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On 2020-02-28 at 10:21 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Arcane Bodyguard 
On Rank 5: On 6 Melee Kills within 30s

Heal Companion for a greater amount.


On 2020-02-28 at 10:21 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Arcane Energize
On Rank 5: On Energy Pickup
60% chance to replenish Energy to nearby Allies
Added duration and Cooldown added (cannot re-trigger while active).

Arcane Eruption
On Rank 5: On Energy Pickup
100% chance to Knockdown nearby enemies. 


On 2020-02-28 at 10:21 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Arcane Pulse - Increased stats and added cool down
On Rank 5: On Health Pickup:
30% chance to Heal nearby allies

The devstream talked about how a lot of arcanes have poor descriptions that don't give important information, like their range or how much they heal/energy they give. Many of the changes aren't reflected well in many of the descriptions given here. how close is nearby?  

will arcane arachne finally affect warframes and not just weapons? if not its description should indicate that it only grants bonus weapon damage.
is arcane aegis  30%/per second or 30%/duration? 

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Amps and self-stagger needs to be looked at.

Shraksun Scaffold damages self even when standing still. Shraksun scaffold's projectile explode so soon after launch that there is no way to avoid being damaged by it by any means other than ending transference. Propa Scaffold has enough time in the fuse to avoid the damage, although it consumes plenty of operator energy to do so. These amp self-damage effects are not very noticeable because of Tenno's extreme resistance to void damage type. I hope they don't stagger self every other time you fire them after the update.

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В 28.02.2020 в 19:21, [DE]Rebecca сказал:

Decreased the chances of Kuva Lich controlled sectors forcing an Exterminate situation to allow for more gamemode chances.

this is actually bad. an exterminate mission is less time consuming mission in general. we grind for these murmurs so the game would tell us the right combination for requiems (because i assume there is no better option >_>) which means the faster we do this, the better. capture mission is also good, but i would rather do an exterminate with level 90 mobs, rather than a capture with level 90 mobs.

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On 2020-02-28 at 11:21 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Arcane Aegis: 
On Rank 5: On Shield Damaged:

3% chance for +30% Shield Recharge for 12s.


Is this a typo? I ask because:

Current rank 3: 6% chance for +60% Shield Recharge for 20s.

If you take the values you listed above and add them to the current values you would get something that makes perfect sense in terms of the other arcanes being changed:

Rank 5: 9% chance for +90% Shield Recharge for 32s.

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This is absurd. These new arcane changes isn't what feels like 1.5 its still 1 arcane at max ranked which you will now have to buy or grind 11 more of to get about the same results of. yes some few arcanes have been buffed by a bit. but for most its either a nerf being like 0.8 as they are now or with a cooldown which we dont know how long will last which worries me. or they are as they once were but now you gotta grind a heck alot more. this smells nasty. like you dont think the grind for these arcanes isn't already long boring and tedious. then atleast up the chances of getting the rare ones. and why is it 11 more for 2 ranks when 10 is for 3 ranks? it should be more like 15 in total for 5 ranks what is wrong with your maths? arghh

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On 2020-02-28 at 4:21 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Status Chance Mod Buffs 
The Status Chance Mods we released many years ago have not been considered worthwhile - there are simply better options within the Status Mod builds (Dual Stats) or Critical builds are more appealing. We are buffing all Standalone Status Chance Mods to increase the appeal of building for Status on your Weapons:

Rifle Aptitude increased from 15% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance

Melee Prowess increased from 15% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance

Sure Shot increased from 15% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance

Shotgun Savvy increased from 30% Status Chance to 90% Status Chance

Why? This is a long overdue change that will thrive when paired with the above change of giving >100% Status meaning. The goal is to give your Arsenals a shake up in terms of what Status may mean for some of your Collection! This is a power output increase across the board for Status. 


Was Modified Munitions overlooked here?

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9 hours ago, baoyouming said:

Unless the lichs rank up when ever they are forced to retreat.

Why would it?

9 hours ago, baoyouming said:

You're the only one here who seems offended. The system now works as is and you're crying for them to change it just for your scenario with your friend. 

Oh yeah, f*ck me for wanting to play with my friends in this co-op game. Clearly co-op shooter games should be designed for loners who want to avoid fighting the enemies. Yup, that's some big brain logic there, buddy.

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10 hours ago, master_of_destiny said:

1) It is a privilege to simply play this game, and the reward is contained therein.



2) Because the game can be played for free by extremely elastic definitions, the developers don't have to ever justify drop rates.  Simply having the potential to drop is good enough, and there's not statistics to indicate that the rates would be detrimental.  

Since we are moving into formal logic territory by inferring to straw man fallacies, your first sentence/claim is illogical:

  • The game can be played for free [true]
  • The definition of "free gameplay" demands extremely elastic definitions [false]
  • As a consequence of the "freeness" in combination with "extremely elastic definitions" developers don't have to justify drop rates [false]

So there is one fact or truth (the game can be played for free), but the rest is qualified semantic BS. In your second sentence you presuppose that there is something like "detrimental drop rates". Detrimental to what?

And you are inferring that game developers should have to justify drop rates to someone, to whom? To you?


3) The RNG rewards in Warframe are inherently different than a slot machine...because?  I'd suggest this is because you don't believe the act of gambling can inherently be pleasurable, but cannot answer this with the data at hand.

Now you are trying to change the argument, you claimed Warframe as whole was a slot machine (want me to quote you?). My point is that Warframe is much, much more than just a slot machine, and that most players play Warframe for this content rather than the RNG drops. And speaking of straw men arguments, maybe we should include ad hominem as well?


4) Gameplay is inherently a reward.

Not exactly. Gameplay that is fun is rewarding, and you do not need RNG drops to achieve that fun.


5) Because somebody has a thing, everybody should shut up.  It's possible, so stop complaining.

No. But one should always strive to be logical, fact-based and honest, also when complaining. And especially so when claiming to represent not only oneself, but others as well.  Maybe you don't agree?


Let's rip them apart.



1) Let's open the launcher.  Hmmm, multiple different bits asking for my money.  Let's try to get a bp and make a new weapon.   Hmmm, the market defaults to items to purchase with platinum.  Let's actually be real here, DE is not a charity.  They run a business.  What sells the most is what they do, and it's our job to tell them what we are willing to buy.  If tomorrow the monetization was shut off the development would end, because DE is composed of people who need to get paid.  There is no privilege in playing the game, there's a daily balance between paying to skip grind (read: not content, grind) and simply grinding.

Hmm, how nice! A typical straw man logical fallacy, just as we were talking about them. The statement "you can play Warframe for free" is unambiguous and true, and has nothing to do with DE and Warframe needing money to function (how nice of you to point that out, I am sure very few people understand this).

Not sure about the numbering though, since it is a bit unclear how this relates to the statement above (1) that it is a privilege to simply play this game (which is also true).


2) This is pretty sick, and why mobile games are cancer.  It's free to play, but there's a 24 hour wait, or a 12 followed by 72, or 6 12 hours.  To be real, this is forma, any frame, and a Railjack.  The entire time you can pay real money, and get the thing or walk away from the game.  Theoretically it's free.  In reality the amount of "free" is pretty minimal and even with the very recent addition of some slots, you can't do a lot.  The common response is that you can grind to get platinum from other players, and spend it on convenience.  The problem is that you're admitting the drop rates are bad enough to warrant skipping through alternative grind and spending somebody else's money on it.  The net effect is you admit drop rates matter and that the ability to skip grind is vital at some point.  With both admissions the game cannot strictly be played for free, only free if your time has no value.

No. This is a mishmash of logical inconsistencies and outright lies. Either Warframe is free to play, or it is not. Your claim that it is both "theoretically free and minimally free at the same time" is illogical and not based on facts. Your claim that you cannot do a lot for free is an outright lie. Your concept of "common response" or "bad drop rates" has nothing to do with this, and these concepts would need clear, objective definitions to have any meaning.


3) Definition of words is definition.  Slot machines take an input, run a process which returns a random number, and based off of that value pops out a reward.  Warframe is an exact copy of that.  The two only vary in that the input is money or time and the output is nothing, money, or digital goods.  Don't believe me, fine. 

That first sentence is again too groovy for me, I don't get it. As to Warframe being an exact copy of a slot machine, let's just say that if that is your view, fine. I will only point out that if you removed all RNG drops from Warframe and instead put in fixed drops, Warframe would still be Warframe and millions would continue playing. If you did the same with a slot machine...


4) If it was inherently rewarding they wouldn't have loot drops at the end, leader boards, or point which become drops.  If you can name any mission in warframe without rewards I'll agree I am wrong.  Here's a hint though, even ESO and SO have affinity.  Please, I'm really looking forward to this.

No. Here are a couple of logical fallacies. The first one is the claim that loot drops proves that the game isn't inherently rewarding ("false cause/causality").  In fact (or by logic, if you prefer) loot drops does not in any way disprove that Warframe is inherently rewarding.

The "if you can name any mission..." is also a logical fallacy, or actually two rolled in one. The "setup" that you are right unless proven wrong is a "burden of proof" fallacy (= logically false), and as a premise for your question you are using the same logical fallacy as per above (that there is a direct logical causality that proves that if Warframe isn't inherently rewarding because there are drops).

Your "hint" about affinity is a bit of a mystery, since affinity is a game mechanic and not a RNG drop. And ESO/SO do have RNG drops, so?

So hopefully you got what you was looking forward to. 


5) If you disagree with math...fine.  Everybody needs a burger flipper.  Just don't get into actual fabrication of the meat components or the cash register.  For everyone else, 10 runs of a 10% reward chance inductively means you get the reward.  In actuality it doesn't.  0.9^10 is the chance of not getting the reward, that's 35% of people not getting the reward despite running the thing 10 times.   Statistics and inductive reason are pretty goofy.

Oooh, now I disagree with math 🙂. And have a future as a burger flipper, no less. As long as I don't start fabricating stuff about meat components. Fantastic.

This is called the "ad hominem" logical fallacy, which normally occurs when someone runs out of arguments and/or logic and defaults to personal attacks. For the record I don't mind, as it is indicative of where this is going.


Let's short down my points, and give them the same scrutiny.

Yes, by all means lets repeat this.


1) Playing Warframe is neither a right nor a privilege.  It's something I can do while DE can make money from it, and if they make bad decisions my route to communicate this is to not spend money and to give them negative feedback.

Well, I am not sure what you mean by "privilege" or by "right", as the concepts seems somewhat loose regarding the discussion. But just to be clear I do feel privileged playing Warframe. It is a wonderful and fantastic game, and my gaming would be poorer without it.


2) The game isn't free to play.  It requires investment of money.  If you're the investor, you are trading grind for money.  If you're the grinder you trade time for money.  If you're DE you are balancing the grind-reward metric to bring in enough money and not get people willing to spend money to quit. 

<sigh> Warframe is free to play. It does not require an investment of money. These are lies, and completely unnecessary at that. And the investor/grinder/developer/DE thingy is another logical fallacy (or two). That they are true in themselves does not infer any proof of causality, or even logical causality. You can guess which logical fallacy this represents...


3) RNG is not inherently bad, and neither are slot machines.  The issue is that the valuation of time matters.  This is why there are slot machines in different denominations and quantities, and why DE has things like basic resources which are easy to get while stuff like aura forma bps are a pain.  The issue is sometimes DE is really stupid about that balance, and this is one of those times.  

Finally something we can totally agree on: "RNG is not inherently bad". The rest is a mishmash of logical fallacies, slot machines in different denominations has no causal connection to either aura formas or any valuation of time, and the valuation of time is just a meaningless presupposition without any logical definition or proof. As is the "DE is really stupid...".


4) There is a reason gameplay and rewards are two different words.  You play a game with the promise of rewards.  If those rewards are randomly generated you can have people play longer.  This is a fine balancing act, and again DE sometimes borks it hard.  If you want an example I want you to find someone who built a Xiphos, and didn't buy it.  I will admit that I bought it, because fractional drop chances from a 3 cache find on extended missions is absolute crap.  If you want another find anyone willing to solo grind for the mutagen samples to unlock the Hema.  I did that too, and it sucked.

Really, they are? Different words? Is this connected to the "Definition of words is definition"? But as to the logic you are a bit lost again. Your first claim ("You play a game with the promise of rewards") is either false or ambiguous. If you use the same meaning for "rewards" as you consistently have done so far, it is a false statement. If you suddenly have broadened the concept to include "fun" as a reward, it becomes too ambiguous to have any real meaning (even though I can agree with the idea that you play games for the fun).

I built Xiphos without buying it (and have even given out extra parts to friends and clansmen), so I am lost as to what proof that is. You are partly right about Hema, it is the only non-unlocked thing in our dojo and I bought Hema from the market. On the other hand I did not feel that I was in any way forced to buy it, got a Hema riven and wanted to check it out. And we have this little thing going in the clan, gathering mutagen samples for Hema using extractors only (on Eris), just to see how long it takes (currently at 2000+, going on the third year, so it will be researched in another 4-5 years).


5) Rewards are only rewarding if they give you something which feels equal to the input effort.  At 223 days for a single arcane I can't say that it will.  I especially can't say it will if the effect delivered is not the advertised 150% of a level 3 with 210% of the required investment.  

I agree fully with the concept that rewards being felt as "rewarding" is a personal feeling. It is also part of a larger concept of "achievements", the personal feeling of achieving something. Achievements are also connected to the challenge involved. But this is sort of what I have been saying all along, that players play for fun, overcoming challenges and achieving stuff is fun, and for some RNG rewards are less interesting while for others getting the rare drops is the most important part of the game. I'm down with that. What I do not accept as logical or true is applying the RNG-reward concept as the central thing for all players. That is pure BS (to put it bluntly).

If RNG is your "thing", either for getting everything in the game or because you are indirectly farming for plat, of course game changes will affect you. Especially when farming for plat drops, since the plat value of drops are affected not only by their relative rarity, but by their use, usefulness and META status in the game. Arcane Energize is a good example of this. But to claim that game changes are horrible for all players or that DE is lost in space (Railjack space? 🙂) because the changes affect this small part of the game is, once again, neither logical nor true.



This is the point where you rightly call me out for a straw man argument against your points.  You've got 5 bullets.  Add the points and explain.  The reason I gave my 5 is to be fair, and counter what I can understand of you.  Please, give me a clear and coherent response that is concise.  I feel like continuing to answer your points, which have rapidly devolved into a fundamental misunderstanding of why time is valued and valuable, is getting us nowhere. 

Alternatively, tell me why you think your time isn't valuable and DE shouldn't respect it.  I will then suggest that you are worth more than that, and I have no idea who you are.  If you see this as a personal attack, then I'm incapable of making you understand.  I implore you to state "I win," and I'll concede that we simply cannot come to a mutual understanding.


Ok, hopefully the logical arguments are understandable (the definitions of logical fallacies are available all over the internet). If you think they are "unfair", "unclear", "incoherent" or "verbose", just point it out. Hopefully you can manage to adher to your own guidelines in a potential response ("Please, give me a clear and coherent response that is concise").

I do not think the problem is any fundamental misunderstanding of "the value of time", though that is one heavy metaphysical question, touching on the meaningfulness/meaninglessness of existence. It is about the perspective on "the value of time", as I said in the beginning. According to your perspective you measure it in the value of drops. I claim that perspective is only a part of Warframe, and that a much larger part of the players play "for fun", and that what is "fun" differs both between players and for players over time.

I do not accept the logic of inferred entitlement that simply because someone is enjoying a free game that would give the person any special right to "be respected" criticizing or to demand changes in the game. Freely choosing to buy stuff in the game doesn't not come with any such an entitlement either. A vibrant community discussing, criticizing, suggesting, helping each other and generally being active is a godsend for a game like Warframe. I would be very surprised if DE doesn't reads suggestions and critique put forward on the forums with great regard and interest. I would also be very surprised if they care (at all) about the salt, tears, threats to leave, "the end of Warframe" and other such touchy-feely stuff. DE doesn't even need to, they have the stats showing what affects what (and DE is nothing if not nimble with changes, compared to most other developers I've come into contact with during four decades of gaming). Of course they can't really say "get lost" either.

The conclusion of all this is that even if the change (coming today, yeah!) is as horrible as you claim, that claim is of concern only to a (small) part of all Warframe players, not to "the community" as a whole.

 - - -

Finally, I want to thank you for keeping this intricate discussion factual, especially about something that clearly generates lots of feelings. It has been fun (yes, even without any drops 🙂) and interesting, and I hope you haven't felt personally attacked (though I haven't been able to stay 100% irony- & sarcasm-free).

I am also ready to end this. I think anyone actually reading these TL;DR-posts (which they should, tweet-length arguments are made by idiots for idiots 🙂) have a pretty good idea of what this has been about, don't you? I am pretty much done, and in a few hours time I will be checking out Mainline 1/2020, and that'll take at least a month or two, then comes Scarlet Spear and so forth and so on. If you want the last word, let it rip!

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9 hours ago, master_of_destiny said:

You're arguing that Warframe is being beaten by PvP games.  They're either PvP or e-sports, because between both of those qualifiers virtually every game put out since 2005 could be considered that.  Warframe is, by definition, a game with PvP.  You then redefine and change the definition to PvP focused, as exemplified by arbitrary qualifiers which are not explained.  You then explain that streaming is your qualifier.  You then arbitrarily assign values to the top 15 games, based off of your own qualifications and what you think people watch things for on streaming.

I did literally none of those things. I always said that the top played games on Steam have a predominantly pvp/esports focus.

So now you're just a blatant liar.

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6 hours ago, Vharu said:

Have you heard of Casinos? 
Have you heard of eSports Tournaments?
Have you heard of Crypto-Currency games?
Have you heard of Skins Trading Economy?
What about Tennogen Artists?
Content Creators?

What about the Wider concept of games....

Hrmm, Sports? Do you know there are professional Tennis players, Football, NFL, Hockey?

I don't think you could of been more wrong with such a statement. 

And this list applies to you playing Warframe how exactly?

And not only you, everybody else playing Warframe as well, I presume.

'Cause I don't get it. Honestly.

I still say Warframe is about investing time and effort for the fun of it, not for earning stuff. And this covers most games played on the planet (computer games, board games, card games, kids games... you name it). Even a lot of gambling for money at casinos/online/lotteries is done for fun and excitement rising from the possibility of winning some money, but not with the primary intent of earning money.

I also fail to grasp what professional sports have to do with you (or me, or anyone) playing Warframe. Anyone that would be thinking they are a "professional Warframe player" because they do Trids and sell arcanes for plat needs to get their head examined, if you ask me. And lots and lots and lots of more people play tennis, football and even hockey for the fun of it than for earning money from it. Many even choose to pay money to do it, it's so much fun.

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Please use your powerful feedback responsibly - we all lift together.

Bug Report Megathread! (Read the First Post!): https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1171888-warframe-revised-bug-report-megathread-read-the-first-post/

*This is a more format-driven Bug Report thread to help turnaround quality hotfixes for this Mainline - please follow the requested format provided in the first post!*

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