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Heart of Deimos: Update 29.1.0

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Great fix but please consider fixing current issues before using time and resources on adding cosmetics. Fetch/vacuum and enemy radar not working in mechs is a huge QoL problem that needs to be addressed, and also, mechs in general need re-balancing badly. I tried to take a mech into a steel path bounty (keep in mind, my mech has 10 forma and every possible mod slot filled, which is another problem, why can't I fill all mod slots?) and it felt made of paper, and the only way to kill anything was the exalted. Deimos bounty pacing is also a huge issue, with the sample upload and excavator stages taking twice as long as any other bounty stage from the other open worlds. Deimos also needs some evergreen rewards similar to the arcanes from the other open worlds, as currently, once you get to rank 5, build a mech, and get all the mods, there's really no reason to continue playing Deimos content. 

And Nezha Prime W H E N? Also please don't ruin him like you did the deluxe skin or I swear I'll cover your entire office floor in legos. 

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REWORK Bladestorm. 

Please. Pretty please. With every cherry in the sol system on top. 

This is why so many people were so excited to try M4D, more than anything it was Ash mains who are so tired of getting motion sickness trying to use the clunky, current iteration of Bladestorm. 

Please, understand why you have this sentiment and FIX Bladestorm. All us Ash users would be eternally grateful if you would give Ash another solid pass. Thanks. 

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2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Conservation Changes & Fixes:

  • An accumulation of Community and Developer feedback have brought forth a handful of Avichea changes and fixes:

    • Avicheas now correctly fly in circles around the spawn call area once they reach it instead of hovering directly above it, sometimes widely out of range.

      • This brings Avicheas in line with other flying animals like the Sawgaw, where they fly closer to the call point and land near it. 

    • Diversified ambient Avichea encounters so that they can either be encountered flying around an area or low down perched on the ground.

      • Previously ambient Avicheas were only found flying high in the sky, which could easily be missed to the busy eyes. 

    • Increased the spawn chances of ambient Avichea encounters.

    • Improvements towards Avichea animations.

      • This also fixes cases of ambiently spawned Avichea’s 'slowly ascending to the heavens'. 

    • Fixed Avicheas (and Mergoos) not flying away when gunfire is nearby.

      • Birds do as birds do - Warframe ain’t no different! Being stealthy is key for catching these animals.

  • Fixed some Conservation trail start points appearing under the endocrine goo in the Cambion Drift.

  • Fixed inability to move, shoot, switch weapons or use Warframe abilities after hitting a dissolving corpse with the Infested Ebisu or Spari Spear whilst fishing. 


Please note that the Conservation team has more planned in terms of quality changes and fixes - stay tuned!

Please take into consideration the issues and suggestions in this post


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Today I was caught up in an infinite loading screen when trying to (publicly) join a mission in Gabii, Ceres. I was able to move my ship, others were also able and I was stuck there for 5-8 minutes before Alt-F4 the game.. saw other people orbiters come and go lol they start to move their orbiter like I did..


When I was the host playing as Vauban Prime with a friend Excalibur Umbra (was limited to invites only)

This is how my friend saw me driving my Necramech in Cambion Drift between bounties:


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No changes for Son. 

No changes to railjack resource costs for helmenth. 

Gaze in a hilariously thin beam instead of a wide cone.

NECRAMECH VACUUM NEEDS TO EXIST who has th hateboner for vacuum over there? Seriously? We have been through this with companions, railjack, archwing titania...


Don't get me wrong, the ensmallening is nice. The universal skins appreciated, and a few of the changes are appreciates.

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I am curious if M4D will still "work as intended" or you will have gutted it completely. since its a big update i am still waiting on download and not done testing it.

if i am using finisher damage for 10K on target with 10K health will i still do finisher (true) damage to all  in visible range for 7.5K atleast or will i only do the weapon damage?

I am also curious about the comment about not able to have critical chance? if i am doing 5K (yellow crit with 2x multiplier) damage will i do 3.75K regular damage in the area? or will i do 1.875K ?


Could you not have made it be Non LOS if you put these restrictions now? the ability was only effective in relatively narrow areas with no cover.


I guess i will find out if i am going to scrap M4D on some of my frames or not after the download completes. I am so hoping you actually fixed it in a suitable manner.


I am looking forward to some of these other changes though. a universal rifle skin was something we really needed.

Also a SNAKE glyph for our METAL GEAR is nice , does the skin have an eye patch on the skull face ? a missed opportunity otherwise.



M4D is significantly weaker now , it really needs the damage cap based on enemies max health removed,

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3 minutes ago, Imniscor said:

Marked for Death : can I have my resources back please?

I'm not a beta tester (at this point of the game).

And, help me, please, too. I don't want to use M4D now. It is crap useless thing. Please refund all resources spent for it.

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7 минут назад, Tesseract7777 сказал:

clunky, current iteration of Bladestorm. 

looooool. People are still whining about the fact that: "oh, DE destroyed the button * Press 4  to annihilate the entire map*. Now you need to aim at the enemies." How disgusting it is. I only started using Ash after reworking his Bladestorm. And I'm fine with eliminating enemies. The new Bladestorm was not made for weaklings who can only press one button.

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i downloaded the update till it got about 3k mb left then i stop the download because it took all my internet bandwidth(is there a way to limit the download bandwidth in warframe launcher ? , i didn't find any) because i want to use internet bandwidth to do something else... , and then i done , want to resume the warframe patch update , and u know what it back again to 6996mb left.... what the hell..???? , do I have to wait while this update took all my bandwidth and i have to idle my pc wait for it to finished , when it supposed while i wait i can watch twitch or youtube ,  or play other game... but i cant... it took all my bandwidth and can't be paused , if i stop it then i have to download from the start again.... please fix this... 

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Marked for death - 100% certain that was not tested ONCE before release. Also, it's worthless now - too much setup and conditions have to be met for this to be effective. No one is going to bother. The ability was already balanced by setup time, range, line of sight - might have needed some tweaks to interaction with finishers, as this seemed too crazy, but otherwise it was fine. MAYBE range if you really wanted to nerf it. Also no mention of multishot and pellets, so Im going to assume, that any primary/secondary utilizing this (Read; All weapons!) will still be useless, as the AOE dmg you do is based on one shot/pellet, which just makes me want to cry. 

No changes to Bile.


I did some tests in Simulacrom. The only thing I could get to work was heavy attack scytche, as it transfers a huge slash proc, that will ever so slowly kill all enemies in the AOE - this will be probably be changed.... Oh, speaking of AOE? Yeah, range has been reduced from 10 to 5 meters! FIIIIIIIVE.... This of course was not mentioned in patch notes....

Gosh, I wonder what I would like more - running a weird gimmicky M4D builds, that doesnt work in Multiplayer, and requires special builds, energy spending etc, OR, just use any of our AOE weapons, and just be done with it. I could even choose a damage boost like Roar instead of M4D if I wanted to be super sure, that everything died in 1 shot (which they do). 

I didn't even use M4D for death more than 2 times, but I had this fun setup on Equinox in Night Form with Glaive Prime, where I would slow enemies around me and be able to still do some room clearing. Was fun - nothing compared to what other frames can do WAAAAAY more efficiently, but it was fun. Gave me a reason to use Equ.Night and Glaive, and now it does NOTHING. 

Edit2: My original message was somehow edited by a moderator? I was criticizing DE for not testing and knowing their player base. Censorship over that? Really????

Edited by Koed
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I really enjoyed sniper rifles becoming a viable play-style outside of eidolon farming with the introduction of marked for death.  Enjoyed it so much I even went so far as buying primed chamber and re-rolling my vectis riven 160 times.... This has been a tough year for me and warframe.  The past years changes have killed off the viability of my favorite frame (night form equinox) and many of my favorite weapons (ferrox/ zenistar) but this one finally wore me down, and for the first time since I began playing in 2014, I've uninstalled warframe.  

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I wonder if I will be able to log back into the game in time for tonight's stream. :3 I mean the launcher sometimes tells me it will (at this point, at 26%) take over 5 hours to finish downloading the update, so we might be cutting it close.

I wonder, has anyone actually managed to install and play this already? <3


Edit: Neat, apparently enough people were done with the downloads for the servers to become less choked and that means things finished only an hour and fifteen or so minutes from the time I posted the above.

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