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Thanks for watching Devstream #140!


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Hey, cheer up! Even with all the horrible news and confinement all over the world, this will pass!

Thanks for the devstream. Titania Prime looks great, and I am so happy you guys went for a less traditional black and gold scheme. Kind of like Banshee Prime 🙂

So sad to not have seen the accessories though!

Stay safe over Canada DE, and stay safe all over the world fellow Tenno. I wish for patience and fun your way!

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Impact, Puncture, Cold, Blast, and (still) Radiation, all lack damage potential in their procs. What's being done to improve them?
Since the range of Gas procs are getting buffed, what about Electric?
15 seconds is a bit punishing for a cooldown on Arcane Energize. Can it be reduced to 10 seconds, or at least have the cooldown reduce via ranking up Energize?
Arcane Grace now only activates upon health damage. Can this be reverted to all damage, like how it was before? Inaros may remain unaffected. Inaros may use it best. But Inaros is not the only one who uses Grace.
Could the Sentience part of Excalibur Umbra's passive get removed? He's just been a hinderance since release in virtually every scenario. Lore is great, but it shouldn't be an excuse for frustrating gameplay!
Volt's 4 performs as an expanding wave just like Nova's 4 and Mag's 3, but its range scales off of Range instead of Duration, vs Nova and Mag scaling off of Duration. Can his 4 be changed to Duration?
Can you add a push mechanic to Mag's 1 so that it becomes Push & Pull? To really help with the "crowd control and enemy manipulation" bit she's themed to be.

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This stream was buffering so much I missed almost everything.

All I heard and remember off the top of my head was about changes to damage.
Something about radiation no longer making enemies attack each other, and instead make damage scale/stack in some way.
I remember saying that, it made no sense.

Also, the twitch drop was a Mesa Prime Blueprint.

30 mins to get one prime part,
or 30 minutes to get 6 prime parts,
which is better?

If I knew beforehand I wouldn't have watched.

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Will Scarlet Spear be a one-time or recurring event (like Ghoul Bounties) or a permanent game mode addition (like Disruption)?


I normally dont watch at high resolution so I missed this. I hope these arent Dev timers




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2 minutes ago, Vaeldious said:

Will Scarlet Spear be a one-time or recurring event (like Ghoul Bounties) or a permanent game mode addition (like Disruption)?

It better be recurring, Railjack and Archwing are still garbo,
some of my clan, plan on passing the event because of it,
especially since any items that can be gotten from it will eventually be added back into the game, (or already are)
in some other, non-time limited way.

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Scarlet Spear has no place for solo players???

Did you all consider if no one is playing 1 side of the event (eg fish team no one play), then we can't earn reward?

It's can be chaotic if have to depend on the number of links we got so as to how much 'credit' we can earn eh. Not to mention great trolling opportunity.

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On the one hand I am sorry to hear that you are cancelling the IRL portion of Tennocon but on the other hand it is the prudent and correct action given the current global situation. As there is no way to be certain if factors would have allowed for it to proceed as intended and holding off cancellation would have resulted in significantly more issue for attendees had circumstances not been favorable.

Hopefully everyone will understand that if there was any other way I'm sure you would have moved heaven and earth to see it through. I look forward to this years stream(s) and will keep my hopes that next years IRL Tennocon will be a huge success. 

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I'm sorry to hear about Tennocon 2020 @[DE]Rebecca. But I'm glad there are precautions being taken to help people's health and safety!

I wasn't able to get these posted before the topic was closed on the other forum, but this is the link to the original post:

Especially considering the circumstances with Tennocon and the upcoming updates for Consoles, etc. this can wait, but it is the main thing I wanted to suggest / bring up earlier;
Would the Operator be able to wear the armor that goes onto a Warframe as a cosmetic? I've finished editing various images using the Dex Raksaka armor as a reference, using my own Operator :]

operator_left_shoulder.jpg      operator_left_shoulder_armored.jpg
Left shoulder no armor                                                        Dex Raksaka left shoulder

operator_right_shoulder.jpg     operator_right_shoulder_armored.jpg
Right Shoulder no armor                                                         Dex Raksaka right shoulder

(Didn't anticipate the huge image sizes!)

operator_knees.jpg   No armor (before)

operator_dex_knees_and_chest.jpg     Dex Raksaka Chest & Knee armor (After)

side_by_side_front_cropped.jpg?width=593    Side by side comparison without chest armor

side_by_side_chest_armor.jpg?width=593&h    Side by side comparison with styled Chest Armor on Operator

side_by_side_back_cropped.jpg?width=592&    Side by side comparison of Dex Shoulder armor vs no armor

Thanks for bearing with me on the huge image sizes! In any case, I hope this is a worthwhile idea to consider, because I do think it would seriously open up the customization options for all operators across the game if they were able to wear Warframe armor pieces!

(As for me, I based my Operator off of my Fiancee, though it's not 100% accurate)
These are the colors I used for the styled Dex armor (On the Switch, some people might recognize these for my Saryn Prime):


Thank you guys for everything you do to help out people! I'm definetely grateful for that. Have a safe day out there :]


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