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Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

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Has anyone considered looking at implementing the tech used to render hair in Zootopia to Warframe? We can get realistic looking hair and fur for the characters and pets. Blender added it into their 2.8 release, and it looks amazing. A video previewing the tech is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNlGsmZ6osk

Blender has a page going into more details of how it works here: https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/render/cycles/nodes/types/shaders/hair_principled.html#cbtb16

The Blender docs page has links to the actual papers Blender implemented.

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Main question would be:

Of all of the things outlined on the whiteboard last devstream, what would each of you say you are most excited for?

(We all know Geoff's is the Hydroid Prime trailer so...)

A follow up question would be:

If you each could choose 1 thing to add to the game right now (a passion project) what would it be?

You guys were awesome last stream! Can't wait for this one!

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  • What is your opinion on allowing Frames with Exalted weapons to use them outside of their 4? Mesa would be a good example, as not equipping any secondaries would allow her to use her Regulator pistols instead.
  • Since Heldryn is a Sheild themed Frame like Harrow, will shields be looked at again?
  • Will POE be given a Alert system like Fortuna? Where the more enemies you kill, the more powerful enemies spawn in and such?
  • One of the things that does push me away the most from POE is the standing cost for Decorations. Are they going to be reduced, because 50k standing for a Spice Pile is kinda excessive.
  • Wukong rework progress? I am more interested on how Defy and his Ult will be affected.
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Nice, inaros and tatiana had a daughter and rhino with saryn had a daughter. I see rhino/saryns daughter took dads body n iron skin traits, lol. Unless thats mysterios daughter and this is a sinister 6 easter egg for endgame hype! Any of them have a javelin type ability? Javelin as in excals javelin ability, LOL.

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Question for Geoff (and highly likely Steve):

The IK work on the giant spiders was superb!

When will the Warframes get an "Animation redux" (if you will) where many of the industry norms, such as IK, are introduced into the core animation workflow (running, walking, jumping, idle ainims etc.)? The animations in Warframe, while great, and greatly composed, lack many of the subtleties of a system that is running in real-time - saying nothing for how warframe treats leg positions on uneven surfaces.

Granted i understand its a very significant undertaking, it is the one area of warframe that feels severely dated, and lacking.


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Will you ever make Titania walk/run animation float instead of just walking and running like other frames? It just makes sense for her.

Can we have more operator talk please? Give them more lines! I'm using falcon and I love her voice.

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Le ‎30‎/‎01‎/‎2019 à 14:18, Lored a dit :

When next Double Resource Weekend? Last one was more than 1 year ago.

Any news:

  • "Kingpin" system;
  • Thumper Bot from 105 and 106 devstreams;
  • Any chance to PoE grinding changes;
  • Pets 2.0;
  • Cephalon Samodeus lore or something(some fragments across world like kuria with some stories) with it;
  • Companion/pets commands system;
  • Any warframe add in Arbitrations droplist;
  • Old quests replay;
  • Limbo deluxe;
  • Seasonal events (winter event?);
  • Reveal Fortuna items in profile (MOA's still hidden);
  • Wukong rework (or mb not? he's ok);
  • Omega and Umbra Formas myth or not;
  • Next Umbras info (Excal out >6 month ago);
  • Trials news;
  • So Hildryn and Wisp are fem frames, where male one?.

How about: 

  • New archwing & arch-weapons;
  • Arch-guns Rivens;
  • New Landing Craft ship;
  • New Weapons, mods(weapon augs) or something(not capturas) for Faction Syndicates;
  • New mechanics with Helminth Infirmary room;
    • Infested Kavat;
  • New Kavat type (2 kavats vs 5 kubrows + helminth, unfair);
  • New Venus Kubrow type(Kubrodons);
  • MOA (Venari mb?) mod sets;
  • New MOA unique mods;
  • Chesa Retrieve rework (since Fetch ingame, Chesa useless)
  • Status mods like Rifle Aptitude rework;
  • Sentinels weapons Augments;
  • Unique skins for Login Rewards weapons (Azima, Zenistar...)
  • Clan management system:
    • Fields for "Clan description"(Clan Rules), except for the already available "motd"
    • More information for admins:
      • Player(x) invite Player(y);
      • Curent resources progress (%);
      • Curent research progress (%);
    • More flexible and variable "Hierarchy and Roles" system:
      • Stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).
  • New map for Relay's and Dojo (colored with markers) like in PoE or OV;
  • Dojo:
    • Custom Obstacle Course increase decoration limit;
    • Remove/change requirement Hemocyte Cystolith for Plague Star clan trophies;
    • In-room Dojo spawn point(marker);
    • Changeable statues in Temple of Honor;
    • Infested & Corpus statues decorations (now only Grineer);
    • Weapon racks decorations;
    • Infested theme decorations;
    • Orokin Derelict theme decorations;    
    • Factions Storage Containers;
    • Factions Resource Caches;
    • NPC for dojo;
    • Sentient Lab;
    • Syndicate rooms (like in relay);
    • Dojo Hangar (like in relay);
  • Boss reworks:
    • The Sergeant;
    • Hyena Pack;
    • Phorid;
    • Zanuka Hunter.

Nice! I persolnaly think that we have a lot of content unexplored, sincee the Orbiter that can improve it interior (we have broken wires since the launch of the game and lots of empty spaces in the operator room), only 3 landers (no Cetus lander, no Fortuna lander etc), no new companions from Cetus, new masks from Nakak, Archwings seems to have been abandoned, i don't see anyone playing arching missions, except to farm Atlas and grind for xp, and no new archwing model came too.

I can make a extense list but i thing i have already exposed my p.o.v., we have a great game that create new stuff and then leave what they create behind sometimes leaving a feeling of emptyness even with a lot of things to do and this thoughts come to my mind everytime i look to my unfixed lander wall near the decorations room and to that unacessible tower in Cetus.

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Here’s a few of my questions:

• Nyx rework? 

• Gara skin options? I see that there’s tennogen, but will there be more options with plat? 

• More Helminth Charger options, or rework? I know that it’s an infested Kubrow, but I’d like there to be more cosmetic options or mods for the Helminth Charger. 

• Corruption pet MOAS/Sentinels cosmetic options?


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Devstream #123 has been postponed until further notice! We will update this thread with the rescheduled date when we have it.

Thanks for understanding! 

The Gift of the Lotus Alerts will still be live at 3pm ET on all platforms! The Alerts will be: 

24 Hour Orokin Catalyst Alert
24 Hour Melee Riven Alert

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On 2019-01-30 at 11:11 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:


Rescheduled for FEBRUARY 8TH!

Who:  Rebecca is joined by the usual suspects!

What: Come see Hildryn in action with a first look at Abilities, plus a first look at ‘Wisp’ in game. We’ll have questions to answer, gameplay to go over, and more! Come see what’s in Development and learn about how Warframe gets made!  

Prizes? Why yes, we will be giving away 3 x 1000 Platinum Prizes during the Livestream as well as a Mesa Prime Access Pack AND a Prime Vault pack!

Where: Find us at: twitch.tv/Warframe

Twitch Drop: Join us to get your very own Kavat Starter Kit!

When: Join us this Friday, February 8th at 2 p.m ET!

Please ask your questions here! Thread closes at 10 a.m ET on Friday, February 8th - keep adding to this thread :)!

By installing the Youtube app for free on your Nintendo Switch, you can conveniently watch the stream on the Warframe Youtube channel from your portable system!



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