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Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.8 +


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Hello DE Team, all good with u guys?
I hope you had a good end of year and holiday.

Guys, I love you, and I admire how fast and competent the DE Team is in solving and maintaining the game and servers. But we have a very annoying bug: this constant Host Migration is driving us crazy. The vast majority of the missions that I enter, right at the beginning I already receive a Host Migration, and I am directed to a server alone. I have even opened a support ticket here with the Support and even changed the DNS here on my adapter (ipconfig + flushdns, etc., etc., etc.) and even so I still have problems. And it's not just me, several friends and players also going through this. It really is very boring, discouraging to tell the truth. Nothing changed in my network/machine. Can you pay attention to this problem, please? We will be very grateful. Thank you very much DE Team, keep the hard+good work!!!   :D  o/ <3

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I don't want to sound rude, but I keep seeing a LOT of effort in these
graphic updates and for me the game looks worse every day

Just look at this: MUwOpFy.jpg

Why not relax with the graphic details and work on the game itself? 

We keep getting islands of content, the game feels more and more 
shattered with each update, grind is worse every time, Warframe is 
starting to feel like a chore to play. And yet I see most of the effort
put into graphics, which not only were excellent before, but actually look
worse every time they update it, the updates are huge, and then I have to 
fiddle with my settings to make it look as good as it looked before. 

Im tired of this, I want to see DE's effort and work put into the GAME,
not into how the game LOOKS
- Missions revisited to make them more connected with each other
- Warframes that desperately need a rework
 Weapons that are USELESS and need tweaks
 Completely terrible AI that was never updated 
- Glorified 1 minute cinematics as "quests"
 A MASSIVE system that is a huge resource sink to players AND their clans,
  just to have ONE single playmode (railjack)
- and the list goes on and on...

What happened to Warframe? Is this just a graphics sandbox now? 
Fashion Frame is not a joke anymore and DE actually is developing 
Warframe with looks as its main objective? 

Im sad, tired, disappointed. Ive been playing for 6 years and I naively 
thought the game was going to be much better by now. 
It feels like the only objective is to get some bling and record capturas.

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3 minutes ago, Eldirian said:

Thx fot the hotfix but the game now plays even worse than before on DX12. I have a 2080 RTX and it still stutters. Still a long way to go. Keep up trying to optimize it. Thx! :)
Also the music I play in the orbiter got cut and then played from the moment of cut. :(


3 minutes ago, Zilotz said:

Actually those did increase(they got bigger like instead of 250ms they got to 1000ms) after update.


For those of you experiencing performance issues - the launcher is defaulting to DirectX 12 Beta, please see post from Rebecca below:


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2 minutes ago, Digressive said:

For those of you experiencing performance issues - the launcher is defaulting to DirectX 12 Beta

I already was at DX12, and the problem they adressed just got worse on DX12.


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10 minutes ago, pr0bl3m4t1c0 said:

Im on PC.  Just finished installing update.  There is plenty of micro stuttering and fps drops everywhere.  Anyone else experiencing this?

Nah man, its all of us. 

The game RUNS and LOOKS WORSE!

Im tired of the constant graphic updates that make the game look and run worse
while the rest of the game, you know the game ITSELF keeps being ignored

DE, why the hell not work on the AI instead of the graphics?

The graphics were fine before, now they are worse

The AI has been broken forever and it has never been addressed 
(just to give an example)

Missions, Warframes, Weapons, Quests, AI
all of that ignored for graphic updates that dont 
even make the game look better, but instead look 
and RUN worse. 

Disappointed as always. 

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i sleep - YouTube

For now.

Thank you.


Was too busy watching GME and missed the front page, oops!

Revert or replace the line of sight added to Khora's Whipclaw in U29.5.0.


This was added as a "little quality of life touch up":



The first group in our “touch all Warframes” list! We aim to give each Warframe a little quality of life touch up and not laser focus on one Warframe at a time.


  • There is now a minimal Line of Sight check on Whipclaw’s radial damage. 

Despite drastically reducing the quality of life for this Warframe.


Khora's core ability has been in a half-broken state because of this change for two months now.


My bug report has gone seemingly ignored, despite providing 65 examples across all 15 standard tilesets in the game.


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Fixed forum link
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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Added a confirmation prompt when selecting to ‘REMOVE ALL’ Mods in the Upgrade screen to alleviate accidental removals. 

  • Accidental removal happened quite frequently when using a controller due to the button to remove a single Mod and all Mods are the same, and is dependent on whether your controller cursor is over a Mod at the time.

Perhaps introducing the hold click UI element like railjack stuffs would be good for this case

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here's your thread parasite asking DE to give necramech arch-melee! not the bonewidow exacted melee, but the actual arch melee weapons, to be able to switch to melee and gunplay quickly and without having to use abilities just like you can do in archwing or warframe mode! ^^

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So you just went ahead and put Lavos/Cedo in the Entrati shop anyway? With no form of refund or compensation? Despite all of the negative feedback about how we feel screwed over from the operation? I guess I'm not surprised.

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53 minutes ago, GA-Bulletproof said:

Getting some massiv lags from this update....

Same. Open up the menu, fps drops by 10

Open up the foundry, I go from 72 fps to 48

Open up the mod bench, I go from 72 to 25!

Turn the camera to look behind me to fast in my ship? I drop from 72 to 68 fps

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I am always defending DE, but this update needs to be rolled back asap. Not only do I have massive FPS drops and stutter, but the 2 of my boy Gauss does not work any more.


Just a heads up, the "oops I picked the wrong thing to roll out publicly" would earn me a major and intimate discussion with my boss.

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1 hour ago, Pyromaniax_ said:

Will Operators Clan Sigil ever be fixed?

This should answer your question:
Original thread of this was posted January 27, 2018, the bug remains in game to this day, I've made 3 threads on this issue.

So ultimately, no it is unlikely Operators Clan Sigil ever be fixed.

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1 - Thank you for all the work and effort. It shows on the great quality of this game!

2 - Yet again, no fix for Khora Whipclaw new LOS making it not hit things in your face, despite multiple bug reports and requerests from the community. A great frame is now broken and has been broken for months now. I mean, if it is to remain like this, why not remove it from the game?

3 - The Spawning in the RJ whent going to a dojo bug, has also been around forever. Can it be adressed?



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