conclusion that can be gathered from the intern discussions about changes being made to bounty rewards (implying those are already being held)? Player don't seem too fond of what is currently rewarded ^^".

- We have so many nice and unique Operator accessories we can put on our face, but some would go really nicely together (like the new ki'teer elf ears and the ki'teer bane mask). any plans to add another slot to those accessories so we can wear multiple?

- Will the Orbiter get a texture revisit? When viewing some of those older textures from up close, one can easiely see how dated they are and after all, the Orbiter is one of the first things the player gets to see in the game and calls their home for basically their entire warframe career.


Now questions not directly relating to the game, but you guys (after all, it's the 100th stream):

- What were the most hopefull / happy / inspiring and most hopeless / dreaded / fearfull moments during your development process on warframe. (generic question is generic, but i'm a big fan of stark contrasts)

- Where are the pinkshorts at the moment? are they save? will we see them ever again?

- 100 devtsreams are quite the number of streams being held, wouldn't it be a shame if there was a montage of things that shouldn't have been said during devstreams? :satisfied:


Let's hope we will have another 100 successfull devstreams before us~

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Added thoughts
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How about: 

  • new Clan management system;
  • fields for "Clan description"(Clan Rules), except for the already available "motd"
  • more flexible and variable "Hierarchy and Roles" system;
  • stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).
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Any chance Mag could get an energy pool increase? Her current pool doesn't support her caster playstyle as you run out of energy quickly due to her high costs.  This is especially true of you don't run zenurick, have a trinity, or have energy restore pads on hand. Just a decent bump in base energy would be appreciated. 

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