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Operation: Orphix Venom - Lavos Feedback Megathread (Read First Post)

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I haven't played much of Lavos yet but I wish Lavos' imbuing had some kind of effect on his weapons. Like while any element is imbued he'd deal +5% damage of that element type, or perhaps after casting an imbued ability Lavos gains +10% of the imbued element's damage type for 5 seconds. This would certainly boost the feeling that Lavos is a master of the elements.

I suppose this might make Lavos too powerful against Profit-Taker, but given that far better damage buffs are available to other frames I don't think this would make much of a difference to Profit Taker specifically.

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-having to reselect the element you want to use is tedious - let us set n forget. If I have radiation (heat + elec), and then I select cold, make it switch to cold.

-sprint toggle isn't a toggle - every time I cast vial rush, sprint toggle is cancelled. This goes for other warframes' abilities too. Please change this.

-vial rush needs steering - as others have pointed out.

-the timers are kinda meh - they're either so short that it doesn't make much difference (his 1 and 2), or they're so long that it's a pain (a little in his 3, but definitely his 4).

-3 and 4 durations are bad - You can hit 3 or 4 to stop the movement of these abilities after casting, but by the time you do that they expire anyway. What's the point of having them stop in a certain position? They only last a very short amount of time anyway.

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Right now I am finding Lavos a solid unexciting frame. I tried Strength, range, and duration builds and honestly don't find anything different between the builds. Even did a 60% and a 75% efficiency and think any more than 30% is a waste. The other thing is none of his abilities rally seem to jump out at me. Usually on frames I am building around a particular power. Lavos on the other hand I am just constantly using his entire kit. That said, I wish I had something that would step out. Like having a 15-30 second duration on the deployment of his 3 so I can use it to affect an area. Then again, maybe stuff for augments. The other wish list item is my imbuing empower my weapons too. Maybe again, an augment for the 3 so what ever is imbued on it is given damage type to allies near by.

Also, is it just me, is his 1 opening enemies to finishers? It seems randomly affective. Especially nice if transmuted orbs give anyone who picks them up temp status immunity, especially in a radiation sortie.

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Imma start this off with my opinion on Lavos: he is amazing fun, and is a nuke frame that feels extremely interactive. I’ve already spent an umbra forma on him, even if I’ll be resorting to rev and his overpowered 2 for hard stuff lol. Overall, Lavos needs a few QOL buffs and a few number tweaks and he will be the dream of any player who likes having Warframes with 4 usable abilities. 

Passive: Fine as is. Although many are saying that it should be a set and forget, I would disagree. The idea of Lagos is to constantly be spreading status, and imbuing adds that damage type to your casts. Each faction has at least 4 elements they are weak to which you want to always keep cycling through (it’s not the best idea to constantly reuse the same ability over and over, especially because of his 4). The Grineer are weak to corrosive, viral, heat, and radiation (though this is mainly bombards and noxs), the Corpus struggle against toxin, electricity, magnetic, radiation, and viral (HP damage and all), and the Infested get screwed by fire, corrosive, gas, and blast (yes, blast. Fossilized flesh on some of the stronger infested take bonus damage from blast). The best way to play Lavos is by adapting on the fly and cycling through a faction’s weaknesses. 

(The bread and butter combo of Lavos is sending out an infused 3, following with a 2 infused with a different element, then finishing with a 4 infused with another different element. Against the Grineer, infuse viral with 3, heat with 2, and corrosive with 4. This should oneshot corrupted heavy gunners up to very high levels, or at the very least do a hefty chunk of damage.)

Passive QOL changes: For those who aren’t as comfortable with constantly imbuing new elements, make it that once an element is imbued, it stays imbued until overridden (as suggested by another user). This solves the issue of the “bothersome” need to constantly imbue new things, while also allowing for anybody who imbued the wrong element to quick fix that. 

1: Fine as is, though probably could use more lifesteal. Overall, do not see this as a damage ability, but as the thing that helps keep you alive. 

1 QOL changes: I personally don’t have many complaints, but adding the ability to aim this up or down would be great. 

2: Oh boy, the most spammable and fun ability in Lavos’ kit. Like his 1, it does nothing for damage and instead is more focused on spreading status. I don’t think steering is needed as you can just cancel and use it just 5 seconds later. However, the scaling is a bit strange.

2 Buffs: Instead of range increasing the dash range (seriously who needs a 70 meter dash? Most rooms in the game are barely 40 meters), make range increase the explosion range and residue range of vials. Lavos’ 2 should be seen as the premier “status spam” ability and increasing the width of it would greatly help in making it the “status spam” ability. 
3: Mod for range and laugh as you send this into the middle of the room and shock everyone inside! Lavos’ 3 acts as his combo starter as well as his cooldown reduction, as well as having the bonus of more ammo, HP, and energy. However, the fact the cooldown only starts after the drone disappears does feel a tad jank.

3 buffs: The cooldown should start as soon as you cast, not after the drone disappears. The current way it works more or less makes the drone have a cooldown of around 13-15 seconds, not 10. Having it apply even more stacks of status effects could also help make Lavos feel even more like a mad chemist. 
General buffs: The one common thing through the first 3 of Lavos’ abilities is the fact they all are utility and do no damage. This normally wouldn’t be an issue (See Harrow: the dude has no damaging abilities), but Lavos very much is a nuker frame, who doesn’t have access to his nuke most of the time. Instead of just increasing base damage (which won’t work, that would get out scaled by armor FAST), add a Condition Overload effect like the one on his 4. In my opinion, it should have the same value of doubling damage, as that would help convey the feeling of a nuke frame and also: none of his first 3 abilities come close to his 4 in terms of base damage, so his 4 would not be replaced by his other abilities as the “Everything is getting oneshot” ability. As a side note, each of his abilities should apply at a minimum 5-7, or even 10 stacks of a status effect so that it feels more impactful to be hitting enemies with so many status effects so often. If 5-10 is too high, then 4-6. 

4: Gonna keep this short and sweet: when you get the setup right, it’s great watching everything burn. When you don’t, it feels bad. 
4 Buff: Each time the ability ranks up, decrease the cooldown by 5 seconds. This will lead to it having a 15 second cooldown on a max Lavos, which is still sizable considering better nukes that have less setup such as Saryn and Volt have either no cooldown or extremely short ones. If DE thinks that is too much (it isn’t), then a 3 second decrease is good enough, as that would still drop the cooldown to 21 seconds on a rank 30 Lavos. Also, make the cooldown start right after cast. There is no need to tack on around 3 extra seconds of wait on an already 30 second cooldown. If the cooldown idea is used, the condition overload effect being spread to the rest of Lavos' ability would not be needed in my opinion. 

Another interesting idea would be swapping the roles of his 1 and 3. Lavos' 1 would lose its healing, but in exchange for cooldown reduction (1 + 0.25s per status effect as suggested by a clanmate), while the 3 loses cooldown reduction in exchange for lifesteal (of course, at a lower rate like 10% per enemy because of the massive range of the ability). The reasoning behind this is to make Lavos "flow" a bit better, because right now, Lavos uses his 3 as his "primer" and "combo starter," not his cooldown reduction. His 1 is not used in Lavos' main combo (3>2>4), so it will feel better for it to used as a combo ender to reduce the cooldown of his kit. 


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The only thing i think that really needs to be changed about Lavos is his transmutation probe. Will be great if the 3rd ability will reduce cooldown per hit and not per enemy hit, that way one enemy can reduce cooldown multipule times making the ability alot more usefull against small groups which are more often fought against.


Oh and vial rush stops sprinting, it needs to be toggled.


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Overall, I find Lavos interesting and refreshing gameplay-wise.  Combining elements and not using energy was unexpected. He really feels like an experimentation/experimental frame, which is a very attractive diegetic concept. Kudos for that! :)
I do not see any mission where he would particularly shine, except for missions where energy is nerfed (Sortie hazard, or Nightmare missions). Mostly because:
- his crowd control is pretty lame
- he requires constant casting, combining and cooldowns anticipation, which is really heavy in terms of mental load.
- his powers are slow, and do not hit a lot of enemies, and cooldowns can be fatal in critical moments
- he brings nothing really interesting to a team when facing strong enemies (bosses, minibosses) in terms of strategy.

Another thing: I don't really understand why he has such a uncommonly large health pool. It looks unfair to other frames, but mostly, unjustified. Just... Why?

Some suggestions that come to my mind when looking at his kit:

- allow his 1st to cast in the air, just like Khora's 1st (not forcing a landing first) . Improve the Line of Sight detection system, which is very wacky >_<
- his 2 is ok, imo.
- His 3d should be more of a deployable, durable turret/totem that can absorb enemy fire and electrocuting the vicinity (making it a lasting tactical tool of diversion, and defense), reducing cooldown when it absorbs enemy fire and electrocutes nearby enemies.
-  his 4th is lame, when compared to things like Molecular Prime or Miasma. It's slooooow, ephemeral, and hits a very small number of enemies, and not even those who enter in the inner area when the probes are still propagating. Of course, it deals a lot of damage (when you're not on high levels), but it's pointless if you barely hit a few enemies unreliably. The probes should just create a large cloud of their fiery gel, which would persist through time, affecting enemies who penetrate in the area, and imbues weapons of the Tenno with the element of the catalysis (not necessarily a huge damage bonus, but more a guaranteed chance to proc the status with their attacks?). The persistance of the cloud should allow this ability to remain useful in high levels (when damage is too weak to kill enemies) to curse areas with crowd-controlling statuses, and empowering Tenno weapons with extra statuses.


And as last suggestions, I would add these:

- allow us to bypass cooldowns by sacrificing health for our powers. This would justify having a larger than usual healthpool, and would allow Lavos to be more able to face critical situations, and to be more "fluid", while keeping a fair dose of risk.

- please, please, PLEASE, do not reset imbued element after each cast! It's such a headache and a hindrance. And allow us to remove an imbued element by pressing again on the corresponding key. (Ex: if i want to cancel "Viral", i just have to press Cold+Toxin again.)


Thank you for your consideration, have a nice day!

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5 hours ago, Yaerion said:

Another thing: I don't really understand why he has such a uncommonly large health pool. It looks unfair to other frames, but mostly, unjustified. Just... Why?

Because he has no damage mitigation ability to protect himself, or energy to use Quick Thinking, AND because he's meant to be a tanky frame?

Why do Grendel or Inaros have lots of health?

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On 2020-12-22 at 5:04 PM, OricSharp said:

I think it'd be good to just give everything a variation of the scaling damage

how about 100% extra damage per status effect like the ult has? nothing else seems as appropriate for an elemental frame and the mechanic couldn't be too strong since the damage boost only really kicks in when enemies are tanky enough to be saturated with status effects anyways.

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While I like his theme and design, I'm not really into some of the choices made with his mechanics.
I'm fine with the Cooldowns, though, I suppose, but only as a specific mechanic to this Warframe. Applying this to more Warframes, forward or backward, and I won't be as accepting. I also really like the Elemental Transmuting mechanic.
Anything else I don't specifically mention I was fine with.

With that in mind, here's my suggestions:


All of Lavos's abilities revolve around inflicting status effects, making them more aligned with aggressive play. As such, I think a more fitting passive would be the following:

  • Elemental Status Effects (ie, not Impact, Puncture, or Slash) would have no negative effect on Lavos, and would instead imbue his Abilities and Weapons with the equivalent Elemental Damage, probably derived somehow from both the damage on the Weapon or Ability, and the Status Effect's 'Strength'.
    • (Somewhat unrelated note, but this made me think, a defensive version of this could probably be given to Chroma? Like, any Elemental Status Effects on Chroma would give him matching Elemental Damage Resistance / Immunity?)
  • What of the Energy Orb system? I'd make it so collecting Energy Orbs would charge a Percentage of Power Strength on next Ability Cast. (Probably displayed by his Elemental Transmuting Gauge filling up)


Orphidian Bite
Seems to be the most inconsistent of his abilities. The rest of his kit deploys something that inflicts Status Effects, but this one is just to inflict Status Effects in a direct attack. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, just an oddity. This ability could be replaced.

Vial Rush
The only ability I completely dislike. It plays uncontrollably, and is very random and inconsistent on what it'll hit. I've performed it through direct crowds of enemies, and managed to not hit a single enemy. This ability I definitely want replaced.

A possible replacement for either, preferably Vial Rush, would be a simple Vial Tossing Ability, where Lavos could throw a Vial, like from Vial Rush, at a targeted spot. This ability would also include multiple charges, probably up to 4, that the cooldown would regenerate 1 at a time.

Possible mechanics that could be included with this ability or as an augment for it:

  • Transforming Enemies killed by the Puddles in some way, becoming minions or more puddles or something.
  • Imbuing Lavos and any Allies who stand in the Puddles with its Elemental Damage
  • Increasing the Status Duration of Lavos for every Enemy that has a Status Effect


Transmutation Probe & Catalyze
These abilities perform a little too similarly, perhaps? Catalyze is kind of just a radial Probe, without the transmuting. Not necessarily an issue, though, just wanted to mention that they were same-y.


And that's about it. To conclude, I'd say, I like his core mechanics, just a couple of oddities with his abilities. I'll probably use him a reasonable amount.

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First of all I want to say I am pleased with the direction new Warframes are taking. Synergic, interesting, deep, reasonably powerful up to "endgame" content, but not stupidly OP or unreasonable (read: nuke DPS meta that shall not be named).

I've been playing with Lavos a lot and I'm having a lot of fun! He's definitely very unique and requires some coordination to effectively use (I'm a Harrow "main" so I like using all my abilities). Also as a real life Pharmacist and Alchemy enthusiast (the historical type, not the anime), Lavos caught my attention as something I definitely wanted to play.
With that said, there are a couple of things, some already addressed by others, that I feel are necessary to make him "flow" better.

I've put 4 (soon 5) formas on Lavos, (1 Umbra, 1 Aura, 2 (3) regular)

His passive is interesting, status immunity is always cool to have. There are times you don't have any Orbs at all, and times you have lots (Nekros, Protea, etc) but that can't be helped I suppose. Mixing elements is super cool and I love it, I noticed you can hold two keys at once to get a composite element immediately, that is very helpful. As others have pointed out, however, it's be a lot better to have the element chosen stick around until changed. It really gets heavy on the fingerwork.

Ophidian Bite is essential to Lavos for survival, given its life leech. I would suggest scaling the life steal off how many status effects the target enemy currently has. It has a somewhat long cooldown for a first ability. It's clear it's not meant to be a damage dealer ability, so maybe making its healing value potentially larger with the interaction with status, would reduce the need to spam it so often, making the cooldown less noticeable. Another point is its range and full-body cast. I feel all of his abilities should be good at inflicting status procs with ease, and for that to happen it needs slightly bigger range and single-hand casting. Another idea to give it additional value is stripping armor of the enemy bitten.

Vial Rush has the shortest cooldown, facilitating its spam, and is also clearly not meant to be a damage dealer, but a status spreader. Unfortunately, it doesn't do either very well, because of such limited range of the puddles. Its cooldown I think is perfect as is, by the time I'm done dashing and look behind me to shoot a few frozen enemies, I'm ready to dash again. It really needs more range and status chance, this should be a viable way to setup enemies for his Catalyze. I know he is supposed to synergize with the Cedo, and he sure does very well, but if I don't want to use the Cedo, I still want to be able to spread status -somehow- and it doesn't work too well as it is.

Transmutation Probe is my biggest issue with him. I often find myself skipping the ability entirely for the cooldown reduction, just using it for additional status spreading and turning ammo for my Cedo and energy for my team mates. Once again, its range is too short, but most importantly, its cooldown is way too long. I need it for spreading status to use my Catalyze, then after everything is dead I can't use it to clear some time off my cooldowns because I have to wait for its own cooldown. Increasing it's zapping range and travel time (and making it an actual floating projectile and not gravity affected as it is), along with a slightly shorter cooldown would make me use this ability a lot more, both to spread more status, for Catalyze setup, and for cooldown reduction afterwards. Tiny note: transmutation doesn't work on Protea's super health orb from Dispensary, is this intended?

Catalyze is quite powerful with the Cedo but not super interesting with only your own Status spreading mechanics, since those are lacking, as explained in Vial Rush. I feel like it should start its cooldown as soon as you cast it, as opposed to waiting for the drones to do their thing. They move so slowly. 30 seconds (plus drone travel time) doesn't feel reasonable for an ability that needs his synergy primary weapon to really shine. If the cooldown starts as soon as cast, and the changes I proposed to Transmutation Probe happen, though, it would make it a lot more manageable and reasonable to deal with the cooldown. 
I know there were changes to Catalyze's verticality, but I implore you to review it once again. It really needs that verticality, given I need to set it up with Cedo or my own abilities, wait for cooldown, wait for drones to slowly move out, and then worry about reducing its cooldown with another ability. There are much more powerful abilities in the game that spread in all directions instantly and don't require so many variables. Please make it's area of effect into a tall Dome or even a sphere if we are feeling daring. It's so frustrating to see half of your targets out of reach when they are right next to you, but in a different elevation.

I think those are my most important observations, I really hope someone took the time to read them, and I appreciate immensely if you did.
Looking forward to enjoying a reviewed Lavos and future content.

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Quick Lavos thoughts:

Don't reset the imbued elements after casting. It's too clunky. Let it be essentially a set-and-forget mechanic.
Vial Rush: Wouldn't it be nice if the explosion procced the imbued element status effect? Imbued with Magnetic? Cast a radial Pull. Imbued with Blast? Ragdolls ahoy!

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As with my Xaku feedback, I'm once again asking for dedicated keybinds for the hold/tap dual-function keys. They have no place, and I have many keys on my keyboards, as well as the unused Alt modifier I would much rather press than hold 1234. The Tap/Hold invert toggle is inconsistent between frames. On Xaku (a frame I heavily use), it lets me tap to cast The Lost, which is what I prefer, but on Lavos it forces me to hold all of his abilities to use, when I would again prefer to tap to cast. 

Even better, add frame-specific keybinds. I want dedicated keys for each of The Lost's abilities, each mote, each of Chroma's elements, Vauban's tools, Ivara's arrows, Grendel's buffs, Venari's attitudes, and Lavos' elements. I can never win with the tap/hold skills, I am constantly throwing the invert setting around depending on the frame I play.

Edit: Alternatively, add a slider for Hold Delay, kind of like windows' setting for keyboard repeat delays, and let it go down to like 25ms.

I will post again about abilities after I play more.

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Added suggestion for HOLD functions.
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I am not a fan of Vial Rush's mechanic. Given it's purpose, it seems it would be better suited if it worked more like Voidrig's 1 (casting ability then having a window to throw X number of vials where you want them) or Voidrig's 3 (casting Vial Rush and directing a barrage of X number of Vials).

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I feel like Lavos is great rn, but his 4's drones need a larger radius to avoid missing the enemies. This happens a lot, even at 235% range. I would also suggest a vertical component to the drones so enemies cant stand a few feet down some stairs and be completely safe. Just make gas come out of the bottom (lol) or something.

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Very belatedly joining the party to add a +1 to the toggled sprint issue with Vial Rush. Having to turn sprint on again at the end of a mobility move is extremely irritating, never mind one that seems destined to be his most used ability.

I don't know that I've figured out a rhythm for Lavos yet, so I can't comment too much on his general gameplay design, which is at least pleasantly unusual, but the sprint issue by itself makes him annoying to use.

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Vial Rush doesn't work properly when you subsume it. I put it on my Frost to replace Ice Wave. It still uses the cooldown & no energy on Frost (which is fine, actually great, 5 seconds is not too long to wait). The issue is that it won't do any damage or proc cold status.

I think I know why this has happened though.

Lavos's whole duration = status duration mechanic.

Other warframes don't have that mechanic.

This makes it seem like the ability's status duration is coded together with the status duration mechanic. So the ability on other warframes has a 0%, un-moddable, status duration which makes it so there is no status proc. The damage is probably programmed to activate when a target gets hit by the cold proc from the ability, but as it is now, it can't proc the cold status effect.

I hope this gets fixed soon.

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On 2020-12-20 at 3:10 PM, Harutomata said:

Probably gonna write more elaborate feedback later, but for now:
Seems biggest issue with the warframe in general is vertical placing as others pointed out (and some abilities having too long cooldowns)
When it comes to Ophidian Bite I think it'd be nice if it healed squadmates (and other normally healable objectives) too, it'd give the warframe more versatility and make him more desirable to have on the team and in more variety of missions. Maybeee I'd also consider adding some short healing over time to it. Oh and level scaling, kinda a must have for direct damage abilities in general.

After playing Lavos more, I still stand by what I said. Vertical targets are still iffy, and I still think the team heal on his Ophidian Bite would be a nice addition as healing alchemy next to the destructive kind for reasons stated above. Transmutation Probe provides some heals through Universal Pickups but I feel there could be more to him in terms of support for his team/pets. There's also a relatively low selection of frames who can heal objectives too.

More feedback:
I feel the need to have to refill the vials after each ability a bit tiresome. Might be more ideal to keep the element you imbue for any amount of abilities you want to cast, then you can
a) combine it into a combined element
b) if it's already a combined element then trying to imbue a new element would be that element alone. you just tap the abilities to use them so it wouldn't cause any accidents anyway.
Though this idea would mean if you wanted to cast two different uncombined element abilities in row, then it'd be clunky to combine first to use an uncombined element afterwards. I'm not sure what would be a good way to help that. Either making a way to clear the vials (just please do not make roll do that haha) or holding a single element for twice as long would circle the indicator twice and use that one uncombined element in the vial. Latter sounds less clunky, and more convenient as empty vial casts are not ideal anyway. Even using the same element an ability uses is worth it for more damage/status.
The current way it is felt fun and experimental at first, but gradually I found the mechanic somewhat clunky and tiring, hence very often finding myself refilling the vials with the same elements in row.

I'd also like to talk a bit about Transmutation Probe
It reminds me a bit of Harrow's Thurible in the sense that it allows your teammates to play against you and make your gameplay more clunky. If your teammates kill the pack of mobs right even a millisecond before you'd throw your probe on them, it goes on CD, and your Catalyze sits on the same long CD, and you can't just recast your probe on a new set of mobs because it goes on CD too. It has very little duration too, and on top of that the cooldown only starts ticking after the duration is over.
Same problem if your sentinel/pet kills the enemy (or even other abilities you have, or weapons which do damage outside use) before it gets electrocuted to trigger the CD reduction.
Maybe it'd be ideal to be able to electrocute corpses too (damn that sounds morbid, but hopefully not in a warframe context) to trigger the CD reduction in order to avoid a constant frustration from the entire world working against you reducing your ultimate's cooldown. Which currently does somewhat underwhelming damage against high level targets to warrant a 30 sec CD (or 35, depending on how you look at it, since it also only starts ticking after its duration).
Lavos abilities in general should all have level scaling imo, since he's a lot about direct ability damage.

Overall Lavos feels like he could be a good and fun frame, but currently held back by some inconveniences. But it's undeniably an unique frame that just needs some further polishing.
The frame's mechanics/gameplay aside, good job for the person who made the frame's design. He looks cool, and the sound and animation design is spot on too.

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12 hours ago, PsiWarp said:

I'd like to put it on Frost too after it gets fixed.

Also might be asking a bit much and outside of Lavos' kit, but please let the subsumed rush stack 3 Cold procs per hit.

I think when you hit a target with more than 1 vial they get multiple cold procs. Just cast the ability and jump straight after to litter loads of vials around you.

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In the future give players more warframe automatically instead of giving them blueprints and large stories, this is a good treat for new players struggling to get rhinos and limbo / chroma for progress before they quit to another game, am not saying to give lavos away, but the next two warframes should be added automatically with some weapons, there is alot of great suggestions in the forums / winners pages of the last contest, so am sure we could add a few updates to the arsenal which have flash cards and loot weapons, then worry about platinum later, so the players can easily try out more warframes and planet based / bounty officers / remi9nds me of dynasty warriors, theres just so many areas in the game and machines which dont have great uses, if the arsenal got organized it could be more popular.

also lavos is a great release, the requirements aren't that bad, i think the voidrigs are great too, um protea is still difficult but it got a good landscape update, but theres more areas in the game which could use a few more creatures and mods or archwing modifications later on, i think its good but not as good as lavos.

appearance is unique, but it looks like excalibur and ash parts to some extent, thats not important, it could just be that default stance, a quick ephemeral coverup would be good to also include a few color paletes and unlockables for players leveling up and adding forma or lenses to keep them interested, give them glyphs or syndicate involvement "loot" when they level up or MAX certain warframes and weapons, am not sure, maybe extraction per planet can have simular or unique gifts added, other games have GATCHA, well. we have lavos.


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  • Cephalon  Cy, Simaris, and Syndicates would it be posible to have a few mods and original warframe or archwing content added, mods, and colorpalettes is a great start, we need more shops and spectre for the hangar, there should be some services inside the ships / orbiter /  Railjack have alot of machines and boxes but nothing works outside of mechanics ordinance repair, there should be some minigames and things to do, i dont see any good sights over the planets like trees and water decorations, most consules need a nice update, the bounties in space could be made more interesting, am not sure what lavos inspires because i havent got him / her yet, so its good place to make smaller robots and cleaning machines to operate some areas in the ships at some cost or fuel / lightshow / atmospheric leaks / without getting to battle / i think intros would take a while to get different teleportation so what is more important than adding more functions to the arsenal, and updates in the relays.
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