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Derelict Shift: Update 28.3.0

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rippy dippy derelict.

Just now, [DE]Megan said:

Warframe Blueprint and Component costs from Simaris have been reduced by 50%!

Thanks for this. This was by far the biggest roadblock for getting every frame.

Still waiting for the machete to be re-released in some form. It's still only obtainable through daily login which is just bad RNG. 🙃

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The game will never be balanced again with the helminth system.

Haven't decided yet whether I welcome it or not.


On another note, it's been 103 days since Ballista Measure had its undocumented release in update 27.4
When will it finally:
• Be officially released?
• Be buffed to sensible values? 20% range is nothing.
• Be transformed to give projectile speed instead of range?
• Be fixed to apply to all arch-guns? It still doesn't apply to Fluctus in Orb Vallis
• And finally, have its drop rates buffed? The mod is incredibly useless and still goes for 150 plat due to its rarity.

Also, new bug:
Selecting upgrade on the ground arch-gun and then going back deletes the ground arch-gun from the menu.

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Could you take a look at the Maggor leg pieces placement please? From what I've seen so far either the right one or both look really wonky on Oberon, Equinox, Revenant, Atlas, Garuda, Ivara. I'll keep updating as I try them on more frames.

Thank you guys!

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53 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

The Steel Path Changes:

Resource Drop Chance Boosters now apply to Steel Essence and Riven Sliver drops within Steel Path missions.

To confirm player theories and clarify, previous to this Hotfix Resource Drop Chance Boosters did not affect Steel Essence or Riven Sliver drops in The Steel Path. It was not our intention to hide or subvert that information in game, and we should have clarified more quickly that this was the case. 

It would be a nice gesture to refund platinum spent on Drop Chance Boosters in the week following the launch of Steel Path.

EDIT: I wrote this before seeing the in-game mail and booster. That's also a nice gesture. It may not be enough for others, but personally, I'm good. 👍

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Just now, ---Swaggi--- said:

New End mission reward is BS! It was totally fine as it was! Everything u need to know at one Picture. NOW you HAVE TO click to have a look at other things. Completely unnecessary

Agreed. The UI changes have not been improvements.


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