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Zephyr & Chroma Prime Vault: Hotfix 31.5.9


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Zephyr & Chroma Prime Vault: Hotfix 31.5.9

This is one of a small handful of hotfixes we plan to release before the next update - which you can learn more about in our latest “Next Update Post-Angels of the Zariman” announcement!

Zariman Mission Changes & Fixes: 

  • Added the Steel Path mission toggle to the Zariman Navigation located in the Chrysalith. 
    • In premade squads, the Steel Path toggle is determined by the Host (even if Clients do not have it toggled on, joining a Host who does will default everyone to Steel Path). 
    • Known issue: You are only able to publicly matchmake with Steel Path Tenno from the same location. In other words, Steel Path matchmaking from the Chrysalith will only match you with other Tenno who are looking for a Steel Path squad from the Chrysalith (same with Steel Path matchmaking from Orbiter Navigation). 
  • Fixed a rare case of being unable to progress in Void Flood missions after killing a Thrax enemy with Void Sling, causing the Thrax to go into an invincible state. 
  • Fixed Zariman Exterminate mission sometimes spawning all the enemies while players are at the beginning of the level. Players now need to progress through the level as normal. 
  • More fixes towards a crash when Client returns to the Chrysalith when awakening/spawning a Void Manifestation. 
  • Fixed script error related to Void Ruptures in Void Flood missions. 
  • Fixed an unusable context action appearing on the Exolizers in Void Cascade missions. 
  • Fixed broken enemy behavior when Thrax enemies are disarmed by abilities, which also led them to run around with just a Sheev (fear the butter knife).  
  • They will now take damage (and be knocked down if Overguard is depleted) when disarmed. 


  • Added new custom sound FX to activating Focus Schools in the Focus UI. 
  • Added a custom TennoGen watermark to background when viewing TennoGen items in the in-game Market. 


  • Fixed Guardian Shell intercepting some player attacks, instead of solely intercepting enemy attacks as intended. 
    • For example, using weapons like Ferrox or Mausolon was impacting the shield and causing detonation visuals and sometimes staggering or knocking you down. 
    • This also fixes heat trace weapons (eg. Ignis, Klamora Prism Amp, etc.) and beam weapons being visually reflected by Guardian Shell. 
  • Fixed a Sentinel equipped with the Ordis Sentinel Skin appearing too low when viewed in the Arsenal or in-game Market diorama. 
  • Fixed a Sentinel equipped with the Ordis Sentinel Skin following the player extremely closely. Level 500 clinger. 
  • Fixed mission information missing “Zariman” in the brackets during the Angels of the Zariman quest missions. 
  • Fixed the Incarnon Weapon Evolution UI elements persisting in the Loadout screen. 
  • Fixed being unable to perform a Parazon Finisher on Crawlers even with the icon appearing.  
  • Fixed Yareli being immune to some enemy AOE weapon attacks while she’s riding her Merulina.
  • Fixed being unable to scroll while editing Stencils in the Customize Quarters console while using a controller. 
  • Fixed the “HOLD TO CLEAR” label UI overlapping with the first line of the selection box in the Foundry. 
  • Fixed kills by Gyre’s abilities not being accounted for in player profile stats. 
  • Fixed the Dormizone icon appearing as the incomplete mission (glowing blue diamond) instead of its own custom icon. 
  • Fixed Fulmin’s projectile explosion FX offset. 
  • Fixed a crazy muzzle flash FX on the Laetum. 
  • Fixed ‘Mercy Kills’ being written as just ‘Mercy’ in various descriptions. 
  • Fixed script error related to pop-ups for item information (drop sources, etc.) 
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Nice I guess.

But please fix Arcane Nullifier not working properly. Especially against Thrax.

Also please allow Inaros and Sevagoth to still press "5" in their special forms to go into operator mode. Especially on Inaros it feels so scuffed to watch all the cool kids rez instantly while you're stuck in your smelly coffin (that apparently traps your operator inside too) waiting for death. I use Unairu specifically to solo rez in high level content and it feels extremely weird to have every frame EXCEPT Inaros to basically be Inaros now...

Also Unairu's Poise still doesn't actually protect from a lot of slow effects even though it claims to (e.g. cold explosive barrels or the ice beam moas). Would be nice to finally have that fixed too :)

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I would like to say that the new gamemodes except armageddon are quite fun, the scaling and overall mission speed (enemies spawning, forced timers, large map, is making it very bad. Please allow us to instantly activate the defense targets similar to defection squads.

Here a little proof to show I know what I am talking aboutunknown.pngunknown.png
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We'd appreciate it if you would:
1- Bring void dash back, or make it co-exist with void sling, using jump mid-air for sling and void mode + jump for dash.
2- Remove transference delay.
3- Make captura available for dojo.

Thanks for the fixes.

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The bug where Client vs host hit registration is still preventing Laetum's Overwhelming attrition from proccing fairly. Since 1 status procc from 1 damage instance counts as all multishot pellets is proccing for clients, this lowers the chance clients procc the buff. Whereas hosts can easily procc Overwhelming attrition more reliably as intended

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On 2022-05-11 at 7:00 PM, [DE]Megan said:

Operator/Focus Changes & Fixes: 

  • Fixed switching to the last position you left Excalibur Umbra instead of your current position as Operator before Transferring back to Warframe. 

This issue is still happening despite the prior hotfix 😩

Also aww, bye bye clingy Ordis lol.

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2 minutes ago, ArchonDeath said:

There still the issue of syndicate sigil not sticking to frame after quitting the arsenal menu. I had this with my mirage and i know of a couple other with the same issue on different frames as well.

Known issue that should be fixed in the next update ! Its related to your Conclave loadouts - Current workaround is to swap your Conclave loadout to a Warframe you aren't using in PVE. Sigils should stick then. 

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