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Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0

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Please switch a player from SOLO to invite only if they invite someone to their party from Dojo for example. 

Please put the planet name and mission type and level range in the progress window.

Please stop resetting the dojo obstacle course leaderboard every week and instead have it show overall + weekly.

Please fix vacuum/fetch mod so that it works under laggy conditions and isn't reliant on pet distance along with other variables such as host CPU which adds a huge delay to vacuum even if the ping is below 50ms.

Please add more configuration slots for frames. ABC -> DEF.

Please add medallions to defense tilesets or boost the standing gained by at least 8*500 = 4000.

Please make medallions persistent in maps so the host can pick up the medallion and people joining after will still get them.

Please re-add mastery symbols at a glance to hover over market item icons instead of requiring 2-3 click through. Same with needing to hover over the purchase button to see stats, just display it always.

Please clean up the new index map, tons of nooks and crannies make reactant impossible to collect.

Please draw the minimap so that parts of it that you've already explored show at all times instead of fading away in weird blotches. Or whatever this weird mechanic is. Increase the tolerance level for exploration for verticals.

Please add favorite weapon feature so we dont have to scroll through an extremely limited UX that doesn't scale by resolution.

Please add configuration names to the Arsenal general screen so we know what frame and weapon configs we have selected at a glance. Glance value can improve a lot of UX complaints.

Please fix Tyr Regor assassination maniac spawn so they do not teleport/clip through walls/water. They become unreachable and you need to wait a long time for them to "despawn" for the fight to move on.

Please increase extermination spawn rate if players reach the end. Certain extraction tilesets do not spawn enemies until players are far away from the spawning zones.

Please improve survival spawn rate. It breaks if people extract separately, if you're the last person, only 1-2 enemies spawn at a time. Please make the spawn rate better across the board so soloing survival is more comparable to soloing defense.

Please show the number of shadows Nekros has stored up to the maximum 20.

Please fix the terrible AI when holding position. 100% of the time they will stop shooting due to queued up actions until you put them back on follow. This applies to spectres as well.

Please fix Arca Plasmor disintegrate not working with Nekros Desecrate (the invisible corpse does not get rolled on for extra drop chance). 

Please fix medallion riven challenge so that picking up medallions actually counts towards unveiling the riven.

Please fix Zhuge Prime reload speed. Reloading from an empty mag results in a 2.0s reload time instead of "reloads twice as fast from an empty magazine" which would be 1.5s (from 3.0s).

Please hide the character model when backed up against a wall. If you stand against a wall it blocks your ability to look or aim.

Please delay extraction until after a void relic has been chosen. For example, if all 4 people stand on extraction in a survival, it extracts before the reward choice screen pops up.

Please display different types of upgraded relics when clicking on a linked relic.

Display how many reactants people are carrying in index in the playerlist. Or a total number being carried by the team with a (bonus) indicator. There is no need to hide this information other than to hurt player efficiency. 

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Looking good. 


Some critique, the extra meter management on Baruuk was ok because it didn't really mess with energy. With Gauss, I feel like I'm playing a city builder or something trying to watch this and that. His abilities cost way too much for something you're supposed to be spamming. Especially when shields (sigh) are his thing... without shield gating... so we have to use Adaptation. You get damage reduction from his 2... but only when the meter is full, and his 2 drains the meter... you can run all you want it doesn't feel good. Even with 175% efficiency. Then there's his 4, which really just doesn't feel ultimate to me, and trying to get redline with his 2 on is impossible unless you the only thing you want to be doing is running into walls and spamming energy refills (because the enemies are now knocked down instead of shooting you to refill your energy, and you can't have 2 on anyways because your battery is draining...). Then there's duration, you'd want it for your 4 but not at all for your 3 (because you can't disband an element and have to wait them out), and it doesn't really matter for your 1 & 2.  He just feels so clunky. It's really fun slamming into enemies but that doesn't complete the mission. We know what you can do (Wisp, Khora, Ivara,etc) so maybe that makes other leser frames look that much worse. I don't know. He just needs less micromanagement or something. That battery should be cool, andin theory sounds cool, but the implementation feels bad. 


And in case it wasn't super-well-known yet... there's nothing the majority of the players in this game hate more than losing their abilities. On top of the usual reset pits, reset ceilings, and energy leeches there's also scrambus type enemies, nullifiers, and key-carrying bursas (all key carriers nullify everything) and even nullifying conduits ... all of those things are now present on Lua. Chances are fantastic I'll never go back there for this reason. There's nothing "fun" or challenging about losing abilities. Especially because Lua has so much elevation changes you can't even see Scrambus enemies. Nothing fun about losing abilities. So many people have made this so abundantly clear, yet each update you add more? 


Lastly, you not giving an acceptable amount of Kuva is going to be the death of me. Seriously. Just stop it. The amount of RNG in rivens... c'mon man. It shouldn't take a half an hour of play time just to try to get something remotely usable on my riven, and I'm punished for trying. And it doesn't make me play more; it makes me play less. 

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5 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0







Moving Gauss increases the speed gauge, which in turn increases his shield recharge rate.

Burst into a hyper-sprint bowling over enemies and charging the battery. Crashing into solid objects generates a powerful shockwave. Hold to rush continuously. 

Generate armor plating that converts a portion of absorbed Kinetic Damage into Energy. Also protects Gauss from being staggered or knocked down. Damage Resistance is relative to battery level. 

Siphon kinetic energy from the area, charging the battery and inflicting Cold Status on nearby enemies. Hold reverses the process, draining the battery and inflicting Heat Status on nearby enemies.  

Push Gauss’ battery beyond the redline, supercharging his Abilities and setting Fire Rate, Attack Speed, Reload Speed, and Holster Rate into overdrive. When past the redline, bolts of arcing electricity dance periodically from Gauss, exploding en masse when the ability is deactivated. 

Is it me or did Gauss' default helmet get an upgrade for the mainline release? He's rockin' something that of V Gundam's  v-fin... xD Not that its a bad design, but the effect of the Moonlight Butterfly effect is... xD

Updating now. Thanks, DE!

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I don't appreciate that my glorious golden Xiphos (with prisma skin) was amazing and golden when I logged off, only to login and see that it's an ugly mustard-yellow monstrosity.

Upon tinkering, no other "engine" color works apart from the default. Guess this is something that's been ruined for me.

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Apparently the emissive colors have been broken, the Saryn Orphid Skin no longer has its shine (it should look pink like the Syandana), the Prisma accessories/skins also stopped having their emissive effects correctly.



And I found another bug, when using Link, there is now a straight line under each link, this makes them look bigger, coarser and annoying in each line.




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Dunno why i let myself get hype for this update. It's just more disruption. it's still one of the worst game modes. Lasted around 5 C rotations with nothing but relics and logged off for another few weeks. 

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9 minutes ago, Autongnosis said:

So the leverian was scrapped from update... What happened with that? 

its in there, not as visible I guess. Go in the store and click on Gauss it should be at the bottom right corner. 

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Considering my last insightful, informative, hopeful, 3-hours-of-work, post just got DEleted, I apologize now if this will sound rude because I could care less about pleasantries if they're just going to be labled heresy anyway and be blown out of the water with the push of a button.

*New (Disruption) nodes and Arbitrations
--Locking Arbitrations behind these new nodes provide absolutely 0% incentive for me to reunlock it. I encounter new/old bugs literally everytime I go back, and it's already been almost a year since Arbitration's release. Fix this first, then maybe I'll play your videogame.
*Lua Lens
--A slap in the face for veterans and noobs alike. Veterans already have everything. And only ~44% more than Eidolon Lens?! New players, don't, because Brilliant/Radiant/Synthetic Shards exist. Also, normal Eidolon Shards will get an actual use when?
*Universal Syndicate Medallion
--Only thing with real potential here is donating these to Conclave. Conclave makes you want to kill yourself faster than that Mirage with an Ignis Wraith just did, has great cosmetic rewards, and every other faction is relatively easy to rank up anyway.
*Market Aura Forma
--80p for one and 150 for a bundle? I'll repeat what I said to Aura Forma blueprint on day 1: "Ha! Nope." Aura Forma blueprint costs 1 Forma to build not 2, single Market Aura Forma costs 40p, the bundle costs 64p, and now they might actually be worth using/crafting/buying.
*Riven additions and changes
--Still no fix on the riven system itself. META boosters or memes are all they are, so why are they still locked behind a virtual slot machine? Let us lock stats, change the stats themselves(preferably stats that are unique and not apocalyptic), have percentages scale with something tangible (like mastery rank?), and we have some actual end-game content. I don't want to hunt for the "perfect roll" until I die, nor do I want to pay the equivalent of 400 USD for this thingy in a videogame.
*PoE: Bounty Additions
--Bring bonus objectives to starchart missions as well, and if done right then warframes focusing on defending, crowd control, etc. could become (more) relevant again. Bonus rewards could be three (or two, depending on performance (like Disruption)) random rewards from the rotation's drop table with us allowed to choose one of them, similar to daily login rewards.
*Enemy grenades
--Make them more visible, like ammo pickups: bigger, beacon of light, and maybe even a faint glow that flashes faster with the countdown.
*Titania's 2 still buffs companions. lmao. no. just no
*Umbra still bugged to not benefit from instances where invulnerability should be applied, loses fellow warframes' buffs, and had an issue with Magus Repair on its release. Common factor: Transference and Umbra (the specter, not you the player). Verdict: Remove his sentience passive; its only use is content that can easily be cleared with a Braton, and just gets you killed in high-level missions because yes, you will be punished for the mistakes made by this thing you have no control over.
*Volt can't pick up his 3
*Hildryn still walks through the red disqualification barriers of Custom Obstacle Courses, without being disqualified.

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4 hours ago, LordBakal said:

Specularity is lost on polished metal, like they cranked the strenght of the glossy material all the way from 0.1 to 1. Prisma effects are lost on a wide array of elements, from the landing crafts to weapons and attachments. The oily reflections from Fortuna's coolant and puddles is lost and you can see through them like if they were mere water.

Amongst other bugs, some cosmetics for sentinels like the wings have incorrect orientation. And overall, the dark deep colours look mate without the correct gloss parameters they previously had. If these changes are going to stay, I request an option for LEGACY RENDERING (which looked way better).

I would pay for this, seriously '-'

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