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Update 32.3: Citrine's Last Wish


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Gaze upon the Crystal Bastion with our 52nd Warframe, CITRINE! Her crystalline might supports allies on the battlefield. Combat only enhances her fractal beauty.

Watch over Belric and Rania’s crystallized remains in the new Mirror Defense mission uncovered on Mars, accessible to those who have completed the Heart of Deimos Quest. Their love sustains the link between them, bridged by the Void. Visit Tyana Pass to protect them from two different onslaughts -- one Corpus and one Grineer.

Much more awaits you in Citrine’s Last Wish! Read below to learn about everything this update brings, including new Arcanes and Augments, Tauforged Probability Changes, new cosmetics, Quality of Life changes, and more!

Citrine’s Last Wish is a Mainline Update, meaning that everything the team has been working on since the launch of Lua’s Prey last year is in this update (with the obvious exception of content that is not ready to be released). It is very likely, as it is with all Mainline updates, that things can slip through the cracks. We’ll be watching for these potential issues with the help of your reports to address in future hotfixes - thank you! 

Share bug reports and feedback in the dedicated Citrine’s Last Wish subforumhttps://forums.warframe.com/forum/1805-update-323-citrines-last-wish/


Gaze upon the Crystal Bastion. Citrine’s crystalline might supports allies on the battlefield. Combat only enhances her fractal beauty.

Citrine grants nearby allies health regeneration over time. Pick up a Health Orb to increase the amount of health regeneration (up to 25 per second)!

Slash and stagger enemies with a crystal blast that inflicts Bleed. Enemies afflicted with this Status Effect have an increased chance of dropping Health and Energy Orbs.

*Fractured Blast is Citrine’s Helminth Ability at 50% strength. 

Citrine guards herself and nearby allies with a crystalline shell that gradually decays. Kills and assists increase the defensive power of the shell.

Deploy a gem that shoots prismatic beams. The gem targets enemies that are taking weapon damage from Citrine and her allies. Its beams inflict Heat, Cold, Toxin, and Electricity Status Effects. Status Chance and Status Duration increase for nearby allies.

*Prismatic Gem is Citrine’s Railjack ability - can be used to deploy a gem via the Tactical Menu.

Citrine summons crystal fractals. The fractals rush forward, seeking enemies. Enemies touched by the fractals are paralyzed by crystalline growths. Hit the growths to deal increased damage.

In lieu of the Leverian, you can dig up Citrine’s precious origins by visiting Otak in the Necralisk on Deimos (after completing the Heart of Deimos Quest) and by playing the new Tyana Pass Node on Mars. Her Prex Card can also be obtained from Otak in his special “Unearth Citrine” Offerings. 


Citrine can be purchased from the in-game Market, or by earning her Blueprints either from the rotation rewards from the new Tyana Pass Node on Mars and/or by trading with Otak in the Necralisk. 


The crystalline interior shimmers like a fire from within.


An energy projectile bursts forth from the Steflos and grows as it rushes toward enemies. The projectile's duration increases when it hits an enemy. When Citrine fires the Steflos, its projectile speed increases.

The Steflos can be purchased from the in-game Market or by earning its Blueprint and Components from the rotation rewards in the new Tyana Pass Node on Mars and/or by trading with Otak in the Necralisk. 


Heavy attacks briefly transform the Corufell into a Gunblade. After the shotgun fires, the Corufell returns to its Heavy Scythe state. Its transformation is fastest in Citrine’s hands.

The Corufell can be purchased from the in-game Market or by earning its Blueprint and Components from the rotation rewards in the new Tyana Pass Node on Mars and/or by trading with Otak in the Necralisk. 



Become a harbinger of death. This skin features some special shader work to accommodate for the shiny, iridescent look of his hardened carapace. 

The skin comes with the custom Deluxe Noble and Agile Animation Sets and the Rhino Deathwatch Wings Auxiliary attachment to add/remove his wings as desired. Listen closely and you may hear the faintest fluttering of wings

Available for purchase via the in-game Market. 


Adorn Ember in the morphic material created during the Zariman Void Jump. This collection includes the Ember Voidshell Skin and Phenareus Bark material structure. 

Available for purchase via the in-game Market. 


Take your Drifter customization to the next level with Visage Ink! Purchase and select from a wide range of designs that can be customized to your liking via the new “Visage Ink” option under “Features”. 


The following Visage Ink Collections can be purchased via the in-game Market. Each Visage Ink can also be purchased separately. These bundles will only be visible to players that have completed The New War Quest.   


Enjoy an eclectic variety of expressive designs. The Multiform Visage Ink Bundle includes the Gneissic Visage Ink and all the designs from the Cloned Flesh, Taxmen, and Devotion Visage Ink Collections.

Set yourself apart. The Cloned Flesh Visage Ink Collection includes Bulwark, Exome, Helix, Hunter, and Siege Visage Ink designs.

Invest in self-expression. The Taxmen Visage Ink Collection includes Airlock, Collateral, Dividend, Futures, and Hull Breach Visage Ink designs.

Wear your heart on your sleeve. The Devotion Visage Ink Collection includes Affections, Amorous, Cherub, and Eros Struck Visage Ink designs.

Note that Visage Ink can only be applied to Drifter.* 


Seize fractal power. This pack includes the Citrine Warframe, Steflos and Corufell weapons, Alumeti Sugatra, Citrine's Kalite Helmet, Belric and Rania Reunited Decoration, and Citrine’s Sigil*. Interact with the Belric and Rania Reunited in your Orbiter for a truly remarkable glimmer of these ill-fated companions. 

The Citrine Collection can be purchased via the in-game Market. Gifting the Crystal Bastion Collection will also award you with an additional Belric and Rania Reunited Decoration! *Citrine’s Sigil and the Belric and Rania Reunited Decoration are exclusive to the Crystal Bastion Collection.   


Forever crystallized by the Warframe Citrine, Belric and Rania reside at either end of a tunnel etched through the Void. Apart but eternally intertwined, their preserved bodies maintain this perplexing link between Mars and Venus. But the Void draws in many curious and dangerous minds to it, threatening the very entities holding it together. TYANA PASS on Mars is the access point, travel to it and defend the remains of Belric and Rania. 

How To Unlock Node: Complete the Heart of Deimos Quest. 

What To Expect: 

The fundamentals of this MIRROR DEFENSE are the same as your typical Defense mission: protect a Defense Target against an onslaught of enemies seeking to destroy it, but with a twist. In order to successfully complete a round of Mirror Defense, you are required to protect RANIA’S CRYSTAL remains that reside on Mars, and then proceed through the Void Tunnel to Venus (with the return of the nostalgic Xini tile!) to defend BELRIC’S CRYSTAL on the other side.

Their resting places are not self-regenerating, so additional protection from the Grineer and Corpus threat can be earned by collecting CITRINE’S REMNANTS -- vestiges of her act to crystalize the two lovers. Use your parkour skills to pick up the required 50x of her Remnants, and you’ll replenish Health and grant Overshields at full Health to the Crystal you are currently defending. Doing so also awakens the PRISMATIC WARD, a weapon remnant of their protector Citrine that hovers above the Belric and Rania Crystals and blasts enemies targeted by your weapons  with prismatic force.

Citrine’s Remnants pick-ups are shared squad-wide, so squadmates can safely divide and conquer objectives as a team! You can continue to collect Remnants after Reinforcing your Crystal to earn more rewards for your entire squad. Keep an ear out for a soft ringing if you can’t see the tell-tale sparkle, or utilize Loot Detector mods to see where and when they spawn! Killing foes will encourage more of Citrine’s Remnants to be revealed. 

In lieu of Defense Waves, players must protect both Crystals for 2 1/2 minutes each to complete one rotation (i.e. 5 minutes total of active Defense). Doing so earns you a guaranteed reward of Belric and Rania Fragments*, in addition to rewards from the mission drop table. 

* We’ll go into more detail about this New Resource and how it is used further below!

This node is also available on the Steel Path.

Rotation Rewards:

  • Citrine’s Main and Components Blueprints
  • Steflos Blueprint, Barrel, Receiver, & Stock
  • Corufell Blueprint, Barrel, Receiver, & Handle
  • New Arcanes: *Stats are shown at Rank 5
    • Arcane Steadfast (Warframe) - On Ability Cast: 20% chance the next three abilities will not cost energy. 
    • Arcane Double Back (Warframe) - Gain +25% damage resistance for 4s per Dodge, Double Jump and Bullet Jump. Stacks up to 3x.
    • Primary Plated Round (Primary) - On reload: Deal increased damage per round loaded based on max magazine size. Lasts for 10s.
    • Secondary Encumber (Secondary) - On Status Effect: +24% chance to trigger a second random Status Effect.
    • Secondary Kinship (Secondary) - While Buffing Ally Warframes +20% Critical Chance per buff. 

Visit the official public drop tables for more information. Note that Mirror Defense will not apply to the ‘Defense’ Nightwave Act as its Waves are different from a typical defense mission, and would take far longer than a regular Defense mission to complete. 

New Resources: Belric & Rania Fragments 

Bits of the past, fragments of the crystal masses in which Belric and Rania reside. There are two ways to earn these new resources via the Mirror Defense mission: 

1. Guaranteed rotation reward: Successfully defending both Belric and Rania counts as one round and will reward 5x Belric Fragments and 5x Rania Fragments. 

2. Collecting Citrine’s Remnants: Collecting the required amount of Citrine’s Remnants in Mirror Defense earns you either 5x Belric or Rania Fragments (alternating back and forth) and 7   on the Steel Path version of the node. 

Players can continue to collect Citrine’s Remnants even if they’ve completed this objective for their current wave of Mirror Defense!

These new resources can be traded at Otak in the Necralisk on Deimos for the Mirror Defense rotation rewards listed above, and for additional goods such as Critrine’s Prex Card and the Citrine’s Last Wish Factory Captura Scene!


New Codex Entries:
Scanning the Crystalized Belric and Rania Defense Targets in Mirror Defense will unlock new Codex Entries for an additional lore nugget. Upon unlocking the Belric Crystal and Rania Crystal in the Codex, they can be found in the ‘Objects’ category.

Elevate your Arsenal with these new Warframe Augments for Revenant, Yareli, Gyre, and Gara!

*Stats below are shown at max rank. 

Revenant: Mesmer Skin Augment: Mesmer Shield
Revenant receives +50% Mesmer Skin Strength and allies within Affinity Range are granted a maximum of 5 charges. 

*Available via the Cephalon Suda and The Perrin Sequence Syndicate Offerings.

Yareli: Merulina Augment: Merulina Guardian
Enemies eliminated during Sea Snares heal 20% of Merulina's health. Upon healing, gain +200% Reload Speed and Fire Rate on Secondary weapons for 20s.

*Available via the Cephalon Suda and New Loka Syndicate Offerings. 

Gyre: Cathode Grace Augment: Cathode Current
Eliminating an enemy while Cathode Grace is active will release an additional discharge from Rotorswell with 200% Damage and extend its duration by the same amount.

*Available via the Arbiter of Hexis and Perrin Sequence Syndicate Offerings. 

Gara: Shattered Lash Augment: Shattered Storm 
When Gara breaks her Mass Vitrify ring with Shattered Lash, enemies struck by the glass suffer Splinter Storm at 100% Strength. 

*Available via the Arbiters of Hexis and New Loka Syndicate Offerings. 


PLEASE NOTE: The following changes to Tauforged Archon Shard probability will officially begin at the weekly Archon Hunt reset on Monday, February 20th @ 00:00 UTC (7:00 PM ET)  to not interfere with the current active Hunt. 

We have tweaked the Archon Hunt reward system to increase the odds of receiving a Tauforged Archon Shard if not received after a successful hunt. Each player has their own probability per Shard based on their individual Hunt activity.  

Each time a specific Tauforged Archon Shard (Amber, Azure, Crimson) is not your reward from completing an Archon Hunt (i.e. you received a regular Amber, Azure, or Crimson Archon Shard), your chance to receive a Tauforged Shard of that variant increases in the next respective Hunt. 

The base probability is 20% and increases by 20% (up to 100%) for each Hunt that does not reward that specific Tauforged Shard. The probability resets back to 20% once that Tauforged Shard variant is rewarded. Earning a Tauforged Shard does not alter the probability to receive Tauforged of other variants. The chance % is indicated via the Archon Hunt Navigation panel for the Shard color that is currently available. 


Here is an example of how several weeks could play out: 
(This is not a reflection of the current/upcoming Archon Hunt rotations)

Week 1: Archon Nira is active with a 20% chance of a Tauforged Amber Shard. Completing the Hunt does not reward Tauforged, your chance increases by 20% to earn a Tauforged Amber Shard the next time Archon Nira is active. 

Week 2: Archon Boreal is active with a 20% chance of a Tauforged Azure Shard. Completing the Hunt does not reward Tauforged, your chance increases by 20% to earn a Tauforged Azure Shard for the next time Archon Boreal is active. 

Week 3: Archon Amar is active with a 20% chance of a Tauforged Crimson Shard. Completing the Hunt does not reward Tauforged, your chance increases by 20% to earn a Tauforged Crimson Shard for the next time Archon Amar is active. 

Week 4: Archon Nira is active with a 40% chance of a Tauforged Amber Shard. Completing the Hunt rewards Tauforged - huzzah! Your chance resets to 20% for the next time Archon Nira is active. 

Week 5: Archon Boreal is active with a 40% chance of a Tauforged Azure Shard. Completing the Hunt does not reward Tauforged, your chance increases by 20% to a total of a 60% chance to earn a Tauforged Azure Shard for the next time Archon Boreal is active. 

Rinse and repeat! 

Tauforged Archon Shards are hotly pursued items, understandably so! We made this change to create a healthy reward cycle and expectation for the players interacting with the Archon Shard system and putting in the effort to play through Archon Hunts. Thank you for your patience while we worked on a solution to improve access to the Tauforged Shards.


New Dojo Room & Decorations: Grineer Galleon Chamber

Themed after the Grineer Galleon tileset, a new Grineer Galleon Chamber room and close to 90 decorations are here! 


Cold Status Effect Changes: 

Cold Damage has traditionally been one of the lesser-used and valued Status Effects within the community, as its effect on foes may not be as noticeable compared to its peers. As a result, we’ve decided to to make the following changes: 

  • Increased base Slow from 25% to 50%.
  • Max stacks reduced from from 10 to 8.

Final result of the above is an overall increase in the Max Slow from 70% to 85%.

Cloth Improvements: 

We softened cloth to reduce the jaggedness that could result from motion causing the fabric to bend, so cloth will now appear more smooth. 

We also fixed one-frame jitter/stuttering on cloth in motion, specifically when rotating around quickly. This was most noticeable with the cloth on the Drifter Vest and Sleeves where a small “snapping” could occur on rotation. 


Sun Bounce Lighting Changes

As a continuation of the changes we made to lighting in the Echoes of the Zariman update, we have made improvements to allow reflections intensity to better match the lighting environment when using the Enhanced Graphics Engine. In other words, indirect light from the sun and sky now uses the color of its surroundings to bounce light around, making it much more realistic and dynamic with time of day changes! These changes have been applied to all Open Landscapes and Towns, Railjack levels, and the Vor’s Prize Quest. 

These changes may be applied in other Warframe areas in the future, but for now we’re testing the waters with environments that will see the most benefit from a more realistic light application! 

New Enhanced Graphics Engine Options:

The following two options have been added to the “Video” options menu to further adjust performance for your machine while the Enhanced Graphics Engine is enabled. 

Sun Shadows Toggle 
Enables sun shadows, can be disabled to improve performance. 

Deferred Decals Toggle 
Enables deferred decals, can be disabled to improve performance. 

Note that this is a part of our ongoing efforts to improve the Enhanced Graphics Engine before phasing out our Classic Renderer, as discussed on Devstream 165.

 General Additions: 

  • Added Archon Shards Filter in the “Sort By” in the Arsenal to sort your Warframes by which have Archon Shards equipped.  
  • Added a new react animation to several Grineer and Corpus units when Warframes vanish in front of them (using Abilities or other mechanics). 
    • This also applies to their Narmer variants.
  • Added an “Infused ability removed successfully” popup after removing an Infused ability at Helminth. 
  • Added motion blur to the grass in the Zariman. 

General Changes: 

  • Gara’s Splinter Storm now receives bonus damage from destroying Mass Vitrify with Shattered Lash from both inside and outside of the ring.
    • Previously, only shattering from the outside of Mass Vitrify would benefit Splinter Storm if within range. Now you can weave in and out and shatter all the same. A nice QOL change to make this synergy between all of the abilities far more convenient.
  • Increased the pickup range of the time-increasing particles in the Granum Void. 
    • With its former pickup range, you had to basically be exactly aligned with the particles in order to pick them up. The difficulty to collect was also exacerbated by them dropping high off the ground, requiring even more precision while jumping. The slight increase to the pick-up range makes grabbing these more forgiving, while ensuring players still need to seek them out to earn the time bonus! We’ll be monitoring these changes to see if further tweaks to pick-up range need to be made. 
  • Improved the accuracy of line of sight checks in rare cases. 
    • Previously, line of sight (LOS) checks weren’t as reliable as they should be and in some rare cases would fail seemingly at random. In other words, casting an ability that has intended LOS requirements to affect enemies was occasionally inconsistent. For example, Mag’s Pull could fail to pull all enemies within range when too many enemies were collected directly in the LOS, which confused it for a surface that should block LOS. These scenarios should now better identify when LOS checks should be successful. 
      • Note that this change will affect regular gameplay, but this issue will still persist in the Simulacrum.  
  • The Steel Path Honors store now has a limit of 25 per week for each of the 10,000 Kuva and the Relic Pack offerings. 
    • We have made this change to Teshins store as it is an unlimited source of Kuva and Void Relics in-game. We took a careful look at Steel Path and decided this would be the best method to ensure a small handful of players couldn’t buy absurdly large quantities of these resources at once, without making changes that would affect all Players on the Steel Path. 
  • Changed Synth Charge’s bonus damage on final shot applying to the Tenet Plinx’s and the Azima’s alt-fire. 
    • Synth Charge is only intended to apply to the last shot in a weapons magazine, but the Alt-fire on both the Tenet Plinx and the Azima were receiving the damage bonus from Synth Charge on the entire magazine. Synth Charge should only apply to the final shot in a magazine of multiple rounds, and not to the entire magazine being dispelled in one shot. 
  • Players who were affected by the bug of “being unable to earn the Emergent tier on a purchased Protovyre Armor if the Apex tier has already been achieved on another set” that was fixed in Hotfix 32.0.1, will have an inbox message on login to give the missing Protovyre items.
    • Apologies for the delay! This account update required more time to sort out the specifics on the backend to get players their missing items. 
  • Vendors with weekly offerings (such as Palladino, Chipper, Teshin, etc.) will now reset those items on Monday at 0:00 UTC/7:00 PM ET to be in sync with all the other reset timers. 
    • Palladino used to reset on Thursday at 0:00 UTC/7:00 PM ET, but will now reset on Monday at 0:00 UTC/7:00 PM ET. 
    • Chipper and Teshin was set to time of purchase + one week, but will now reset on Monday at 0:00 UTC/7:00 PM ET.
  • Changed Wisp’s Breach Surge to apply multiplier before the cap to fix the Ability resulting in billions of damage.
    • Currently: adds 100 damage up to 5m cap, then multiplies by multiplier * Power Strength
    • New: add 100 damage * multiplier * power strength up to 5m cap
  • Replaced the “Stun Deacons” (“Stun 5 Deacons using the Veilbreaker”) Challenge from the “Junk Run” Break Narmer mission with a “Kill X Enemies” Challenge. 
    • This change will only apply (for the next mission) for those that have beat the current mission after the update going live. For players that beat “Sneaky Sabotage” before the Hotfix, they will still have the “Stun Deacons” challenge when their next mission on weekly reset is “Junk Run.”  
    • We have also added the “Kill X Enemies” challenge to the other two Break Narmer Missions (Prison Break and Sneaky Sabotage.) 
  • The other 50% of the Affinity gained from Parazon Mercy Kill will now go to the weapon you had equipped before the Parazon Mercy Kill started. 
    • Prior to this change, only 50% of the Affinity gained benefitted the Warframe while the other 50% was not assigned to anything else. Now 100% of the Affinity is distributed, 50% to the Warframe and 50% to the weapon you had equipped before the Mercy Kill. 
  • Valkyr’s Prolonged Paralysis stun duration now causes a knockdown on affected enemies instead of a standing stun.
    • In the Lua’s Prey Update, we re-worked the Prolonged Paralysis Augment Mod so that pull distance didn’t scale with Ability Strength, and the enemies were stunned standing instead of a grounded stun. We thought players would prefer standing finishers due to synergies with other Arcanes and modifiers, but in response to feedback, we are changing it back to a knockdown for grounded finishers outputting raw damage.
  • Improved the responsiveness dismounting from K-Drive, Merulina, Archwing and Dargyn.  \
    • Meleeing to dismount now occurs right when hitting the button, instead of on release. 
    • Holding to dismount will now occur when the brief hold timer is up, instead of on button release after holding for the required duration (specific to Dargyn). 
    • Dismounting a vehicle no longer requires holding the Context Action button if the “Reload with Context Action Input” option under binding settings is toggled off.  
    • Changed some mission types to display information related to your mission success in the end of mission screen.  
  • This change applies to the following mission types:
    • Defense 
    • Survival
    • Excavation    
      • Previously a small icon would display which wave you reached, the amount of time survived, or the amount of Excavators successfully defended for these missions. This icon wasn’t always clear in terms of what it indicated, and it appeared in rewards despite not being one. Adding this information to the top of the end of mission screen should make this more clear. 
  • A “Purchase Limit Reached” tag will now appear over items once their purchase limit has been reached (ex: Archimedean Yonta’s 1 x Voidplume type per trade rotation) instead of the item disappearing from the list after purchasing. 
  • Platinum UI Improvements:
    • Added “Personal Platinum” amount to the on-hover description for Platinum in the UI.  d809e97f69f637601c487d01388ca95f.png
      • “Personal Platinum” can be won through official Warframe giveaways and cannot be used for trading or gifting.
      • The error message when attempting to gift using “Personal Platinum” will now indicate that you must purchase additional regular Platinum.
      • The on-hover Platinum description now indicates interacting with the icon will open the Platinum store. 
  • Removed the “Starting Energy” stat that was added in Hotfix 32.2.9 and merged it with the existing “Energy” tooltip.cfa1c83bfbcf5b1a274b03b8e65a3218.png
    • Also fixed incorrect calculation of Mod upgrade to Energy drain, which resulted in incorrect calculation of Energy players receive on spawn. 
  • Umbra now uses Secondary weapon if the last weapon before Transference is the Secondary or if the Primary weapon runs out of ammo. 
    • Running out of ammo on the Secondary will also switch back to Primary. 
    • Meleeing behavior remains the same: always attack in melee range, but otherwise prioritize following the player even if it means not attacking at all. 
  • Necramechs can now be healed by Vazarin’s Protective Sling. 
    • When we launched Orphix Venom: Update 29.6 , we removed a few ways that Necramechs could be unintentionally healed to keep it consistent with other healing abilities not affecting the Necramech, especially for Orphix Venom. On revisiting Vazarin’s Protective Sling, we now feel that it should have the functionality to heal Necramechs for some added synergy between Operators and Necramechs.  
  • Bundles in the in-game Market will now display the total price for multiple items when they can only be purchased in bulk. 
    • In the past, they would display only the cost of a single unit on the bundle, instead of the quantity that is only available for purchase
    • In this example, you are purchasing 50 Platinum worth of Kavat Genetic Code, instead of displaying 1 x Kavat Genetic Code for 5 platinum.
  • Specters in the “Hold” position will now continue attacking when moving back to their original held position, whenever they are made to move away from it (via enemies, or using movement abilities), instead of casually strolling back. 
  • Customizations in the Arsenal are now sorted by name to make item searching easier. 
  • We have added a new tag in the in-game Market that will show players the weapons they recently unlocked access to after a successful Mastery Rank test! The tag will be highlighted for a week after completing their Mastery Test, and will be hidden if they have a new Mastery Rank test to completed3c5f036b6dfe58121606c9e911cc582.png
  • Updated several stat tool-tip descriptions on hover to clarify and explain in more detail how that stat applies to Warframe and Weapons when applying Mods in the Arsenal. 
  • Changed the Somachord autoplay button to look identical on all platforms.
    • This also fixes the issue where the autoplay was not functioning for users on Console when using mouse and keyboard. 
  • Adjusted the colors used for the “Hold X to” UI label in-game to help with visibility when using custom UI colors. 
  • Fixed “Hold X” UI labels appearing to have partial progress when activating if a similar label appears nearby. 
  • Updated the Velocipod’s hitbox to be more accurate to their appearance. 
  • Adjust the spacing for some context UI labels in-game. 
  • Adjusted how frequently the Helminth discusses their hunger in-game. 
  • Improved motion vector precision. This fixes some pixel-wobbling issues and improves motion blur quality when playing at higher resolutions (4K). 
  • Improved the fire animation of the Larkspur to better match its audio FX. 
  • Improved Shade’s “Ghost” precept to more closely match how the Huras Kubrow’s “Stalk” works:  The activation range is now 24 meters (up from 10 meters), and the precept doesn’t check Line Of Sight anymore.
  • Also decreased the amount of time to re-cloak after disrupting your cloak. 
  • Increased the weapon damage bonus from Shade’s “Ambush” augment from 120% to 240%, for 3 seconds when you break out of invisibility.
  • Changed how Enemies throw grenades to ensure they don’t get embedded inside Defense targets. 
  • Added a “Random Materials” button in the Arsenal Voidshell Skin customizations menu
  • Increased Merulina’s Damage Reduction to 90%.

Cross-Platform Play Changes & Fixes: 

  • You can now host your own Cross-Platform Play Dedicated Conclave Server! 
    • To do so, the following change is required in your config files. Simply add “allowXPlatform=1” in your LotusDedicatedServerSettings. Learn more about dedicated servers here.
  • Changed the error message when inviting someone with an alias that does not exist from “Cannot sync to Warframe database due to no internet connection” to “No online player found with alias X”. 
  • Using the /invite command in chat will only send invites to players on your friends list if their alias is used by another player on another platform. If their alias is used on multiple platforms but none of the players are on your friends list, using /invite will still present the option to pick between the two. 
    • Previously, all /invite commands would offer you the option to choose which player you want but it is more likely you want to /invite the player on your friends list. We are making this change to reduce that friction. If you saw the other non-friended player online and wanted to send them an invite you can still do so using the Invite Squad Member functionality. 
  • An error message will now pop up if you typed the name of someone to invite, but the only online account that was found was yourself: “Player is already in your session.” We are not responsible for any existential crises that may result from this message. 
  • Fixed “Recent Players” list not showing numeric suffixes. 
  • Fixed Profile and Clan stats from other platforms showing incorrectly. 


  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to the network code. 
  • Optimized launcher download speeds for slower PCs. 
  • Made a micro-optimization to game loading and streaming. 
  • Made minor performance optimizations for Towns/Relays.
  • Made small optimizations to UI code. 
  • Made micro-optimizations to gameplay scripts. 
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to memory usage for all platforms. 
  • Optimized the memory footprint. 
  • Optimized the in-game Market UI for players with a very large number of placed decorations. 
  • Optimized chat-link parsing to reduce hitches that could occur when tabbing back to a chat window that had many many links you hadn’t yet seen. 
  • Reduced memory usage on some targeting ring FX textures, notably Sprag’s Manticore attack. 
  • Optimized foliage in the Orb Vallis. 
  • Improved responsiveness and stability when quitting the game or aborting an update. 
  • Improved performance of the Kulstar and Zymos’ explosion and projectile trail FX (especially with multishot Mods and when used by Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors). 
  • Improved performance of the Mutalist Cernos’ Toxin cloud particles. 
  • Fixed extensive spot loading during Loadout changes.
  • Fixed FPS dropping considerably when flying in Archwing toward the Catabolic Gutter in the Cambion Drift during an Isolation Vault Bounty. 
  • Fixed performance issues due to infinitely picking up ammo when spawning in a Specter with Vacuum and Ammo Mutation Mods equipped. Also fixed the repeating ammo pickup sound FX playing.
  • Made some optimizations to the Warframe Launcher while it is idle. 


  • Fixed Sargas Ruk, Lech Kril, Exploiter Orb, Lephantis, Vay Hek, and the Archwing Pursuit Ship not taking damage from single target weapons (only AOE weapons could damage the weak spots).
    • In Hotfix 32.2.5 we had made some temporary fixes to prevent the complete inability to defeat these bosses due to the above issue. The above fix reverts the tweaks that were made to how Bosses operate so that they could be defeated over the holiday break. The following issues from these tweaks are now also fixed: 
      • Fixed Secondary mechanics that rely on hitting things are not always triggering.
      • Fixed punch-through letting you hit weak points on the opposite side of a target. 
  • Fixed Madurai’s Chained Sling costing more Focus than intended at higher levels.
    • Players that paid the unintentionally inflated price will receive an inbox message refunding the cost difference in Eidolon Shards shortly after the update’s launch.
  • Fixed chat-linked Mod Config’s with Polarized Aura Mods from Mastery Rank 30+ 
  • Fixed weapons with negative damage values (mainly through Riven Mods providing a negative damage value ie. -50.6% impact) unintentionally doing massive amounts of damage during the Archon fight in Archon Hunts. 
  • Fixed the Magus Cloud Arcane removing the ability to ragdoll enemies when using Void Sling.
  • Fixed the Magus Cloud Arcane disabling Vazarin’s Protective Sling.
  • Fixed “On Status Effect” Arcanes not triggering when the ability/attack does 0 damage. 
    • Now these Arcanes will trigger when a Warframes Ability or Weapon hits an enemy and applies a Status Effect, even when there is no damage value applied.
  • Fixed Arcane Blessing stacks not giving Health after Host migration. 
  • Fixed Voruna’s Fangs of Raksh not properly spreading Electricity proc damage.
  • Fixed the numerical stats for Voruna’s Shroud of Dynar not changing to red/green when changing the Ability Duration via Mods. 
  • Fixed Elemental Damage Mods not combining correctly for Venari (base & Prime) in the Arsenal and when attacking. 
  • Fixed the Augur Mod Set bonus (Energy spent on abilities is converted to Shields) giving you Overshields when your current max Shield is 0 after activating the Helminth Parasitic Armor ability (Sacrifice Shields to reinforce Armor for a period of time).
  • Fixed Nyx’s Absorb and Garuda’s Dread Mirror not absorbing damage. As reported here.
  • Fixed the Felarx’s Mounting Momentum buff dissipating or being triggered when reloading your Secondary weapon. 
  • Fixed Wisp being able to fire her weapon during Sol Gate when the Helminth ability Empower was cast directly before.
  • Fixed enemies not pausing/unpausing when their time immunity changes (ex: Overguard is removed or added) and they're inside Limbo’s Rift with stasis active.
  • Fixed an issue where Rhino’s Roar and faction-specific damage mods (ex. Expel Grineer) wouldn't work while riding a K-Drive or Merulina. 
  • Fixed Scourge projectiles swirling around Grendel after casting Feast on enemies affected by its alt fire. 
  • Fixed Tenet Ferrox’s and Opticor’s (base and Vandal) primary fire explosions not dealing damage to enemies right next to the target (within 4 meters for the Tenet Ferrox and 6 for the Opticor). 
  • Fixed the Afentis’ alt-fire not pinning or stunning nearby enemies. 
  • Fixed the Javlok’s guaranteed Impact proc from alt-fire not applying to the enemy directly hit and only affecting nearby enemies. 
  • Fixed being able to gain infinite Health via Health Orbs while riding Merulina with Arcane Blessing equipped. 
  • Fixed Client losing ability to use Transference if they used Transference while their Warframe is being held by the Ropalolyst. 
  • Fixed out-of-sight enemies targeted by Ash’s Seeking Shuriken Augment Mod not having their armor stripped. 
  • Fixed Zephyr’s own Tornadoes ragdolling her when affected by Radiation proc. 
  • Fixed Yareli’s Aquablades Slash damage numbers not appearing on enemies trapped in Riptide. 
  • Fixed spamming Yareli’s Riptide on an enemy potentially causing them to appear stuck in their recovery animation.
  • Fixed issues with the hand position animations on Rifles when using Voruna’s Noble Animation set. 
  • Fixed Yareli’s Riptide spawning directly next to her instead of where you are aiming while Vazarin Guardian Shell is active. 
  • Fixed backing out of renaming Railjack causing a blank screen. 
  • Fixed Grendel’s Feast sound FX not playing when cast while in Pulverize. 
  • Fixed being able to fall through the map in Grendel’s Pulverize when a Kuva Lich uses their slam attack.
  • Fixed Kuva Liches being unable to properly throw Grendel while he is in Pulverize form. 
  • Fixed Inaros’ Scarab Swarm HUD buff showing too many numbers after the decimal point. 
  • Fixed crazy long decimal in the damage reflection percentage stat for the Reflex Denial Hound Precept Mod. 
  • Fixed long decimals appearing in the slow-motion settings in Captura.
  • Fixed crazy long decimals appearing in the Hacking Rate % in Railjack Corpus POIs and in the Data Gathered % during the Profit Taker fight.  
  • Fixed Reinforcement Beacons in the Orb Vallis being indestructible if the enemy placing it is affected by Revenant’s Thrall. 
  • Fixed Styanax’s Rally Point buff end FX appearing in 2D on players that aren’t buffed. 
  • Fixed the Gladiator Mods equipped on Garuda Prime not applying its set Critical Chance bonus to her Prime Talons.
    •  Gladiator Mods apply to Garuda Prime Talons because they are not an exalted weapon, and don’t interact with other melee mods on their regular melee weapon. The Garuda Prime Talons are similar to Titania’s Diwata in this case, which is why the Gladiator set bonus doesn’t apply to Excalibur’s Exalted Blade and Valkyr’s Talons. 
  • Fixed Garuda’s custom HUD for her passive shifting to the middle of the screen after entering a loading tunnel (ex: Zariman elevator). 
  • Fixed Spearguns thrown at Profit Taker or the Exploiter Orb scaling up to massive sizes.
  • Fixed Spearguns (held in Warframes hand) reverting to their compact/stored state after being thrown. 
  • Fixed Stropha not adding to Combo Counter when attacking ragdolling enemies. 
  • Fixed Beacons not working if you start a Zariman mission via the elevator instead of Navigation. 
  • Fixed Acolyte spawns stopping indefinitely in the Steel Path if a Host Migration happens at the same moment one spawns or while one is alive. 
  • Fixed the Parazon Mercy Kill Health threshold UI indicator showing over Overguard if you hit an enemy with enough Impact procs (which was confusing since you cannot Mercy Kill enemies with Overguard active). 
  • Fixes towards mining veins spawning inside of rocks, making them inaccessible. 
  • Fixed selecting a non-Railjack mission via the Event, Quest, Alert, etc. tabs not loading in if the Railjack Navigation is active. 
    • Selecting these missions while in Railjack Navigation will now switch back to the default Navigation to start the mission. 
  • Fixed duplicate Nightwave Weekly Acts appearing in the same rotation. As reported here.
  •  Fixed being able to select Operator/Drifter skin colors from general color palettes by selecting the “All Colors” option. 
    • As a reminder from when we released the Refacia Kit, our desire is to maintain a lore-driven feature that fits within the ecosystem of Warframe for all to enjoy. The “All Colors” option being selectable was not intended and allowed access to colors that aren’t lore appropriate. 
  • Fixed the Prelude to War Codex screen opening when selecting the Quest guide tab in Navigation for a different Quest. 
  • Fixed the red circle FX showing up on grenades thrown by friendly NPCs. The red is designated for grenades thrown by enemies, not our pals. 
  • Fixed multiple issues with entering a mission  with no Melee weapon equipped and then using an Exalted Melee weapon: 
    • Fixed being able to Parazon Mercy Kill with an invisible weapon (normally disabled when you have no melee weapon).
    • Fixed Parazon Mercy Kills being disabled.
    • Fixed cooperative emotes (like handshakes) being disabled. 
  • Fixed issues with the Pox’s lingering smoke FX. 
  • Fixed placement issues with the Tenet Ferrox’s FX.  
  • Fixed the blood FX from Nagantaka’s projectiles not taking on custom energy color. 
  • Fixed extremely bright FX when using the Concealed Explosives Mod on throwing Secondary weapons. 
  • Fixed the “Show UI in Screenshot” toggle in the Interface Options not working. 
  • Fixed cases of the Host being stuck in the vote screen on the Profit-Taker boss fight if their squadmates reject the mission. 
  • Fixed being stuck in a loading screen when the Host forces a mission vote while a Client is in menus until said Clientleaves the squad.
  • Fixed Host force starting a mission while a Client is joining a squad with a slow connection causing the Client to get permanently stuck in an End of Mission screen. 
  • Fixed Clients with slower internet connections getting stuck on the End of Mission screen after Host force starts a follow-up mission. 
  • Fixed Hosts with slower internet connections dropping squad members when loading into Deck 12 for the Exploiter Orb boss fight. 
  • Fixed Client and Host getting stuck being unable to open the main menu and return to Dojo after Host initiates a return to Dojo countdown from Railjack. 
  • Fixed Client with slow internet connection speeds getting stuck behind in mission (regular, open landscape, and Railjack) if Host aborts and loads into their next mission before the Client gets to the end of mission screen. 
  • Fixed players who have completed The New War Quest being able to matchmake with and bring players who have not completed the Quest into the post-New War open landscapes. 
  • Fixed Moas killed by camera traps not counting towards “Kill 20 Narmer Moas” in the  “Sneaky Sabotage” Break Narmer mission. 
  • Fixed kills for the “Made for This” Break Narmer challenge counting twice. 
  • Fixed being stuck on the End of Mission screen after failing a Railjack mission. 
  • Fixed more than usual NPCs overlapping each other in the Relay when returning from a Railjack mission. 
  • Fixed quick weapon switching with the Phenmor in Incarnon Mode causing weapons to remain holstered while Warframe animates invisible weapons as if they were being held. 
  • Fixed the last Excavator exploding automatically in the Orb Vallis Excavation Bounty. 
  • Fixed the Okuri Tails Ephemera ignoring the second energy color if the primary energy colour wasn’t selected. 
    • With this fix, we changed how all attachments react to energy color selection. Now, primary energy color can inherit the secondary energy color if only that one is selected (same to how Warframes do). 
  • Fixed the Okuri Tails Ephemera reverting to default colors after Mirage’s Eclipse expires. 
  • Fixed issues with placing and interacting with the Baruuk Prime Mandala Decoration. 
  • Fixed the Scylla Syandana having some clipping issues with some Warframe skins.
  • Fixed texture scaling issue on the Frost Voidshell Skin. They now match the textures on the body better. 
  • Fixed the Drifter’s feet being off screen in their Clothing Appearance screen. 
  • Fixed Voidshell Material Structures appearing on non-Voidshell Skins when previewing them in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed pistols with the Protokol Tekna Skin not animating during reload. 
  • Fixed the magazine on a pistol with the Protokol Vekesk Pistol Skin equipped disappearing after the second reload. 
  • Fixed the Kukri Prime Armor’s FX color reverting to default when in Navigation. 
    • Also fixed the FX disappearing entirely in the Syndicate management and login screens. 
  • Fixed selected decoration floating off screen while rotating it if surface snapping is enabled. 
  • Fixed Polychrome lighting changes affecting neighboring rooms in the Dojo. 
    • Some lights in Dojo rooms have such a large radius that they would extend into adjacent rooms. When searching for lights to apply Polychrome colors to, the lighting system would find all lights in the room, but this was also including lights from neighboring rooms. Now it will only include lights whose primary zone is in the room with the Polychrome. It is however still possible for the lights to “leak out” into other rooms, but only when the doors are open (which makes sense!). 
  • Fixed the Distilling Extractor Prime and Titan Extractor Prime having “Blueprint” in their name in the Foundry. 
  • Fixed becoming stuck in a turret previously controlled by Railjack Crew. 
  • Fixed the sprinting animation locking while holding the sprint button, making the Warframe appear as if they are gliding. 
  • Fixed completing multiple Conservation captures immediately one after another (ex: from a group of Pobbers) causing the animation for future captures and Archwing Blink to not play.
  • Fixed the Revenant Specter in the Mask of the Revenant Quest cycling between all kinds of animations (other than his intended death animation) after defeating him in combat. 
  • Fixed being unable to interact with your pets in the Dormizone. Time for scritches! 
  • Fixed Companions not teleporting with the player during the first phase of the Archon Hunt Assassination.  
  • Fixed instances of enemies getting stuck spinning in circles on the spot. 
  • Fixed the Spectralyst Volt clones at times creating opaque and stretched textured walls instead of the transparent Shield Volt casts. 
  • Fixed the 4-character minimum restriction for Clan/Alliance names not applying in-game. 
  • Fixed the "Get to the objective. Players waiting for you: 0" prompt lingering on screen after a player has aborted a mission via the Zariman elevator. 
  • Fixed the Cetus fast travel option for Fisher Hai-Lok missing a description of him. 
  • Fixed a Life Support Tower floating in the Yuvarium Conjunction Survival mission. 
  • Fixed being able to clip through certain walls/areas using Transference. 
  • Fixed a map hole by a pillar in the Tycho, Lua Survival node. 
  • Fixed several map holes found in Conjunction Survival missions on Lua. 
  • Fixed being able to go out of bounds in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset. 
  • Fixed map hole right in front of Extraction in the “Save the Reservoir” stage in The Second Dream Quest. 
  • Fixed an extraction trigger in the Jupiter Gas City tileset being very small. 
  • Fixed an unintended blacked out cover panel being intractable in the Orokin Moon tileset.
  • Fixed floor texture flickering issues in front of the vault in the Amalthea, Spy mission on Jupiter. 
  • Fixed Necramech getting stuck on terrain if spawned against a specific wall in Conjunction Survival missions. 
  • Fixed a rock missing collision in the Grineer Forest tileset. 
  • Fixed soil scaling issues in the Zariman. 
  • Fixed Lone Guardian in Conjunction Survival nodes getting stuck on terrain while walking to Life Support Tower. 
  • Fixed enemies getting stuck on terrain in the Phobos, Memphis Defection node.
  • Fixed several ramps in the Phobos, Memphis Defection node missing their bottom half to connect them to the ground. 
  • Fixed Grineer enemies ignoring attacks from wild Kubrows and not retaliating. 
  • Fixed being able to enter an inaccessible area in the Vor’s Prize Quest. 
  • Fixed enemies getting stuck under a staircase in the Tycho, Lua Survival node. 
  • Fixed enemy pathing issues in the Grineer Galleon tileset found in the regular Star Chart as well as Railjack missions. 
  • Fixed enemies becoming stuck and unable to activate the alarms during Capture missions in the Corpus ship tileset. 
  • Fixed individual Voidshell Collections not linking to their respective Void Adornment Bundles in the in-game Market. 
    • Also fixed individual items that are a part of bundles not showing the bundle that they are a part of in their Market page. 
  • Fixed the Warframe who initiated the Right/Left Hand of Eros Emote having height offset issues when linking the two hands. 
  • Fixed Warframe holding a weapon in-hand when using the Right/Left Hand of Eros Emote with another player. 
  • Fixed weapons that formerly used Sniper ammo appearing when using the term “sniper” to search in the Arsenal despite not being categorized as a Sniper weapon. 
    • This would affect a weapon like the Lenz, which now uses Primary Ammo. It can still be found in the Arsenal when searching using the term “Bow”. You can still find your Rubico Prime using the term “Sniper”, so worry not!
  • Potential fix for excessive offset on truncated Squad member names. 
  • Fixed mounting/dismounting K-Drive/Merulina as Client dramatically shifting the camera position. 
  • Fixed Exo/Gyre Gokstad Pilots spawning Kosma Roller Sentries instead of Exo/Gyre Roller Sentries. 
  • Fixed becoming a K-Drive (without a rider) permanently when using Transference into a body of water after jumping off of K-Drive. 
  • Fixed areas of the exocrine rivers being dried up in the Cambion Drift. Replenished them with a fresh delivery of Infested excretions. 
  • Fixed fish spawning below the Exocrine surface in the Cambion Drift. 
  • Fixed the mirror in Deimos Isolation Vault Bounties missing skybox on one side.
  • Fixed Ayatan Stars not sitting properly in the Ayatan Sculpture after using the Auto Install button. 
  • Fixed UI temporarily freezing if players attempt to manually install Ayatan Stars too quickly.
  • Fixed Necramechs floating in the Conservation capture screen when a player re-enters the Necracmech immediately after a successful capture. 
  • Fixed the lighting properties on many attachments and accessories being black in certain Captura scenes.
  • Fixed a lighting issue in the Corpus Ice Caves found in the Venus Proxima. 
  • Fixed a small white FX lingering during the reward selection screen in endless Void Fissure missions. 
  • Fixed Osprey radius FX being green instead of blue. 
  • Fixed a red square appearing in place of the Parazon Mercy Kill icon over downed Candidates and Larvlings. 
  • Fixed Companions sometimes freezing in place during Archon Hunts. 
  • Fixed custom reticles (Incarnon weapons for example) overlapping with default reticles in the UI when swapping between weapons.
  • Fixed the Cedo’s description mentioning Shotgun Ammo instead of Primary Ammo. 
  • Fixed stat tooltips not showing in the Arsenal Upgrade screen. 
  • Fixed the icon for Syndicate Weapon radial effect appearing while it is not equipped. 
  • Fixed the Armor break FX appearing on the Brachiolysts when they’re killed. 
  • Fixed tooltip popup not appearing when hovering over stats in some screens. 
  • Fixed the login screen not showing selected custom UI Theme or Background. 
  • Fixed the CAPS Lock warning on the login screen being difficult to see with the Lunar Renewal UI Theme. 
  • Fixed the Lunar Renewal Theme not displaying properly on log-in. 
  • Fixed flickering textures when previewing Baruuk, Ivara, Nidus, Protea, and Styanax in the in-game Market.
  • Fixed in-game Market Bundles with blueprints not displaying their content information “on hover” in the in-game Market. 
  • Fixed the “Ends In” Nightwave UI overlapping with the mission progress screen. 
  • Fixed alignment issues with the Star Chart node info popup.
  • Fixed friend menu screen overlapping over inbox UI after accepting a friend request. 
  • Fixed getting stuck looking at Simaris for a bit after purchasing from his Offerings. 
  • Fixed the notifications for sales and coupon discounts using the same generic Market icon. 
  • Fixed some lighting issues in the Dormizone.
  • Fixed music from Varzia playing while viewing Prime Resurgence in the in-game Market. 
  • Fixed some screens not allowing double select to equip items. 
  • Fixed the Incarnon mode reticle appearing when it has not yet been unlocked for that Incarnon Weapon. 
  • Fixed the Lex Conclave skin clipping issues on the Lex Prime. 
  • Fixed script error with the Conquera II Ephemera. 
  • Fixed script error related to the Break Narmer end of mission screen. 
  • Fixed script error when exiting the security cameras in the “Sneaky Sabotage” Break Narmer mission. 
  • Fixed script errors when using Transference to Operator. 
  • Fixed script error in the final stage of The Waverider Quest. 
  • Fixed script errors with Yareli’s Riptide. 
  • Fixed script error with Chroma’s Spectral Scream. 
  • Fixed crash related to the Lua Spy coop doors.  
  • Fixed crash that could occur when starting a Quest mission from within a Dojo.
  • Fixed rare crash that would occur when attempting to board Merulina while receiving lethal damage.
  • Fixed crash related to texture scaling when loading into the Corpus Outpost tileset as Host. 
  • Fixed crash caused while having all of Chroma’s abilities active and traveling from Free Flight to the Dojo in Railjack. 
  • Fixed a very rare crash that would occur when rolling a Riven Mod. 
  • Fixed one of Legs’ Memory Fragments in the Orb Vallis being unscannable, it has now been moved to a scannable location. 
  • Fixed being able to use Decorate mode to go out of the Map when customizing the Dormizone. 
  • Fixed the End of Mission screen music overlapping with Profile music when inspecting other players after just having finished a mission.. 
  • Fixed Client getting stuck in Railjack loading tunnel if Host migration occurs right before.
  • Fixed a host migration issue when selecting a bounty in the Plains of Eidolon putting the player back in Cetus when that player was originally hosting the squad and had completed the New War Quest and their squadmate had not. 
  • Fixed some spawning locations for ambient animal encounters in the Plains of Eidolon. 
  • Fixed the ceiling of the Reliquary Drive room found in Void Armageddon missions sometimes disappearing. 
  • Fixed having no UI during Daily Tribute screen on log-in, when using a UI theme and logging in on the same device with a user who uses a different UI theme
  • Fixed players on controller selecting the ‘repeat mission’ key as the end of mission screen causing both the navigation and end of mission screen to appear. 
  • Fixed being unable to scan a Dusklight Sarracenia found in the Grineer Shipyard Tileset.
  • Fixed the Golden Instinct being invisible when using the Titania Donann skin with default colors. 
  • Fixed the Vastilok from having an unusually high blocking angle compared to other gunblades. 
  • Fixed a sigil appearing on Banshee when viewing the Banshee Soprana Collection in the in-game market. 
  • Fixed the “Abandoning Objective” UI appearing off-center and on an angle in Open World Bounties. 
  • Fixed Nightwave Ending soon banner overlapping text with the in-game Menu in missions.  
  • Fixed the Tusk Hellion in the Legendary Rank 2 Test using a shield, it has since been swapped with a regular Hellion. 
  • Fixed the Particle Ram mod displaying 940 damage per second instead of 840 damage per second at rank 6. 
  • Fixed a Tonkor grenade appearing in the player's hand for the duration of the mission if they happen to roll and reload at just the right time. 
    • This fixes the issue while using both the Tonkor and Kuva Tonkor.  
  • Fixed the Felarx holding animation being broken when using some Warframe abilities while reloading. 
  • Fixed Clients with poor connections being stuck in the End of Mission screen and unable to exit when in a squad. 
  • Fixed the explosion FX for the Kuva Ayanga being extremely bright. 
  • Fixed players getting duplicate Inbox messages when they complete an area of the Map on Steel Path mode, if they had already finished that area before.
  • Fixed the fog on the Cambion Drift appearing much more thick than usual. 
  • Fixed the Growing Power Aura Mod not applying in Archwing Missions. 
  • Fixed the Skaut Landing Craft appearing to have black lines on certain loading screens. 
  • Fixed disbanding from your squad and loading into the Plains of Eidolon alone if your squad has selected the Plains of Eidolon and you have the Angels of the Zariman quest active. 
  • Fixed Clients not receiving Relic reward in a Void Storm Survival mission if they play through the entire wave (5 minutes) as Operator. 
  • Fixed rare case of an Ayatan Sculpture spawning in an inaccessible place on Eris. 
  • Fixed unintended placeholder reflection showing in some reflective materials in the Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed the Passive ability icon in the Codex > Universe tab not matching the others.
  • Fixed Solaris United characters still having the unrevealed sound FX applied on their voices in the Syndicate consoles in the Orbiter after hitting Rank 5 in the Syndicate. 
  • Fixed the scale of many Decorations in the Decoration preview screen being too small. 
  • Fixed Ratels spawned by Corpus Sniper Crewmen while under the effect of Xaku’s Accuse becoming invincible to all incoming attacks, and allied to Xaku for the remainder of the mission. 
  • Fixed Hyekkas spawned from Hyekka Masters while under Xaku’s Accuse being invincible until the Hyekka Master dies. 


  • When using Secondary Encumber with a chaining weapon (ie. Atomos) the primary target does not receive any bonus Status Effects from the arcane, while the secondary targets that receive damage do. 
    • This is a fix that requires code and will come with a later build.
  • The Rhino Deathwatch Wings will not animate during Deathwatch Noble/Deathwatch Agile animations, unless you are also wearing the Deathwatch Skin. We intend to add support for the wing animations for other Rhino appearances at a future date.
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Thank you for the update.




With now 52 warframes (+prime versions and double built frames) and 2 new weapons; can we please have another sorting system for our weapons/warframes?
With this update you can kind of favourite frames with archon shards, but that's time gated behind quests and limited to warframes only.
Maybe let us mark them?


With the duviri paradox being one of the next big updates, can we have "universal" operator cosmetics/suits?

If they can not be made into separated suits: an auxiliary slot for stuff like the dreads on the emissary suit or the neck shield on the bishamo series would be really nice.

edit: should be coming with the duviri update (watch dev-stream 168)

Edited by Dark_Lugia
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Could the spawning algorithm of the Treasurer get looked at, so we can get multiple Granum Crowns per mission?
It feels so bad to leave the poor Solaris prisoners hanging :/

There's up to 5 prisoners, but only up to 1 Granum Crown per mission, so the math just doesn't work out currently.
I don't even care about the standing, I just want to save them from their predicament.
This is something I sincerely care about and I'd really like to see addressed.


Edited by Her_Lovely_Tentacles
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The new warframe looks solid (get it because they are made out of gems and stuff laugh now)



On 2/15/2023 at 11:00 AM, [DE]Connor said:

Arcane Double Back (Warframe) - Gain +25% damage resistance for 4s per Dodge, Double Jump and Bullet Jump. Stacks up to 3x

free 75% damage reduction on any frame? damn


On 2/15/2023 at 11:00 AM, [DE]Connor said:

Primary Plated Round (Primary) - On reload: Deal increased damage per round loaded based on max magazine size. Lasts for 10s.

Supra vandal hhhhhh


On 2/15/2023 at 11:00 AM, [DE]Connor said:

Secondary Encumber (Secondary) - On Status Effect: +24% chance to trigger a second random Status Effect.

oh god the priming capabilities


On 2/15/2023 at 11:00 AM, [DE]Connor said:

An energy projectile bursts forth from the Steflos and grows as it rushes toward enemies. The projectile's duration increases when it hits an enemy. When Citrine fires the Steflos, its projectile speed increases.


the mag mains will become to powerful de please


On 2/15/2023 at 11:00 AM, [DE]Connor said:

Changed Wisp’s Breach Surge to apply multiplier before the cap to fix the Ability resulting in billions of damage.

  • Currently: adds 100 damage up to 5m cap, then multiplies by multiplier * Power Strength
  • New: add 100 damage * multiplier * power strength up to 5m cap


Chef Skinner Skinner GIF - Chef Skinner Skinner Suprised - Discover & Share  GIFs



On 2/15/2023 at 11:00 AM, [DE]Connor said:

Also fixed incorrect calculation of Mod upgrade to Energy drain, which resulted in incorrect calculation of Energy players receive on spawn. 

you mean nerfed it? like come on was this necessary?

Edited by Mazifet
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Thanks for the Update Notes!!!

After careful inspection of the notes, everything coming is extremely solid!

However, I have but one small complaint...

Where are the fixes for punch through on guns that are AoE-esce that have been broken for the past 4-6 months? 

This is just getting ridiculous at this point. 

Panthera Prime, Scourge Prime, Ogris (Kuva Variant as well), Kuva Chakkhurr, and a SLEW OF OTHER WEPS just lost their ability to punch through enemies as a whole, and there has been NOTHING said about this topic FOR MONTHS. 

Not one blip of the notes identifies this as a problem, when it has been one for god knows how long, and it feels like we are talking to a brick wall. 

I understand if this is being held back for the 'Duviri Update' whenever that comes out, but c'mon, at least tell us you know its a problem. Be more open with us in regards to this bug, because this has just been too long now, and I'm just upset. 

I'll have my video below... AGAIN... indicating how the Panthera Prime has been working for the past 4+ months, as well as the weps above, and more weps that I've yet to mention. 

Here is the video in question: 

Any other player can throw on Punch Through mods onto those select weps and see that it is not working as intended, and has not been for months...

Just tell us that you're not going to fix this, or that you are at a later date. 

Something, anything would help, please. 

Edit Regarding PT: I do not care. This was a 'Mainline Update." We deserve some answers in regards to DE acknowledging that this is a problem and are either going to provide information in regards to fixing it or making a statement that it will never work again. 

Edit: Still nothing on the pathocyst's damage when blown up as a glaive, eh? 

Also upsetting. 

That thread is here, and should be addressed immediately as well


Edited by Halo
Clarification / Link for Pathocyst Info
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SO MUCH STUFF. Looks like Gara is going to be even more deadly with untold amounts of synergy. I hope that new augment works the way I think it does.

EDIT: It does not work how I thought it would. It is honestly very disappointing as an augment, and seems to work against the rest of Gara's kit.

Edited by AceOfCayde
Did some testing
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25 минут назад, [DE]Connor сказал:

The Steel Path Honors store now has a limit of 25 per week for each of the 10,000 Kuva and the Relic Pack offerings. 

  • We have made this change to Teshins store as it is an unlimited source of Kuva and Void Relics in-game. We took a careful look at Steel Path and decided this would be the best method to ensure a small handful of players couldn’t buy absurdly large quantities of these resources at once, without making changes that would affect all Players on the Steel Path. 


Now make dropping the relics from Enemies. And increase relic drop in Steel Path up to 5 things instead of 1. If you nerfs relic farm

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30 minutes ago, Dark_Lugia said:

The Steel Path Honors store now has a limit of 25 per week for each of the 10,000 Kuva and the Relic Pack offerings. 

  • We have made this change to Teshins store as it is an unlimited source of Kuva and Void Relics in-game. We took a careful look at Steel Path and decided this would be the best method to ensure a small handful of players couldn’t buy absurdly large quantities of these resources at once, without making changes that would affect all Players on the Steel Path. 


So you have a bunch of blatant bot users farming Steel Essence for 24 hrs straight - and you do nothing about it. Instead you punish every honest legit player with these limits?

Myabe you should actually address the problem with these "small handful of players" who exploit the system botting the hell out of SP survivals?

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