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Update 26: The Old Blood


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Thank you for the early notes. It was really nice to dive into.

Is Condition Overload still a separate multiplier or adding to Pressure Point?

I am very excited to try out these new gameplay loops (Reqiums, Kuva weapons, etc), and I hope you guys stick to your guns on the RNG percents and challenging content. The depth and investment into these liches and weaponry look amazing and I hope they aren't trivialized like Plains of Eidolon enhancements.

also rip the Cerata for Chroma. You will be missed with my Greedy Mag, Synoid Simulor, Tonkor, and old Telos Boltace slide 😞 .

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Thanks for the update :CaWaa: That's always nice to see new mechanics and new ways of playing the game, but...

Nightwave. I don't want to talk about how easier nightwave is now, with elite challenges being easier than daily challenges, but rewards. Why should I play this current nightwave if the rewards are the same of the previous intermission and the series 1? For a player which got already the Saturn Six armor and the Eidolon Ephemera, why giving duplicates? You could replace them with more useful rewards instead of items players already got from previous series and intermissions, if those players obviously got them in the past, that might allow more players to actually play this intermission.

Loadouts. I know we do have loadouts for weapons, items and archwings, but wouldn't be better to allow players to also combine, in a loadout, operator loadouts? Let's set an example of two different gamemodes which requires two playstyles: Farming and Eidolon Hunting. For Farming, I would take a different loadout in terms of operator arcanes and operator amp compared to Eidolon Hunting, but each time I am forced to get into my operator room and manually swap my configuration (which also changes my operator look) to get my items, since everything is getting added in the same arsenal screen to make things quicker, why not thinking about this too?

Crafting & Foundry. I've been talking about this in earlier patches, but yes, a quick reminder. Foundry is where every player has to step to proceed in the game, everything needs to be crafted, which is perfectly fine, but this is not that great for consumables. As a player which uses a lot of Squad Energy Restores and Ciphers, sadly waiting 1 minute to get 1/10 is not efficient. This could be fixed with either x100 blueprints or with a crafting-queue system which allows the players to queue multiple items to be crafted one after another. Adding such a QoL functionality will allow players to play the game without checking every minute their foundry to claim and rebuild their consumables.

Eidolon Lures and Magus Lockdown; there is a common bug since the release of Magus Lockdown where if the tether hits an Eidolon Lure as client (not as host) it might bug, after hacking it will not move and will stay still on the place of where it got hacked without any chance for players to kill it or to un-stuck it. This is a major problem in Eidolon Hunting since Eidolon Lures are required to proceed in the hunt itself.

Arch-weapons and their stats screen: They are literally not shown and they cannot be potatoed since the action menu is empty too.

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Thanks for the update. Big one aye.

Vigilante supplies being an exilus mod might not be such a great idea xd

Melee changes look really good overall, but some weapons look stronger than others on paper, so I hope we'll get some minor tweaks once it becomes apparent what's too good and what isn't.

New heat proc seems like good design, although, is it not strictly better than toxin?

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A little melee feedback:

Stances - great

Animations - great

New Combo Counter - Absolute crap. Gunblades are trash now. The animation is clunky. Many builds that rely on combo counter builds are useless.

Best example is a Galatine Prime pure slash build. Before combo counter in combination with weeping wounds gave me a consistent chance with each hit to proc slash. NOW only with heavy attacks and only AFTER i built up the crappy counter. It feels as though killing high level enemies takes twice as long now.

Then on the other side you have a ZAW (Plague Kripath with EKW II RU) 64% Status. This feels stronger WITHOUT even using the counter.

The ironie is with the Zaw that if i use my heavy attack the wind up time = DPS i could inflict while just continuing my attack. Then back to the Galatine Prime. Here i need such a large combo multiplier to reach a 100% chance i am faster just shooting the dude. I basically brought a knife to a gun fight.

If Brozime would do this test again now i wonder how long it would take....


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Thank you for the update.

Catchmoon nerf 1 year after release. That’s funny. Wasn’t a secret that Catchmoon isn’t the worst weapon in the game. Good that I don’t care that much about secondarys. ^__^

I’m a bit scared about the Melee changes, because Melee is what I enjoy the most in this game. I hope that there will be no big nerfs. I just love my Kripath so much and I don’t want our relationship to end.

Plague Kripath Polearm:

Damage increased from 82 to 230

Amazing, more damage for my Kripath. ^__^


I’m also really excited to see what will happen to the Machete with this update… Just because my friend still don’t have one after 1k+ login days. Kinda sad...


Damage increased from 25 to 120

Range increased from 1 to 2.5

Status Chance increased from 10% to 15%

Critical Chance increased from 5% to 10%

Ugh, big buffs for the Machete. I feel very sad for you now, my friend. Please gift my friend that weapon DE, so his suffer can finally end. >__<


I assume that Railjack will come „soon“ after this update. I just wanted to ask in advance if that update will come with some new Primed Mods for Archwing gear? I mean Railjack is all about Archwing and stuff, so that would be really cool. I’m really looking forward for [Primed Afterburner]. Please make that Mod a thing DE. ^__^

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Thank you for the new content (but i need a look for the melee and especialy Zenistar changes rip zenistar and condition overload)

While you are fixing the operator appearance in the profil can you maybe add the possibility to swap the configs, too?

Since this has a few QOL stuff: Are there plans to release a favourite system for weapons/warframes or maybe even arcanes ?

Is it intentional that only feminine operators have dreads attached to their emissary suit? Maybe make into an auxiliary slot

Are there any plans to put the lua spy back into the sortie pool? It got removed more than two years ago for a fix... just like raids

And after another arbitration change i wonder: How far away is the ESO reward system rework?
They were introduced as "reward for challenges", but except for the bleeding body one they all ended up in a pure RNG hell.
I´ve run far more than 100 eso runs and got no blazing step ephemera and someone I know got it from his 3rd run, feeling so bad for his luck he even offered eso runs to me...
And some have an even more unlucky rng:

Are there any plans to bring back the old indoor Index Map?

And Jupiters tilesets are still blocking Novas portals:

The Nightwave Ascendant mission is buggy:

Are there any news about the "operator only spy"? It was teased 5 months ago:


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Are you guys aware that stealth xp modifiers are broken? Also it seems like finisher interactions can only be started with X now, why did you change that? Also why doesn't Quickening work as listed in its description? Also why is the Heat Dagger the only Heat weapon to get innate heat damage?

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