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MR 30 will be achievable with Nezha PA and glassmaker sword

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1 hour ago, (XB1)The Neko Otaku said:

Just need to find a race that's around 20 check points and spam that over and over and kdrive can be maxed easy

Nope, its so boring its not even worth the MR. Ill get 30 later.

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1 час назад, (XB1)AMONGTHEWEAK сказал:

6 years playing and I am only MR 18, maybe ill hit MR 30 in another 6 years but who knows. I'm in no rush. 

you know... when i decided to reach highest mr avaliable at that moment i crafted ALL weapons and frames i could get, bought a booster and grinded all of them in 3 days time at SO/ESO... after that i quit playing for several months due to burn out.

so i guess people who take it slow are the ones who do it right. because now i sit 18k affinity away from mr30 and the only benefit that i see is daily rep cap, which helped me a little bit on a new open world area.

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9 hours ago, Hypernaut1 said:

i was kind of hoping it would coincide with update 30. just for symbolic reasons. Its still cool how close they made mr30 at update 30 though. 

They could still push a mainline numbered 30 for when MR 30 is available. I agree that it would be really fun to have MR 30 match the update number.

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11 hours ago, (PS4)Double991 said:

Ready and waiting although I didn't realize the practice test was already up. That thing should be it's own game mode.

Some of those test should be missions. I dont know why they arent reused. 

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2 hours ago, BornWithTeeth said:

I enjoy Railjack, but I feel like grinding up the Intrinsics to get every skill to ten would result in me not enjoying Railjack anymore, so, no. Gonna stick at 10/9/9/10 for the update, and pick up MR 30 when Deimos Arcana drops.

I think I stopped playing Railjack when most of my Intrinsics are around the seven or eight range.  I didn't enjoy it, it was clearly never tuned for solo play, and the missions themselves were tedious at best.  OnO  Fortunately it seems to have become exactly like Archwing, in that it's a totally irrelevant mode that's not connected to anything else in any real way.

I'll get MR30 eventually, but I'm not making it a priority.  I'd have to collect nearly all of the Kuva weapons, and clear the starchart in Steel Path.  Neither is something I really want to do.  And when I do qualify I'd really only be doing it so that I can earn daily reputation in nice round numbers, instead of always being slightly short or getting that annoying warning that I'm "wasting" reputation points.  OnO

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13 hours ago, (XB1)Deputy Facepain said:

I’m ready. Just finished my Steel Path on Saturday. 14,998 MR to go. Seems a bit crazy that its already here, heh. 

You're at the same placeholder as myself 14,998, just waiting on warframes and weapons to cap it out. :laugh:

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