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The Upcoming Corrections with Regal Aya: Next Steps

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I thought the prices were fine as-is, but I appreciate you listening to the community even if I'm in the minority on the issue. And most of all, I'm sorry you had to deal with so much rage, bile, and sometimes outright personal attacks and racism.

Thank you for continuing to provide a fantastic game that gives a lot of fun to a lot of folks. 💖

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It is things like this that make me support DE.  Even through the arguments in chat yesterday, I supported DE and their decisions.

This was not 'pay to win', it never was.  DE doesn't believe in 'pay to win'.

It was, like many other things a 'how much is your free time worth' question. And now, it very much continues to be so, but with more reward if you feel the need to speed things up.  There's nothing here (that provides benefits) that you can't get just by spending time playing. If you spend money, it's because you want things sooner. Perhaps you have only a little free time, and it would take far too long to get the things you want? Maybe (like me) you're a bit impatient, and like the shiny things now.

Nothing wrong with any of this.

Thanks, DE. I appreciate what you've done here. :)

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I am pleasantly surprised by this change, especially how quickly it occurred. Thank you for the prompt and reasonable response.

Also, I'm sorry there was a group of players who were resorting to ad hominem attacks on DE and especially on individual staff members. That's never okay.

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As a player who didn't have an issue with buying Regal Aya and had planned on it when items I wanted came into rotation, this has made me actually want to buy the Regal Aya earlier. Good move DE. I appreciate when companies listen to their customers.

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