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Public Test Weekend #3: Update Notes (Deimos: Arcana Preview).

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Rip in pieces Steel Path, I only ever solo'd 2hr survival missions and had more fun doing that than most things in the game. But to spite the AFK farmers the system gets nuked.

Why not leave the eximus alone and open it to mission rewards and acolytes?  Best of both worlds so to speak?

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Is there a chance that Zephyr's airburst synergy will get updated? The tornadoes don't benefit from airburst but a way you could make the synergy work better is making it so that when you use airburst on a tornado it increase the pull and damage transfer range of the tornadoes. 


Also I'm kinda worried about funnel clouds. Will they be tedious to spawn all of them in a single position or no? 


And final thing; in the future, is there a chance that Tailwind could be made into basically an aerial version of mach rush, giving her better mobility and control? 

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41 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


  • In addition to Chroma being able to select elements in mission real-time (the biggest change), Chroma’s selectable element HUD now uses colour coding in addition to icon coding. 
  • Increased Spectral Scream damage from 200 to 400 Damage Per Second at Max Rank. This, combined with 100% Status Chance and Chaining should lead to some more deadly or useful scenarios, especially since you can use all 4 elements now!

Element change should have changed to be rotatable by both Spectral Scream AND Elemental Ward, allowing for more flexibility with the Helminth system (because honestly most people won't want to keep Spectral Scream even with the changes and will only keep it to change elements).


Increasing Spectral Scream does nothing unless it's moddable. It will always be a poor alternative to weapons and it's far more limiting and clunky than any exalted weapon or ability. Sure changing the elements in real time helps a lot, except it's really clunky to have to deactivate the ability and go through all the animations to use weapons again, the elements aren't any lethal by themselves when the proc rate (not proc chance) is so low, poorly moddable and how clunky it is to make proper use of the elements, which is to use Condition overload (or have your team mates kill and have fun while you 1 trick pony status). Plus since the ability works against the 2 good abilities it means it's damage will be even lower as you will inevitably lower str to increase range to make it useful (which I honestly doubt was taken into account and only STR was the only stat people looked at when balancing this ability, forgetting the STR of current builds exists because people aren't using spectral scream and therefore dumping range to unusable ranges), modding at least would make that issue far less noticeable.


To also note that while I understand that you don't want the public (because the public test cluster is a private test cluster and we can't even see the patch notes) to see the entire update post, not posting the entire Warframe changes feels a bit silly, we already have those frames anyway. So if the change I mentioned in the first paragraph already happened, good, if it didn't happen do consider it.

41 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

In our view, it’s better to reward broader diverse play than hyper reward idle strategies, and the stats confirm this to be the case. On paper the absolute Top 1% of missions will see less Steel Essence per hour (i.e the single strategy AFK-Macro-run), every other mission strategy will see more.

This is cool, but there's not much diverse play when it comes to Grineer missions due to the ridiculous armor scaling/modifier.


Are any Buzlok fixes included? It's quite sad that the Buzlok has been bugged for over two years.

Edit: I forgot to point out that if Status on Chroma only proc once per second, even if you switch Status you will only keep all status for 4 seconds before they start expiring, and that also means you won't be able to stack more than 8 status stacks, so not only you are dealing poor damage you can't even stack enough procs to have them compensate the low damage. This is unless there's some other way that keeps status (like environmental effects) for longer, again we don't have the full list of changes and those that couldn't take part in the "public test cluster" are seeing changes to changes in the dark.
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Would have been nice to have seen some general changes to common AFK'able mission types to make such practices harder to pull off than simply removing another grind opportunity for those that were after it. But Steel Path is not endgame as has been said again and again. I look forward to the day when that  content, whatever it is can be announced.


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Ironbride still didnt get an overhaul on status/crit ? Are you kidding me? Archmelee has the worst mods in the game, and we dont have to only deal with that, but also we have to deal with stats that are barely modable? The only things you can put in that sword are damage , 4 of the full elementals and 3 dual elementals 

Range mod sucks, attack speed mod literally doesnt make a difference and crit/status mods will have a very minor boost to damage, to the point where modding for them is just blatantly stupid

Also none of the weapons have innate polarities.... Well those are some terrible news, at least the arcanes now seem useable

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25 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


  • Nekros’ Soul Punch now has a new mechanic: Marked for Harvest. Enemies that are hit by Soul Punch but don’t die have a Duration wherein they’ll be eligible to become a Shadow if killed while Marked! 
  • This is in addition to the 25% lethality change and Shadow healing.

Please reconsider this. Just remove the entire bit and plain let Soul Punch deal good scaling damage, doesnt matter if its true damage or % damage or just level scaling.
It and a improvement to tooltip or addition to tips section that explains that the ragdoll strength depends on distance from enemy and elevation compared to enemy is the only relevant bit his kit needs as far as his 1 is concerned.

The trashy execute shadow had a lower duration, didnt get shadows bonuses, doesnt work at all for builds that dont care about shadows AND all the while ruining nekros not having any forced """synergies""". Dont make me finally do the ending step to bone papa of removing soul punch for larva (cc use) and blood altar (to get better shadows and healing them) depending on loadout.

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Great to see the Bonewidow Necramech changes, they look very promising! (Overall every ability got one, sometiems even multiple, very positive buffs. Nice~)
Also thaaaaank you for the Polyp Juggernaut Bounty changes too! Now it should feel much more refreshing and less "taking the Juggernaut out for a 10min walk"(still: juggis "sniffing around" is adorable :) )

However, I still hope that you consider changing the requirement for accessing the new upcoming Isolation Vaults! (during the test-cluster it was very time consuming to play about 10 - 15min just to finish the old isolation-vault-mission so you can play the new mission afterwards.)
iiirc it was something like "To access the new isolation bounty, players have to first complete an Isolation Vault bounty - only then will the new bounty become available." ... let's see how this goes, maybe my perception of time was just a little bit wonky and it wasn't that tideous..and maybe the changes listed in this thread will make the mission itself shorter, who knows 😅

Anyway, overall I am totally happy with the changes/notes listed here, keep up the great work! 

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On steel path changes.

The new ones have lowers drops rate and are now rng dependant on acolytes. Odin could not be AFK farm anyway and is the TOP1% mission that is affected.

Unless you have removed SE drops for steel path eidolons without telling us they are now the best SE farm. If you have not thanks a lot ! Although as a quality of life change can you make the steel essence drop with the lures loot when captured ?


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16 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Necramechs (Bonewidow and Voidrig) now have a built in vacuum!

Okay, but what is the range in meters?
Is it the same as Vacuum / Fetch?

Spoiler: It's absolutely not.

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just why
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Drop the bamboozle act with steel essence cool? You know very well people are doing legitimate farm for SE now in Odin since you "nerfed" Ophelia, no "afk macro" situation going on there, is technically impossible by the nature of the mission itself, active play on interception is a requirement, pretty disappointed to see you try to shift the blame to the players, you have all the power to ban afk´ers, its in your ToS, if someone is to blame is you for not banning people that are breaking the rules, and in the meantime screwing over everybody that didn't break any rules. But this is besides the point, we all know its an excuse to nerf a certain red resource dont we? 

You could have done all the research and number crunching in the world, and i bet there was no intention to ever go above 3 per alert and 2 per acolyte. Its all about kuva nerfing, and we all know it. (Expect more riven complaining on the horizon btw, you refuse to make your cashcow feature any better for years now, and you just nerfed the only thing that alleviated the situation for the riven people, i dont think it will sit right with them).

The best part of it all, is that you say you want to disincentivize long play or afk´ing, but all you gonna do is make people do even longer runs to farm for acolyte spawns, or even afk while waiting for them to show up once they are done with their daily alerts (this is warframe after all, it will not sit right with people having to farm 7 days worth of alerts to get the operator suit or a frigging umbra forma, there will always be tryharding) the difference is, they gonna do the same old long runs, and get a fraction of steel essence,

And what do you think will happen on the kuva side? Back to hours and hours of kuva survival, DE; hours of steel path? Not ok! Must diversify! Also DE: Hours of kuva survival? Its fine... Sorry, but the logic for your excuse is completely contradictory... And in kuva survival people will get a fraction of the kuva, i wonder who will have to hear the complaints about it 🤣

Anyways, i have 130 days worth of alerts saved up, dont rly care about kuva myself but i guess i got any possible new cosmetics covered, have fun new steel path players ^^

Edit: Hah, something just came to my mind, guys, wanna know a resource that is in the game right now, requires long runs to farm, depends on rng, and is waaay more hard to get since the enemy that drops it is not an enemy that starts showing up in more quantities like eximus enemies do over time?

Yeah, vitus essence, funny right? It ticks all the same boxes steel essence does that DE is using to justify the nerf (plus the extra box of "consistancy", since arbitraions change every hour and you can end up with something like defense that has way less mobs going about), and yet, no nerf, hmmmmmm 🤔 hmmmmmm, i wonder why, oh, i know, since you cant mass farm it like you could SE, it cant be used for a reliable kuva farm 🤣. If it doesn't hurt the riven market = no nerf.

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