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give Bonewidow' exalted 4 the arch melee (or excal's slashdash) homing-lock on treatment per swing.   This should help the massive KPS descrepency between voidrig and bonewidow's 4. Plus will make bonewidow feel like a true blademaster mech.  

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After this hotfix, quick test review (6 forma BW/4 forma Ironbride)

  • Bone Widow is OP already outside Steel Path
  • The effects of NM mods to Iron Bride stated in your lists made BW so so much nimble with the swing animations and obvious buffed damage
  • Even better energy economy with the reductions on Shield Bash, but it still eats "some" energy so its use will still be limited in favor of IB attack cost and Meathook

Steel Path

  • Meathook. It is good, but SP is a different beast to heal against with (tested solo bounty)
  • Anecdotal experience doing solo bounty, can sustain Iron Bride until the baited Saxum Rex appeared where damage needed exhausted all its energy. Eventually had to kill it with my WF.  I forgot to use #3 though so a lifted boss Saxum Rex for a few seconds probably made a difference
  • Energy regen for BW is tolerable now because of the buffed Ironbride doing more kills per swing
  • In SP, the nagging costs of deploying both Shield Maiden and Ironbride everytime we transfer out then back again in Operator form just because it cannot remember its last status hinders it from actually being energy efficient. Change this unnecessary energy sapping redeployment costs please (e.g changing locations with Archwing/after 10 seconds elapsed still should cost redeployment but should cost nothing or remain deployed if those conditions are not met yet)
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1. since you nerf khora sometimes you can´t even hit enemies in front of you with wipclaw

2. give us the option to remove auto exposure and vignette effects they suck 

3.give us the option to keep the crystal armor on the gara kaleida skin or even better make the armor stand alone, and add the wings to the syandana

4.give us the option to keep xaku body on, the skeleton and the running animation look too dumb

5.you haven´t fix any of this https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1226120-ugly-dirty-and-weathered-textures/page/3/#comments

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6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Reduced Nekros Soul Punch area-of-effect physics impulse so it no longer launches enemies across the solar system.

After testing this in game, its ok... they still get thrown randomly (kinda like launched into the air) but that's fine, enough for "Marked for Harvest" to be useful. 

Now I get to skeet shoot my enemies. 

I approve. 

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7 часов назад, [DE]Megan сказал:

Firing your gun while Hovering as a Necramech is now considered to be in an “Aiming” state, meaning Mods like Critical Focus and Marked Target will apply again. 

Hehe boy©

Also, Grendel is able to eat Kuva Dargyns (and probably PoE ones too) - is that intentional?

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vor 8 Stunden schrieb [DE]Megan:

General Necramech Changes & Fixes:

  • Firing your gun while Hovering as a Necramech is now considered to be in an “Aiming” state, meaning Mods like Critical Focus and Marked Target will apply again. 

No, this is not the way to address this issue.

People generally do not like this change and want it reversed:

vor 8 Stunden schrieb IronBerryPie:

Wait so are we not able to hover by holding space anymore, please give us options on changing the mechs controls using the mouse to hover doesnt feel right at all for the mech


vor 8 Stunden schrieb -CLM-Joker:

Please revert the hovering imput to hold spacebar for mouse and keyboard. Right mouse button is way more clunky to use than holding space.

I understand the change for controller users, but M&K should have remained the same.

Please listen to complains/suggestions propperly instead of just halfe hearted, thank you.

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8 hours ago, David_Missed said:

Great Hotfix! But can we please just focus a bit on some content you have ruined for everyone STEEL ESSENCE FARMING please bring back the old way and buff the drop or make it so that the STALKER LOOKING THING can infinitly spawn and he drops more steel essence the more you kill him (It should work like the litch system) The more you kill him the higher the enemie lvl becomes but then it is more rewarding , All you did with the steel essence nerf was make it pointless you could off gotten over 100 steel essence in just 30 now you can only get 48 MAX with resource booster and Smeetha Kavat buff so please fix this because Steel Path is the only "HARD"  <- Not so hard ,content in this game :)


Trying to workout why you need so many looking at your text I'm guessing you were a farmer and should have quite a few before this change, I've bought everything from Teshin and have around 700 and buy the new rewards if I want them, this new system if you already had a few just do the missions get two or three Stalkers attack in one mission with buffs running is more than enough SE to do with what you please I can't think of a reason to have hundreds and hundreds if you already own everything from Teshin.

I personally like the new way of getting Steel Essence, I'm building up a good supply so far just doing SP missions, the old way bored me stupid sitting in a mission for 2 hours or more while solo farming just to start to get some good drops after the first hour.

This new way makes it fairer for all imo, I'm able to actually drag Clan mates along now that are time constrained with real life and they get some too.

p.s not having a go at you, your post stuck out and I picked it up.


1. Please revert the change you made to Necramech hover, hit jump, hold jump to hover with Necramech is how it should be.

The way it's set now hit jump hold right mouse button just to make some controller right joystick work is down right stupid, I thought there was different coding for Mouse+Keyboard compared to a Controller.

With the change to mouse+keyboard I now cannot use the function of my mod Critical Focus while I'm hovering limiting my game play quality to walking around on the ground.

2. Please revert the change to the stolen weapon icon by the Drahk Master, it use to be blue and easily noticed, now it's the same yellow colour as a way point mission marker and can be missed.


Thank you for fixing the Amber Star drop bug.

Thanks for the hotfix DE, now to see what fixed and what broke. :tongue:


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struck out a part that has been fixed.
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10 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed excessive bloom on Ammo drops in Cambion Drift. 

Bloom is reduced too much in case of some drops ( almost invisible from distance). For example pustulite and ganglions. Now, the two resource drops has almost no bloom ( very faint), and we can easily loose them on the ground.

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So, I tried out Bonewidow, she seems pretty nice now, especially now that Meathook is super potent. But, it appears that Necramech Streamline is no longer working at all with my Necramech? The drain for the abilities is acting as if it is at its base (25), despite the fact it saying that it is 17.5 in the Arsenal UI, and I do have the NM Streamline mod equipped. Haven't tested it with Voidrig post hotfix. Anybody else experiencing this?

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So no changes to the residual and theorem Arcanes? I think the feedback has been unanimously that they are too weak and kinda useless, and there are some significant bugs that have been reported and are fairly obvious. I know balancing takes a bit, but you could have at least said that you were looking into it, so that people don't waste their time or platinum for nothing.

Also, why does guilding a kitgun cost Grandmother tokens, and not Father tokens? And why 25? That's a lot, considering the cost at Fortuna is 10 shelter debt-bonds, that are much easier to obtain since you can just buy them. The difference is so ridiculous it's not worth guilding them at the Necralisk.

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2 hours ago, TotallyNotASmurf said:

Soooo......Day 17 of Asking for Mech Strafing? Seriously make IronBride an actual special mechanic not an exalted. Its a shame that its extremely slow coupled with the slowness of a mech while also draining energy, this part is ok if zenurik and energy pizzas works on mechs.

Have you tried Ironbride with the changes in this update?

Being able to use the Necramech Fury, Pressure Point and Reach mods actually benefit Ironbride significantly. DE really pulled it together with this and made Ironbride pretty useful. It isn't hard to get it to 7m range and with only Necramech Fury the delay is tuned to just the right spot IMO.

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