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Steel Path - Frost specter

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u will think it unkillable but its doesn't mean it DE problem... steel path is about gearcheck than anything else.

even steelpath right now much of people just cheese tru it with they decent gear and frame of choice.

on spector u can just use revenant ... when battle begin press 2 on urself for protecting any damage from spector... point your 1 to spector and press 3 for reave to him.. if revenant have enough str (250%+) it 100%+ absorb hp and shield result of 1 shot it.

i do this for all spector 2sec at top each.

good luck on steelpath u still have much thing to learn. 😉

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5 minutes ago, margo1989 said:

If i didnt wrote the way i wrote. It will be ignored. Yes you too gl.

I promise if you post in players helping players just politely asking for help, or even frustratedly asking for help, people will help you. 

If you post feedback in this forum, it will be ignored no matter how well written it is, because this is not the right forum for feedback. This is general discussion, just for chatting. 

Anyways, there are lots of ways to do it. I used Volt + Electric Shield, boosted my damage, protected me, Frost didn't seem to even try to melee engage that much when I remained at range, so I could just snipe him with the shield. 

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4 минуты назад, R.O.G.U.E. сказал:

My friend, if you make a stupid post, you're gonna expect stupid answers. 

You didn't try, you gave up. Not a good mindset to have playing this game...or in real life. Oh, your solutions didn't work? Find a different one then. Hell, plenty of your fellow players here have given you a ton of strats above.

Here's mine: use Excal Umbra's 2 and then melee. 

First try was with excal umbra. Gun, paracesis...or excal umbras radial and his 4 skill. Shield of frost was gone but his health... still replenish like. 5x tried with umbra.
2) Saryn... toxic and other stuff (btw even if run on other side of the room, hide or something (even if frost didnt use 4 skill), still hitted and killed. Few times. No luck.
3) Frost. My build isnt meaby perfect or superb like others but i tried this and that. Still same problem....
4) Wukong...
6) Somebody put here video with good mesa build. I used it. Result...same. No luck.
7) Valkyr
😎 Even Trinity 😄

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56 minutes ago, DreisterDino said:

Ps: @Kylo. Thanks for mentioning my new favourite frame for this gamemode 🙂

I liked Mag before, but the damagebuff of her 2 or the debuffs/CC from her 3/4 never felt "necessary" because enemies died anyway,

or they died instantly from the ability itself, but now i actually need those Buffs/Debuffs to kill enemies quicker. Fun Gameplay i suggest trying out aswell^^

If you wanna know more about Mag, you can read the Mag Guide my friend made. : )

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26 minutes ago, margo1989 said:

No, we dont. I m glad you even find of name of dojo of one person. Even better...you wrote it correctly. Stupid me.
You feel better now?
I m glad you are pro. Next time dont be rude and so clever of yourself and just help for exchange?

Ash with the Fatal Teleport augment makes quick work. Hit 2 to go invisible and then point at the specter and then hit 3.  Repeat if necessary. The specters are chunky but nowhere near impossible. There are plenty of ways to take them down.

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4 hours ago, margo1989 said:

2) Saryn... toxic and other stuff (btw even if run on other side of the room, hide or something (even if frost didnt use 4 skill), still hitted and killed. Few times. No luck.

Saryn works Perfectly fine. How do i know this?

I did it with Saryn. It pretty much turned into a activate the encounter, use her three, use her one with Augment, Pew and he died. 

Hell i even admit that the first time i tried him i did like i did towards all the other Specters and went into melee, he froze me and killed me.

So what did i do?

I adjusted and learned from it.

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I'm still trying to work out what frost used that did a crazy amount of damage when I fought it.

And by crazy I mean it tore 6000 health in one hit from my Inaros build which was set up with all the usual health and armour mods. Even got frozen while i had negation swarm up to boot.

I got past it in the end but I'm still a bit stunned as I've never seen anything in game do that to Inaros.

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Looks like you managed to complete it, I am glad. 

I managed it with a vauban that kept him CC D while stripping his armor. 

Next time you get stuck, don't blame the Devs for your own incompetence. It is supposed to be difficult. 

The rewards are really mostly cosmetic and is completely optional as well. Making statements like this is what makes them Nerf game modes. 

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Some weapons(majority of primaries and secondaries actually) really struggle with the specters in SP. However bleed heavies, redeemer(prime) heavies, exodia contagion and even mashing with good builds obliterate them. And then obviously loki and ash are free win there.

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Reminds me of when ai had to defeat the very last specter on Sedna... Saryn.

After getting one shotted a bunch of times and Maggy's Magnetize not doing anything anymore.

I cheesed it by Using Slam attacks to knock her down then shooting at her as she got up... I had to do this like 9 Times before she stayed down.

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@margo1989Specters are fun duels to have but if I just want to end it with no way for them to fight back I just slow them until they stop moving. There are multiple ways to slow an enemy.
Warframe abilities like Nova's Molecular Prime. 75% slower.
Cold status. 25% slower
Temporal Blast from Zenurik Path. 80% slower (last only 15 seconds)

And they can be combined. It's even more ridiculous when you use Temporal Blast since the specter can fall over and his animation to get up will also be slown down. (I think Frost won't because he tends to block it with his melee weapon)
0.25*0.75*0.2 = 0.0375. They go down from 100% speed to 3.75% speed, it's 26.67 times slower.

What you do in 1 sec, they need 26.67 seconds to do it. They just do nothing while you beat the crap out of them.
This is the ultimate way of overpowering them since they can't do anything.
Here's an example with timer (gif speeds up when nothing is happening), you can see frost has the same pose for 10 entire seconds, but I don't even need to do that since I could slice him in one hit.

The good news here is that Cold and Temporal Blast are more important than the warframe ability itself, meaning you can at least slow your enemy up to 6.67 times without the warframe ability, so it can fit any arsenal you would like to use. And Temporal Blast can still make it fall over.

It takes 3 seconds to get up, so they need 20 seconds to get up at this lower speed. 20 seconds is plenty enough to deal damage and maybe kill him if your arsenal is strong enough.

Many other ways work too of course.

Jack Nicholson Yes GIFSpecterSlow3.gif

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Kuva bramma with Trintiy armor ddbuff link and he just sorta fell over.  All them specters just sorta fall over.

My mods are far from great and I am still not having any trouble moving through steel path.

Pretty sure this post is precisely why folks don't want rewards built in to this game mode, cause you'd be far from the first to just blame the developers rather than sorting out your shortfalls.

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On 2020-07-16 at 4:35 PM, margo1989 said:

"I guess its just me. But its impossible to kill Frost spectr on Mars junction. A tried almost all my frames, guns...tactics....
But continue die. Frost spectr from Mars junction is just to OP.
I guess Steel path end for me... like for many others. Thx DE...your new content is realy playable."

Mmm so...change of status...
Somebody gave me idea about ash.
I used Ash prime with Rakta dark Dagger + my own frost spectr xD
And what was impossible... is possible now. Idk how... but mirracle happened and i killed Frost spectr of Mars junction. Wanna thank you all. Who tried help me...even if i was wrong.
Good luck all.


Quite frankly, you're not as good as you thought you were just yet. Keep practicing, levelling up your gear and take on Steel Path later on. Chances are you're using pub groups to get this far. Blink and you'll miss it.


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I just used nezha with a corrosive/crit/slash jat kusar and kohm. It took me two times but after adjusting my playstyle from the first time around it was all good. Nothing unplayable about it at all. You might have to actually try rather than spamming spin attacks (lol) but the challenge is what the game needed 

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Two ways to play Steel Path: "meta builds" or endurance.   Im choosing the endurance method. Im enjoying playing through Steel Path with Hydroid (my "main"/preferred frame). When I got to the Frost Specter, i was surprised-- and then I had to make a choice: stop and return as a meta-build and just ve done with it OR tough it out. I chose to tough it out and melee him while evading his hits. 


And that is all Steel Path comes down to... either Meta-Cheese it OR commit to toughing it out. 

Either way... the attitude of "I can't"  or "its impossible" should never exist in your mind. 


Make the definitive conclusion that you will win and accept no other outcome.

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