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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.8 +

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Will there be anything of value for reaching Rank 5 Entrati in the future? A fish trophy and a captura scene is all that is available. Necraloid is looking just as bad, despite adding mods to purchase.

I'm really worried about the replay value of this open world if we have nothing left to spend standing on after the one time purchase of blueprints, mods, and weapons.

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Thx for HF :)

Why is Fass/Vome Residue still unaffected by Boosters????? (Charm and nromal Booster)

Following the traces of poop of the conservation pets are sometimes difficult dueing the clipping of some surfaces causing them to disappear on some parts

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I want to see that Mother x Father fanfic


> Fixed ability to clip through wall meshes via Operator Transference. 

Sad to see this go, noclipping actually helped fix some issues when you got stuck with a laggy host.

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Thanks for the updates. A good amount of stuff that needed to be.  Though can we get a command for killing our frame? Sometimes its not possible to die in some cases when getting bugged and need it to refresh our frame unbugged.  Since I don't see any bug fix here about the fishing spear one getting stuck and unable to move. I'd really implore to have a command like this. Being stuck as inaros who cannot die or an ivara while invisible for 56 minutes is not ideal.

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2 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Removed Punch Through on the Trumna Alt Fire projectile. 

  • The main feature of the Alt Fire is the radial attack on each bounce, and Punch Through can make it disappear through geometry. Disabling on the projectile only allows Punch Through to be used with the Primary Fire without affecting the Alt Fire.

Could we get the same treatment for the spearguns? Punch-through is a good stat on them, but it makes the staff fall through the ground when thrown.

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