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Current Most played Frames/Stuff - Nerf Predictions?


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- if Saryn, Octavia or mesa were getting touched, it would have happened by now, unless DE has something planned.

- does anyone even use Explosive Legerdemain? 

- Rhino doesn't need a nerf anywhere. if anything he could use a buff to his passive, 1 and 4.

- damage-buffing Helminth abilities are already nerfed, but no matter what increase they give they'll always be more useful than the garbage powers like Perspicacity.

- you leave my Trumna alone, it's SHOULD be powerful since it takes a grind and a half just to get that damn thing. nothign wrong with that bonkers Alt-fire when you need 5 kills just to use it in the first place.

- Kuva Bramma already got nerfed, it's fine as it is now.

3 minutes ago, (XB1)C11H22O11 said:

Scott said he wants buffs for weak powers and status so idk if any nerfs, or at least heavy nerfs, are coming

they also said they'd be looking at "nuke" powers in future, so I can't fully rule out Saryn, Mesa and Octavia eventually getting hit with the nerf bat, but it won't be any time soon. keep a good supply of popcorn on hand.. you'll need it when the salt starts flowing again.

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11 minutes ago, (XB1)C11H22O11 said:

Bramma is currently fine, not a spam fest anymore so there's no need for a nerf. Scott said he wants buffs for weak powers and status so idk if any nerfs, or at least heavy nerfs, are coming

We believe developers now? They nerf stuff that hasn't even been released...

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For weapons look at rivens nerfs look at what did not get buffed or has been maximum nerfed several times in a row if disposition is down to minimum 0.5 then weapon likely to be nerfed next ie. kuva nukor. Nikana's, kronen, acceltra. Seems this will be DE's system if there to popular nerf. Strength has nothing to do with nerfs only players choices. So my advice if your favorite just got a riven nerf or didn't change up from dispo 1 (0.5) use something else for the next 90 days. There's plenty of choice avoid the meta, dust off some older favorites that got buffs.

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1 hour ago, WaifuJanna said:

I wonder what are the currently most played frames

Well, for farming you use Khora + Nova + Nekros. Supposedly Nekros doesn't work on Steel Essence, and all Nova does is make the enemies faster. That leaves Khora to be nerfed.

For Focus you bring Saryn / Mirage / Equinox. There is nothing left to nerf on Saryn, and Mirage / Equinox are a mess to begin with. Maybe rework Saryn again lol.

For afk gameplay and botting you bring Octavia. Since you do this solo you don't bother anyone else, and it's been like this for a long time. Probably won't change.

The next thing to be nerfed will be one of the new Kitguns. You know, the most popular one. After a week, when everyone has put a potato and Forma into it, of course. Damage will be reduced by 50%, while another random Kitgun will be buffed by 110%. So you can buy more Forma.

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2 hours ago, WaifuJanna said:


  • Saryn? - probably not yet, but sometimes in the upcoming year
  • Mesa? - this is a 50/50, but still probably next year
  • Mirage Explosiv Legerdemain? - no, it's not that common or famous
  • Octavia? - no, she is very powerful but too little tenno play her 
  • Rhino? - why?
  • Helminth Abillity: Rhino, Chroma? - probably "adjustments", so maybe not nerfs but someting very close
  • Trumna? - no
  • Kuva Brama? - they nerfed it 3-4 times already, it's a shadow of it's 1-ts iteration, so probably just the rivens(if they are not lowest dispo)

    Khora has a chance of a nerf but still it will be probably next year.
    kuva nukor...I really hope not , but even if they do they better not touch the status chance or chaining
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Saryn probably and hopefully. A LoS requirement would do alot to solve the mindless map wiping.

Mesa maybe. Not sure what to do with her though since she already relies on LoS. Maybe make her reticle far smaller but remove the shrinking over time.

Mirage no. She's weak at higher levels with her explosive build.

Octavia, probably not, already bound by LoS requirements and other things.

Rhino, never. I dont see what can be nerfed on him or why.

Helminth Rhino and Chroma? Roar is already adjusted properly and Chroma really only provides a defensive buff. Not sure what to nerf on elemental ward for helminth.

Trumna, no idea, havent used it yet.

Bramma has already seen the nerfs needed. They did the job since it isnt seen nearly as often now.

I think Khora is the one that will recieve an adjustment to whipclaw in some way, probably how the augment works. Baruuk is probably a close second, I can see them adding LoS to his waves.

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- Octavia deserves a nerf, but will never, ever get one as she is so obviously a darling of someone on the dev team.
- Trumna is absolutely fine, it's like the ideal of what a powerful heavy rifle should be like.
- Rhino does not need a nerf at all, he's a nice straightforward damage in/damage out brawler.
- Mesa is definitely on the strong side, but there comes a point where her time and energy to kill ratio struggles in higher level content. The ability of Helminth to replace her 1 with a genuinely useful ability is functionally a buff.
- Ditto Saryn, she's very powerful but in specific constrained circumstances. Strong but not really in need of a nerf. She and Mesa are basically right where a really powerful frame should be. Okay, maybe Saryn has one foot over the line, but eh.
- Just make Ember's 1 automatically include its Augment, you cowards. You basically gave Protea an ability which, with no modding required, is more powerful and versatile than most 1's in the game with an Augment.
- The Railjack battle avionic Tether is gloriously OP, and you know it.
- Khora's ability to just casually lash out hundreds and hundreds of thousands of crit damage every couple of seconds suggests that maybe, just maybe, DE should tune the percentage scaling on that down a little at the base level. Not a rework, not having the ability removed, just move the base scaling down a couple percentage points is all.

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I think gunblade and ignis wraith are going in the furnace.

Tether is going too.

Viral is getting smoked for sure.

I would say mesa, khora etc. are next in line but I think they might live a little longer, aslong as they are still selling, without something new that has to be sold instead. Flavour of the month extended sale.

Don't think they are touching helminth, looks like they abandoned it already. I will happily wager all my plat on us never seeing a single buff to helminth in the game's lifetime lol.

Haven't even bothered updating the text descriptions yet.

What about a smeeta kavat nerf, to make "the others viable"? 🤪


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Yeah... I mean... Mesa... and Khora? I mean you all realize that Mesa can press a button and hold LMB and wipe a whole map. Do you still not realize that Khora's Whipclaw doesn't magically wipe an entire map? She does spam the Whipclaw, but it's a lot different than the likes of real nuke frames like Mesa or Saryn.

Also, Khora already got nerfed. The recent bug fix to Accumulating Whipclaw "nerfs" Khora... because again, the numbers you saw in sensational youtube videos are not possible with pen/paper without infinitely stacking Acumulating Whipclaw (i.e. by doing simple things like falling off the map, moving to a different ESO zone, nullifying yourself, etc...).

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