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Echoes of Veilbreaker: Hotfix 32.1.2


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51 minutes ago, -Caro- said:

These Icons in chat are absolutely terrible. Please let us disable them. Until then, ill have crossplay off couse it gets rid of these icons.

Unfortunately you wont find players in recruit chat if you disable it, because DE cant implement a filter properly. If you disable crossplay you also disable interaction with PC players who has it enabled. Good luck organising radshares...

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3 minutes ago, zaturalma2 said:

Unfortunately you wont find players in recruit chat if you disable it, because DE cant implement a filter properly. If you disable crossplay you also disable interaction with PC players who has it enabled. Good luck organising radshares...

It's intentional: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1326172-disable-crossplatform-kills-recruitment-channel/#comment-12633615

If you disable crossplay, that means you don't want to play with players on other platforms. But if you play with players on your platform who did not disable crossplay and do want to play with players on other platforms, there's a conflict: whose crossplay preference should be respected?


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The way the platform logos are currently integrated is making chat harder to read. It breaks the visual flow, makes it that much harder to see who's saying what.

Could you maybe put the logos in front of the usernames instead of to the right of them? It would be more streamlined with all the logos lined up neatly instead of appearing haphazardly wherever a name ends.

I (and a portion of region chat as of this moment) think that that would look better. Thanks!


Also, maybe switch the logos out for hearts on valentines or something?

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Wasnt enough with the numbers like discord? now we have a bad looking windows symbol
what is the point of the number+symbol? are you impling others can have my ingame name in PC?(dont reply ;other platforms ...... I KNOW)

Why not PC or you gonna add MAC,WINDOWS,ANDROID,LINUX....?
honesty looks bad, stop playing with it, just put PC-XBOX-PS 
-if cant use bc copyright, Make a new good looking symbol but not current

(xbox current symbol looks like they are in my friend list, prev symbol was better)
if its not broken dont touch it- if you do ask players who actually play and use it(traders ,casuals etc not some that will say yes its perfect to everything)
[Btw cant REPORT crossplatform players or add check profile]


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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

  • Fixed enemy Narmer one-shot projectile ignoring Limbo's Rift state. The Rift has some exceptions, but these mad lad shots are not one of them. 

I remember that time when I got one-shooted in the rift. Glad it has changed.

About STyanax:


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Please fix:

  • Melee weapons as well as exalted melee weapons losing all benefits of the gladiator set bonus/blood rush/weeping wounds, if you build combo with your melee weapon then perform a heavy attack with your exalted melee weapon(bug reset only by changing your combo multiplier; most easily done by performing a heavy attack with your melee weapon, resetting your entire combo multiplier)
    • Exalted melee weapons' blocking animations also bug out from this
  • Umbra forcing the Operator to teleport to him after Transference In, instead of vice versa
  • Sigils on Umbra moving onto his scarf
  • Nyx's Mind Control being freed(i.e. killed) by Xaku' Grasp of Lohk as well as Baruuk's Desolate Hands
  • Naramon's Lethal Levitation not working with melee weapons

Please add/change:

  • Naramon
    • Opening Slam: change to melee instead of slam, simultaneously fixing both issues 1) Opening Slam not activating when the player inputs the buttons too fast 2) the bug with the Operator teleporting to Umbra instead of vice versa, if attempting to perform Opening Slam via Void Sling
    • For ease of use, switch Sling Stun from the 2nd ability to the 1st ability and Void Levitation from the 1st ability to the 2nd ability, so that the Naramon school lines up with the other four schools with having its "throw a projectile" ability on the 2 button
    • Killer's Rush: change from melee critical chance to heavy attack efficiency
      • Being a mere 50% that only stacks additively with mods, the ability is both weak and boring. Heavy attack efficiency on the other hand would synergize well with Opening Slam, and bring fun variety into Naramon's playstyle.
  • Madurai
    • Distilled Contamination: increase the brightness of the energy of the 2nd stack to better indicate visually when Distilled Contamination is at max stacks. Please also change it so that Distilled Contamination simply increases Contamination Wave's effect by 100% instead of making enemies 50% more vulnerable; this buff effect should decay by 1 stack every 10 sec.
      • Being rewarded with a "level 3" Contamination Wave to play with against our next enemies would feel so much better than only having a "level 1" Contamination Wave to throw out every time we press 2
  • Unairu
    • Magnetic Boost: have Magnetic Flare also be relocated, with its center at the end of the Void Sling
    • Reinforced Return: also give both Operator and Warframe 50% damage reduction for 60s if you Void Sling an enemy
      • Reinforced Return is only a reactive Operator ability that only comes into effect when Operators die. While Operator see more use nowadays, Warframes still make up most of the gameplay, so this ability rarely sees use. Therefore, giving a proactive element to Reinforced Return, while keeping its reactive aspect, makes this branch of Unairu more fun and engaging(and keeps to the theme of the school being the "tanking" school).
  • Vazarin
    • Void Snare: change to give self and allies increased max health for 60s
      • Void Snare is a little redundant since Squad Regen exists, but changing it to give increased max health would simultaneously be a valuable buff and synergize well with Squad Regen
    • Guardian Shell: change so that it blocks damage from all sides, not just the front
      • As it is currently, Guardian Shell goes against Guardian Break in some cases. Example: when we're taking fire from all sides, damage from the back breaks your shields, but because damage from the front had yet to break Guardian Shell, Guardian Break fails to activate. In short, Guardian Break doesn't work when we need it because Guardian Shell is unreliable.
  • Zenurik
    • Inner Might: Have a red debuff icon pop up next to player's health/shields displaying the cooldown on Inner Might
    • No Quarter: change to give self and allies in affinity range increased max energy for 60s for both Operators and Warframes
      • no need to stack, just have the buff apply once for ease-of-use
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    • Platform-specific icons only appear for players who are playing on the same platform

    • Your platform-specific icon will appear beside your own name

    • All players on platforms other than your own will have the generic icon


This seems like a poorly thought-out implementation.

I already know I'm playing on a PC, why do I need to see my own symbol everywhere reminding me?

Why not just have platform-specific icons appear next to players who aren't on my platform? I'm getting a sea of Windows icons everywhere, visually it's an utter mess.

And lastly, why have the platform-specific icons appear on the in-game HUD over another player's warframe? If I want to see what platform they're on (and I can't think of a situation where I'd be that bothered), the last thing I'll be doing is chasing after them trying to catch their tag as they bullet-jump past.

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Going to STRONGLY suggest you look at how Bungie does Crossplay icons for Destiny 2. right now chat looks visually messy.

3 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Platform-specific icons only appear for players who are playing on the same platform

Uh we should be able to see the Xbox symbol or other platform symbol regardless of which platform your on.

3 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Your platform-specific icon will appear beside your own name

Screenshot (950)

I don't play on the standalone. I play on steam my icon should be the steam logo.

also personal opinion there should be a space in between my name and ID number (EX: killerKronos23 #345)


What ever Team is working on cross-play needs TO SLOW DOWN its starting to get sloppy

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A small statement in regards to viewing platform-side icons: 

The Platform You Are On Should Not View Others On The Same Platform

It should be for seeing who is not on your platform and also differentiating between all else who isn't on your platform. 

- I am a PC player, therefore all players I see on PC are their normal names.
- Anyone I see who is on Xbox should have the Xbox Logo (Which we already know was in the game and look 1-Million times better)
- Anyone I see who is on PS should have the PS Logo (Pretty easy to probably implement) 
- Anyone I see who is on Switch should have the Switch logo (The Joy-Con symbol is also pretty simple) 

The platform you are on, should not see symbols of others on the same platform.***

It should allow players to view and to differentiate between those on other platforms, not to easily identify your own kind, so to speak. 

We already identified ourselves pretty easily without having the logo prior to this hotfix. PC players were individuals without any symbol, and was as simple as that. 

Not to mention it was the same for those on Xbox. They saw us with a symbol next to our names, but they all saw their own gamertags without symbols. 

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3 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

All color channels are now visible in the Operator Attachments category when an Ephemera is equipped that requires more than 1 color channel. 

This is pretty great, but it's noticeable that the color channels of energy effects (not the emissive ones, though) of syandanas and armor attachments are inverted when compared to the ones used in warframes.

While using the same colors, the energy effect on the operator's syandana (left) is different from the warframe's (right).


After inverting the color channels on the operator's energy, however, the effects are identical to the warframe's.


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3 hours ago, Halo said:

Loki Was Sadly missed here for the Shard Bane Ephemera...

With Prime Parts Off


With Prime Parts On 


Please just resize the ephemera so it is enlarged for all frames and that its just protruding outward. 

Question in regards to the Shard Bane Ephemera: 

Are the shards on you supposed to change their own order?

Because I have in these images my Loki with 3 ambers and 1 azure, and upon entering and exiting the arsenal, the shards just jump to different positions

Bug is provided within the photo's as well as the poor placement on Loki. 

First photo has the Azure Shard in the middle position, 

However, in the second photo, it seemingly jumped into the second to last position. 

These actions were simply going in and out of the arsenal, making the shards jump. 

Edit:  Toggling prime parts on and off like a mad man swaps the order of the shards on you.

Kinda don't like that. 

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hace 4 horas, Voltage dijo:

Is there a reason you guys have to use generic and unhelpful icons but Call of Duty can show Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, and PC icons? This is by no means your doing, but it's going to be a mess when all platforms merge in the future.

I thought I was the only one thinking the same lol, I mean I'm sure it was a request from Microsoft itself but now is kinda confusing, Pc has that lame icon, then xbox use the microsoft logo which itself is confusing because makes me think not on xbox but windows itself that runs in almost every pc on the planet  xDD 

Not a game breaking experience or anything but at least a different logo? idk, xbox with his logo and pc a tiny pc? idk, anything but that lame and old msn logo Dx!! 

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I prefer "pc" or "steam" than Windows symbols. I understand now why people feeling confuse, because the other plateforme are on windows and cause us confuse so much, I don't like the windows symbole on my nickname. :(

worse thing My name was modified to Roswell5151Qc#386 with windows symbol. I hate it.

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DE please at least add the option to disable platform icons in clan/alliance chat. I realize this is a step towards having cross-platform clans, which I have no beef with. However the reality is that in my PC clan seeing the Windows symbol after a username, including my own, in EVERY single post is exactly like looking at a column of square blobs when I'm trying to interact with others.


I find an acceptable substitute would be adding it to the mini-menu when clicking on their name for the purposes of trading, inviting, etc. The symbol is already on profile. It doesn't need to be plastered absolutely everywhere. And frankly once crossplatform issues with parties and trading get ironed out my own solution is just as irrelevant as the symbols themselves will be in clan/alliance chat. At that point the information will have the value of trivia and is not worth the ugly mess chatting has become.

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